Sunday, 7/29/12

Joseph Cultice unloads high-quality photos onto Tumblr

March of the Pigs"Joseph who?" you might ask. But then you click through to and suddenly it's 1995, and you go "Oh, that guy". Joseph was on scene during the filming of the March of the Pigs video (actually, both videos), is responsible for the 'trent-gloves' bootleg poster, and if you ever owned Demos & Remixes, several of the photos will be familiar to you. Joseph was on set for the Burn video as well, cue photos of Danny Lohner in drag and the live band as bloody monsters. According to Wikipedia, "Cultice's first big break came with Nine Inch Nails."

Joseph also apparently shot the cover for Closer to God (which got uploaded at 1280x1280, nice). The tumblr is full of mid-90s photos you've seen hundreds of times, as well as alternate shots you've probably never seen - with lots of Marilyn Manson, Type O Negative, Bjork, Moby, Chemical Brothers, Beck, The Smashing Pumpkins, Tricky... to name a few.

While the focus of that tumblr appears to be Coltice's 90s-era work, the photographer/director hasn't slowed down since - but these seem to be his favorite picks. Kudos to Harry Seaward at ETS for pointing these out.
Bloody hell

Thursday, 7/19/12

New Black Ops 2 trailer features 2 mins of Reznor theme

The Call of Duty channel on YouTube released a new trailer that talks to David S. Goyer and Trent Reznor over 2.5 minutes of music that sounds a whole lot like something Trent Reznor would record. Everyone's just talking about how great video games are. But enough with the typey-typey, here's the video:

Black Ops 2 is coming out November 13th and is available for pre-order on PC, XBOX360, and PS3. No word on if there's going to be any separate official soundtrack release, but if they're letting Trent bend their ears, with any luck we'll get something interesting. Or it could end up like when the Tetsuo Bullet Man theme came out, and there was no effort to release the soundtrack in the US, and everyone just downloaded CD rips from Japan.
Tuesday, 7/10/12

Trent Reznor composes theme to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

According to The Verge, "Trent Reznor composed the theme for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2." USA Today spoke with Trent about it. Here's a quote:
Did you say also working on new Nine Inch Nails music? That's good to hear.
Dot dot dot. Hopefully, it will be good to hear. Right now it's in its gestation period.

(He talks about HTDA and scoring games too) And that's all I got. Thanks for the heads up, Malechite!