Saturday, 4/30/05

Paris Listening Party

There is a last minute Listening Party going on in Paris tonite. It's today, April 30th at Les Furieux 22:00 PM. This was set up last minute by Zina.
Thanks Zina and ninjaw.

Remix magazine interview

The May issue of Remix magazine features Trent Reznor on the cover, and a detailed interview inside. Photo by Rob[ert] Sheridan.
The preview of the article from Remix's website:
For the first time ever, Trent Reznor got into recording live drums-with Dave Grohl and Jerome Dillon-for his latest album, With Teeth, produced by Reznor and Alan Moulder. Remix gets deep into the process of NIN's latest studio experience.

Thanks to 00101010 for the tip and cover scan and to Allison for the info.

For Australians, at last...

May the 7th, Necropolis Nightclub in Newcastle is holding the launch party for With_Teeth. There'll be copies of the album, posters and limited edition laminates to giveaway, along with screenings of Closure and All That Could Have Been. It's $5 to get in with 18+ ID, and if you mention that theninhotline sent you, you might even get the chance to win a 9" vinyl copy of The Hand That Feeds.
It kicks off at 9pm at the Lucky Country Hotel.
Thx to Jared at NN for letting us know.

One more review of "With Teeth"

The Sunday, May 1, 2005 edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune includes a review of "With Teeth."
Thanks to Shannon for pointing this out.

Potential singles news

We have news from Matthieu Gauthier P., who tells us that his version of With Teat has a sticker that reads:

Includes 13 new tracks. Featuring:
Incluant 13 nouveaux titres avec:

Typically these stickers have the names of singles from the album, so perhaps "Every Day Is Exactly The Same" will be the third single? Hmm...

Friday, 4/29/05

[the fabric starts to tear]

A video clip of "The Line Begins to Blur" has been posted on Look for the link on the left of the "body of work" page.
Thanks to nympholept, sundials and patman for letting us know!
Thursday, 4/28/05

[-----------------------------------] has a new video clip featuring flagrant instrument abuse. The link is located on the performance page, on the left side.

The opinion that really counts.

If you're still unsure of whether or not to buy the new NIN album With Teeth this coming Tuesday (or Monday, or... now, depending on where you live), you should know that Fred Durst of seminal rap/rock group Limp Bizkit has given it the official "thumbs up" on his website!
whatever your plans are for your next music purchase be sure to make the NINE INCH NAILS [WITH TEETH] cd/dvd your priority. it is absolutely fantastic. trent reznor is and will always be a force of genuine inspiration. he has never let me down. do yourself a favor and get this cd NOW!!!!!!
How much more convincing could anyone possibly need? Thanks Karen.

10" Picture Disc Available. Or not.

Update: Looks like it is once again sold out. Sorry dudes.

For those of you interested in purchasing the 10" Picture Disc, but missed out the first time, it is once again available to purchase in packages at the Official Pre-Order store. Get to it, people!
Thanks to everyone who clued us in.

Coachella Specifics

Nine Inch Nails will be playing at 9pm on Sunday, May 1st at the Coachella festival. While they are listed as the headlining act by many sources, it appears that Blackstar (Talib Kweli and Mos Def) are playing after Nine Inch Nails.

The entire schedule has been released for the weekend. It's got to be a little disappointing as The Faint, Roni Size and The Blood Brothers are playing at the same time as Nine Inch Nails. But, New Order is playing right before Nine Inch Nails, and New Order is pretty awesome. Check out the entire schedule here.
Thanks Evil Daffodil.

[and it all just rotted away]

Another teaser on Upper right hand corner of the old index. This one features You Know What You Are? from With Teeth. This is in addition to the two other clips we already mentioned.
Thanks to Chris for the tip.
Wednesday, 4/27/05

International News Round-up Extravaganza!

Nine Inch Nails is featured on the cover of Blitz magazine in Portugal this month.
FM4, an Austrian radio station, will be playing the full album and an interview with TR at 10 p.m. CET, Wednesday May 4.
Thx to Jorge and deWretching for the heads-up.

Revolver + SF Chronicle Interviews

There are new interviews from the San Francisco Chronicle and Revolver magazine. You can read them here, and here, respectively.
Thanks to Richard LaMance; and siNNer & NEWLYDEAD at the Burning Souls Forum.

MTV News on David Fincher and the Only Video

MTV News has posted an article about the upcoming video for Only, which will be teh second single off of With Teeth, and feature David Fincher as the director. The article emphasizes the CG work that will be done post-production. Other than that, it's nothing new.
Thanks shawn.

Don't forget to read.

For the last 48 hours we have been getting a lot of emails about a clip on the front page. I do not like to repeat news, especially news that is still on the front page, but yeah, we know, we posted about it.
When submitting news, don't forget to read the bit marked "Please keep a few things in mind while submitting news," especially the part that says Be sure to check recent news archives before sending in news. Again, this news about the clip of All the Love In The World isn't even off the front page yet. Don't forget, we also have almost daily Nine Inch Nails news dating back to 1997, but you have to read past all of the 20 current news items to earn the privilege of viewing the archives!
We now return you to our regularly scheduled program.

NIN Tour Kicks Off Tonight

As noted by Pitchfork Media, the first leg of the LIVE: WITH_TEETH_2005 tour kicks off tonight, in San Francisco.
Those still hunting for tickets, rides, or a friend to do your black makeup should check out the ETS Upcoming Shows section.
Also, after you get back from the show, feel free to drop by the ETS Tour Journal. You do not have to register to share your thoughts about the show, but you will have to register to upload pictures.

[they tend to accumulate] has been updated with a video clip of the band performing "The Collector." The link to the video is located on the right side of the "current" page.
Thanks to everyone who let us know!
Tuesday, 4/26/05

Listening Party, Montreal

Montreal, your listening party is here:
Club Saphir has you hooked up. $5 cover, 10pm, this Friday the 29th (2nd Floor...), with DJ's Mr. Black & Kaotik.
Thanks to The.Spiral for the heads up.

Nine Inch Nails: Collected

Free stuff isn't just for the UK anymore. Sign up here (or update your existing account) to get a shot at a free DVD which may or may not contain a collection of clips from videos and performances by Nine Inch Nails, including the full length video for The Hand That Feeds. I'm sure we'll get details later. You can thank Jeff for passing the link on. This is a "While Supplies Last" thing, so hopefully you get a chance to sign up tonite.

MySpace isn't so exclusive now.

As you read below, Nine Inch Nails is the featured artist on MySpace music, featuring a stream of the entire album.
Well, MuchMusic is offering a stream in glorious Real Player, too.
Thanks to Pagan Arithmetic and #ets for the heads up.

Listening Party, Toronto

Toronto, your listening party is this Friday, April 29th at Savage Garden. From the club's website:
"Giveaways courtesy of Universal Music Canada. Come early from 9 -10 pm there will be a screening of "And All That Could Have Been" Nine Inch Nails live."
The video could be the 23 minute video that's been screened at all the listening parties, or the club might also be screening AATCHB, just for giggles.
Thanks to Glen G. & for this update.

Jane Magazine Review

Jane Magazine has also reviewed With Teeth. You can read the review (I don't suggest it)here, or you can just recognize that they gave it a 3.5 out of 4.
I only really posted this because all the other Hotliners have been beating me to it lately. The review is rather scathing and insulting, yet the album was given a rather good score (go figure).

Streaming Teeth, Part Deux

The official NIN page on myspace has a stream of the ENTIRE new album."
This is not a mistake, as the front page and "Current" page of have been updated to reflect this.
Thanks to several people who spotted this.

