Thursday, 6/05/14

Tension Release

nine inch nails live: tension. blu-ray. dvd. digital. spring 2014. The banner at the top of the Tension page on, where we all first streamed the concert film, has read that for most of this year. Spring is fast advancing into summer, and the last anyone's heard about it has essentially been when that full concert was posted online. Since then, the band's been touring the world, their Austin City Limits performance aired & streamed online, Trent's been creating a soundtrack for Gone Girl, Apple Inc. bought Beats Music, and another North American tour featuring Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden, and Death Grips was announced. What of Tension? Here's the latest.

"The Tension release is still coming. We’re working on making it bigger & better, with more content from different shows on the Hesitation Marks tour cycle."

That's a good sign that it has not been relegated to the cold hard drives that store all that Wave Goodbye footage. I understand that more details will be available in the near future. I want to speculate about how it would make a lot of sense to put such a video out around the time the band returns to American venues, but that would just be speculation. Don't worry though - there's no shortage of cool things coming down the pike this year. Stay tuned...
Monday, 6/02/14

Apple acquires Beats - here's everything you need to know

Hey guys, I'm trying out this misleading headline thing that seems to be all the rage these days. So, the first part is true - you've already heard that Apple bought Beats. You may have seen lots of pictures of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre - and maybe even watched the video of Dre potentially breaking his NDA. But since you're here on this website, you've wondered where Trent Reznor lands in all of this.

Given that Rob Sheridan is still involved with Beats post-merger, it was something of a surprise when USA Today reported that Reznor "reportedly left the company". Reportedly is one of those words, a big blinking sign that says "hearsay".

Over at Rolling Stone, Jason Newman picked up the phone and called Beats, who confirmed " Trent Reznor, Chief Creative Officer for Beats Electronics, will not be leaving the company." I then tweeted about it, saying something about using 470 words to say "Trent Reznor hasn't left Beats"

It only took me 160 words to get there.