Tuesday, 3/31/09

LITS over Victoria, BC... in Vancouver, Canada

For those in the Vancouver area who were unable to attend any of the LITS tour dates, and for anyone else who might be interested: Colin Cooper plans to hold a FREE screening of his cut of the Victoria show at a private theater in Vancouver, Canada before the NINJA tour kicks off.

At this point, anybody interested in attending can send Colin an email at He would also appreciate emails from anybody in the Vancouver area who might be interested in helping to organize the event. His current plan is to hold the screening at either the Norm Theater (on UBC campus) or at Pacific Cinematheque (downtown on Howe between Helmcken and Davie).

Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated. We'll post an update for the exact details of the showing once they become available. Thanks again go out to Colin for taking the time to create and share his edit of the show in this unique and awesome way!
Monday, 3/30/09

Kevin Rose of Digg to interview Trent Reznor

And he wants your questions, and your votes on other people's questions. Submit and vote on questions at this Digg page, and the top questions (bump!) will be included when Kevin speaks with Trent on April 7th, 10pm PT. The deadline for submitting your question is April 4th at noon PT, so you have a few days to work out what your awesome question will be. Thanks to sorrow for the heads up.
Wednesday, 3/25/09

Lars Ulrich wants to hang with Trent Reznor

BusterBluth wrote in with a link to a story on cNet where they basically rehash a newspaper interview with Lars Ulrich where the star of Some Kind of Monster (which is surprisingly engrossing and worth seeing, regardless of what you think of Metallica. It's like non-fiction Spinal Tap) mentioned...
"We're doing a bunch of shows with Trent this summer in Europe. I look forward to sitting down and talking to him about what's on his radar."

Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that painfully awkward room.

That track jacket's back, but only in medium

We had extra-large jacket earlier today, but they sold out before I got a chance to post this here - the NIN hotline store's been restocked, with the Ghosts babydoll tee also returning.

Apparently the large size of the 1,000,000 track jacket is temporarily out of print, and we have no ETA on when they'll be available again.
Tuesday, 3/24/09

Josh Freese's new album out now!

Josh's new album "Since 1972" is currently available in a variety of prices and packages. Visit the website right now to get your copy. I better get my $75,000 copy before they run out ;)
Monday, 3/23/09

Parker releases the Adrian Belew signature guitar

Adrian Belew Signature guitarI got the heads up on Adrian's signature Parker Fly two weeks ago, but were entirely too busy doing mundane server crap to do anything about it. Adrian Belew - who you probably know best for the insane guitar work at the end of Mr. Self Destruct and throughout Ghosts I-IV - worked with Parker Guitars every step of the way until the instrument was up to his exacting specifications.

The guitar features a Sustainiac Stealth PRO neck pickup to produce infinite feedback and upper harmonics at any volume, complemented by an exclusive Dimarzio bridge pickup. The Adrian Belew Signature Fly also features built-in Line 6 Variax modeling software, allowing you to customize and create your own tones and custom sounds - or use one of the 25 presets, if you're going to be dull about it.

On top of all that, sound equalization is provided by six separate sensors within the RMC bridge saddle, which allows each string's volume to be processed separately, giving the player unsurpassable tonal control. Can you tell I didn't bother to edit that line when I copied it from the press release?

In case you lost track, the feature list goes something like:
- Exclusive Dimarzio bridge pickup
- Revolutionary Sustainiac Stealth PRO neck pickup
- Onboard Line 6 Variax Modeling Components with 25 instrument models
- Computer connectivity
- MIDI capable - 13 pin out
- RMC Pow'r Bridge 'PF" Saddles and RMC Poly-Drive 1 Preamp
- Sperzel Trim-lock Tuners

That's fairly insane (in a good way). The Adrian Belew Signature fly is currently available at Parker retailers.

We managed to snag a gigantic photo of said guitar, which you can see by clicking the image to the right. We're investigating an opportunity to do a Q&A with Mr. Belew, so if you've got a question or five you'd like to ask the man, send them to

In the meantime, you can catch him talking about his guitar in this YouTube clip, or read this interview on All About Jazz where he talks about guitars, the state of the music industry, Ghosts, Zappa, Bowie, all kinds of stuff.
Friday, 3/20/09

Trent Reznor in Rolling Stone list

Trent Reznor has placed at #46 on Rolling Stone's "100 People Who Are Changing America":
While other stars cower in the face of the Internet, the Nine Inch Nails leader has been more creative than anyone in embracing the post-CD era — he releases new music with the speed and ease of a blog post.
You can read the list from the beginning with this link. Thanks to Nathan and Noah for the news.

