Monday, 10/31/05

New Orleans photos posted on

Jett noticed that has been updated with photographs of the devastation in New Orleans. Click here to check it out.

Reznor: LA Breasts > NYC Breasts.

Fyodora wrote in with a good interview with Trent from last Friday in the New Orleans Times-Picayune, which you can read here, and Monica's got a slightly older, leaner interview from the St. Louis website here. Thanks both.
Sunday, 10/30/05

Saul Williams to Open for NIN in San Diego

The official Saul Williams website has confirmed that he will be opening for NIN at the rescheduled NIN show in San Diego on November 20 (click on "On Tour"). Thanks to ladyotms and Matthew Harris for submitting this.
Saturday, 10/29/05

TR Interview on DC Radio Monday A.M.

Red wrote in with the following:

"Trent will be appearing Monday morning on "Elliot in the Morning" on DC101 in Washington to promote Wednesday night's show at the MCI Center. You can listen to the interview live on DC101 by going to the website ( and registering for free if you don't live in the area. Finally, something to look foward to on a Monday."

I'm not sure if even a new TR interview would really make a Monday worth looking forward to, but it's certainly better than nothing.

Jerome Dillon leaves Nine Inch Nails

According to a post at Jerome Dillon's website, the October 1, 2005 show at the Hollywood Bowl was his last with Nine Inch Nails, for reasons unrelated to his health. He says:
i've learned much about myself and those around me (particularly in the last month) and it's brought about many positive changes. my association with the organization has opened many doors- i'm grateful and i'm ready to move on.

Read the rest of his post here.

Thanks Jeremy, Adam and wix.
Thursday, 10/27/05

Memphis/NOLA Special Guest Revealed

Current updates with:
nine inch nails are pleased to announce saul williams will be making an appearance with them onstage in new orleans and memphis.

I'd make a witty comment, but I'm too busy seething with jealousy. Thanks go to the Everlasting Wixstopper.

Rykodisk to reissue Pretty Hate Machine *updated*

A press release just went out saying that Rykodisc will be reissuing Pretty Hate Machine on November 22nd, 2005, after being out of print for several years.

Rykodisc got back to us very quickly (Much appreciated!) with some info some people will no doubt be asking for...

Rykodisc licensed 'Pretty Hate Machine' from Prudential, the financial institution that foreclosed on certain TVT catalog assets. (i.e. they did not 'win the auction,' as it were.)

The version of PHM being released in the U.S. on Nov 22 is essentially the same as the original TVT release with a few packaging changes which were approved by Trent and his manager.

And I wasn't going to post this, because I usually know better, but hey, why not -- '[Rykodisk is] very interested in releasing a surround sound version, perhaps with bonus tracks, remixes, and deluxe packaging. We can't guarantee this will happen, but stay tuned...'


New remixes...?

I'm told that remixer-extraordinare Rex The Dog is currently putting the finishing touches on his version of "Every Day Is Exactly The Same".

Rex's remixes for Soulwax, Prodigy and The Knife are absolutely mind-blowing, and very much in the vein of the DFA and Richard X - whom, as you might recall, did some excellent work on "Only" and "The Hand That Feeds".

Other names being thrown around are Vitalic and Terence Fixmer...

We'll see.

"Every Day" Video - Not Romanek.

Apologies for the misinformation. See below for a number of convincing reasons as to why Mark Romanek won't be doing the EDIETS video.

"This story has already been debunked on Echoing the Sound about a month ago, where someone contacted Mark Romanek himself about it, and Mark mentioned he is not doing the video.

We were first made aware of this news from an entry on Wikipedia, which eventually cited the source that thematiques linked here. Upon further investigation (along with very strong posts on the topic by trent himself in February) the whole thing turned out to be an unfounded rumor.