Vote For NIN on Launch

Launch wants to know who the most anticipated headliner is at Coachella. Go here quick and let them know our legions are many.
(Currently, Coldplay is winning with 31% of the vote, as if...)
Thanks to Tyler Durdan @ Burning Souls forum.

MTV Article

MTV has posted an article about With Teeth and Reznor's song choices. There's also a very short video clip about The Hand That Feeds.
Thanks to jf, Francis, and everyone else who sent this in.

MSN offers THTF video stream

A bajillion people have emailed to let us know that features The Hand That Feeds video (which you can already view freely in higher resolution at in their Entertainment and video highlights sections. In other news, according to this month's stats, over 25% of our viewers are viewing the page in Mozilla Firefox.

Rolling Stone reviews "With Teeth"

A review in the May 5, 2005 edition of Rolling Stone gives "With Teeth" 3.5 stars. You can read the article here.
Thanks to patman for the transcript!

Streaming Teeth

The official NIN page on myspace has a stream of the ENTIRE new album.
We don't know if this is intentional or not, but it'd be pretty tough to accidentally post this kind of thing. It's pretty nice quality and has a weird flash streaming interface. You'll want to scroll down the page and stop the other media that various jerks have added to the page.
Monday, 4/25/05

Watching All the Insects March Along has updated with a graphic in the lower left corner that links to a teaser featuring part of "All the Love in the World" from With Teeth.
Thanks to everyone who let us know.

Fincher Shoots NIN

From Video Static:
Acclaimed director David Fincher will be making a foray back into music videos for Nine Inch Nails. "Only" was shot on April 19 and will be in post through late June. Look for this video to incorporate some intensive CG effects.
Thanks to scandalle for pointing this out on the Echoing the Sound discussion board.
Sunday, 4/24/05

Elvis who?

The Hand That Feeds has made it's UK singles chart debut at Number 7.
This can only mean good things for the release of With Teeth - only a week to go!
Thanks to Truer and Ross for the info.

Streaming Audio at has updated their NIN page with streaming audio of "Right Where It Belongs" and "Only". They've been added to the previously posted songs "Every Day Is Exactly The Same" and "The Hand That Feeds".
Thanks to Deadpool5 and Justin K.
Saturday, 4/23/05

Leaving New Orleans

June's issue of Spin magazine features Trent Reznor on the cover, and includes a very interesting interview. You can read it here.
Thanks to silktwisteddagger for the email, and Christ for the transcript.

THTF debuts at #4 on the CD:UK charts.

Nine Inch Nails has made a triumphant return to the heady heights of the UK charts. Tonight, on CD:UK, The Hand That Feeds stormed to #4 on the countdown.
Thanks to Kleptonin, Frankie, Chris and Athenia for the info.

Listening Party-o-rama

Oklahoma City, OK: MAY 2nd
Join 94.7 The Buzz for the debut of the new N I N album "WITH TEETH" @ VENU located 222 E. Sheridan.
Doors Open @ 6 PM!
The Buzz will be giving away the new CD, posters, and a trip to see
N I N live in Austin, Texas!
Thank you alliceden!
Omaha, NE: MAY 2nd
Join The River Monday, May 2nd at the Drink (Formerly Bourbon St.) on 108th & Dodge. YOU MUST BE 21 TO ATTEND. Also giving away tickets to the soldout concert in Chicago on Friday, May 6th.
Thank you Jim!
Friday, 4/22/05

Tamar Levine Steals NIN's Soul

If you wander on over to photographer Tamar Levine's website, you'll find a new photograph of Reznor, and also find the more commonly seen blue-ish photo of the entire band.
Thankie to Frankie for letting us know!

Entertainment Weekly reviews "With Teeth"

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, David Browne reviews With Teat giving it a B+. This is the Summer Issue featuring Batman on the cover.
You can read the review here. Thanks to Steven Flores for the transcript.

yet another place to place requests...

Mike G. had a fantastic suggestion, and I think I will pass it along to ya'll:
"Even people who don't have XM Satellite Radio should request 'The Hand That Feeds' by text messaging the numbers 48 to the phone number 96966. They'll reply back and then you can request the song. It would be great if they were completely overwhelmed..."
Yes, yes it would.

NIN is losing to Elvis Presley in the UK charts.

If you're living in the United Kingdom and haven't picked up the single, please try to before Sunday, even if you're just buying it from iTunes (or MSN's UK music shop, or Napster UK, the Island Records download shop, or whatever) because it would kind of suck to lose out to a guy who's been dead for several decades.
Also, several people have reported that the single for The Hand That Feeds has been marked as deleted in HMV computers... all these special versions are for the first two weeks only, and were a one-off batch. After they're sold out, the two-track slimline CD single will be the only version available.
At the midweeks, The Hand That Feeds was at #3, behind some twat who's been on the charts for ages, and with an Elvis Presley song at #1. It'd be really cool if we could make the last stretch there, and foil this absurdity! Apologies to the Digital Noise crew, heehee.
Thursday, 4/21/05

Trent Reznor on Trent Reznor

Apparently unfiltered words from Mr. Reznor on his recent situation. Nothing particularly new, but it's always cool to hear the words (seemingly) direct from the man himself, in the latest Vice Magazine. Thanks to caedmon for the tip.

"The Hand That Feeds" Video; DVD Retrospective

A brief news update at mentions the video directed by GNN for "The Hand That Feeds". While they have no news on when or where it will be available, they do mention that a DVD retrospective is expected to be released with a handful of gaming and music magazines starting in June. No other details are known at this time. Thanks to abearatemyparents.

NOLA Listening Party on May 2nd

The NOLA listening party will be at One Eyed Jacks on May 2nd (the site lists may 2nd and 9th, but it's the 2nd).
The event is free, but restricted to peeps 18 & over.
Thanks to Stephanie13 for the head's up!

Maggiebear makes with more scans

Maggiebear, who runs a gigantic nin photo archive (1400+ pictures) sent in a few scans from some European magazines that have hit the stands recently. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the pictures.
I don't want to completely steal her thunder, so I've sized them down about halfway... I'm sure you'll probably find them on her site soon. While you're waiting, you can check out the 60 front row photos she took from the Astoria gig. Thanks Maggiebear.

NIN losing out at KROQ in L.A.

Apparently The Hand That Feeds is down to #10 in the countdown at KROQ in Los Angeles. Since I just gave you the artwork for With Teeth, why don't you go and put a request in at this really easy click-and-go request page. Or at any of the cycling radio station locations above the news here. Thanks for the heads up Wendy!

Digipak Scans

Thanks to Tyler and someone else for sending in scans of the copies of With Teeth they somehow procured several weeks before the official release. Click on the image to the left for a larger resolution scan.

ZANE: [expels air] - Radio 1 Interview transcribed

kleptonin has drawn up a very accurate transcription of the BBC Radio 1 interview, and you can read the whole thing here. Enjoy.

THTF on Top Of The Pops site + Chart Info

picture of a pumpkin The Hand That Feeds has been reviewed by BBC's The Top Of The Pops online. "If your idea of stropping out involves pogo-ing your bed straight down into the kitchen, then you should deffo check out this chunk of mood-rock." Check it out here.
Thanks to Silky on #ets for the heads up.
In further chart news, THTF is #3 on the Billboard Modern Rock Airplay Chart, #4 on the AMG Chart and #36 on's Music Sales Chart as of today.
However, With Teeth is sitting at #14 at Amazon's US and #7 at Amazon's UK sales chart - this even before it sees the light of day.

