Wednesday, 2/28/07

Best Buy Toys With Your Emotions

We've gotten some conflicting emails in response to the earlier post regarding Best Buy stocking HD-DVD version of Beside You In Time. Their weekly ad states that this version is available online only, which itself is backordered 1-2 weeks. But what they do have is a promo sampler in HD, featuring five performances off BYIT: March Of The Pigs, Closer, Beside you In Time, The Hand That Feeds, and Head Like A Hole. Not sure if a purchase is required, but if you're interested in seeing what the HD version is like, there you go. Thank you to everyone for clearing that up.

UPDATE: There are also Blu-Ray samplers available at Best Buy, depending on store availability. Thank you to everyone for the info.

InSound pre-order shipment delays

We received an anonymous note that "Some shipments of BYIT pre-orders from Insound have been delayed due to the distributor's under-estimating the demand. Insound's customer service is offering 10% future orders to compensate." If you wanted a better chance at speedy delivery, you ordered from the Amazon links on this page. ... which I really should take down now. If you wanted a lithograph with your pre-order, you ordered from InSound. Don't worry - the video disc of your choosing will look just as good next week.

BYIT package insert contains Year Zero secret

The package insert with the Blu-Ray (and possibly HD?) versions of Beside You In Time contains hidden text that leads to a new Year Zero website, There's a puzzle on the site; if you crack it, you'll be led to another page which suggests data is being sent to us from the future. Or as one reader put it, "it seems a group of "pilgrims" working for a quantum encryption company have found a way to send information (ie..all the websites and songs since 2/10) back through time to us here in -15 hoping that we will change their reality. 'working together for a better yesterday.'" (Thanks matt.) It also appears prototype's banned book theory has turned out to be correct -- thank god we finally understand the Hobbit connection. Anyway, discussion of all this is taking place right here on ETS.

*Update* Greg, the Sauce Boss and Ice king, has confirmed that the HD insert also has the secret message.
Tuesday, 2/27/07

Star Wars, El-P, Knitting Factory, etc.

Various little bits and pieces to feed your brain:

- has an interview with current nin bassist Jeordie White in which he talks about, you guessed it, his love of Star Wars. Thank you to Bonnie for the link.

- is featuring the video for El-P's song "Flyentology". The song features vocals from Trent Reznor. Thanks to Dennis for the info.

- The Knitting Factory in NYC has a Year Zero listening party scheduled for 03-14-2007. Pre-orders can be made at this event. Thanks to Andrew Friedman for the email.

We've gotten some emails from readers saying that the HD-DVD version of Beside You In Time is not available in Best Buy stores. The website states that online orders are backed up and may take 1-2 weeks. If anyone is aware of a local Best Buy carrying this version let us know. Otherwise I'd recommend going to a different retailer if you're looking for this particular version. Thanks to everyone for emailing the information.

Beside you in Time on DirecTV, AOL Live

We got an email from AOL Music letting us know that they are showing the five-song promotional version of Beside You In Time on AOL Live -- if you haven't picked up the DVD/HD-DVD/BluRay yet, check the link out here.

In an update to my previous news on the topic, direcTV will be airing Beside You In Time tonight in HD, as mentioned on NIN's myspace and RSS feed. A fellow named Maxwell says that direcTV channel 101 doesn't have the bandwidth to be HD, but everything advertising the program says it will be in HD, so hopefully Maxwell's wrong.

Rolling Stone: NIN Blows Up Oscars

For the time being, the front page article on is about Sunday's leak of In This Twilight and the Year Zero website Hollywood In Memoriam. There are some details in the article that you may have missed if you weren't hanging out in the Year Zero IRC room that night. Thanks again to NineInchTool for letting us know about these Rolling Stone articles.
Monday, 2/26/07

NIN BYIT on DirecTV Tuesday night *update*

Adrianna and romeo void sent in news about a listing for some kind of Nine Inch Nails special, tomorrow night on DirecTV. Got your Tivos ready?

