Sunday, 8/30/09

One of the (many) nice Wave Goodbye surprises

In Chicago on Saturday, in the middle of their extended set, Nine Inch Nails performed Right Where It Belongs v2, something I would have liked to be in town to catch. I had other things going on though, but I'm fortunate to have been pointed to a video of the performance on YouTube as shot by Mr Buster Bluth. While the crowd does succumb to the notion that they need to clap to the beat (something that was wonderfully absent from the Bowery Ballroom show), it's cool to hear the crowd sing along to the quiet version of the song.

Saturday, 8/29/09

Three Newspaper Interviews

    The LA Times has an interview up with Trent, discussing how he feels about playing the 4 upcoming LA dates, post-tour plans, and how he constructs a setlist.

    Eye Weekly features an interview about NIN's last-ever Canadian date

    And the Daily Express informs us that Nine In Nails (sic) is about to quit touring (incase you've been living on Jupiter).

Thursday, 8/27/09

Forthcoming interview by Pink is The New Blog

In a blog post about the recent NYC NIN shows Trent Vanegas mentioned that he'll have the opportunity to interview Trent Reznor again next week:

TR has agreed to give me another interview back in LA at the close of the Wave Goodbye Tour...I want to keep it kinda short again, 15 mins. or so (much like the one conducted on the last night of the Lights in the Sky Tour last December in Las Vegas, NV). If you have any ideas on what I should ask him about this Wave Goodbye Tour, please pass them along.

You can send your questions via his blog or using the #ninterview hashtag on twitter.

Wednesday, 8/26/09 presents Bowery Ballroom + Webster Hall photos

Bowery BallroomWebster Hall If you were at either show this weekend, you might have seen LtRandazzo and I wandering around with Malechite, taking pictures, giving away patches & stickers, and certainly in my case, being somewhat dazed from inadequate sleep and appetite. None of that has anything to do with the news I'm about to post though.

Malechite from The NIN Wiki has posted photo sets from the Bowery Ballroom - shot with a 50mm lens in the thick of the crowd - and from Webster Hall, with wide angle shots taken from the balcony. One of my favorites is a shot of the crowd at Webster before the Horrors took to the stage, where half the faces are illuminated by their phones, the other half are spotlit from above. Another good one is of Jason Bullock, rocking the lighting controls like an instrument the whole show. Malechite tells me he may be making wallpapers out of some of the photos this week - we'll update with those when that happens.
Tuesday, 8/25/09

Reviews of the Wave Goodbye shows pour in

We got an email from Spin about Charles Aaron's article & Kyle Dean Reinford's photos from the very intimate Bowery Ballroom show from Saturday. It looks like Pitchfork also got someone into the gig, evidenced by their article and photos. Familiar faces were spotted in photos from Nate Chinen's review for the New York Times, and Brooklyn Vegan got in on the Webster Hall action. Daniel Kreps posted about the shows at Rolling Stone's Rock Daily blog as well.

I know Malechite from NINwiki has a TON of photos from both gigs, including some nice wide-angle shots from a pretty sweet POV on the balcony at Webster Hall - we'll let you know when those are online.
Sunday, 8/23/09

NIN plays The Downward Spiral in its entirety

At Webster Hall in New York City tonight, Nine Inch Nails played the The Downward Spiral in its entirety, front to back, followed by nearly a dozen additional songs. Words cannot sufficiently convey the bristling intensity of the setlist. At one point, Trent paused to note the significance of the moment, telling the audience they had witnessed history as he'd always wanted to play the album in full and probably never will again. The event's being discussed here and here on ETS and here on, and probably several others places on both messageboards. Check it out.
Saturday, 8/22/09

Need tix to todays Bowery show?

Look what just popped up!

Keep your eyes peeled, folks
Wednesday, 8/19/09

Official NIN Twitter account hints at something about NYC tickets...

About 20 minutes ago, the nineinchnails twitter account broadcast the following message - "Missed out on tickets to the NYC Wave Goodbye shows? Stay tuned..." So, yeah, if you want to be on top of things, you should probably follow that account on Twitter now if you're not already.

UPDATE: "A very limited number of tickets" just went up for sale for Bowery & Webster Hall, and in the time it took me to type this sentence, they sold out.
Saturday, 8/15/09

Krak Attack!

I owe CX Kidtronik a long overdue NIN Hotline interview (poor excuse, but major developments in real life kept getting in the way) but for now, assuming Leviathant doesn't shitcan me for posting this, and since it's a Saturday evening and news should be slow, I'm re-posting his latest viral video for "Beat It Up", featuring TchaKa DiallO and Thu Tran from "Food Party" on IFC. Enjoy. Anyone in the mood for eggs?

Win original artwork from the Mew video "156"

MewThere's been all sorts of cool shit happening here surrounding the bands on this final leg of the Wave Goodbye tour. We had that Horrors contest a little while back, and now we've got something unique to give away from Mew, who are opening for NIN in Los Angeles, Chicago, and the last NIN gig in New York.

Details? You can read all about it here. Note - this is a different contest than the ticket giveaway, which is still going on.

Thanks to Bill H and Sean for hooking us up with this opportunity!
Wednesday, 8/12/09

Don't feed the trolls!

Cody sent us a link to a Blabbermouth post (with golden commentary from Blabbermouth readers) about Kiss' world-renowned asshole Gene Simmons and his review of Nine Inch Nails while he was in Signapore on business.
Band was solid. Good lights. Lots of smoke in every song. Couldn't see the band. But, boy, was there a lot of smoke. Terrific drummer, who played in perfect time with the tape loops. Good stuff... I loved it.