With Teeth delivered to retailers - but not on sale yet

With Teeth has been delivered to retailers across the continental U.S., some of which already have copies behind the counter, though not to be sold until May 3rd. When you do eventually pick up your copy of With Teeth, you'll find:
a) Trent's photo is featured in the booklet.
b) There are no lyrics printed in the booklet that comes with the album.
c) If you care to click here on May 3, 2005, you might just find the lyrics & the intended "Deluxe Edition" artwork.
I've seen the artwork, and in my opinion, it's nothing less than pants-wettingly fantastic. Thanks to Tyler and a lovely little bird that whispered in my ear.
Wednesday, 4/20/05

10" Picture Disc on sale at Hot Topic?

The rumor mill is spinning again. This time it seems that in the near future Hot Topic may be carrying the 10" picture disc vinyl that has sold out at the official preorder page. This isn't a sure thing yet, but those of you who missed out may want to wait a while before heading to ebay. Thanks to everyone who sent in this bit of info.

NIN live on Zane Lowe.

NIN appeared live in the UK on Zane Lowe's Radio One show earlier this evening, performing "The Hand That Feeds", "With Teeth" and "Hurt" from the Maida Vale studios. If you happened to miss this absolutely fantastic performance (and Trent chatting to Zane in between songs), then you can listen to it on the BBC site (you'll need Real Media).
Thanks to drugprfct for reminding us to remind you.

NME reviews With Teeth.

Though never a big supporter of Nine Inch Nails, British rag NME gave a forcibly positive review of the new album, giving it a two page spread (album of the week!) and a 7/10 rating. There are a few factual discrepencies in the review, and it's hard to tell if they really want to admit to liking the album, but you can read the article yourself. Thanks to Darryl for the transcription!

Sonic Seducer Interview Part 2.

"Only recently, while driving I listened to 'The Fragile' for the first time in four years and it really took quite some time until I got access to it again. It seemed to me as if a completely insane person had made it and the unbelievable degree of effort and exertion which i applied to it seemed like pure madness."

The second part of the Sonic Seducer magazine interview has been translated by drugprfct, and can be found here (for those who missed it, the first part is here).

Close-Up Magazine Interview.

Over at Burning Souls Forum Svenke has translated a new interview from Swedish magazine Close-Up (which goes on sale Tuesday April 26th). I've tidied it up a little, and you can read it here.
A big thanks to Svenke, Anonymoose and siNNer.

Free stuff! Hurray!

If you have yet to preorder With Teat, is offering a "free special Deluxe Edition: Downward Spiral poster", but only while supplies last. According to the site, the poster will ship separately within 2-3 weeks. Thanks to ninedead for the info.

Jeordie White sideproject, Goon Moon

"Masters of Reality leader Chris Goss and Nine Inch Nails touring bassist Twiggy Ramirez (formerly of Marilyn Manson) have recorded the ten-track EP I Got a Brand New Egg-Laying Machine under the moniker Goon Moon.
"It's all over the fucking place," says Goss of the material. "It runs the gamut from pure rock to tracks that just sound like noise.".
Rolling Stone has the rest of the story.
Thanks to kelley for the link.
Tuesday, 4/19/05

No Habemus Picturam

If you were waiting to pre-order With Teeth with picture disc vinyl (halo_18 v2)... you may have waited too long. It appears that they have sold out and are no longer offered on the official pre-order site.
Thanks to Cathode for bringing this to our attention.

Washington Post Article

The Express section of yesterdays Washington Post ran an article on Trent Reznor entitled "Out of the Darkness", its nothing new, but if you live in the D.C. area, you might want to check it out.
Us non-D.Cer's also might want to read it. If so, go here and read page sixteen to read the pdf.
Muchas Gracias Mackenzie.

THTF Release Information + Images

I'll be working all of this information out into a nice webpage like these are eventually, but for now I'm just dumping images into the folder where they'll reside. That being this folder, which contains images scanned very well by EnemyAirship, of the contents of the DVD single and the Digipak.
14:59EDT update: Mycah's assembled release information about the single in this ETS thread. Rock and roll.

What box # did you get?

This week, about 2,000 people in the UK received a free box for collecting the singles off With Teeth, which, according to the letter included with said box, will all be released on 9" vinyl. If you're interested, Pointless has set up a webpage where you can tell the world what number you got.

An abundance of Brixton tickets.

Silktwisteddagger informed us that has a whole bunch of London Brixton tickets on sale, both seating and standing. Seetickets also has yet to sell out. So if you're still looking, it's not time to turn to eBay yet.
Monday, 4/18/05

NIN live on Radio One.

Live performances from NIN are set to appear on Zane Lowe's Wednesday radio show on Radio One (the information is only being shown on that weird moving ticker bar near the top of the website page) which airs between 6 and 10pm (UK time).
If you're not familiar with Radio One, you can find information here about listening online. If you're in the UK you can, of course, just tune in via digital or FM radio.
Thanks to robw for starting a thread on echoingthesound about this.

Photos of the EU THTF Single Online

nefoo took a bunch of pictures of the new single, taking great pains to show you the transparency of the on-disc artwork. Looks nice!
Mycah's telling me the UK disc looks different, but I'm sure we'll get pictures of that online at some point. Stay tuned.

Orkus Interview Translated

Here is an English translation of that Orkus interview, thanks to ZeppelinRules!
Here's a choice portion:
"My manager, who I worked with for almost 20 years, had gutted me like a Christmas goose, and to realize that hurt like hell. I always thought something like that couldn't happen to me. But now I'm exactly the dumb rock star I had always laughed at - I let myself get thoroughly fucked over and even politely said thanks."

Thanks also to Susie who sent along another translation, and again to Chris for the source!

Exclusive: Carré Callaway Interview

Over the last few weeks, I've had the joy of interviewing Carré Callaway, whom opened for Nine Inch Nails on the first leg of the With Teeth tour.

Most of you had never heard of Carré before the tour, and hopefully this interview will give some of insight into her career and her music. Also discussed for the first time in this interview is Carre's work with Atticus Ross and how she recorded a demo with Trent Reznor.
If you're in the L.A. area, make sure to check out her show at the Whisky A-Go-Go tomorrow night. Check out Carré's Site for a glimpse of her music, tour dates, lyrics, etc. And, oh yeah, you can read the interview here.

The Hand That Feeds released today!

If you didn't know, you must have been living in a box. The first single from With Teeth has been released today, in the UK only*, is called The Hand That Feeds (as seen on cd:uk!) and should be available to purchase in all good music shops from this morning onwards.
I've already bought 4 copies, so I'm expecting everyone else to keep the side up and help get Trent to #1 in the UK charts. Being that this single is only released in this country, and it takes a remarkable low amount of sales to achieve such a position, there's no excuse this time. Happy shopping!
*Update - OK, yes, fine, it's out in Germany too.

Competition 9" vinyl boxes...empty?

A few people have emailed in to tell us that they've received confirmation that they've won some of the promotional campaigns for With Teeth and it seems as if the 9" box of vinyl is actually a 9" vinyl box. That's right, an empty box. Perfect for collecting the vinyl that's due to be released with the singles and the album, but absolutely full of nothing as of yet.
Thanks to the lucky Charley and Oceansize, who both won empty boxes and decided to tell us about it. wallpaper and new posters.