NINJA 2009 Site is Live!

Head on over to to download a six-song EP featuring two TR-produced Jane's Addiction songs (Chip Away, Whores), two Street Sweeper songs (Clap For The Killers, The Oath) and two NIN songs (studio versions of Not So Pretty Now, Non-Entity). As per usual (for Reznor), the EP is available in a variety of formats: high-quality LAME-encoded mp3s, FLAC, Apple Lossless .m4a, and WAVE 16/44.1k CD quality.

Also, take a look around at the tour dates, band links and website videos. Yay!

Trent also posted some details to
Check out the NIN/JA tour site, now live. Here you'll find various tour info, media from each band, streaming music, a downloadable tour sampler AND new multi-tracks for you to create your own remixes. We will probably be giving some physical things as well as "opportunities" away as the tour approaches (we're making this up as we go) so check back from time to time.
See you out there!

NIN head to the Philippines

Trent Reznor has just confirmed via twitter that Nine Inch Nails will play the Araneta Coliseum in Manila on the 5th August 2009.

NINJA 2009 Website debut this friday goes live at 9AM PDT tomorrow, March 20.
Wednesday, 3/18/09

Radio Station Contests: Irvine and Mt. View

Listen to San Francisco station Live 105.3 at 7am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm for the NIN keyword of the hour and be texter #1053 to win tickets to check out Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction at the Shoreline on May 22nd! You can also submit an entry here for another chance to win.

Listen to Los Angeles station KROQ for your chance to win tickets to the Irvine show, the deluxe edition of The Slip signed by Trent Reznor and a new limited edition Jane's Addiction CD/DVD box set. The winning callers are then put in the drawing for the grand prize: Nine Inch Nails & Jane's Addiction in Tel Aviv.* Listen for your cue to call. You already have competition from one lucky fan!

*Unfortunately, this is all the information I have available about the Tel Aviv show. As of right now, it is not up on If I do receive more information I will post an update asap :)
Tuesday, 3/17/09

The NIN Hotline store is BACK

New NIN shirts

As of a few hours ago, The NIN Hotline Store got an infusion of 6 shirts, 1 babydoll, 1 knit cap, and 1 track jacket - mostly from the Slip and Year Zero eras. The track jacket in question is the "1,000,000" jacket that made its appearance during the last tour, and you can get it here for a smidge under $30 - if you get to it quickly enough. I posted about this on Twitter and already, half of the jackets have sold out - though another order for a hundred or so has already been put in, and should be in stock in 7-10 days (we'll remind you).

I managed to get my order in for a jacket and a 'four of us are dying' shirt - which is on sale at the typical Goodrock price, $12.99 per shirt(!!). Anyway, take a look at what's new when you get a chance.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do get 5% of any sale made through this link - that's part of what keeps this site going. But even before that arrangement, I was posting about Goodrock because their service has been great, and their prices are the lowest on the internet. If they don't have what you're looking for, don't hesitate to check out the official store too.

I really don't like bad journalism, terrible reporting.

Check out this story from the Washington DC branch of Fox News, specifically, item #4:
#4: Trent Reznor, the founder of the rock band Nine Inch Nails, admitted on a blog that he often scalps tickets to his own performances—all to take the resellers out of the mix. Reznor says venues, promoters and ticket agencies often feed tickets directly to scalpers, so why not him?

Maybe the reporter who wrote this up thought Trent's blog was TL;DR. If you've got a moment, be sure to let them know that whoever wrote this up got the facts ass-backwards. But be civil about it.

Thanks for the tip, Amy!

Good thing we quoted the questionable text - the article has been updated (without any notice of the correction being made) to quote Trent's post and more accurately represent his point.
Sunday, 3/15/09

Reznor spills details about scalpers and efforts made to avoid them

One of the things that has always been a mystery to me as a fan has been the workings of the Ticketmaster and the like. Ticketing operations seem very clandestine, and surely you've wondered how scalpers have been able to get such good seats to shows, when you've camped out for tickets, or kept five browser windows open while calling from a landline and two cell phones, only to get seated at the back of the arena where you might as well have brought binoculars along.