In addition, Trent Reznor posted on the Spiral message board that "Mark is NOT doing the video for "every day...""
Tuesday, 10/25/05

Singing Reznor's Praises

"Long live Nine Inch Nails! Long live Trent Reznor! The sonic assault of anxiety and angst in guttural, sometimes profane lyrics is a good thing. No phonies are allowed, no matter what the genre -- but particularly when it's NIN's slashing guitar and rapid-fire drums. And especially when it's the haunting synthesizer throbbing behind the intensely sexual and prominently placed "animal" references in Reznor's "Closer."

I'm 48. My musical tastes have been charitably described as eclectic. But I'm ready to shout it from the rafters of TD Waterhouse Centre when Reznor sings, "You get me closer to God."

Worlds Collide: Why I Sing Trent Reznor's Praises by the Orlando Sentinel's Michael Murphy is a (slightly gushing) tribute to Reznor and his music, and surprisingly enough, a good read to boot.

Thanks to broken1 over at ETS for this one.
Monday, 10/24/05

Ft. Lauderdale Show Cancelled

Unfortunately, NIN will not be able to reschedule the Ft. Lauderdale show, according to Tickets will be refunded, and Tuesday's show in Orlando will still go on.

Hurricane Katrina Guitar Auctions

Trent and the lads are auctioning off a bunch of fucked up guitars as their contribution to raising funds for Hurricane Katrina relief/rebuilding efforts (at the moment there is only one guitar up, but we're presuming that more will become available in the future). Every guitar is signed by all the band members (including Jeordie!) and will have information as to when and where they were smashed to manageable hang-on-the-wall pieces. Current bids stand at $1525, with 4 days left to bid.

Thanks go to lynnifer, Kile and others.
Sunday, 10/23/05

Ft. Lauderdale show postponed

We've just received word that Monday's show in Ft. Lauderdale has been cancelled due to Hurricane Wilma. As of right now, the Orlando show is still happening, but we'll let you know as soon as we receive any new info.

The Ft. Lauderdale show has actually been postponed, not cancelled. Information on the new date will be announced very soon.
Saturday, 10/22/05

NIN Live 2006: With_Trent?

Chris wrote in with the following blurb he found in the November 3rd issue of Rolling Stone:

What will Trent Reznor do when Nine Inch Nails U.S. tour ends on November 20th? "I might play theaters by myself, with the piano and some electronics," Reznor reveals to the smoking section. "Just try something that's the antithesis of the shows we're doing now." No way! "This arena tour is spectacle, it's bombast," he continues. "But as a musician it's not like an improvisational situation - primarily, we stick to the script. I have a newfound confidence, a combination of being sober, getting older and being a little more comfortable in my own skin, and I wouldn't mind creating a new environment where the sound is more spontaneous." Reznor also adds that being lucid 24/7 has fired up his songwriting - he hopes to drop a new NIN album in 2006.

Tonight's show in Tampa is still on, too.

As Hurricane Wilma is not expected to make landfall in Florida until Monday, tonight's show in Tampa is expected to go on, and the venue has issued a press release stating the same. You can check it out at the venue's website. Thanks to visage13 for writing in.
Friday, 10/21/05

Wilma! Ft Lauderdale show is still on.

Jose wrote in with a link to the Office Depot Center (Bank Atlantic Center?) website where it is reported that Monday's Nine Inch Nails concert at BankAtlantic Center is still scheduled to take place. Stay tuned for more information.

As we hear more, we'll post it. Good luck to everyone in the path of this latest hurricane.
Thursday, 10/20/05

It's All Zack's Fault.

The New Times Broward-Palm Beach has a new interview with Trent online, with a few interesting quotes we haven't seen before. Thanks to bat for writing in.

NIN and Florida *updated*

I've received a number of emails asking if I've heard anything about the NIN shows in Florida, given that Hurricane Wilma is supposed to touch down right in the middle of the Florida leg of the tour.

Rest assured, once we hear something, we'll be posting it here. Until then, keep your fingers crossed, Floridians.