01 Nine Inch Nails 101 T101 6:00 PM EST 02/27/2007
02 Nine Inch Nails 101 T101 8:30 PM EST 02/27/2007
03 Nine Inch Nails 101 T101 11:00 PM EST 02/27/2007

It may just be is Beside You In Time, which by no mere coincidence is officially released in the US tomorrow. On that note, a lot of people are emailing us to let us know that lots of Amazon orders shipped over the weekend, and more went out today.

I got my propaganda

Art is Resistance

Have you "found" the Art Is Resistance logo somewhere interesting? Our news submission form may be annoying in the way that it erases your text if click out of that text box (and I'll fix that soon) but it also has an upload feature. Send us pictures, let's start a gallery.

"The Best Music Performance on HD DVD"

There's a great professional review of the HD DVD release of BYIT up here on Thanks to Jeff for sending us the review. Can't wait for tomorrow! Or, today. We've received lots of emails that the DVD went on sale this past weekend just about everywhere.
Sunday, 2/25/07

The contents of tonight's USB key...

NIN Hotline imageIn addition to "In This Twilight" (That's right, that's your cue to attack Echoing the Sound and The Spiral) this image was found on a USB key that was taped to a flyer, attached to the rail at tonight's show in the UK. Put two and two together and it will lead you to this web site - appropriate enough on Oscars night. Thanks to Elizabeth for the files...

Click here to view the ETS thread specific to In This Twilight. P.S., don't forget to Digg this (although Digg is burying all Year Zero stories now, which is kind of bullshit, IMHO), thanks.

NIN adds "Me, I'm Not" to MySpace

If you haven't been paying attention to the year zero phenomenon, you may not have been hearing the songs that have found their way to the internet via public bathrooms in Europe. Latecomer or no, you can now listen guilt-free from the safety of NIN's MySpace page. Thanks to everyone who wrote in on this one!

Give ETS a chance

I realize a lot of people are excited at the prospect of the location of a USB drive at tonight's show, but going to ETS and hitting reload over and over again isn't going to help anyone. If something comes up, we'll post it here ASAP, and then you can continue to overload echoing the sound. In the meantime, to the 690 of you currently on the board, please, be patient. Keep an eye out here -- we're not as processor intensive to run as a message board.

New Song? USB pen found!

Text messages have been received from the barrier at the Manchester show, citing the discovery of a USB pen. It's been handed to a girl called Elizabeth, who should be uploading the contents "soon". Stay tuned.

Year Zero listening party

We've heard via SMS messaging that Spiral members attending the Manchester show tonight got a special treat: "Spiral members went in expecting a sound check and instead got pizza (in your face ninjaw) and Trent turning up saying 'soundchecks are boring - listen to this' and they got to listen to the whole new album 'Year Zero'. Agree that it's like the soundtrack to a movie you have never seen. Described it as being like prince, devo, royksop with a large dollop of noise. Equally catchy and dense. Has all the old NIN elements we would recognise but is brand new too." Thanks to neon for passing along the Spiral member's messages.

Reminder: Toronto BYIT Viewing Party Tonight

As previously reported, there is a supposed viewing party for "Beside You In Time" tonight at the Velvet Underground nightclub in Toronto. Of course, my numerous emails to both the club and the reporting radio station, 102.1 the Edge, have gone unheralded so I have no way of confirming the time and actual existence of tonight's showing. If anyone has any information on the viewing party tonight, fire me off an email and I'll update for all our fans in Toronto.

Update: Ro2.0 wrote in to let us know that the party is at 10:00PM tonight, and cover will be $5. No word whether there will be some of those nifty lithos for purchase.

Update #2: Nuisance wrote in to let know Vancouver, BC will also be having a viewing party tonight at "Celebrities" Nightclub. Doors are at 8:00PM, while the viewing starts at 9:00PM.