For the record, I've been approached by StubHub and TicketsNow several times in the past, each seeking to advertise on this site and give me a commission on tickets sold through links we would theoretically post, and every time they approach, I've taken unusual glee in sending them somewhat wordy "go fuck yourself" emails.

This issue has apparently come up in conversation a lot recently at the NIN camp, as Trent has posted a very nice summary of how the ticketing industry does its thing, and steps he's taken to avoid the worst of it when utilizing established promoters.

I assure you nobody in the NIN camp supplies or supports the practice of supplying tickets to these re-sellers because it's not something we morally feel is the right thing to do. We are leaving money on the table here but it's not always about money.
Being completely honest, it IS something I've had to consider. If people are willing to pay a lot of money to sit up front AND ARE GOING TO ANYWAY thanks to the rigged system, why let that money go into the hands of the scalpers? I'm the one busting my ass up there every night. The conclusion really came down to it not feeling like the right thing to do - simple as that.

It's an illuminating read, check it out when you've got a few minutes to spare.
Thursday, 3/12/09

Some presale dates added

Presale dates have been added to a number of shows. Some shows will be on sale beginning March 16th. Visit for more information.
Thursday, 3/12/09

New NINJA website coming soon!

Bookmark this page now: and visit it next Friday, March 20th when it goes live. No clue as to what's going to be on there yet, might be baking recipes, might be hairstyling tips, we're just going to have to wait and see!

New Tour Dates!

TR's Twitter just confirmed a new Texas tour date: Austin on May 12th, at the Frank Erwin Center. It hasn't been added to the tour page as of yet, but keep your eyes peeled.

UPDATE: Another date confirmed for Mansfield, MA. June 3rd at the Comcast Amphitheatre. As of right now, this date conflicts with the Darien Lake, NY show booked on the same day. We'll have to wait and see if this conflict is resolved. This show has replaced the Darien Lake, NY show that was previously announced for that day. I can just see poor ItsJustDave having a coronary as I type this.

Stay tuned for any more announced dates throughout the day.
Wednesday, 3/11/09

More boring server news

Sorry to break the tour updates (I love that slick little Google Map that icklekitty set up) but I might screw some things up while I move this site around, so I thought I'd let you know.

Now that I've got just about everything set up on the new server, I'm going to be changing over the DNS soon. I'll probably do this for first, and then after seeing how that goes, will move over.

What does that mean? For a brief time, this site will exist in two places simultaneously. Unfortunately, I don't have quantum entanglement to help with the process, so tomorrow, if you type to get here, you'll (hopefully) be on the new server, which may break in ways I haven't anticipated. If something goes down, don't sweat it - I'll be checking the error log file, just type in and view the site from there.

If that goes well, or, even if it doesn't, I'll throw the switch on and everything will be in one place again. If shit really hits the fan, I'll probably make panicked notes about it on Twitter throughout the day.

On the topic - thanks to all the people who've written in with offers to help out in various ways. Despite having worked most of the little stuff out during late night/early morning Google sessions, I really appreciate the generosity of you folks.

Germany, Belgium, Singapore

NIN are confirmed to be at:

The google map has been updated.


Tasty chocolate, I don't go to war.

More light racism? That's another European date!

The Open Air St Gallen website has confirmed NIN for the festival taking place between the 26th-28th June. NIN are headlining on the 27th, and are on directly after Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - bonus!

Thanks to zunder on ETS. I think it's time somebody made a googlemap!

Ikea. Abba. Volvo.

NIN have been confirmed to play the Arvika festival in Sweden, which is held between 2-4 July.

Thanks to Tripoleon and Acidpolly at ETS.
Tuesday, 3/10/09 apparently stocks bootleg DVDs now

While Nine Inch Nails is uploading videos "in the highest quality we have" to Vimeo and YouTube, Jake found a post (dated tomorrow) on mistakenly reporting this terribly named DVD, "Toothful Voodooland" as an official release. Apparently a live recording from the 2005 Voodoo Festival, bootleg DVDs aren't especially noteworthy, but it is strange to see them show up on Amazon, which tends to stick to officially licensed media.

