Friday, 8/30/02


Alternative Press (Disturbed cover Oct. #171) contains an interview about a half page in length with Trent Reznor. Here's a rundown from the official site.
If you're an industrial-rock rivethead or a laptop-techno nerd, you already know synthesizers are way cool. This month, we're taking a look at the gear that, whether you're just beginning or dabbling, will give you more wub-wub-wub-wub for your wallet. We also shook down well-respected artists like Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, Kid606 and I Am Spoonbender for tips, advice and free stuff. Two outta three ain't bad.
Thanks to XTheInsectGodX.
NIN guitarist Robin Finck performed onstage with GnR at the Mtv VMAs. Thanks to all who wrote in.
Wednesday, 8/28/02

Tweaker remixes available on vinyl

So you don't believe that the only difference between digital and analogue is pink noise - you like your music on a black 12" platter, sine waves as pure as can be reproduced from the master tapes -- even if your favorite album was recorded entirely on computers. Maybe you just like getting giant artwork and monsterous lyric sheets. And some of the best remixes of tracks come on promo-only vinyl. One such case is the rare 12" Linoleum record by tweaker. Attention DJs, Audiophiles & collectors - here you can find said rare record for a mere $5.50 + shipping. Beats the pants off finding it on eBay with a minimum reserve of $30 sometime next year. The 12" includes extended remixes by King Britt, Josh Wink, and Wamdue. You can also pick up Chris Vrenna's soundtrack for American McGee's Alice now. Check it out;
Monday, 8/26/02

(digital noise) v3 opens today

(digital noise) underwent some serious reworking over the past few months, behind the scenes, and the product of that opened up early this morning. Along with a smooth new layout and color scheme, you can find nothing news listed on the front page alongside staff columns, a well assembled nothing records discography, and other stuff (err, coming soon.) Check it out!
Saturday, 8/24/02

Vintage NIN Shirts @ Object Merch

I hobbled over to the Object Merchandise news page because I wanted to see if they had any news about selling the unusual shirt I saw on, and while they didn't have that shirt, they are selling limited quantities of the shirts that were available only during the night of nothing at Irving Plaza in 1997, the warm up gig for the night of nothing, and old XL fan club shirts listing all the tour dates (over 100) on from the self destruct tour - from April 18, 1994 Seattle through April 16, 1995 in Melbourne.
Friday, 8/23/02


If you peruse ebay now and again for NIN stuff, you might have noticed a bunch of folks selling a pretty clever pseudo-ad for the Fragility 2000 tour, entitled ABSOLUT NOTHING. The posters end up selling for upwards of $50, usually, and the photos of the posters are crap. Well, Jim Nihil over on found this 628x804 graphic of the poster on the official site for (if I read this correctly) Research Chemical Propoganda, a site that among lots of other slick and unusual and disturbing stuff, has this brief NIN bio linked from their current front page, from a list of bands that you really should get into if you haven't already.

TapeWorm sessions 8/21/2002

Danny LohnerTrent ReznorAtticus Ross, Alan MoulderAlan Moulder

We reported earlier today that Alan Moulder has been working in the studio with TapeWorm, and to add to that, we now have a few photos to share with you. As you can see by clicking the thumbnails above, Danny Lohner, Atticus Ross, Trent Reznor and Alan Moulder have been at Nothing Studios, keeping busy. As always, we'll keep you posted.

Inquiring minds want to know...

For all the fans who were questioning the future of NIN and Nothing Records please know all is well. Various message boards and media sites have rumored NIN will not tour in the future and that Nothing Records is on it's way out. We have it on good word that the record company, as most of the industry, is in a period of transition. Art, music and other areas of business are operating in a tough economy. Nothing "will ALWAYS put art and integrity first, despite the cost". So look forward to future releases from Nothing Records artists and NIN tours. Let's hope this will put the rumors to rest.
Update- Alan Moulder is currently at the studio to add his talents to the Tapeworm project.
Older news sent in:
AATCHB DVD review at Digital Bits. Thanks to Trezin and Ell.
One Hour Photo Soundtrack. Travis noticed: Some sites credit Trent Reznor with its creation while others, such as IMDB, do not. Paul G and ExquisiteRed added to this update: The score was composed by Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek and is set to be released on August 27th. So there is the final answer of who did what.
Thursday, 8/22/02 Contest Closing

Just a reminder that the contest about how a Nothing Records artist has affected your life closes on Sunday. So get your entries in asap.
You could win a copy of the new DVD as well as the Live CD, and also be featured in next months issue.
Click here for details.
Friday, 8/16/02