The visuals section just updated with a desktop wallpaper pack of 4 different designs, including one based on the album cover and one looking a lot like that DVD promo that popped up a month or so back. The pack is available in 4 different sizes, from 1042x768 all the way up to 2400x1800.
There will probably be a lot more content popping up on this page in the weeks to come, so keep an eye out.
There are also new posters in the tour section. There will be an individual poster for every show of the tour (except festivals, obviously), like with the warm-up and Astoria gigs, and will be extremely limited edition - I know that the print run for the Astoria posters was 300. Definitely worth framing and hanging on the wall.
Sunday, 4/17/05

NIN at Large

We have received numerous reports of a commercial featuring The Hand That Feeds airing on late night television. Sightings include Comedy Central and Adult Swim (Cartoon Network), and have occurred over the past 3 weeks. Keep an eye out! Thanks to Darkmoogle and everyone else who sent this in.
Chris F. sent us an article from the May issue of Orkus. Unfortunately my German skills are not quite up to some of the more complex constructions. If you have a translation of the article, please drop me a line.
Here is the article.
Some interesting tidbits: TR is basically broke, with nothing left from the touring and records. He hopes for 20 to 30 million dollars in back-payment from Malm. There are some pretty choice words about how he feels he was handled (if I read that right). Also, he was afraid to release an playful 80's synth-pop track like Only because it might not sound tough enough, and people would laugh at him. In fact, the whole "Prince of Darkness" image is basically washed-up, and now, rather than trying to live up to an impossible, dangerously ill and unhappy image, Reznor is doing only what pleases him.
Speaking of Only, we've received a link to what I can only hope is the video for the next single, Only... directed (and possibly produced) by BLu PaTaTo. Warning, it does contain about 45 seconds of the song Only, if you're avoiding spoilers. Perhaps this is why Mr. Reznor was previous afraid of releasing such a song?

More Brixton Tickets Available!

Seetickets has made more tickets available for all four London Brixton gigs.
Nice. Thanks esther!

Retail Channel Exposure

Two bits of new Nine Inch Nails retail exposure, one on each side of the Atlantic.
First off, Owen and Azure have apprised us of a neat looking HMV advertisement making the rounds. It looks like the same deal offered at HMV that was previously reported.
Secondly, has a stream of Everyday is Exactly the Same as well as The Hand That Feeds. Thanks to Kevin and residue1830.

Speaking of the GarageBand files...

Hey there, Windows, *NIX, and old Mac users! The raw AIFF files from the The Hand That Feeds GarageBand project are now available via this torrent file.
Unlike the GarageBand project, these AIFF files aren't arranged, and you'll have to find your own program to use them with. If you have no idea where to start, check out Audacity (free) or ACID (free to try with 10 tracks, not free for more). If you want or need to convert them to WAV, I recommend Winamp and its Disk Writer output.
If you need a BitTorrent client, you can find one here. For help with BitTorrent, please read this FAQ. For details about how to extract the files yourself, see this post on ETS. Windows remix advice and questions are here, while you can find some actual remixes of THTF right here!
Stay tuned for more details on the Hotline remix competition!
Saturday, 4/16/05

Slashdot discusses Trent's Garageband file.

I might just be a complete geek, but I find this Slashdot discussion about THTF Garageband file extremely newsworthy. To hit Slashdot means that Trent's capturing the interest of a major slice of the internet community - which can only spell good tidings for Nine Inch Nails this year.
Thanks to jamie and Brent for sending this news in!

"Only" to be the next single.

If you log in to the German Universal site you'll find an announcement that "Only" will be the next single from Nine Inch Nails, with the video being shot on April 19th (Tuesday).
Thanks drugprfct!

Eins Live interview now available online.

The interview with Trent from the Eins Live radio show in Germany (conducted by Ingo Schmoll) is now available online at in the Multimedia/Interviews section of the site. The original version is 18MB, and the dubbed German version is 10MB, both in mp3 format.
Thanks to Kirstin for emailing me about this, and also to Ingo Schmoll for getting this online so that we can all listen to it.
Friday, 4/15/05

Remix Contest

Okay, I personally enjoy a good fan remix. The whole reason I started making my first NIN website was to distribute my *really crappy* fan remixes of NIN songs in Screamtracker format.
Now everyone has access to what amounts to a Pro-Tools multitrack dump of The Hand That Feeds, a current single from an album that hasn't been released yet. That's really fucking cool. And I want you to try and do something interesting with those files.
I'll write up something more formal later, but what this will amount to is that in coordination with Echoing the Sound, I'd like to have a remix contest. I'm going to regret it, I know. I'm counting on the community at Echoing the Sound to help filter the good from the bad. I'm thinking of leaving it open for two weeks.
Preliminary first prize will be a 12" promo of The Hand That Feeds, featuring three Photek remixes, and the album version, along with a shiny new With Teeth promo poster, and maybe some stickers. And maybe I can dig up some more stuff.
This is just something to think on at the moment, do not email me about details yet -- just work on making a good remix. And keep an eye out here for more info later.

Garageband file available on

The Current section of has updated with a file Trent thinks Mac users may find interesting.
Thanks to melissa, MelancholyKiwi, Gorzki and trevor.bennett for sending this news in! NIN fans are quick on the mark, as per usual.
For those on Windows that aren't aware of what this file is, it's actually a big-ass Garageband file for the musical fans to download and mess around with to their hearts delight. It also contains a readme file written by Trent:
"Hello all-
For quite some time I've been interested in the idea of allowing you the ability to tinker around with my tracks - to create remixes, experiment, embellish or destroy what's there. I tried a few years ago to do this in shockwave with very limited results.
After spending some quality time sitting in hotel rooms on a press tour, it dawned on me that the technology now exists and is already in the hands of some of you. I got to work experimenting and came up with something I think you'll enjoy.
What I'm giving you in this file is the actual multi-track audio session for "the hand that feeds" in GarageBand format. This is the entire thing bounced over from the actual Pro Tools session we recorded it into. I imported and converted the tracks into AppleLoop format so the size would be reasonable and the tempo flexible.
You need a Macintosh and you need GarageBand 2.0. If you have a newer Mac, you already have the software. The more RAM you have the better. I did this on a PowerBook 1.67 w/ 2G RAM but it has been running on far less powerful systems.
Drag the file over to your hard disk and double click it. Hit the space bar. Listen. Change the tempo. Add new loops. Chop up the vocals. Turn me into a woman. Replay the guitar. Anything you'd like.
I gave this to my crew and band to test out and all work effectively stopped for a while - it's fun to mess around with. I've now heard a country version of the track as well as an abstract Latin interpretation (thanks, Leo).
There are some copyright issues involved, so read the notice that pops up. Giving this away is an experiment. I'm interested to see what comes of it, what issues are raised and what the results are.
Have fun-
Trent Reznor
April 15, 2005"

That should keep everyone busy until the album is released. Have fun everyone! (Thanks Sleepwalkers!)

New Pre-Order Options

The official pre-order page has updated with new bundles.
Now you can purchase the picture disc and the album (no T-shirt). The prices for standard bundle and dualdisc bundle are $19.98 and $21.47, respectively. S&H is about 8 bucks for standard, 15 for express.
More details on the pre-order are available in an earlier post. Thanks to Matt for the notice.
Thursday, 4/14/05

Nola Listening Party

Virgin New Orleans has teamed up with Interscope and will be having an official NiN listening party at One Eyed Jack's featuring exclusive video footage from Interscope and will be giving away free nin promo items. The album will be on sale at One Eyed Jack's as well. Thanks to anon for the news. We hope to get a date for everyone soon!

