Wednesday, 5/13/20

Charlie Clouser Reddit AMA on Friday May 15th

Charlie Clouser has a little bit of free time during lockdown like the rest of us and has kindly volunteered to do an AMA on Reddit this Friday May 15th at 12pm noon Pacific.

Charlie is a keyboardist, composer, producer, and remixer. He was a NIN collaborator from 1994 through 2000.

His contributions to the Nine Inch Nails body of work include:
The Downward Spiral (1994), Further Down The Spiral (1995), The Perfect Drug (1997), Closure (1997), The Fragile (1999), Things Falling Apart (2000), And All That Could Have Been (2002)

Heresy (version), Ruiner (version), Starfuckers, Inc (version)

Tours: Self Destruct Tour (1994-1996), Fragility Tour (1999-2000)

He has also worked with Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie among other artists.

Charlie is also known for scoring the SAW franchise, including the upcoming 9th film in the series: Spiral; as well as the TV series Las Vegas, Fastlane, Numbers, and the theme song for American Horror Story.

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Get your questions ready, and head over to /r/nin on Friday May 15th at noon pacific!