QuakeCon updates

If fans can't make it to Quake Con- Extended Play on Tech TV will be airing material filmed at the convention on Friday August 23 at 9:00 p.m. Additional airings: Saturday 8/24 at 12:30 a.m., 10 a.m. Eastern. Thanks to kaptn for this submission.
Also, id Software finished their presentation a little while ago and it seems to be generally agreed that it was one of the highlights of the 'Con so far this year. They started off by demonstrating the integrated Doom III editor with several id programmers and artists showing off their resprective parts of this powerful program. John Carmack followed with a long and highly technical talk, and a question and answer session with fans.
From id
QuakeCon 2002 is now in full swing. If you couldn't make it out this year, you can still follow all of the tournament action live via ShoutCast at TSN. The broadcasters are doing an excellent job with the frag-by-frag and even have a little webcam hooked up. Finals are scheduled for around 2PM tomorrow Central Time.
Also, the BYOC area at QuakeCon 2002 is now full. You're still welcome to come and look around, see DOOM III, etc., but we have tapped out the space for computers.
Friday, 8/16/02

Johnny Cash Album out November 5th

Johnny Cash, the original "man in black" has a new album coming out on November the 5th. And on this new CD, will be Cash's cover of the Nine Inch Nails classic, Hurt. Also on the album is a cover of the Depeche Mode song, Personal Jesus.
Check out this Rolling Stone article for more info.
Thanks Famskip and many others.
Wednesday, 8/14/02

De La Rocha at Nothing Studios

The rumors are true, if Zack's publicist is to be believed! According to MTV news, "[Zack] De La Rocha is working on his solo album with Trent Reznor in the Nine Inch Nails ringleader's New Orleans studio, the former Rage Against the Machine frontman's manager said Wednesday (August 14)." Trent has mentioned his appreciation for Rage Against the Machine shows in various interviews in the past. MTV speculates that Zack is in New Orleans to record material for his solo release, and as such this probably doesn't have anything to do with Tapeworm. Thanks to R. Krysztoforski and Rich for sending the link in!

Tweaker store online!

Keep your eyes on this site. Right now, you can order the new Tweaker shirt and all of Chris Vrenna's tweaker-related swag direct straight from the source. We hear there's a Tweaker DVD in the works as well, featuring videos for Linoleum, Take Me Alive, several remixes of Microsize Boy, and all the tweaker goodness you can fit on a digital versatile disc.
Tuesday, 8/13/02

Last chance for QuakeCon

The time to advance register for QuakeCon 2002 is near. This is just a reminder that if you'd like to see Doom III upclose and personal to check out Trent's sound work you should get over and sign up! This is straight from our friends at ID software - should be a great time! Thanks for the heads up!
QuakeCon 2002 is almost upon us! They've actually already begun setting up in what we affectionately call "The QuakeCon Hotel" (aka Mesquite Hampton Inn).
This year's event promises to be the best one yet. With help from ATI, we've got $100,000 up for grabs in the Wolf and Quake III tournaments, VIA is throwing all manner of parties and is hosting a Q3 Trick Jump competition (really looking forward to that one myself), and there will be tons of new Activision games on display, including all of the new RTCW games and Enemy Territory.

We'll kick off the party on Thursday with a bar-b-que lunch, where it looks like much wildness will be on display with the body and car painting contests. John will be giving the official keynote on Friday afternoon. You definitely won't want to miss that. Tournament finals and celebration (complete with cheap booze and a live band - you have to be 21 for the cheap booze part) happens Saturday night

And, of course, there will be DOOM III. And not just a little bit of DOOM III, but the whole E3 theater with a brand-spanking-new-never-before-publicly-shown
presentation. You might think of it as being an extended play version of the "Best of Show" E3 presentation. Sorry, no cameras, so you'll have to come and see it in person.

We've closed the online registration, but we'll have first-come-first-serve registration at the QuakeCon Hotel. Admission is free, but we're expecting our biggest crowd ever, so we can't promise admission or slots in the BYOC area to those who didn't pre-register. There are more details available at Along with everyone at id, I look forward to seeing everyone later this week. It's going to be fun.

