Sunday, 11/22/20

The Adventures of Christopher Robin Finck - in paperback!

A couple of years ago, an Instagram account quietly appeared, with hand-drawn comics about the fantastic adventures of the members of Nine Inch Nails, drawn in the style of Winnie the Pooh. When I had first glanced the name, my initial assumption was that it was probably a bit twee, but The Adventures of Christopher Robin Finck quickly became one of my favorite things ever to have sprung forward from the mind of a NIN fan.

It's so good.

A panel from The Adventures of Christopher Robin Finck

The real reason I'm posting this is because for a limited time, the author/illustrator is taking orders for a printed paperback book, "Now We Are Nothing", which collects 30 of the most popular comics from the instagram account. It's $20 + shipping, and orders are only open until November 29th.

I'm so pleased that this is getting a print release, because Instagram embodies so much of what I think is bad about today's internet - while at the same time, ...Christopher Robin Finck makes exceptional use of the medium.

Get it, tell your friends, and don't complain when you find out that you missed out.