Update #3: Khristopher wrote in to let me know the Toronto event isn't going to be an "official" viewing party. Rather they are simply going to be playing the video on screens while the audio will not be heard over the usual club music. Booourns to that.

Melbourne Tickets Still Available

Simon writes to let us know that the direct venue sales site WebTickets is still offering tickets to the May shows at the Metro in Melbourne. Tickets may not still be available via Ticketek (this cannot be verified as their site is down at the time of this post). Looks like the Roots are playing there the night before, too. Have fun, Melbourne readers!
Thursday, 2/22/07

Two New Australian Dates, Official Album Cover Art has been updated with two new Australian show dates that are currently on sale. One is for Sydney, Australia at The Big Top at Luna Park on May 10th. This is the second show for the venue following the show on the 9th which is now sold out. Similarly, a second show has been added for the Metro Nightclub in Melbourne, Australia for May 14th. Thank you to Alan and Raf for the emails.

And, updating an earlier news post, the cover for Year Zero has been added to the current page of, as well as a link to the Year Zero trailer. Both of which creep me the fuck out. recap of Year Zero project

If you're late to the game, or just can't keep up with the madness at Echoing the Sound, maybe you still don't quite know how to work a Wiki... well, there's good news for you -- has a nice recap of what's been going on surrounding Year Zero. So far, anyway. We're really just in the beginning stages of all this. Enjoy!

Meat, I'm Not

Time for the annual Meathead Perspective update. Sorry it's been so long since the last one, but... well, you know, I hate you and all that jazz.

Year Zero preview and possible album cover

There's a video up on the Year Zero site. If you look closely, you'll notice the road sign says "I AM TRYING TO BELIEVE." And a blip in the video reads "0024," which in turns led to this image. Check out the file properties. Anyway, all of this is being discussed here on ETS.


A new Year Zero website has been found (make sure your sound is on really loud before opening this link or you won't get the full experience): People are talking about it here on ETS. The site has a couple links, one which leads back to a new thread in the anotherversionofthetruth forums, and another that leads to downloadable stickers, posters, stencils, and icons. Compare the flag logo to this picture.

Anyway, we can only imagine where else that logo's going to start showing up now. The NIN Hotline does not encourage illegal activity, but we're sure as hell going to share any cool pictures we receive. unaware of Year Zero

With all the news about songs being left behind on USB drives in bathrooms during the tour, along with reports about the online revelations about Year Zero, someone at the record labels responsible for the eventual distribution of the album might be paying attention.

Not in Germany, where Universal has sent a $670 fine and cease & desist order to a fan who hosted a streaming-only player with "My Violent Heart" on his blog. Not sure what the final outcome of that would be, but if you're going to host the leaked mp3s, understand that the RIAA (and their international equivalents) do not really understand modern music distribution methods. Cover your ass.
Wednesday, 2/21/07

Please ignore

Just thought I'd pass this on...

I'm the registered owner of I register, host and manage websites on behalf of my clients. So although the domain is registered in my name it is not 'mine' as such - I do not own the IP or copyright

I received an email today telling me that nin fans are looking up my registration details. I know that information is fairly easily available but I'm not sure I understand why the nin fans would be interested in my business address/phone number/email - let alone posting it in these forums.

After a few hours investigation this morning I find this site, and my details are splashed all around this place.

The only information I can give is that my client advised me in to look at ( for aesthetic/stylistic inspiration. To my knowledge the website for inthistwilight is to be used for photography at some point in the future when my client gets more organised (the first photo on the site was Prague for those who seem interested).

Is there any way that these fans can [stop] posting the site registration details. I find it VERY disconcerting since the website is not related to my business (other than it belongs to one of my clients).