Official Online US Pre-Order (Updated twice)

Official online preordering of With Teeth is available at MusicToday, announced via NIN's MySpace page, of all unholy places. Expect an official website update soon.
Click here to head on over to the pre-order page.
Dualdisc and Standard CDs are available on their own, and also in bundles with WITH_TEETH t-shirts, and a picture disc of The Hand That Feeds. Pretty slick.
Options (All prices in USD):
  • Standard: $11.99
  • Dualdisc: $13.48
  • Standard + T-Shirt: $31.99
  • Dualdisc + T-Shirt: $33.48
  • Dualdisc + T-Shirt + Picture Disc: $41.47

Standard shipping (arrival on or after the release date) runs 4-10 bucks, depending on what's being shipped. Priority shipping (guaranteed arrival on the release date) runs about double. The presale is being handled by MusicToday, which also did the majority of the club tour presales. Notable: there is no vinyl, there is only CD...
Thanks to Russianguns of ETS and xNoblexWolfx for bringing this to our attention.
UPDATE: The difference in cover color between the standard CD and the Dualdisc is a mistake on the pre-order page, though there will be some subtle differences between the two covers. However, the color of the Standard and Dualdisc cover will be the same, and the page will probably be fixed to reflect this.
Another extra tidbit is that the vinyl picture disc is halo_18 v2, as opposed to the regular vinyl (halo_18 v).
UPDATE 2: Shipping costs updated, and please note that the site says "International Orders Are Not Allowed."

LA Times Article Online

The recent LA Times Calendar Live article is now available online. An interesting read, including heroin overdoses, Cobain references, recidivist alcoholism, and thankfully, a happy ending. Thanks to Alexandre for the heads-up.
Wednesday, 4/13/05

Playlouder interview.

"My plan right now is that I'm actively writing again and I would hope that by the end of this tour, in a year's time, there's another record ready to go. It feels that good to me. So, we'll see what happens." are currently running an interview with Trent. And yes, you guessed right, they have a competition to win that 9" vinyl boxset and lovely gorgeous goody bags.
Thanks for this submission go to EnemyAirship!

Rock Sound Interview + Competition!

In addition to this week's 8 page interview, Rock Sound magazine are running a competition on their website, giving away that trusty box set of 9" vinyl and a goody bag to boot! Great stuff!

Saul Williams confirmed as support! has just confirmed that Saul Williams will be supporting Nine Inch Nails on the Summer European stretch of the tour from Barcelona to the last London date.
Yay! Thankyou madmarte!

MuchMusic interview Transcribed

Trent Reznor interviewed with The New Music on MuchMusic on Monday. Well, now you can read the whole thing here, thanks especially to VeraLynn for the transcription.

Vote for NIN every god damn where. KTS update.

You may notice that that we have some changing text underneath the navigation now. I haven't put together a nice display for the data, and I haven't made a master list yet, but I have created a database of about 30 radio and tv stations that you can contact and request the new NIN track. The better that The Hand That Feeds does on these things, the more news you're likely to see here, and so forth. It just plain helps. So if you've got some time to kill, and visit this site more than a couple times a day, take some of that free time to vote for The Hand That Feeds in whatever market pops up there.
I'd appreciate it, thanks. Stay tuned this week as we've got an exclusive interview with Carre' Callaway, who opened the first three NIN shows in half a decade, alone on stage with a guitar and an amp. A lot of people have been asking about her, I've heard all kinds of nice things about her, and Paul's actually interviewed her, and I have to put it into a nice layout and post it.
Also, I just sent an email to the winner of the Know the Score contest. I'll be sending emails out to the rest of the folks who entered in the next 24 hours, so I can find out where to send stuff to, and to ask about distributing certain tracks. It was tough narrowing down the finalists, there were some really beautiful entries. From harps to pianos and acoustic guitars, there was definitely more instruments involved than I initially expected to see.
Tuesday, 4/12/05

Vote for NIN on Mtv2

Vote for NIN's THTF for the Rock Countdown here on Mtv2. No REALLY vote for it!!!

Kick some MTV2 Arse

Is 50 Cent really going to get more votes than Nine Inch Nails? Okay, probably, but there is no excuse for letting NIN slip to #6 on the rock charts. Are you going to sit and let that happen? Let's have a nice sustained effort here. It even looks like they allow repeat voting -- which I'm sure is bunk, but why not, right?
You don't have to register for anything. You click vote, and then you choose who you're voting for.

Love them internets

The internets bring(s?) us two digital Nine Inch Nails resources today.
Winamp is featuring The Hand That Feeds in its online Streaming Media. To listen to a free 16 or 64 kbps stream, open up Winamp, open the Media Library, select Music from Streaming Media, select the Hard Rock genre, and last, but not least, select Nine Inch Nails from the artist list. The two versions were apparently added on March 15th. Thanks to clay for the pointer.
The Midnight Club iTunes bonus mentioned by Paul below can be acquired online here: Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition from EBGames. We've also received a cool scan of the gift card, which can be viewed here. Thanks to Volk for the image and raynin for the link.

Get The Line Begins to Blur with Midnight Club Purchase

We've recieved numerous reports by customers shopping at varoius retail gaming locations that when pre-ordering Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition, they are given a card with instructions on downloading The Line Begins to Blur FREE from iTunes.

France Promo

If you take a look at NinNewsFr, there are some rather interesting pictures linked to on the news page. They look like legitimate promo, and Ninjaw reliably informs me that they distill down to this information about NIN appearances across France:
- 6 magazine covers
- 2 rock radio appearances
- 3 television appearances, including Canal+ Album of the Week, which involves "live performances in a close up room". That's one song each day over a 5 day period, but it's then re-aired on satellite, with the possibility of extra songs being performed as a bonus for satellite viewers.
Sounds exciting!

NIN in Swedish mag Close-Up, + Saul Williams

Martin wrote in to mention that he interviewed Trent in LA a month ago for a cover story for Sweden's Close-Up. It'll be out in a week. Look for a cover scan and a quote or two here next week.
He added that V2 Sweden sent out a press release today saying that S Williams has been confirmed as support on NIN's European summer tour (see press release in Swedish below). It is possible that both S Williams and Dresden Dolls will be coming along for the summer tour, but more on that as we hear it.
And here's the Swedish part of his email, being V2's press release:
Imorgon (13 april) släpps Saul Williams självbetitlade andra album i Sverige. Saul var i februari på besök i Stockholm och gjorde en bejublad spelning inför ett tokfullt Lydmar samt medverkade i bl.a. TV4 Nyheterna. Första singeln från albumet är "Grippo," som endast finns som exklusiv download. Denna vecka är videon till den första riktiga singeln "List Of Demands (Reparations)" FRESH på MTV Nordic och det är bara början. Den 10 maj kommer Saul tillbaka till Sverige och Stockholm för att spela på Kägelbanan, sedan följer spelningar i Danmark och Norge. Saul är även klar som förband till Nine Inch Nails i Europa, så räkna med att höra mer av honom i sommar. Live: 10 maj Stockholm - Kägelbanan 11 maj Köpenhamn - Loppen 12 maj Oslo - Blå.

Resources updates. updated last night, including links to The Dresden Dolls and Photek.
Monday, 4/11/05

Demand NIN on Fuse

Fuse on Demand hasn't been playing The Hand That Feeds, and some folks like The God of Repitles (among others) would like to see this full screen on their televisions. You can help that by requesting the track at In addition, on regular Fuse, The Hand That Feeds is one of their oven fresh tracks. Let em know you love that by going to and casting your vote for the track.

String Tribute to Pretty Hate Machine

Well, I let this one slip through the cracks, whoops. Vitamin Records is releasing a String Tribute to Pretty Hate Machine on April 19th in the US. You can find more information, pre-order for $13.98, as well as MP3 samples at this website. Interestingly enough, there's actually a drum machine keeping time with the quartet this time around, though it's not the same foursome that did the first String Tribute CD. Anyway, check it out, you might like it.

What if the promotion around you is an elaborate dream?

