Sunday, 6/30/02

Trent on Depression Update

Previously reported was a television special on "Music and Depression", slated to air on Canada's MuchMusic television channel. The show features short interviews by various artists, including Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. offers a short snippet of the Reznor segment and a small background into the purpose of the show.

If you have MuchMusic, be sure to tune in on Monday, July 1st or Sunday, July 7th.

Thanks Yves
Tuesday, 6/25/02

Official NIN and Tapeworm Sites Updated has been updated with a picture of Trent and crew working in the studio and a cool image of TR at E3.
Also- Kamaal has sent in word that the official Tapeworm site now features two images. One is of a blurred track listing and the other... you'll have to see. So go check it out now! Thanks Kamaal.
As a side note- We'd like to inform you that there appears to be two mirrored sites to Tapeworm which can be found at and The latter site url was provided by the_fragile. Thanks.
Monday, 6/24/02


Most of you are probably aware of this by now, but for the eight people who aren't: Nine Inch Nails person Danny Lohner does in fact make a brief appearance in a fairly recent music video by the band TRUSTcompany. Thanks to the teeming mass of readers who submitted this information.
Sunday, 6/23/02

News Notes

New Music will have a bit with Trent and how emotions have effected his music. Thanks to Emily.
SHOW #13-900
A I R D A T E S:
Citytv: Saturday, June 29, 2002
MuchMusic: Monday, July 01, 2002/ Sunday, July 07, 2002
MUSIC & DEPRESSION 1/2 hour special: Hard times can sometimes beget great art, and music is no exception. Just look at the Blues. But it can also send an artist on a downward spiral and take away their desire to create. In this NewMusic half-hour special, artists who have endured depression share their experiences with us. Alanis Morissette, Ja Rule, Moby, Trent Reznor and others let us know how depression has affected their art.
DMR sent in... Trent Reznor discusses the console video games he has been playing lately. The small clip can be viewed on the show Extended Play from the TechTV network. Reznor mentions Playstation 2 and the games Fatalframe and Silent Hill. Thanks.
Wednesday, 6/19/02

Doom III Awards

Curious on how critics in the software industry judged ID Software's Doom III? Besides winning Best In Show the game captured Best PC Game and received a Commendation for Sound (Trent Reznor).

Special Commendation for Sound
(Trent Reznor/id Software/Activision for PC)
No game programmer envies the idea of competing against John Carmack's latest 3D graphics engine. So imagine the challenge of trying to create a soundscape that not only matches but also compliments Carmack's 3D magic. Leave it to Trent Reznor, frontman for Nine Inch Nails, to meet and exceed that challenge. Reznor's richly textured 5.1 channel soundtrack literally rocked the theater, forming an important part of the ever-so-impressive multimedia assault that was DOOM III. Presented in a special theater at the Activision booth, Reznor's pristinely mixed sound effects and cranked-to-the-max sound system made everything else at E3 sound like an old transistor radio.
-- Geoff Keighley,Associate Chairman, Game Critics Awards Editor in Chief, GameSlice

If you'd like to see more of what this fantastic game has won visit the E3 Awards site. Thanks to Daniel!
Wednesday, 6/12/02

More Reznor Comments On Doom III Sound

Deadpool5 has sent in a Doom III related article from USA Today with a small section on Trent Reznor's comments about working on the sound for the game.
"What made the original Doom such a landmark achievement was that you had never seen anything like that," says Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, a Doom fan. Several years ago, Reznor sent concert passes to the id gang. He ended up supplying music for Quake. Now, he's supervising all the sounds in Doom III.
Doom "was politically incorrect at the time," he says. "It was violent, it was exciting."
Reznor is taking the same detailed care with his haunting surround soundtrack. "I want to get across fear or dread or high anxiety - through the sound of the environment," he says. "It's like mixing sound in a real 3D environment. Sound behaves as it would in the real world."
Sunday, 6/09/02

Jerome Dillon Sheds Light on Tapeworm

Nine Inch Nails drummer Jerome Dillon posted to fansite a bit of information on the Tapeworm project and an upcoming Nine Inch Nails album. Heres what Jerome had to say about Tapeworm:
trent and danny decided to start working again a few months back and atticus from 12 rounds is helping to flesh out new ideas...i did work on several of the tracks --but they were the basic ideas with trent playing bass and programming and me playing drums

As for NIN:
there are new songs and ideas that were worked on with alan moulder and dave ogilvie...and i really like the direction it's heading...very brutal and stripped down

For more information, go here.
Thursday, 6/06/02

Trent Interviews w/ Mobile Entertainment

Car Stereo Review's Mobile Entertainment website offers an interesting web exclusive interview with Trent Reznor regarding Nine Inch Nail's latest release: And All That Could Have Been.

The interview offers insight into various subjects including Trent's car and what he likes to listen to while driving. Other topics include background on the AATCHB DVD, recording music in DVD-A, and the following tidbit about a possible re-release of Closure in DVD format:

"METTLER: Will Closure make it onto DVD one of these days? [Closure, released on VHS in 1997, is a two-cassette set that features live and backstage footage from the Self Destruct tour as well as all of the NIN videos made through '97.]

REZNOR: I'm considering reformatting it and adding a commentary track to it, yes. That might be interesting."

...and this juicy tidbit regarding NIN in 5.1 material:

"In the aftermath of all that, Reznor, who just turned 37, is now considering recording an EP's worth of studio NIN material in 5.1."

Closure DVD?

A few online stores have started listing the release of the DVD version of Closure for sale December 30th of 2002. Though this information has not been confirmed, it has been listed on a couple of different sites, including
The DVD is listed as featuring Dolby 5.1 Digital sound. Dolby 5.1 was first used on the DVD of And All that Could Have Been, the new sound system adds a whole new dimension to the music. The DVD is also "available" on Keep in mind before pre-ordering, the actuality of this DVD release has not been confirmed.
Wednesday, 6/05/02

Tweaker Remix Contest Update

If you haven't gotten around to remixing Microsize Boy by Tweaker, Chris Vrenna's solo project, here's some added incentive - contest winning remixes will be included on the upcoming Tweaker DVD. This DVD tentatively features videos for Linoleum and Take Me Alive. Remember, your remix entries are due June 24 - get to work!
Tuesday, 6/04/02

redesigns pt2: a overhaul

Over the past week, tperfect's NIN megasite has undergone a significant redesign. Navigation of the site requires Macromedia Flash. Take a look!

Redesigned Sick Among the Pure is live!
The (usually) monthly NIN & Nothing online fan zine, Sick Among the Pure, has emerged from a quiet disappearance with a sharp new look. The headline article this month is Mansoon: The Inevitable Evolution of Marilyn Manson's Music, and the supporting articles poke fun at Trent's various stages of fashion, and breaks down the first half of the left disc of The Fragile.