Guess they picked a bad time to rip off the front page of at a domain name that rips off a title from the new album. Nonetheless, if you're looking for another clue to the Year Zero revelations, you're not going to find one at

BYIT and Survivalism Promos Hit eBay

NIN Hotline imageeBay seller backinblack005 was nice enough to send me some scans of both the BYIT and the Survivalism promos. He has copies of both for auction, so make sure to hop over and bid high and often. Click the following links to see full-resolution pictures:

BYIT: Cover Back Disc
Survivalism: Cover Back Disc

BYIT review and early release

There's a good review of BYIT here. (Thanks to The Pusher for telling us.) And we hear from Scottsman that the DVD may have gotten an early release today in Adelaide, Australia. Anyone else?

*Update* We're told you can find the DVD at Sunflower Music on the Gold Coast and in Sydney, too.
Tuesday, 2/20/07

"Flyentology" Available for iTunes Purchase

Hop on over to the iTunes music store to purchase EL-P's debut single "Flyentology" from his upcoming album entitled I'll Sleep When You're Dead. Why, might you ask? Because it features Trent Reznor on guest vocals! You can also listen to the song on EL-P's Myspace page, and read his comments on working with Reznor both in his Myspace Blog and in this interview. Thanks to everyone for writing in.

UK Meet-and-Greet

The UK NIN Myspace page sent out emails over the past couple days advertising a chance to meet the band in Manchester, Glasgow, Nottingham, Birmingham and London. Hop on over via the above link and sign up for the contest, which closes Thursday at 12PM. Thanks to everyone who wrote in.

Baby Rock NIN releases today

As previously reported, the Baby Rock tribute to Nine Inch Nails comes out today. Thanks to FifthDream for reminding us.

Preview Closer from BYIT on Yahoo

Click here to watch Closer from the BYIT dvd on Yahoo. Thanks to manu for letting us know.
Monday, 2/19/07

Year Zero "Zero-Gen-Ten"

Commy over at The Perfect Drug emailed us over some interesting news regarding the Year Zero Japanese release:

"In Japan, YZ will release early than US, April 11. It may have some bonus tracks, and adds another Japanese title, 'Zero-Gen-Ten'. 'Gen-Ten' means the datum point or the starting point."

You can order the Japanese import of "Year Zero - Zero-Gen-Ten" from Amazon.

Me, I'm Not found on flash drive in Barcelona

Another USB flash drive has been found at a NIN show, this time containing the track Me, I'm Not. You can read more about it on the Spiral or here on ETS. Thanks to everyone who let us know.

*Update* There's an article about it up on now. If you have an account, digg!

Survivalism Makes Live Debut

Several sources on ETS and The Spiral are indicating that Trent & Co. debuted "Survivalism" tonight at the Barcelona show.

Addendum: A great video of the performance can be found on Pink is the New Blog or by clicking here.

I've got a Fever, and the Only Prescription is More Trent!

Nine Inch Nails will be joining Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson (yes, the Bruce Dickinson) as his guests on Saturday, March 10 during Bruce's BBC 6 Music radio "Rock Show". Listen to the program live via the Internet between 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. U.K. time (3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST) at Thanks to Ninlamer for letting us know.
Saturday, 2/17/07

Josh Freese interview in Guitar Center's Sticks & Stones

NIN Hotline imageIf a drummer in your household signed up to a Guitar Center mailing list for some reason, you may have received a catalog in the mail with Josh Freese on the cover. Here's the interview within, in which he gives some details about the equipment he uses for NIN, among a plethora of other bands.

The article also claims that there is a longer version of the interview at, but I had a good look around there tonight, and all I could find was an interview from a few years ago which doesn't mention NIN at all.
Friday, 2/16/07

Survivalism on MySpace, Euro Single

The official NIN Myspace page has two tracks from the new album available in high quality - Survivalism, the first radio single, and My Violent Heart, which was found in the Lisbon toilets a couple of days ago.

According to, Survivalism is being released as a single in Europe on March 5th. If you're in the US, you should know by now that the record labels don't market singles anymore here, so don't complain to me. Instead, you will be able to buy the track on iTunes soon.