CC programming album

Reach have lined-up Charlie Clouser to handle programming for the bulk of their album. The band is currently in the studio recording their debut album with producer Jay Baumgardner (Papa Roach, Alien Ant Farm) in Los Angeles, with an early 2003 release planned through Lava/Atlantic. Additional production and programming by Linkin Park members Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn is also planned for the album. Thanks to Morpheus_TechnoPagan of TRF.
Sunday, 8/11/02

More on De La Rocha music

Rimb posted on the forums at SLS this bit from the LA Times Calendar Live site: SMALL FACES: Trent Reznor and Zack de la Rocha have begun working together on tracks intended for De la Rocha's first solo album since leaving Rage Against the Machine. The sessions are taking place at Reznor's New Orleans studio. Dan the Automator, DJ Shadow and the Roots' ?uestlove are among the producers who have collaborated on tracks. No release date has been set....
Saturday, 8/10/02

Trent and Zack De La Rocha?

Though only a mere rumour at this point, it's a damn interesting one. In an interview with Robert Hillburn of the L.A. Times concerning the future of Rage Against the Machine, Hillburn states:
I'm eager to hear what Rage/Cornell came up with, but I'm also intrigued that Zack and Trent Reznor are working on some stuff together. Keep your fingers crossed. That could be amazing--though its hard to imagine such strong personalities finding a common ground musically.

Remember, this is a completely ungrounded rumour.
Source: Alberto

NIN In The Media

On a recently aired television commerical for UK Phone Company Vodafone, The Perfect Drug is used as background music as a couple talks to one other on the phone then proceeds to have "wild, wild sex".
In Request magazine, "The Downward Spiral" was named one of the fifty albums you need to get you through the school year:

Industrial rock reached its commercial apex with this pop-hook-permeated aural suicide note. Reznor's unrelenting blast of baroque fury, alienation, and lost hope turned the F-word-peppered "Closer" into a No. 1 dance hit. Foreshadowing the hypermarketability of "rage music," "The Downward Spiral" represents a "best of "genre" of music - Gail Worthy

Thanks Eris and Colin.

Doom III first general public showing

QuakeCon 2002 begins on August 15th. Visit ID software's site or QuakeCon for details. It's not too late to register! This is a great opportunity to listen to Trent Reznor's amazing sound creation in person and perhaps meet a few of the brilliant guys from ID.
Here's some of what you can expect-
From QuakeCon:
id Software© to Conduct First Fan Demonstration of Game at Ultimate LAN Party. id Software and Activision's DOOM III theater, which unleashed its fury at E3 2002, last May in Los Angeles, will endure a 1,000 mile journey to arrive in Mesquite, the home of id Software, in time for QuakeCon 2002. The theater will showcase a demonstration of DOOM III, a mind-searing mixture of cutting-edge graphics, design and revolutionary 5.1 sound design. Members of the id Software team will also host a special session, offering a guided tour of the DOOM III world and talking about the game's development. The preview at QuakeCon 2002 is a terrifying journey through over 12 minutes of gamplay running completely in-engine. This exclusive opportunity for gamers is only available to registered attendees of QuakeCon 2002. Each attendee will receive an admission ticket for the preview upon registering at the event.
Tuesday, 8/06/02

Trent Talks Tapeworm To Music Television

This interview doesn't add a whole lot to what we already know, but it confirms that Charlie Clouser is no longer a part of Tapeworm. It also confirms that while no release date is set, the album will be released on Reznor's Nothing Records label. It has been an interesting experiment for Maynard and I to peek around in each other's heads, shining flashlights in some shadowy corners, Trent tells Jon Wiederhorn. Musically, the results are becoming much more song-oriented than I would have thought. Thanks to Greg & Cubicz ;)
Friday, 8/02/02 August Issue Online

The August issue of is online. This month there is a review of the very interesting art of Marilyn Manson, the third installment of R.K. Finch's analysis of The Fragile, and a profile on 12 Rounds.

In addition, we are looking for stories on how a Nothing Records artist has influenced your life. The top three stories will be featured in an article for the September issue. The authors will also each receive a copy of And All That Could Have Been Live CD, and a random selection of the top three will also receive a copy of the new DVD. Deadline is the 25th of August so get them in asap.
Click here to check out the new issue!
Thursday, 8/01/02

No Toni on Tapeworm

From the Curve website:
Monday, July 29, 2002
"Hi, just a little question to toni : was it just a rumour or truth that you did some recordings with NIN's Danny Lohner ? And if so, what are these recordings for tapeworm, solomaterial or curve-stuff?"
"The stuff I did with Danny Lohner was for the Tapeworm project but that project seems to have taken a different direction now..."
Thanks to j0olexa.