Nooooo! Not the backhanded comment technique! Anyway, I'm only posting this because if I don't, we'll get a bunch more emails about it. It's nice to know that the trinket salesman and reality show host enjoyed the show, even if he was confused by the musicianship of the band and the deprecated use of tape loops (how 70s!)
Monday, 8/10/09

Metal Hammer on a New NIN Album

Metal Hammer has posted a false rumor.
Sunday, 8/09/09

Taipei Show Canceled

Unfortunately, the August 12 concert scheduled for Taipei has been canceled due to production and venue issues. Information regarding refunds may be found at
Friday, 8/07/09

Photos and video from Paredes de Coura in Portugal

Manuel Lino wrote in last week with a few links to some photos he shot during the Paredes de Coura festival. You can view the photos in a slideshow here, and if you're fluent in Portuguese you can read the article accompanying the photos at IOL Música.

If you like your pictures at 30 frames a second and accompanied by music, they've got a mean 2:48 clip of Terrible Lie online. Oh, wait, it just turned into Sin. Looks like it's a few short clips pasted together.

Manuel mentioned "A small curiosity: One of the demands of the band for this show was Peanut Butter." Mr. Lino did not specify whether the requested peanut butter was creamy or crunchy.
Thursday, 8/06/09

NIN spotting in online tech demos

I was reading Hacker News (because I'm such a hacker) and clicked on a link to an example of animated tree navigation using static JSON tree structures. Or, Hypertree, as they call it there. I kind of glazed over the text on the tree and clicked on a red dot, when I noticed I'd clicked on Robin Finck. As it turned out, the demo was based on data regarding current and former members of Nine Inch Nails. Between that and the shininess of the demo, I felt the need to share.

Watch video from NIN's performance at the Hurricane Festival online

wretchi writes in to let us know how upset German NIN fans are over songs being mislabeled during the broadcast of a portion of NIN's set at the Hurricane Festival.

The digital "special interest" channel "zdf theaterkanal" is now presenting "best of's" of several performances at the German "hurricane"-festival. they broadcast summaries of the performances by The Mars Volta, Franz Ferdinand, faith no more, kings of leon etc.

Yesterday they broadcasted a 45 min. special featuring nine inch nails / faith no more. In the first half they broadcasted material from NIN's set, but the editors of this show have been completely incompetent. They mistook "the downward spiral" for "1,000,000" and "wish" for "echoplex". The TV show is humiliating for every single German NIN fan.

If you can suffer through this horrible injustice, click here to watch Burn, The Downward Spiral, Wish, and Head Like a Hole. Wretchi mentions that a download option should be available on that link 'soon'.
Tuesday, 8/04/09

More Support Added For NIN Club Shows

From Trent Reznor via -
Friends of NIN added to the bill for the farewell shows:

Queen Kwong will be back with us September 2nd @ The Hollywood Palladium.

io echo will be joining us September 5th @ The Wiltern. Check them out here:
For those that remember her, Queen Kwong is the new project from Carre Callaway, who originally opened for NIN back in early 2005 for the CA With Teeth club shows. Listed below is the entire schedule for the supporting bands -

The Horrors - 8.22 NYC (Bowery), 8.23 NYC (Webster), 8.25 NYC (Terminal 5)
Mew - 8.26 NYC (Terminal 5), 8.28-29 Chicago (Aragon), 9.02 LA (Palladium), 9.03 LA (Henry Fonda)
(fuck yeah) HEALTH - 9.05 LA (Wiltern), 9.06 LA (Echoplex)
Queen Kwong - 9.02 LA (Palladium)
io echo - 9.05 LA (Wiltern)
Tuesday, 8/04/09

The Quietus comments on "The Final Curtain of Nine Inch Nails"

In a piece written for the Quietus in the UK, Emily Bick doesn't so much review the NINJA show at the O2 Arena, but rather waxes on about where rock music has come from and where it has gone, at least in the course of the last two decades. Where Bick felt Jane's Addiction faltered in conquering the anti-intimacy that is a stadium gig, Nine Inch Nails still manages to impress. That despite the clutter of social networking and modern ticketing systems that fans have to wallow through, NIN was "the best kind of stadium show possible."

Here, have a couple of partial paragraphs...
If you'd heard about Perry Farrell's 90s heyday—Spin covers every other month! Lollapalooza storming the outdoor stadium circuit in the US, previously turf of the Dead and Phish! Pied piper of a body-art MTV alternative nation! And then seen them here for the first time, you'd never have believed it.

Nine Inch Nails, though, they can ride this beast and slaughter it. It's because NIN songs, for all their rage, are ambivalent, not triumphalist. They are songs about fighting to the death to protect whatever shreds of dignity and love and self-determination anyone can hang onto as late capitalism chomps through everything worth living for. So for NIN to play in the middle of this corporate hellmouth is almost the perfect setting. Looking up from the floor, the ticker-light ads for Miley Cyrus and American Idol tours circling the room are dizzying and insulting in their assumption that these are things everybody must like. It's proof that, yes, all the frustration and persecution is real, and the jackbooted powers that be are dancing on the backs of the bruised.

...Now read the whole thing here. Thanks for the link, John!
Saturday, 8/01/09

Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor Explains Why He Left Twitter

Some welcome news in this one - Rolling Stone reposts Trent's explanation of the Twitter disappearance, and again clarifies that even though this is the "Wave Goodbye Era" and end of touring, Nine Inch Nails is still going to carry on. Breathe a sigh of relief all!

...Trent reiterated that just because this is the final Nine Inch Nails tour, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of Nine Inch Nails. Rather, “I am NOT stopping making music or working on things — NIN is just not touring anymore. will remain active and alive with lots of updates planned,” Reznor writes.

Read the full article here.