Thanks to Greg, Niall, Patrick Vu, discman, Nathan, AnarchyxxAngel, Max Lordom, and kevin for the news!

TR: This is Year Zero.

Trent has posted a blog update on The Spiral, stating: "What you are now starting to experience IS 'year zero'. It's not some kind of gimmick to get you to buy a record - it IS the art form... and we're just getting started. Hope you enjoy the ride." While this isn't exactly news, we thought it was important to repost it here to address some of the speculation surrounding the motivation behind the Year Zero websites.

Everyone else is now playing Survivalism.

WFNX in Boston, WMMS in Cleveland, Alt Nation on Sirius Satellite Radio, Project 96.1 in Atlanta, to name a few. DC101 is premiering the song at 5pm today. Thanks to the tons of people writing in about this.

KROQ debuts NIN single Survivalism

About five minutes ago, Los Angeles area station KROQ played the new single, Survivalism, with a promise to play it again before the end of the show. Which means everyone currently reading this is probably going to click on their streaming radio player and test the limits of's servers. Be forewarned: You need to sign up with an account in order to play the stream. Have fun!

Trent performing guest vocals on new QOTSA

This Danish article and a French article are reporting that Trent Reznor, as well as Julian Casablancas of the Strokes and Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees, will perform guest vocals on Queens of the Stone Age's upcoming June release Era Vulgaris. You can catch QOTSA at this year's Roskilde Festival. Thanks to perchee and inc. for sending us the links, and my friend Anders for translating the Danish article for me.

BYIT Toronto Viewing Party

Attention Canadian NIN fans: Toronto radio station 102.1 The Edge is reporting that there will be a pre-screening event at the Velvet Underground on February 25th, 2007. I'll be there, so be sure to come say hello. Thanks to RNB and Halo4Nothing for keeping us posted.

xtaster posts message from Trent Reznor

xtaster has posted a message from Trent about the concept behind Year Zero.

On the same page, you can sign up for xtaster's online viewing party for the Beside You In Time DVD. The viewing takes place today, as previously reported.

Thanks to Hedphleym for the email.

I Want to Make the Sexy Time ... to "Closer"

Since everybody and their mother has been emailing us with this news, I figure I should let you know that my personal favourite Valentine's Day ditty - "Closer" - was rated the #2 Sexiest Song of All Time by AOL Music's Top 69 Hottest Love Songs.
Thursday, 2/15/07

There and Back Again: A NIN Story?

In what may be the strangest development yet to the unfolding Year Zero story (or NINspiracy, as I like to call it), a passage from the opening chapter of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit has been found by some astute fans who compiled the incomplete text in various hidden images on the websites. Seriously. Check it out here and here. Nobody's quite sure what to make of it just yet. Perhaps it has something to do with tomorrow night's concert in Bilbao, Spain?

The presence takes its toll on ETS, NIN Wiki

Just a heads up:

If you are trying to view Echoing the Sound, it will be down sporadically tonight between 5 and 7pm while Greg triples the RAM on the server to help compensate for the traffic the board has been receiving as of late.

Likewise, crashed hard after going public yesterday, and has signed up with a new host that may better accommodate the traffic they have been experiencing.

Rolling Stone blurbs

Quoting the artist formerly known as drunkpoet, Rolling Stone's Rock and Roll Daily has jumped into the ring of online media reporting on the Year Zero websites. They talked about it here, too. Thanks to NineInchTool for telling us.

MTV News, USA Today and the Year Zero Conspiracy

MTV News has posted an article regarding the Year Zero website campaign. In addition to mentioning how the campaign has unraveled on Echoing the Sound, the article also reveals some new news about the album, through Trent's words:

"Concept record. Sixteen tracks. What's it about? Well, it takes place about 15 years in the future. Things are not good. If you imagine a world where greed and power continue to run their likely course, you'll have an idea of the backdrop."