Here at the Hotline, we generally avoid posting about bootlegs or the like. Frankly, if you're going to seek out unofficial video recordings, don't give waste your money on some middleman, there's a whole community ready to hook you up, along with several different efforts in assembling the "leaked" footage that came out at the beginning of this year. And while these make great mementos for shows you've been to, nothing compares at all to actually being there. interview with Ilan Rubin + New Videos from The New Regime

The editorial blog has an interview with Ilan Rubin up on their website. In it, they review Ilan's solo album The New Regime - Coup. Also, there is a short Q&A with Ilan about his experiences recording his first solo production, joining Nine Inch Nails, and touring with NIN in Australia. Read the article here.

Thanks to Brian W. for letting us know!

Also, over at Ilan will be posting 6 exclusive video performances from The New Regime. You can view the first video here. More videos will be posted over the next three weeks.
Monday, 3/09/09

Things might get bumpy this week for this site

I'm in the midst of transitioning to a Virtual Private Server at a new host, and it would be a bit more interesting/fun except that the current hosting agreement we're on runs out on Friday, and if the new place doesn't get their shit together more quickly, you might encounter a brief outage.

Don't worry, I've got everything backed up, but if the site does go down, or comes back up in merely a semi-functioning state, cross your fingers and follow us on Twitter or something in the interim.

HOPEFULLY you won't notice a thing, and my crash course in setting up Apache and mail and all that happy hosting related stuff in CentOS goes off without a hitch.

More EU frolicks.

NIN also confirmed for NovaRock in Austria and signs point to Roskilde in Denmark. - *EDIT* this is confirmed now. Looks like they're flooding in today!

I'm not aware of festivals taking place mid-week in Europe, so I (and judging by the forums, a lot of Europeans) will be crossing my fingers for some sideshow action.

Nine Inch Nails confirmed for two UK festivals this summer

Firstly T in the Park, where they'll be headlining the NME stage on the Saturday (when the Killers headline the main stage). Tickets are theoretically sold out, but are apparently being sold on eBay for under face value, and there are always ethical trading sites like Scarlet Mist.

NIN have also just been annouced (or as of last night if you visited to play the Sonisphere festival in the UK along with Anthrax, Killing Joke and Airbourne. No idea whether NIN are under an exclusivity contract at the time of writing, and rumours have begun to suggest that day tickets for the festival may be available from May if they do not sell out beforehand.
Sunday, 3/08/09

Wish w/DEP Live from Perth

Here's the final of Rob Sheridan's awesome HD vids from Down Undah - Wish w/DEP from the Perth show (BTW, it's very strobetastic and has a lot of shakiness, so be prepared for some CHAOS) -

NIN: Wish live with The Dillinger Escape Plan - Perth, 3.02.09 [HD] from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.
Friday, 3/06/09

The Fragile live from on stage, Adelaide 2.28.09 [HD]

Another great HD NIN video from Rob Sheridan has been posted to vimeo! HD is disabled in the embed on this page, so head over to Vimeo to see it in HD.

Thursday, 3/05/09

Street Sweeper to Support NIN on Summer Tour

From T-Rizzle's T-Witter:
Fuck yeah! Street Sweeper featuring Tom Morello and Boots Riley is joining us on tour this summer.

No word on which shows they'll be playing, but in lieu of this, you can sample a track on their website. Looks like its going to be a hell of a good summer for live music.

UPDATE: Looks like SS will be joining NIN and JA for the full "NINJASS" summer tour. See the Tour section for more details.

NIN /JA to perform at Oxygen Festival in Ireland

bmoloney from The Nine Inch Nails News LiveJournal and gregmac wrote in with links to The Irish Times and The Oxygen Festival's own site, where Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction have been added to the lineup at Punchestown Racecourse between July 10th and 12th. Presumably, more Euro festival dates will start to take shape, so keep your eyes peeled.
Wednesday, 3/04/09

Wish w/Greg + Ben from DEP

We posted a fan-shot version of this a few days ago, but Rob has finally made it back to American soil and blazing fast internet speeds to get us this video of Wish from Adelaide. Check it out below!

