Wednesday, 4/28/04

Bootleg NIN DVD

We've had a few reports of a bootleg NIN DVD showing up in stores in Europe and New York, called "Rated R: A Retrospective." Despite being called a promotional item, and having the Nothing logo on the back (ripped straight off the official website), this is not an official release.
The DVD apparently is a rip of both Closure tapes, as well as the 1994 Woodstock performance. However, this unauthorized release is not licensed by either Nine Inch Nails nor whoever is in charge of Woodstock footage licensing.
If you have any further information about this disc, please send me an email. Thanks!

Old Archives Online

Testing the bandwidth waters a bit, I have put links up to the old content archives that were accessible from the front page before. You can find the links to over 600 old interviews, reviews, and articles about Nine Inch Nails, plus links to our image and press release archives, by clicking on the "News Archives" link at the bottom of this page. If we don't suffer too much, I might open up the old image archive, which has nice high res scans from a number of magazines put out in 1999.
Monday, 4/19/04

Tweaker to perform with Skinny Puppy

According to SPtravel (via Litany) and with a nod by Waxploitation on the Tweaker forums, it appears that Tweaker (aka Chris Vrenna, formerly of Nine Inch Nails) will be performing with Skinny Puppy at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia on Wednesday, June 23rd.
Skinny Puppy are touring to promote their first original album in 8 years, The Greater Wrong of the Right, which is due May 25th, according to Litany. The ten-track album features the founding members of Skinny Puppy with a host of guests, including Danny Carey (TOOL), Wayne Static (Static X),Omar Torres, Otto Von Schirach, and more.
Monday, 4/12/04

Interested in a NIN Hotline Tshirt?

In an effort to get something NIN related out this year, I'm considering making tshirts again. But before I sink my credit card into a batch of shirts, I'd like to get an idea of how many people are interested. The easiest way to do this is a good old fashioned online poll. However, if you haven't signed up there and don't want to, you can also just email me with your colorful opinions on the topic.
Tuesday, 4/06/04

Couple things:

We mentioned this already a while ago, but ever since it dropped off the front page, we've been getting a lot of emails about the song "The Mark Has Been Made" being used in the trailer for the upcoming Denzel Washington thriller Man on Fire. So for those who don't know, the song "The Mark Has Been Made" is being used in the trailer for the upcoming Denzel Washington thriller Man on Fire.
Also, despite what you may have read on the always-reliable Internet, Trent Reznor is not appearing in any Japanese cartoons (sorry, animΓ©), or live-action remakes thereof anytime soon, that we know of at least. That story was simply an April Fool's joke, much like the NIN/Filter tour rumors, the new NIN record title Disrepare mentioned last year, and the "Deep" video.
Monday, 4/05/04

Obviously you're not a golfer.

Boy, the news is just rolling in now! "rockaholic247" passed along this little nugget of info from our favorite news site (besides this one), Blabbermouth:
NINE INCH NAILS To Sign New Management Deal? - Apr. 5, 2004

Hits Daily Double reports: "Jim Guerinot has hammered down a deal to manage NINE INCH NAILS. The Nothing/Interscope band, basically Trent Reznor, chose Rebel Waltz [NO DOUBT, THE OFFSPRING] over finalists Q Prime and John Silva. NINE INCH NAILS' next record, 'Bleed Through', is being produced by Rick Rubin. Trent Reznor has said he wants the record to come out in Q4, though now that he has to take up golf, production may slow down."

Huh. How about that.

Early Christmas?

"ObviousParadox" informs us that has Bleed Through listed as being released in August. Whether they're privy to some inside information or they just pulled that out of their ass has yet to be seen (I've never even heard of that site, myself), but this might provide a faint glimmer of hope for those who really believe this album exists.
Friday, 4/02/04

SickAmongThePure - April Issue

The April issue of SickAmongThePure is now live! This special edition is a tribute to the decade anniversary of the release of The Downward Spiral and includes a feature by Evan Long about his reflections on TDS, the winners of the TDS contest held this past month, an article on Nothing's involvement with Raymond Watts of Pig, a review of Alan Cross' book, The Making of Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward Spiral, and much, much more!