The New Music on the Much Music cable network will be presenting Trent Reznor this evening at 9:30 EDT. They also have a swank feature section available online with some extra bits that won't be aired. Thanks, fishtifer!
Here is some German MTV love for the Nails. Note that there are two video clips at the bottom of the page. Danke an alle Deutschen, die das eingeschickt haben. (Und sir.icy auch!)
And finally, OMG NIN IS LIKE SO ON MYSPACE! Now YOU can be friends with Trent "OMGNINWOW" Reznor. Thanks to all who OMG TOLD US LIKE FIRST!

Photek Remixes Online

Nils and sir.icy pointed out that on the German edition of iTunes, you can actually purchase The Hand That Feeds Singleicon -- including the two Photek remixes. The Straight remix runs 7:44, while the Dub remix runs 7:52. The CD single should be available all across Europe next week. Fancy that.

Saul Williams to Open for NIN in Barcelona?

We've recieved numerous reports that Saul Williams will be opening for Nine Inch Nails on June 29th in Barcelona. This was reported by Iguapop's newsletter, and (beware, heavy flash), a hip hop artist that Trent's been namechecking in interviews (most prominently on the Radio One Rock Show night that he hosted). For those of you who haven't heard Saul yet, he's probably the most prolific "slam poet" around, and a damn good rapper.
However, the Universal Rock site is apparently listing The Dresden Dolls as support. Not quite sure what is going on, as this could all be speculative rumours being posted as fact. But I'm sure we'll find out eventually.
If you're one of the many who still dismiss hip-hop as junk music, listen to him. His Official Web Site does not yet list the Barcelona show, yet he is playing the Rock Werchter festival along with NIN.
Thanks Zina, Oliver, nineinchcat, and Josep. Saturnine also contributed to this writeup. updates.

The main index page of has shapeshifted into a lovely black and blue promo for the new album, with links to the video and the song on iTunes.
Thanks to everyone who sent this news in.
Sunday, 4/10/05

Hillebrandt's Blue Scheduled for 4/19 Release

Keith Hillebrant, whom provided a lot of support to Nine Inch Nails throughout the last few years (specifically with The Fragile) is releasing his first solo album on April 19th. The album, which is titled Blue, is being released on Piggyback Records. For more info, check out Keith's page.
Thanks caedmon

Dresden Dolls as France support.

In the depths of the (British) night, Ninjaw brings me news that The Dresden Dolls will be supporting Nine Inch Nails at the June 22nd Paris, France gig. The article, which is in French, roughly translates as:
"After finishing the US tour, The Dresden Dolls will be opening the sold out NIN concert at Paris Zenith on the 22nd of June."

Could this mean that they are supporting the rest of the tour? I certainly hope so.

Hamburg, DE release party

Nils Schlueter, who's always hit us up with the latest Deutsch NIN news, managed to get together with Universal to organize a release party in his locale. Details as follows:
Nine Inch Nails - Release Party in Hamburg (Germany) April, 30th - at 'Bar 227' - Max Brauer Allee 227 - Hamburg at 10 p.m.
This is a NIN-only-Event, means: We will play only Nine Inch Nails - Music, or stuff where Trent collaborated in some way with. We'll be able to play [with_teeth] complete and will have screenings og 'and all that could have been' and 'closure' plus lots of Music by DJs Nils (nmk) and Thedi (from the Band 'Kiew') and we will have some stuff to give away.
For further Information, visit the Forum at

THTF on Mdnight Club 3: Dub Edition Soundtrack

Along with alot of "doof-doof music", Nine Inch Nails' lastest single, The Hand That Feeds, will appear on the soundtrack for the latest installment of Rockstar Games Midnight Club series. This was previously reported on
Thanks ObsoletE.

Complete Bowie Write-Up

As previously reported, Trent Reznor was employed as the 94th agent of the ideology known as "Listism". This attack worked in conjunction with Rolling Stone magazine and it was laid upon the great Bowie himself to describe Mr Reznor's listable qualities.
Well, only a snippet of Bowie's complete write-up on NIN was posted in the magazine. One can find the complete submission on BowieNet.
Thanks nickynomad.

REMIX magazine interview.

REMIX magazine will be featuring an interview with Trent next month:
"For the first time ever, Trent Reznor got into recording live drums-with Dave Grohl and Jerome Dillon-for his latest album, With Teeth, produced by Reznor and Alan Moulder. Remix gets deep into the process of NIN's latest studio experience."

Thanks Matthew!
Saturday, 4/09/05

For the obsessive completists...

"Trent Reznor talks new album" in Mojo Magazine's May 2005 issue. No details at that link, but it might have hit newsstands by now.
Just a warning, the top story in that issue is on T. Rex. Okay, not that one, but this one. So don't expect too much useful NiN coverage. Thanks to Pauline for the notice.

Zane Lowe Gonzo Show Transcribed

If you don't live in viewing range of MTV2 Europe, or just have dial-up and are still downloading the DivX rip, several days after the fact, you can skip the visuals and read the entire interview, transcribed, here, courtesy Tallulidal on #ets.


Bourne kindly uploaded a screenshot of the band's performance of The Hand That Feeds on CD:UK that aired about an hour or so ago on UK television.
Thanks to perchee and Jolie for letting us know.
Here's another one, courtesy of Ninjaw.
Robbie very kindly sent us a link to his site, where he's put up a whole bunch of screenshots from the performance. Thanks Robbie!
Friday, 4/08/05

THTF Billboard Charts Update

moved from #31 to #32 in the billboard hot 100.
moved from #5 to #2 in modern rock.
stayed at #8 in mainstream rock.
moved from #8 to #10 on "hot digital tracks."
Looks like we've been making an impression on those radio stations. Good work ;) thanks kinglewie!

More on the German Eins Live show

Ingo Schmoll, the host of the KULTKOMPLEX show (which will feature the Trent interview next week) wrote in with some great news. The interview was actually pre-recorded on Thursday, April 7th... Schmoll interviewed Trent for about 45 mintutes and he was friendly and very open. "He told me a lot of intimate stuff so this is gonna be interesting."
The final interview will be dubbed in German and cut into 4 pieces that will be broadcast between 9pm - 10pm. Because I pre-recorded it yesterday, you won't be able to see Trent in the webcam, but here's something special for all the visitors of your site. I will put the whole interview on my web page by the end of next week in two versions with and without German dubbing. The questions will still be German even in the non dubbed version , but all his answers will be undubbed.
Huge thanks to Ingo for going the extra mile there! Stay tuned :)

The Hand That Feeds on TV everywhere

I've lost track of all the stations that are playing the new NIN video. From MTV2 in the US and EU to Rage in Australia to Dutch MTV and MusiquePlus & MuchMusic, Swedish MTV, and many other places where NIN doesn't normally get much (if any) rotation.
If you haven't seen the video yet, hassle your regional music television station and tell them you they should play it more often.
Thanks to every one who's written in about seeing the video and telling us how it looks better on TV than in Quicktime.

Unifying the Radio Blitz, Know The Score update

As you've noticed we've posted links to radio request pages here and there to try and get NIN played on the radio more often. Someone recommended this idea to me -- and I'll credit them when I get home and can reference the email -- that on the With Teeth page above, we can list links to request information for radio stations and TV channels around the globe.
If you listen to your local station and want to try and get NIN played on there more, email with instructions on how to vote for The Hand That Feeds, whether it's as simple as clicking a radio button, or sending an email to some email address, or whatever it takes. I'll collect that information and put it online in such a way that should hopefully help out the cause.

The winner of the Know the Score contest will be announced this weekend. We got about a dozen entries, I've listened to them all a number of times, I'm ready to make the tough decision. So keep your eyes peeled. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Trent appearance on Eins Live, Tuesday.