Trent's updated to pass on that the band is "On our way to Jacksonville. We are playing Florida until we are told otherwise."
Wednesday, 10/19/05

All for eight

The People's Choice Award came through again, with taking the #1 spot (even though they have a hell of a lot less traffic than we do) We came in eighth place, behind fan sites for U2 ( and Madonna ( Maybe if I kept the banner pink and didn't poke fun at Madonnalicious...

Congratulations to everyone who placed!
Tuesday, 10/18/05

Live in Austin? Want the THTF 7" Vinyl?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, there's just one catch -- you have to buy another copy of With Teeth:

"Beginning Wednesday October 19 Encore Music and Video in Austin, TX will have a few of the "Hand that Feeds" 7" vinyl singles available free with purchase of WITH TEETH. There are only a few of these left and this is your last chance to get one if you are in the Austin area.

8820 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX
512 451 8111"

This was submitted anonymously. If you're interested, you might want to call ahead to make sure they've really got the 7".

Nice San Diego photos online at TIMBT

That would be Then It Must Be True, a site by "music and entertainment journalists tired of the restraints, low standards and limited expression of mass media."

Aleks Garibay's photos from the Cox Arena show are part of the current Visual Review section of the website, check em out.
Monday, 10/17/05

NIN to play Memphis Voodoo Festival

Current updates with news that NIN have been added to the line up for the Memphis side of the Voodoo festival (so fret ye not all that hold tickets!) at the end of the month.

Trent adds:

Stephan Rehage, organizer of the New Orleans Voodoo Music Festival, has been working his ass off getting this event together, and asked if we could help out by playing in Memphis as well. I checked the schedule and routing and... well, why not? We're confident this will add to the amount of money we can put directly into New Orleans and that's all the reason I needed to agree.
So... if you didn't get tickets ahead of time for the New Orleans event, you can now buy tickets for this. More details / specifics to come. Please help out with this if you can.

Thanks to everyone who sent this news in.
Sunday, 10/16/05 adds 8 pictures to "current"

Photographs of the band members performing at Portland, Fresno, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Vancouver, St Paul, and Sacramento have been added to in the current section of the page. Thanks Doug, Frank, Numina, Dorepoll, Cooper, blursx, Vince, and Petra.

Only #1 on Billboard Modern Rock charts

HaloSinner and Carlos Garcia wrote in to let us know that this week Only reached the #1 position on the Billboard Modern Rock Charts.

Clint Mansell's soundtrack to Doom includes NIN remix

Jouni Lahtinen wrote to us at the end of last month about Clint Mansell doing the soundtrack to the Doom movie, and remixing You Know What You Are for the film. Unfortunately, I (and everyone else who helps on this page) missed the news as it came in amongst NIN's myspace account going down, and Jerome Dillon going to the hospital.

Thankfully, Jouni persisted, and three weeks later I'm posting the news that the original score to Doom will feature a remix of You Know What You Are by Clint Mansell, who is scoring the film. Clint's from Pop Will Eat Itself, and his most well-known film score to date is that which he did for Requiem for a Dream.

The soundtrack comes out November 8th. As we get more information, we'll let you know.
Thursday, 10/13/05

New picture on

There's a new picture from Tuesday night's concert up on Boy, that's a lot of people.

Thanks to the hordes that sent this news in.
Wednesday, 10/12/05

iTunes 6 lets you buy videos now.

And among those videos you can buy are several from Nine Inch Nails, including Down In It, Wish Live (from Closure), Into the Void, Gave Up (Live from AATCHB), Deep
The Hand That Feeds
, and Only.

This is all because of those new iPods that play video now, of course. The videos are $1.99 a piece, and you'll need iTunes version 6 to download them.

Thanks again to the swarm of emails about this news. There are too many names to name -- this is what I get for waiting all day to update.

Voodoo Festival returns to New Orleans, stays in Memphis.

"The Voodoo Music Experience [is] returning home to New Orleans on Saturday, October 29 at Riverview Park behind Audubon Zoo."

This from an email sent out to Ticketmaster customers who bought tickets to the Voodoo Festival, Memphis edition -- which is still happening on October 30th.