Also, USA Today has posted a similar news snippet regarding the campaign, and even mentions the Hotline as a source.

Follow the above links to read the lengthy, well-written articles. Thanks to Mel and visage13 for sending in the news.
Wednesday, 2/14/07


Lost in the shuffle below, I think, was another cryptic discovery late last night. According to the information in this thread on ETS, yet another of the new tour T-shirts has a secret code on it -- a phone number (it's not really 1-800-Survivalism; read the thread on ETS, people). Guess what happens if you call it? Anyway, so much is happening so quickly that your best bet is to keep an eye on the Year Zero forum on ETS, similar threads on the Spiral, and the NIN Wiki.


Another USB drive located at La Riviera

Men's rooms in venues across Europe are in for trouble in the coming weeks. Ris (Scelerat) wrote in to pass on that they found a USB memory drive in the men's bathroom in La Riviera. Just like the one in Lisbon, this drive also contained "My Violent Heart."

On a side note, Olethros (and others) spotted Robin Finck in attendance at tonight's NIN show. Robin was getting his picture taken with a lot of NIN fans, apparently.

Finally, if you have an account on Digg, Digg this story.

My Violent Heart leaks, Year Zero discussion forum

Since information about the whole Year Zero ARG is coming in at a rate that really doesn't warrant cluttering up the front page here, I direct your attention to the Year Zero forum set up at Echoing the Sound, where it has recently been posted that the track "My Violent Heart" was found on a flash drive in a bathroom at the Libson, Portugal show. The track appears to be legitimate, and just to keep things interesting, appears to have pictures embedded in the audio that relate to, among other things.
Tuesday, 2/13/07

Survivalism release date, new album in 08

According to FMQB, Survivalism will arrive at radio on February 27 with an add date of March 6. They also add that "Year Zero will be the first of two concept albums, and the second one will be released probably in 2008." Thanks to haumea for the update!

Mmm, Meta! NIN on front page

Well this is certainly fun. The previously mentioned thread about has made the front page of - see here. I guess the next step would be to get this on reddit, fark, slashdot, etc. If we're really good, we can overload ETS, currently with 525 viewers and not showing any signs of slowing down. has hidden pictures

We are getting a lot of emails about this every day, so hopefully this should stem the flow -- there are clickable areas on that will open up to photos of Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder making heavy use of a variety of obscure equipment. We're not going to spoil the game here - either click around for yourself, or visit Echoing the Sound and see what other people have come up with already.

No region encoding on BYIT releases

Rob Sheridan clarified a few things about the worldwide release of the next live NIN video. The only country getting a domestic release of the high-definition videos (blu-ray and HD-DVD) is the U.S. - all other countries are only getting traditional DVD releases.

On the bright side, none of the releases have region encoding, so as long as your player can handle NTSC video playback (most do these days) you can safely import any of the US releases and play them on your video playback devices.

Another version of the truth

A lot of people have been going crazy over the emergence of several webpages that are apparently linked to the release of Year Zero. The first of these pages was revealed through hidden text on some tour merch (We'd love it if you sent us more pictures of shirts and the like from the current tour!), and because NIN fans have a tendency to be obsessive-compulsive, it didn't take long for folks to discover related sites.

If you'd like to catch up, or help participate in the whole decoding process, this thread on Echoing the Sound is a good place to start. Thanks to everyone who's written in about the various bits and pieces they've discovered in the meantime.

Someone articulate should write this up for the new Entertainment.Wikia online magazine-thing.
Monday, 2/12/07

New tour t-shirts

On the Spiral fanclub message board, member "nuno" has posted a nice picture of one of the new NIN tour t-shirts, and I thought I would show it here so everyone else can check it out. Click the picture for a larger version!

Full YZ tracklisting is up.