Trent will be guest appearing on German radio station Eins Live on Tuesday, at around 9pm CEST (that's 8pm UK time), on the Kultkomplex show. The good news is, is that there's a radio stream on the site, and an in-studio webcam to boot (click on "eigenen Fenste" - the pictures are available for 12 hours after the show ends)! So even if we can't speak German, we can just stare at the back of Trent's head for an hour or so.
A hearty thank you to biest for sending this news in.

Win signed album art and a bag of NIN swag!

We somehow sweet talked Hyperlaunch into running a drawing just for us -- and that includes you -- where you get a shot at winning signed album artwork, and a NIN "goody bag" (t-shirt, posters, tattoos etc.). Click here to enter in the running.
Thanks to Hyperlaunch for making this possible. I'm not sure when the competition ends, but this time around, it doesn't hurt to get your names in early.
Thursday, 4/07/05

NIN Spotting

Nine Inch Nails is listed as number 94 in the Rolling Stone 100 Immortals (Greatest Artists of All Time). He was nominated by David Bowie. Thanks to everyone who sent it in, and Stacey for the link.
In other print news, we've received a report that there will be an interview with Mr. Reznor in the Sunday (April 10th) edition of the LA Times Calendar section. Keep an eye out, Los Angelinos, or whatever you're called. Thanks to David P for the notice.
And finally, if you're willing to brave the horrific Flash monstrosity that is CD:UK, they are having a competition for two vinyl box sets. It's phrased as "limited edition 9 inch Vinyl Box Sets of their singles back catalogue", whatever that means. It is only available to UK residents, per their terms. Go to CD:UK's website, let the horrible Flash load, click on "competitions" in the menu at left, then "nine inch nails" (about the middle of the list), then enter the competition, then email their web team and tell them to design a sane website.
(Please note harassing their web team may get your contest entry thrown out.)
Wednesday, 4/06/05

Gonzo Interview Screenshots!

Ninjaw has kindly made screenshots of the interview that just aired on MTV2's late night music show Gonzo.
You can find the collection of screenshots here. Thanks Ninjaw!
As for the actual interview, here's some useless trivia: he talked about LCD Soundsystem; he prefers coffee to tea, does NOT drink alcohol (obviously) but prefers blended fruit drinks and Rob Sheridan is the main man behind all of the new artwork for the album.
Thanks to Owen for the interview content breakdown!

UK With Teeth release has extra tracks?

According to, the UK With Teeth release has the extra tracks "Home" and "Right Where It Belongs (alternate version 2)" stapled onto the end of the album. This is probably incorrect information, but until then, it's nice to think it might be true.
Thanks to the hoards who sent this information in.

MusiquePlus interview with Trent Reznor

Rebecca Makonnen of MusiquePlus in Canada has interviewed Trent Reznor for an upcoming half-hour TV special on the Montreal based music channel. The special and interview are scheduled to air on Saturday May 28th at 7:30pm EDT. Be sure to set your TiVo.

SickAmongthePure :: April.2005

SickAmongthePure is live with the April issue.
This month, SATP features an exclusive interview with yet another Nails alum in Jakalope's Dave 'Rave' Ogilvie. Dave and singer Katie B talk about Jakalope, touring, and Reznor's specific involvement in the project. SATP also interview Hanzel und Gretyl, newcomers Sariah Bishop and kHz, Terrorfakt, and the list goes on and on.
SickAmongthePure also populates the in-depth Reviews section. This month features even more reviews including retro selections to help old and new scensters alike build up their libraries, such as Tool and A Perfect Circle's back catalogue and again, much more.

More July 14th Brixton tickets on sale.

Gigs and Tours have released more tickets for the July 14th Brixton gig in London.
Thanks Hypnotoad! gives 10/10 for Astoria gigs

In this review, Rufas sings the praise of seeing Nine Inch Nails at the Astoria, as opposed to at a gigantic festival, especially given that the Astoria is marked for demolition. The thoughtful review gives the gig the best rating available on the site.
Tuesday, 4/05/05

In the name of science

This poll on Rock 101 in New Hampshire appears to be broken. We must repair it! For the sake of New Hampshire! Thank you Kris, for showing us this.

Numan and Reznor picture.

There's a new picture of Trent with Gary Numan up on, Gary Numan's official website; presumably taken backstage at the Astoria gigs last week.
Thanks to everyone who sent this news in.

ClickMusic Interview.

An interview with Trent has surfaced on
"I'm listening to LCD Soundsystem, M.I.A... or is it Mia? I'm never sure how to say her name. Autolux, they sound like My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth in a blender - and raise the production quality a bit. Saul Williams; the image, the message - he's amazing. We might go on tour with him. I like hiphop, but there hasn't been a good hiphop record in the last five years - apart from Dizzee Rascal and a few European things. American hiphop is just ghetto bullshit. People rapping about jewellery."

The full interview. Cheers nickynomad!

Poll Call: NIN is losing to Theory of a Dead Man

Radio CFOX has NIN in second place to a band called Theory of a Dead Man. We must smash!
Here we have NIN lgarnering fewer votes than Papa Roach. Papa Roach. Certainly, this must be remedied.
There are tons of these kinds of things, if you're bored. Some are click-button easy, some require you to send an email. All help.
52-48 in favor of Weezer at the moment, and FatAndy asked us to help out with that. So please vote, but don't be abusive. *UPDATE* -- Now it's 88% NIN, 12% Weezer. That was really, really quick.
Also, NIN will be on MTV2 Europe's Gonzo show on Wednesay at 9pm. In some time zone. To welcome the new band to the show, why not vote for NIN in the NME charts. You know you wanna. Thanks to John O'Callaghan and Brok3n!

Kerrang competition!

Kerrang are running a similar competition to, with three special NIN goodie bags up for grabs alongside three 9" vinyl box sets "containing all their best singles to date".
Thanks go to Parallax for the info.

All the U that's fit to K

Just a little reminder, Trent Reznor is reportedly hosting the Radio 1 Rock Show this evening. A live stream is available from that page. If Mr. Reznor does the same thing the QOTSA did, he will be programming the two hour block of music, and chiming in as it pleases him. Should be quite a good listen! It is scheduled to air at 1AM BST, which makes it 8PM EDT and 5PM PDT. For a little date help, just create a personal world clock, or learn some arithmetic. If you can't catch the show when it is broadcast, the shows are archived at the link above.
In other UK news, another Astoria review is available from the Independent. huntermc noticed a nice preorder deal (8.49GBP) on With Teeth, with bonus tracks, but beware, the details are light. Simon passed along a pretty nice bundle (6GBP) of the three formats of THTF... though it's not clear how it relates to the official release.
As for the recently reported, too good to be true month-early Japanese import release of With Teeth, the listing on can no longer be ordered. Further, Owen, who got his order in a while ago, is reporting a scheduled ship date of May 7th for his order.

MuchMusic Interview.

The full length interview with Trent on Canadian music TV station MuchMusic will be airing on April 11th (next Monday) at 9:30pm, on the show The New Music. A short clip of this interview has been previously aired on a MuchMusic news show.
Cheers Robin!
Monday, 4/04/05

Official tracklistings and details has updated its body of work section with details on the upcoming three releases of WITH TEETH .
Halo 19 CD
Halo 19 Dualdisc (CD/DVDA)
Halo 19 Vinyl
Notably, the vinyl edition is a double LP and includes Home between Sunspots and The Line Begins To Blur. The CD and Dualdisc do not include Home, though it has been released as a promo item at With Teeth listening parties. Thanks to kleptonin for the heads up and his banana.

*UPDATED* How do you get all the teeth in the world?