"While tickets will not be sold to the general public for the event in New Orleans, Voodoo Music Experience is offering previous ticket holders the opportunity to repurchase tickets (2 ticket limit) for $60 per ticket which will allow entry to the New Orleans event on Saturday. To purchase these tickets, you must use Ticketmaster confirmation number from your previous order and click [on the private NOLA event page link in the email]."

There's more information at the official voodoo music festival website. Thanks for all the emails about this event!

Not So Pretty

I was looking at the search stats from the new search feature I recently implemented, and noticed a number of queries for Not So Pretty Now, the assumed name of a song that's been played on early dates of the current North American tour. It occurred to me that somehow we missed posting about this.

According to the setlist of the ill-fated 9/16 San Diego show, the track is called Not So Pretty Now, and once the setlist stats at The Art of Self Destruction go back online, I'll use it to tell you how many times it's been played this tour. It wasn't many.

Not long after it was played, 13 pages of discussion cropped up at ETS, including this attempt at transcribing the lyrics. And that's about the extent of what we know! Sorry for taking so long in reporting a new NIN song to you.
Tuesday, 10/11/05

TR Kiss Radio Interview

Kiss Rocks' Chuck Stanley let us know that his interview with Trent is up at Kiss Rocks' site. Have a listen. Thanks Chuck!!!

Digital Music Awards voting blitz

The deadline for voting on the DMA People's Choice Award is looming, with the awards ceremony taking place on the 18th.

If we do somehow take the #1 spot, I fully intend to send our UK personality and workhorse, Saturnine, and Kleptonin, who designed the amazing Kleptonin secret NIN Hotline skin, to represent the site. The fashion possibilities are unfathomable.

I know I've been bugging you repeatedly this time around, but please vote for The NIN Hotline this year. I haven't actually bugged you for this in the past six years that we've been online, and this is probably the only time I'm concentrating the effort.

Saturday, 10/08/05

Reznor Interviews (+1 Review)

"Time has passed and who is the audience?

It's a weird blend of obviously new kids who weren't there because they couldn't have physically been there before and people getting up to my own age.

Detroit Free Press conducted a new interview with Reznor in which he discusses touring, Jerome being ill and NOLA after Hurricane Katrina.

Other bits and pieces of Reznor media include:

- Reznor in the Raw by Mike Osegueda of the Fresno Bee.

- Parts One, Two, Three and Four of an audio interview conducted by

- A Hollywood Bowl review by Chris Daines.

Thanks sslbret, scissure, Robert and Rick H.

"Ruthenium44, suck my balls."

I am pleased to report that, hot off the heels of a kick-ass performance here in my hometown, Trent Reznor made a beeline for the booze and strippers backstage his computer so that he could update his blog and save me the trouble of finding out the name of the new drummer: Alex Carapetis. The show was all the more impressive considering Alex had apparently only been through the setlist once in a midnight rehearsal the night before.

Thanks go out to the horde of people who wrote in about this stuff, though I'm too drunk, lazy, and tired to thank anyone besides the incomparable Missmacbeth individually.

Happy now, Leviapoopiepants?
Friday, 10/07/05 updates with a newer band photo

Now there's some dude from San Diego Australia up on That's the rumor, anyway. We think he actually drums for the band. Drunkpoet's on the scene, and will fill us in when he gets back from the show tonite.

And if he doesn't, I'm taking his picture off the staff page. updates with a new band photo

With Josh Freese out of the picture, and Jerome Dillon lining himself up for a "bizarre gardening accident", this new photo of the band with Meg White (yup, of the White Stripes) has everyone abuzz. Make your own assumptions. Then post them to a message board somewhere.

Thanks to Lunatica and everyone who wrote in.

Argentina, December 2nd - NIN @ Club Cludad

ratamaster sent in news about this but we somehow didn't get around to posting it. And then "Urizen sends regards from Argentina. Urizen confirms: Nine Inch Nails, December 2, Club CIudad, Bs. As. Argentina. Urizen very very right." Thank you ratamaster and Urizen!

