Saturday, 5/31/03

Release date for new Tweaker album

According to Chris Vrenna's management, Waxploitation, as posted on the official Tweaker forums, we can expect to see a new Tweaker album in the USA on Tuesday, January 6, 2004. Apparently things are in the home stretch, with vocals being cut for the tracks in the month of June, more than half the album featuring vocals (by 1 female and four male singers confirmed at this stage) The album will again feature cover artwork by Joe Sorren.
Keep your eye out in the near future for a collaboration between Waxploitation and Invisible Records in the form of a limited edition Tweaker vs. Pigface 4 song CD which will include Pigface "Mind Your Own Business" (Chris Vrenna remix) and Tweaker f/ David Sylvian "Linoleum" (Martin Atkins remix...Plus the originals of the two songs.
Also keep an eye out for the up and coming Tweaker DVD, which is going to be chock full of Tweaker-related goodies. As we get more information, we'll post it here, just like always.
Wednesday, 5/28/03

Submit scans of your collectibles to

The other day, someone asked why we don't have the full back catalogue of NIN CDs listed in the Halo Profiles. Well, I don't have the time anymore, and besides, there are sites like who do a much better job. Here you can find scans of just about every variation of every official Nine Inch Nails media release.
In addition, if you've got scans of rare NIN material, this site will gladly host them under Owner's Lists. Show the world what your numbered pressing of some rare NIN vinyl is! Lots of neat stuff here, well worth perusing while everything else stays rather quiet.
Monday, 5/26/03

Vote for NIN

MTV2 will be airing a show this coming Fall on the 22 Greatest CD's. NIN's "Pretty Hate Machine" is listed as a choice. Get your vote in here!
From Mtv:
Everyone has a CD that changed their life. From Eminem to Nirvana to Tupac to U2, a list of the 22 Greatest CDs is almost impossible for us to compile. That's why we need your help. We're asking YOU to pick the 22 greatest CDs of the past two decades, going all the way back to when they first hit stores in 1984. We're counting down to the number one compact disc as selected by you. It's your chance to be heard as part of MTV2 Presents 22 Greatest: CD's, the countdown where your vote counts.
Thanks to all those who submitted this news.
Friday, 5/23/03

CC News

Reach 454 self-titled debut album will be released on June 10th through Lava/Atlantic Records. Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach) guests on one song and Charlie Clouser completed all of the album's programming. "New Scar" (first lead single off the album), "Come Apart" and "Am I wrong" are all available in the "Music" section of the official Reach 454 website.
"Gunboat" from Vixtrola's debut album is used during the end credits of the movie "Darkness Falls". Vixtrola's album 'end:user'was produced by Ric Ocasek and features additional production and programming by Charlie Clouser. Initially signed by Geffen Records, Vixtrola is presently looking for another label; no official release date has been announced for the album. Thanks to Morpheus_TechnoPagan from TRF.
Friday, 5/16/03

Keith Hillebrandt on

There's a fantastic article on Keith to read at Go here to check it out. The article covers his background, current projects and of course his Useful Noise v.2 software. Please visit Keith's site to keep up with news on his latest projects. Thanks Mr. Tangent!
Thursday, 5/15/03

The NIN Hotline interviews Keith Hillebrandt (again!)

You may or may not recall that recently, sound designer Keith Hillebrandt released Useful Noise v2 - a collection of samples for use in music production and, well, just about whatever. We got a chance to hear this stuff, and it's fantastic. So much so that we bugged Keith with a few questions... enough with the warm up though - Click here to read our latest interview with Keith Hillebrandt, and read more about how I can't shut up about the Useful Noise v2 sound collection.
Wednesday, 5/14/03

NIN- Doom3 Update

Good and Bad news...
Trent Reznor is no longer involved with ID software's Doom3 project. The length of time needed to complete the gaming project has taken longer than expected. Reznor is now working full-time on the next NIN record and word is that recording is going very well. Stay tuned!
To clarify... Trent's music/sound will not be available for release in the retail game or in any further game demos.
Wednesday, 5/14/03

Vote for NIN as Best Live Show in Rolling Stone poll

Randomlyodd let us know that at this page you can vote for your favorite live performer:
Who puts on the greatest live show? The editors at Rolling Stone came up with a list of 100 great live performers who are currently touring or have toured within the last two years. It's your job to select the ONE act who puts on the best live show -- and if you don't see your choice listed, feel free to type it in below. The results will be featured in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone.
Naturally, you should vote for whoever you want, but I wouldn't be posting this here unless I wanted you to vote for Nine Inch Nails. That is, of course, unless you'd like New Found Glory to win out... Anyhow, tell your friends, and help us out in our quest to have NIN win this one.
Monday, 5/12/03

Minor Doom III Update

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) just around the corner, USA Today is running a story about the progress of Doom III. There really isn't anything NIN/Reznor mentioned, it is worth noting that apparently the Doom III team is on the home stretch:
''We really did expect to be much more done at this point, but we're in the home stretch,'' says Carmack, 33. ''Everything works. It's just a matter of tuning it and making it into a great game.''
Soon, soon...
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