NIN: Wish live with Ben & Greg from The Dillinger Escape Plan - Adelaide, 2.28.09 [HD] from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.
Tuesday, 3/03/09

Some Official Tour Dates Announced

3.3.09: some official NIN/JA tour dates

Here's what we can tell you so far:

Fri-May-08 West Palm Beach, FL [Cruzan Amphitheatre]
Sat-May-09 Tampa, FL [Ford Amphitheatre]
Sun-May-10 Atlanta, GA [Lakewood Amphitheatre]
Thu-May-14 Albuquerque, NM [Journal Pavilion]
Fri-May-15 Phoenix, AZ [Cricket Wireless Pavilion]
Sat-May-16 Chula Vista, CA [Cricket Wireless Amphitheater]
Mon-May-18 Las Vegas, NV [The Pearl]
Wed-May-20 Irvine, CA [Verizon Wireless Amphitheater – Irvine Meadows]
Fri-May-22 Mountain View, CA [Shoreline Amphitheatre]
Tue-May-26 Englewood, CO [Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre]
Wed-May-27 Kansas City, MO [Starlight Theatre]
*** Fri-May-29 Chicago, IL [Charter One Pavilion] NINE INCH NAILS Only
Sat-May-30 Noblesville, IN [Verizon Wireless Music Center]
Sun-May-31 Clarkston, MI [DTE Energy Music Theatre]
Tue-Jun-02 Toronto, ON [Molson Amphitheatre]
Wed-Jun-03 Darien Lake, NY [Darien Lake Amphitheatre]
Fri-Jun-05 Camden, NJ [Tweeter Center At The Waterfront]
Sat-Jun-06 Holmdel, NJ [PNC Bank Arts Center]
Sun-Jun-07 Wantagh, NY [Nikon at Jones Beach Music Theater]
Tue-Jun-09 Columbia, MD [Merriweather Post Pavilion]
Wed-Jun-10 Burgettstown, PA [Post-Gazette Pavilion]
Fri-Jun-12 Charlotte, NC [Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre]

posted by trent reznor at 9:47pm

Keep checking for more information and updates.

Rumoured tour dates...

The same rumoured tour dates that were making the rounds 2 weeks ago continue to circulate. I'll reiterate what was posted 2 weeks ago.

There are plenty of unconfirmed tour dates floating around on various music sites. Until they appear here (they should appear soon), they will remain unconfirmed and will not be posted here.

A wide array of ticket brokers have already started offering exorbitantly priced tickets for the as yet unannounced, unconfirmed dates. I'd gather they're just picking up on the same rumours and looking to cash in. If you're willing to pay for it, they'll gladly sell you the seat your sitting in right now.
Monday, 3/02/09

Dillinger Escape Plan joins NIN on stage for final song of the tour

...and I don't have video for that yet. While Rob Sheridan deals with the terrible jet lag that comes with flying from Australia (where the Internet sucks) back to the US, I'll post this video from the front row of the Adelaide Soundwave festival. Though it sounds like they had more people on stage during that last show in Perth, things still look pretty crazy in this shot.

Sunday, 3/01/09

TDTWWA in new Terminator Salvation trailer

orangutanklaus wrote in to let us know the new Terminator Salvation trailer that premiered at WonderCon included some Nine Inch Nails music:

"The opening bars of Nine Inch Nail's "The Day the World Went Away" kicks in as the deliberately story-driven trailer unfolds and the narrative begins to explain Skynet's masterplan to take human prisoners and use them to replicate human tissue."

Update: Watch the trailer here!

Here's the full article with some more information on the trailer. Also includes some information on the new Star Trek Trailer!

Sacramento edit: HLAH + God Given

I haven't shared any videos here in a while, so now you get two! You can keep track of my progress here. I'm still working on cleaning up my edits but it should be done soon.

More Fan release business

From the This One Is On Us people:

After two rounds of intense torrent testing, art work updating, a skipped dinner replaced by ice water, and a trip in to work at 3am to take advantage of the fast internet, it comes with great excitement (and even more relief) to present to you the audio release of Another Version of the Truth.

This double-feature audio torrent captures the final stages of the Nine Inch Nails: Lights In The Sky 2008 tour.

'Las Vegas' - consists of a fully fan co-ordinated, recorded, and produced version of the final show in Las Vegas, mixed and mastered from a variety of hi-quality fan audio sources.

'The Gift' - takes footage supplied by Nine Inch Nails from 3 different shows in the final part of the tour, carefully edited together to get the best of each show.

The torrent is available in either 320kb MP3 or FLAC.

Thanks to all involved from the community that have helped this project move at such a fast pace.

- aaron

Digg it here why don't you