UPDATE 13:07PM EST: We've received notice that Amazon has discontinued the listing below. It still shows up as released, but when added to the shopping cart the following message comes up: "We're sorry. The item With Teeth is no longer available from the seller you selected. We've moved it to the Saved Items section of your Shopping Cart." is listing the Japanese import of With Teeth as being available today, and that it ships in two to three days.
Beware, this is probably not for real. However, it's got a significantly higher sales rank than Pretty Hate Machine, and you can definitely add it to your cart. Also note that the price listed is 35.99GBP (67.3974USD), before shipping and any tax.
Here comes the linkage. If you can complete an order, and you do get a copy, drop us a line. If you can complete an order, and the sales department (or Trent Reznor on a zipline) slaps the order out of your hands, drop us a line.
Thanks to everyone who has been repeatedly pointing this out, and specifically Christoffer for pointing it out today.


The Provinssi Rock Festival in Finland (which Nine Inch Nails is playing June 19th) has three hi-res publicity pictures on their press page. Two of these are oddly familiar to me...
Enjoy (towards the bottom).
Thanks to Ar5ka for the tip!
Sunday, 4/03/05

Trent on Kerrang radio.

Trent is due to appear on Kerrang! radio on Saturday the 9th of April on Lucio's show at around 6-6:30pm. You can tune in via digital radio, via FM radio (if you live in the right area), or online (you'll need Windows Media 9).
Thanks thereturnofbob!
Saturday, 4/02/05

Kerrang! Scans

LikkleBaer scanned the photos from the most recent Kerrang magazine article with Trent Reznor in it. I would make thumbnails, but I'm late for my friend's birthday party, so I'll just point you to the news images archive and note that they are the five images listed at the top there. Enjoy!

Listening Party Item Photos

Now that the last listening party is just about underway, I finally got the chance to put some new scans of the listening party freebies online in the With Teeth page linked just above the news here. Thanks to everyone who sent in photos -- especially John Rubke for the wristband, GentleRed for the vinyl labels and the poster, and innerturmoil for the promo banner scan. As I continue to organize the photos and artwork that come in, that page will continue to expand, so check back every now and then to see what's new.

With Teeth ad in AP Magazine

Matt wrote in to mention that there was an ad in the latest AP Magazine. The ad follows in the minimalistic style of the posters that have been put up in various cities -- we'll have scans online, erm, soon.

CD:UK performance taped, witnessed

A very excited Esther wrote in with her first-hand account of the taping of Nine Inch Nails' appearance on the set of CD:UK. You can read the whole thing right here. Thanks to Esther for sending in the report!

NYC Avalon Listening Party Update

According to this post on Echoing the Sound, the Avalon is charging a $15 entry fee for the listening party - although it was advertised as a free event - And we want to remind you that despite what the promoters continue to say, Trent Reznor is in England and will not be attending this party. This is just a ruse to get you to buy $250 bottles of alcohol at the Spyder Room's supposed "VIP" party nextdoor. Don't blow your money if you're only doing it in the chance that you'll get to meet Trent Reznor.

With Teeth press kit - two videos, upcoming features

We've got some really nice scans of the press pamphlet that got put out very recently, thanks to October Midnight. Given that the only tour dates listed are for Canada, this appears to be from Interscope's Canadian division. Without further delay:
Go for adds on the first single, "The Hand That Feeds" on March 22. Immediate reaction everywhere.
There will be two videos for the first single, "The Hand That Feeds."
Video 1 - will be a more straightforward performance piece to be utilized on every video outlet
Video 2 - will be an underground, provocative video shot by GNN, the same company that delivered Eminem's "Mosh."
Promo Sheet Scans
Outside ScanInside Scan
  • Spin - May
  • Revolver - July
  • Remix - June
  • Metal Edge - June
  • Fader - June
  • Features in Rolling Stone
  • Chart - May
  • And Filter
  • More to Come
    Street poster campaign in Selected Markets
    NIN Logo Stencil Campaign
    Chart - April/Exclaim - April/Vice (2 Pg. Spread) - April
    Radio promotions in selected markets across the country bringing in winners to see sold out Toronto show.
    Media player available, featuring an exclusive preview and music video.
    Major online campaign hitting all rock and alternative sites and communities
    May 9 - Toronto - Sold Out / May 10 - Toronto - Sold Out
    Coming Soon Banners
    Hand Stamps
  • Midnight at the Astoria

    As you're probably aware, Nine Inch Nails just blew the roof off of the Astoria in London - not once, but twice in a row! Thanks to the miracle of the internets, you can read all about the show, and thanks to the miracle of the Astoria allowing cameras, you can see some pretty cool pictures!
    Maggie's killer front-row pictures
    Some amazing front row pictures from the 30th
    Some amazing balcony pictures from the 31st
    ETS Mar 30th Tour Journal
    ETS Mar 31st Tour Journal
    BSF Mar 30th Tour Journal
    BSF Mar 31st Tour Journal
    Review in the Times
    Review in the Guardian
    Short NME Review
    In other UK news, Mr. Reznor is scheduled to appear on the Radio 1 Rock Show on April 5th. A live stream (as well as a show archive, should you miss the airdate) is available from the BBC.
    Thanks to Maggie, techiebabe, tdickin, Christo, and everyone who takes their time to post in online tour journals!

    NIN on CD:UK -- Next week.

    So we got about sixty emails from people letting us know that Nine Inch Nails will be playing The Hand That Feeds on CD:UK on April 9th. Thanks to everyone who wrote in, and special thanks to EnemyAirship!
    Friday, 4/01/05

    Exclusive Download of Non-Album Track "Home"

    In conjunction with Interscope Records, we are presenting you with an exclusive download opportunity. As you have heard, there is a 7" vinyl being passed out with pre-orders at the listening parties being held by Interscope Records across the US right now. We were told this was the only way to get this song, but then we heard that it was on the Japanese release of With Teeth. Not so exclusive.
    Well, save your import dollars. We've teamed up with Interscope Records to hook you up with an exclusive digital copy of the non-album track, "Home," which you can download in AAC or WMA format directly from The NIN Hotline. But before you grab the file, you have to fill out a simple questionnaire, and join the Interscope Mailing list. You also have an opportunity to opt out of the online street team during this sign up process.
    April Fools :P

    Reznor on Zane Lowe Show Next Week

    We've recieved a few reports from viewers of this week's Zane Lowe show on MTV2 UK/Europe reporting that Mr. Reznor will be visiting the set for next weeks show.
    Chuck tells us "Just caught the end of Gonzo on MTV2 (UK/Europe), and Zane Lowe mentioned that Trent would be on the show next week" Miguel tells us "ust watched zane lowe's gonzo on mtv2europe...stated that trent reznor will do an interview next week (friday april 8th, i assume)"

    Philadelphia Listening Party Starts at 8pm

    The listening party taking place at The 5 Spot in Philadelphia tonite is starting at 8pm, not 7pm (as listed on For more information or directions, check out The 5 Spot or's listing. I'll be there, hope to see you.

    Charts, and vote for NIN on NME/MTV2

    Ivan sent in this chart information, which I have hastily compiled into an HTML table for you:
    Billboard charts date: april 9 2005
    The hands that feed single info.

    this weeklast week
    HOT 100: "hot shot debut":num.31n.a.(debut)
    MODERN ROCK:num. 5n 8
    MAINSTREAM ROCK:num.8n 21 awarded "airpower"
    DIGITAL TRACKS:num. 8n.a.(debut)

    On top of that, Jolie wrote in to suggest that a lot of us should vote for The Hand That Feeds on MTV2 Europe. I think it's a great suggestion, so go nuts.