Thursday, 2/27/03

Updates @

Slowly revealing its contents, the front page of has been updated with links to pages that may be familiar to those who've been to SUS back in the day. (One of them is very familiar to me :p) These additions to the SUS Forums are just the beginning. Definitely keep your eyes on this domain as it continues to stir and re-expand!
Wednesday, 2/26/03

Perfect Drug/Edward Gorey Documentary

Over at Echoing the Sound, stiggy pointed out that on Mark Romanek's website, you can view a clip from an unfinished documentary by Chris Seufert on Edward Gorey and The Perfect Drug video. The clip is in Quicktime format. The site now also has full Quicktime clips for Closer and The Perfect Drug (and most of Mark's other videos) as well as digital stills from the videos.

Presenting The NIN Historian

A handful of you may have seen an update last week about this site before I took the link down. Originally hosted on Tripod, it was throttled pretty hard within the first five minutes of linkage from here. So I figured, this site is so damn good, why not see about hosting it here on the Hotline? Thankfully, The NIN Historian was cool with that, and now, hopefully we can handle hosting this massive new NIN resource.
Available all in one place, The NIN Historian's Live Memorabilia Site has flyers, ticket stubs, posters, tour memorabilia, tourdates, and more, listed in great detail, and always looking for new additions to the site, and we're really glad to have him on board with the NIN Hotline!
Tuesday, 2/25/03

Charlie Clouser update

Rob Zombie and Scott Humphrey have reunited with Charlie Clouser for the 'Matrix Reloaded' movie. The track titled Reload (time to die) in Zombie's own words is, "a heavy as fuck slab of robot death disco!" The song is supposed to be a brutal throwback to Astro-Creep era White Zombie. Check the TRF News for more information. Thanks to Morpheus_TechnoPagan.
Sunday, 2/23/03

Reznor Comments on Johnny Cash Video

In a recent article on about the video of Hurt put out by Johnny Cash earlier this year, Trent Reznor explains his initial reaction to the video:

Cash's producer, Rick Rubin, sent a copy of the video to NIN's Trent Reznor. "We were in the studio, getting ready to work -- and I popped it in," Reznor says. "By the end I was really on the verge of tears. I'm working with Zach de la Rocha, and I told him to take a look. At the end of it, there was just dead silence. There was, like, this moist clearing of our throats and then, 'Uh, OK, let's get some coffee.'"

It appears that Reznor and de la Rocha have been spending a good amount of time together in the studio, working on de la Rocha's solo album.
Thursday, 2/20/03

Rave talks about recording vocals

Another article for any gearheads out there, the Feb 1 Mix magazine has an interview with Dave "Rave" Ogilvie, where he details the process of recording vocals into the digital domain. There's nothing really specifically related to NIN that is mentioned, but this provides some insight into the workings of the man who's helped produce and engineer fantastic music with NIN, Skinny Puppy, Manson, Ministry, The Genitorturers, Zach de la Rocha... to name a few. So if you suck at recording vocals, maybe Rave can help.
Monday, 2/17/03

Australian NIN Forums Reopen

While we're on the topic of focused international NIN websites, John Raptis' Happiness in Slavery has launched newly revamped forums, and is working on creating an Aussie-centric NIN community. If you've been a member of the HiS forums before, you'll have to re-register, this is an entirely new forum, running phpBB software. Make your way to the forums and get things rolling over there.

naegel mit koepfen reopens

Nils emailed me earlier this week to mention that NMK is re-opening soon, and I just went over there tonight, and it's quite impressive, even if I can only understand about five words on this German website.
After being reduced to simply a forum for quite some time, NMK now features a news-centric front page, and an editorial section that promises to be updated occasionally, a chatroom and of course the forums. So if deutsch is your native tongue, check out what nils and crew have put together.
Monday, 2/17/03

nothing leaves interscope?

Over at Marilyn Manson's Oracle page, ninscott posed questions about Manson's involvement with Nothing Records and TapeWorm. And here's what Manson had to say:
Sorry, but I have no involvement with Nothing Records as they have separated from Interscope. Trent would never censor me, but then again I am not allowing anyone else to either. I also don't know any details of Tapeworm.
Information about this post was gleaned off of Digital Noise's Forums.

Jerome update

Our friend Lin from let us know that Jerome posted on the forum regarding his current projects. There are also new photos from his work with Keith Hillebrandt at the site if you click on the "a" in the lower left-hand corner. Check it out!
Henrick sent a note about Naegel mit Koepfen, a German NIN site, and that it is scheduled for relaunch today or sometime tonight.

We Have a New Chris Vrenna Interview

...kind of. Technically, it's from October, but we've made up for that by blatantly plagiarising from the forums at, and with some original photography courtesy WhitechapelMolly. Some of you may recall sending in questions some months ago, every one of them gets answered in our follow-up interview with Chris Vrenna.
Later this week I'll be doing a formal review of Keith Hillebrandt's wicked new sample CD, Useful Noise v2, and little something extra ;)
Tuesday, 2/11/03

Renholder: Someone let MJK update the APC page

Rumors have been flying around about the departure of Paz Lenchantin from A Perfect Circle, since she's currently playing with Zwan. This situation is explained beautifully on the news section of A Perfect Circle's website:
Paz has been a vegan for many years. As many of you may know, sometimes the lack of protein in one's diet can leave them borderline anemic and, occasionally, a bit delirious. After a festival show featuring APC and the The Smashing Pumpkins, Paz, in a state of 'meat deprivation,' followed a 'bald man named Billy' onto the wrong bus and we haven't seen her since. Milk carton photos have, so far, been ineffective. Any help would be appreciated.
Thusforth, there is a new bassist in APC, as rumored for a week or two now: Jeordie White now plucks at the four-strings. If you've been coming to sites like this long enough, you probably know him better as Twiggy Ramirez. There's our Nothing Records 6-degrees of separation link for the day. But wait, there's more!
Continuing down the latest news post at the official site, or if you follow Queens of the Stone Age at all, you'll know that a guy whom the folks at (formerly .org(?)) refer to as Troy Van Halen is also absent from the APC line-up. Who should Billy and Maynard have found to take this place but Danny Lohner. Now, for all those whining about Paz's departure because "she plays violin and bass," fear no longer. Danny is a multi-instrumentalist, and A Perfect Circle has rightly been saved.
With the departure of one vegan and the addition of former members of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson to a band already notorious for it's frontman's connection to Tool, we are looking into reports about LA clothing shops of large orders of leather, fishnets, and make-up being ordered and billed simply to "APC." (not really)
Thanks to Danny P. first clued us into this update.
Tuesday, 2/04/03

exploding dog

Not exactly huge news, but exploding dog, a page I've been following for years, has added a drawing for The Day The World Went Away.