Tuesday, 1/31/06

Closure Update

Unsurprisingly, the Japanese release date for the Closure DVD has apparently been pushed back. Gayo posted over on ETS that she received an email from HMV Japan stating the release date is postponed to April 26. Last we heard, the DVD is in Interscope's hands, but no official release date has yet been provided.

Little update about Belong + the contest

A lot of people were asking if there was anyplace to listen to an example track -- car park records' website has a sample on their news page - here. Also, Scott, patrick/elizabeth, ryan, tomgirl, Baddgor, Sean, (to name a few) - I'm serious, entering the contest with multiple email addresses is the easiest way to disqualify yourself - Good work.

Addendum: 80% of you are guys, 20% of you are girls, and the average age (so far) is 23.29. Neat, huh?
Monday, 1/30/06

NIN song featured in Sopranos trailer

A few people have emailed us to mention the use of The Mark Has Been Made in a trailer for the 6th season of the lauded HBO series, The Sopranos. I predict that even though I am posting this, we will continue to get emails about The Mark Has Been Made being used on the Sopranos. So it goes. Thanks to sighfinine and ser_hag for the news.
Sunday, 1/29/06

belong: october language

belong: october language - february 7, 2006

In the past on this site, when NIN news gets slow, we stretch our scope to encompass somewhat related bands, be they the works of former members of the live band, or the work of people who've remixed NIN tracks (back when NIN remix CDs still happened.)

Today we're touching base with a project by Turk Dietrich, who contributed to Things Falling Apart with Josh Eustis under the name benelli. On February 7th, his project with Michael Jones, titled Belong, releases their debut album, October Language. We received a few emails about this, then Josh recommended it to me, and I was sent a copy to check out.

As a somewhat casual fan of ambient music (with copies of Selected Ambient Works 2, Time Machines, and a disc by Oval, if that counts), this CD really appeals to that fuzzed out, melodic droney section of my listening palette.

I'm going to cheat and copy & paste from the press release, because I think it does justice to the album without sounding too terribly wanky: 'Following in the tradition of bands like My Bloody Valentine and Gas, guitars, synths and other musical sources are wrenched from their typical tones, revealing themselves in bright shards of distortion. Melodies are similarly enveloped in a sort of aural atrophy, forever repeating their blurring calls.'

It's a really serene album that plays well both quietly, and at inappropriately loud volume. If you want to have a listen,'s taking preorders at $13.99, but you can probably get it for less straight from the record label, once they add it to the shop.
And thanks to the generosity of Turk Dietrich, we're giving you a chance for a free copy. No jumping through hoops, you've read this far, now just enter your email address for a chance at a random drawing (details on that page).

And now, back to our regularly scheduled slow period.
Saturday, 1/28/06

More on Moving Units

The band Moving Units have been confirmed as support for the first half of the next bunch of tour dates (the awesome Saul Williams is taking care of the second half, and trust me, you do not want to miss that). Their website is a little sparse, information-wise, but fear not! They have a myspace.
Wednesday, 1/25/06

Trent does PETA

MTV News have this little snippet up on their site right now:

"Trent Reznor is up in arms about the fur industry in China, the world's leading exporter, which uses millions of cats and dogs to augment its supply. The Nine Inch Nails frontman narrates a graphic video exposé for PETA which shows the practice of captured cats and dogs being slaughtered in a Chinese animal market -- some with their collars still on them, "proof that they were someone's beloved companion," Reznor says. "What you're about to see may shock you," he says at the open of the two-minute video. "There are no regulations governing the Chinese fur industry," he notes, which leads to systematic abuses and fur being mislabeled as that of other animals.

Thanks Gregory!


Benny and Paul write in to let us know that PETA has the video up on their site (NSFW). It also comes complete with a competition (that involves spamming as many people you can with the video - something that's not really very internet friendly, but so it goes) to win an signed Reznor iPod.


Just to be clear - the NIN Hotline is in no way associated with PETA or the competition they are running.

Buddyhead: New setlist will be weird and cool

The dudes over at are hinting at a new setlist full of possibility:

"It never ends... Nine Inch Nails are going on tour again. This one's gonna be for all you poor fucks who live in Bumfuck, Nebrahoma. We know we said last time that they were gonna do all these different songs you've never heard them do live before... but then the drummer situation got all Spinal Tap and shit got weird. Now that Josh Freese is in the band, shit is gonna get even weirder... and cool!"