All of the track names have now been listed on the Year Zero site. Thanks to everyone who wrote in.
Sunday, 2/11/07

Grammy news, and the tour goes on

It looks like Wolfmother beat out Tool, NIN, and System of a Down for the Hard Rock Grammy tonight. Big whoop.

In other news, on the second night of the tour, Nine Inch Nails performed Ruiner and We're In This Together, as well as a host of more common tracks in the setlist. As mentioned in an earlier interview, they are not playing any songs off Year Zero.

"Survivalism" Revealed as Track 3

To (hopefully) preempt the slew of submissions regarding a new track on the Year Zero website, which will in turn prevent Meathead from having a subsequent mental breakdown, "Survivalism" has been revealed as track three. Surprise, surprise!

NIN kicks of European tour, plays Last

The European tour kicked off tonight with Mr. Self Destruct and the live debut of Last, but as promised, no songs from the new album.

Manuel Lino wrote in tonight with a link to this Portuguese article about the show, which is accompanied by about 40 pictures from the show. The article also includes a full setlist, check it out. has also updated their 'current' section with a photo of tonight's stage. Be sure to check out the tour journal at Echoing the Sound, either to post your own experience or to check out what others have to say about the shows as they happen.
Friday, 2/09/07

Fuck it. I give up.

"Vessel" has been added as a new song title on When the next song title goes up, one of our friendly Hotline staffers will update with that one too, as with the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and so on.
Thursday, 2/08/07

BYIT Online Viewing Party

Xtaster Online is advertising an exclusive pre-release on-line viewing party for the new DVD, to take place Friday February 16th. Make sure to the follow the email instructions linked at the site above to sign up for the viewing. Big time thanks to mcgrew for the update, and ItsJustDave for getting us the proper url.
Wednesday, 2/07/07

New BYIT Clips on Myspace

Island UK has been sending out emails to promote the BYIT release via the Nine Inch Nails UK Myspace Page, which has some different teaser clips than those found on the Halo 22 sub site. Thanks to Greg Macdonald and Simonjs for the head's up.

BYIT Preorders Offered from

The Halo 22 subsite of is now offering pre-orders for "Beside You in Time" in DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray formats. If that news isn't enough to ring your bell, you'll get a free lithograph with pre-sale purchase (while quantities last).

Mega Song-title happytime good luck explosion!!

I was living under the deluded assumption that people would get the point of the last update, but to clarify: has been updating with new song titles, and will presumably continue to do so over the next several days. Just keep checking there, as there's really no need to address each new title here. Thank you i love you ^_^

YZ Japan Release Date

It looks like Year Zero will be released in Japan on April 25 -- at least, according to hmv Japan. Thanks to Siva for the info.
Tuesday, 2/06/07

Walter told me to update the Hotline

Blah blah blah NIN blah blah blah Trent blah blah blah blah blah blah God Given.

Spin editors preview new album

Without copying and pasting the whole blurb, I'll try to summarize what's said at this news update for today: the new album is a minimalistic concept album touching on totalitarianism. For a few more details, visit the above link.
Monday, 2/05/07

the beginning of the end

A title has been added for track 02 on the Year Zero page at New photographs have also been posted. The page is being updated several times a day, so keep an eye on it for changes.
Thanks to everyone who emailed about the updates!

Year Zero drops April 17

An official release date for the new album, entitled "Year Zero", has been announced on Everyone should start saving their pennies now, because you'll all have a lot of spending to do on April 17. Thanks to nin1990 and Alexander for letting us know.
Saturday, 2/03/07

NIN Down Under

Three new Australian dates have been added to the Spring Tour. Trent and the guys will be visiting Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne on May 7, 9 and 13 respectively. Tickets go on sale February 23 (or February 19 for Spiral members). Thanks to Grave_Digger for keeping us posted.
Friday, 2/02/07

Watch this space!

The Year Zero page on has been updated with track title place holders and four photos. Happy hunting!
Thanks, James and Stagger Lee.