Thursday, 9/26/13

The FADER's 2013 Icon Issue

The FADER has released their Icon Issue featuring Trent Reznor.

There are quite a few articles in relation to nin including an interview with Trent Reznor and an interview with David Fincher

FADER Cover with Trent Reznor

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Thursday, 9/12/13

Hotline tshirt update

Tee Spring didn't send Leviathant's explanation of why the campaign was killed to those that ordered hotline tshirts. Here is what he posted to ETS:

After Olga pointed out that the symbol on the back bore a striking resemblance to (but was not in fact the same thing as) a symbol used by Russian neo-Nazis, I just... I couldn't unsee that. I wrote an explanation that I sent using the "Email people who preordered" link, but apparently that never went through. Awesome!

Doubly awesome? When I first canceled the campaign, it just shut the campaign down. Didn't refund anyone. Teespring's a little bit different from Kickstarter in that it charges everyone as soon as the campaign reaches the goal - I think Kickstarter waits until the campaign is over before it approves any funding. So I wait a few days to see if I get the $67 back, and nothing happens, so I email them - "Hey, I noticed I didn't get refunded." They're all "Oh, sorry, we'll refund you." I asked in reply, can you make sure that everyone was refunded? No reply. I wait a couple of days, and I still don't see a refund on my account. So today I sent a follow-up follow-up, and they write back "Everyone's refunded now!"

Five minutes later, Randazzo IMs me, "Hey I just got refunded by Teespring."

So yeah, this could have gone more smoothly. On the bright side, I've got a pretty badass new design that I'm excited to put up there, and I'm actually thinking of putting a second design up simultaneously so that there's an element of choice. I'll drop the campaign to 20 shirts each, which cuts into the profit a little bit, but I really wasn't going to come out with much cash in the end anyway. Really I just want NIN Hotline shirts.

Discuss hotline shirts and see Leviathant's post here.
Tuesday, 9/10/13

nine inch nails: live 2013 ep

nin live 2013Renny was browsing NIN music on Spotify, and came across a 2013 Live EP, copyright Null Corp licensed under Columbia. It contains four tracks:

1-Copy of a - Fuji Rock Festival
2-Came Back Haunted - Lollapalooza
3-Sanctified - Lollapalooza
4.Find My Way - Lollapalooza

No word on whether this is part of a larger effort, or if it will show up elsewhere yet.
Thursday, 9/05/13

All Things Considered Interview

NPR aired an interview with Trent Reznor during yesterday's "All Things Considered"

"I aspire to make a record that sounds better 10 listens in than it does after two — and still, at 50 listens, you're picking out things that add a depth and a thoughtfulness. There's enough in there that you can still be extracting pieces out of it. I don't know that people listen to records that many times these days, but I do."

"Trent Reznor: 'I'm Not The Same Person I Was 20 Years Ago'"
Audio & Transcript here

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Wednesday, 9/04/13

Album release, Trent playing golf, and a cool contest

I'm on my umpteenth listen of Hesitation Marks and realized we didn't make an update for the record's release. To be honest, there wasn't anything really big to post, other than a plug to head to ETS and talk about the record now that it's out there in the wild, ready to be scrutinized, analyzed and everything else-ized.

However! Here's some news. Dazed Digital has a nice interview with Trent about playing golf and going to concerts. I think my favorite quote in the piece is the mention of encountering "50 assholes with their phones up in front of me." Head over and give the interview a read.

Okay, now for the cool stuff. There's a contest taking place involving the upcoming tour rehearsal for Tension 2013 on September 21st in LA. The prizes include an expense paid trip (one-night hotel, roundtrip plane tickets for two) to LA for the show, two additional tickets to a Tension 2013 tour stop, deluxe copies of Hesitation Marks, and autographed posters and vinyl from the band. Neat, right? It's worth noting that it's a US only contest, unfortunately. Enter here, and good luck!