Check out for more information.
Thursday, 10/06/05

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

Jerome Dillon has left a message on his official message board explaining in detail his recent health problems:
"subsequently, the decision was made to hire replacement drummers (for this leg) to allow me enough time to adjust to medication and to also spend time pursuing my true passion...gardening."

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to email us!
Wednesday, 10/05/05

Josh Freese: HIRED! (kinda)

According to folks returning from the Salt Lake City concert and a new picture on, Josh Freese will be filling in for Jerome for the next month of touring until the mystery replacement drummer gets on board.

Everyone say "oooOOooo" now.

Thanks to everyone (and especially MYCAH DEAN MATTOX) for emailing us about this.


Thanks to abearatemyparents and pacmanhat for the additional news of the mystery replacement drummer, which was mentioned just now during an interview with Trent for St Louis radio station KPNT.
Tuesday, 10/04/05

New NIN Hotline shirt design

The last time we did NIN hotline shirts was about five years ago. I think we sold about 35 shirts, it was kind of cool, but boy did I go about it the long & wrong way. This time, the turnaround will be a lot quicker, and this is all much more organized.

The first step is measuring demand -- you can get a look at the shirt design by visiting this reservation page. Please, only fill out the reservation page if you are certain you'll be buying a shirt in the next month or two.

In fact, that reservation form pretty much says it all, so I won't bother repeating myself. If you have any comments or questions, just email me and let me know what you think.
Monday, 10/03/05

SPIN: Jerome to quit the rest of tour

Spin is reporting that drummer Jerome Dillon will be sitting out the rest of the fall NIN tour. No word on a replacement yet, but presumably it would be Josh Freese, who was set to fill in at Saturday's Hollywood Bowl show until Jerome returned at the last minute.

Thanks for the heads up, Elaine and Steve.

Reznor on the cover of Salt Lake City Weekly

Salt Lake City's free weekly, the, uh, Salt Lake City Weekly features a point-counterpoint on Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor. Two writers at the paper were given the assignment and were not allowed to see each other's article until they were effectively published.

Rebecca Vernon's opinion piece speaks well of the music without being fanatical, whereas Ben Fulton's opinion is that the whole NIN thing is over-rated. Of course, Ben also thinks that Trent's still wearing fishnets, and makes it pretty clear that he wasn't familiar with his assignment and had to beef up on the background pretty quickly. Anyway, have a read.

We've been encouraged by staff at the Weekly to ask you to send your comments to - so if you read through both articles and feel you have something civil, thought-out and constructive to say, there's the email address.

Nine Inch Nails play Salt Lake City tomorrow.
Sunday, 10/02/05

Regarding updates to

Every time gets updated, we get a ton of emails about it. To alleviate the influx of email on the topic, I've added a couple of features to the Hotline.

The Article Archive now has a copy of the past posts at, since they are not archived there.

Now on your page settings, you can tick off a checkbox for "Updates from Trent" and they will show up in your sidebar. We will update that as soon as updates, but it will only display the most recent post.

Thanks for everyone who's been emailing us with the updates, but this should take care of all that, and you can stop emailing now.

By the way, time's ticking away, don't forget to vote for us at the Online Music Awards. There are two weeks of voting left, and given all the stuff we have here, there's no reason we shouldn't cream the competition.

Jermoe the Dolphin

We've received numerous reports and other confirmation that Jerome Dillon did indeed play the October 1st show at the Hollywood Bowl. His status for the rest of the tour is still unknown, but best wishes to him, regardless! We'll let you know when we know, per usual.
Saturday, 10/01/05

All Together Now

A new photo in the media column of features the entire band, including Jerome Dillon, at what seems to be the Hollywood Bowl. One may suppose this means that Jerome will appear for this gig, and there is no replacement drummer. Only time will tell...

Thanks to everyone who sent this info in to us. Much appreciation!