For more, check out the buddyhead gossip page. Let's hope this means I'll finally get to see "Kinda I Want To" performed live. Thanks to Dan for sending this in.
Tuesday, 1/24/06

Another Japanese Website Has Closure

Erik Pemberton sent in a link to another Japanese website that's got Closure listed as hitting the streets of Japan on March 29, 2006. This one's taking pre-orders and lists the price in U.S. dollars as $41.92. At this time, your best bet is to proceed with caution until a more official announcement has been made.
Thursday, 1/19/06

Current picture points at an EDIETS video

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water get a life, decides to chuck a new picture online of some wires and one of those film clapper things bearing the title "Everyday is" and the names Francis Lawrence, who just happens to be the director of the film Constantine as well as a number of music videos. The name below is that of Max Goldman, who seems to be a cinematographer. Woohoo! News! Let the wild speculation begin.
Tuesday, 1/17/06 now carrying new NIN shirts

After one hell of a dry spell, Goodrock is selling new NIN shirts again. $12.99 a piece (Plus shipping). That'd be about the lowest price on the internet for a licensed NIN shirt. Now you don't have to restyle your old shirts for the upcoming tour.
Wednesday, 1/11/06

Closure DVD to be released in Japan in March?

We've received a handful of reports that various Japanese record store websites are listing a release date of March 29, 2006, for the Closure DVD -- for instance, HMV Japan and Tower Records Japan. We'll post more information if we hear anything, including whether these dates turn out to be incorrect like so many previous premature retail announcements. Thanks to Swindley and Se7en for writing in.
Tuesday, 1/10/06

Underworld 2 Soundtrack out today

We've probably posted more than we need to about this, but the soundtrack to Underworld 2 was released today. We got an email from a dude named Tony who's helping to market the thing, and I kinda gave him a hard time, but he was kinda beat because the album had leaked, so I feel a little bad about that. Therefore, this post! You can preview the album at the Underworld Evolution myspace page.

For more information on the release, see Drunkpoet's post on the topic from last month.
Monday, 1/09/06

Kerrang Kerrang Can Suck My Wang

Sometimes it sucks to be British (teeth, terrorists, that whole crumbling of the Empire thing), but at other times it has it's benefits. This weeks's Kerrang! magazine (available at every good corner shop on Wednesdays) is advertising a special "Access All Areas with Nine Inch Nails" feature for it's January 11th issue. We've no idea what that means (guessing it's a tour related), but we'll find out in a few days no doubt.

Thanks Telly!


Turns out that Kerrang suck and it's a tiny tiny little feature. Big surprise, eh? Sorry about that everyone.

We know about the Underworld trailer

A lot of people are emailing in to let us know that THTF is featured in a trailer for Underworld: Evolution, which is pretty boring in the grand scheme of things, but it's a slow news month, so there you go.

Thanks to the 238 people who emailed this in.
Thursday, 1/05/06

More Rykodisc releases

Gewalt Warten has been doing my job for me, and found out that Rykodisc is re-releasing the Head Like a Hole single on January 31st. It's been popping up on pre-order pages for all the usual retailers, and we've gotten a lot of mail about it (thank you!), but Gewalt got confirmation from Rykodisc before I managed to fire off an email.

In addition to that news, they confirmed that Pretty Hate Machine is being rereleased on vinyl, because Rykodisc is cool like that.
Tuesday, 1/03/06

Do you need to fill that e-zine hole in your life?

When Sick Among the Pure disappeared, without leaving so much as an archive, we got a lot of email asking what happened. To copy and paste out of Daemon's email on the topic late last year:
There are certainly some valid reasons to keep the magazine going, but in continual analysis for months upon months, I've come to conclude that the cons far outweigh the pros. The obvious reasons include cost and lack of offsetting revenues, lack of volunteer support, lack of support from labels and artists and not the least of which, the phenomenal amount of free time that is invested to the detriment of my health, personal, and professional life. These are the facts.

Obviously, it was a lot of hard work, but the equation just didn't balance out, and after nearly a decade of changes in management and staff, that site is no more.

However, on a related note, some of the former members of SATP have started a new online publication, the metaball, which takes on a wider scope, but features articles and creative writing, parsed via real live editors, for your monthly viewing pleasure. Be sure to let them know what you think, because as you know, without support and feedback, the people doing these things won't get any better, and will eventually give up.

The NIN Hotline v4 - A total integration plan

Since news has been quiet, and I have had (very little) holiday time off, I began to think about improving on the site again. There have been a number of plausible requests for the site that I haven't worked on for technical reasons I won't go into.

Anyway, it's a lot of information, some of which gets pretty technical, so rather than post it all front-page, I'm going to link you to this article about it if you want to see the gorey details.

This stuff will take a while to put together, so don't expect to see changes right away, but maybe by 2007 I can have the whole site turned on its head. sees major revamp

It's been a while since I've posted anything about this site, but it has been anything but idle since they last made the front page here. There's a remix knowledge base, a remix database with gigs and gigs of directly downloadable audio, and so much content you could get lost on the site for weeks. Check out and be sure to let 'em know what you think of the site.