Wednesday, 5/29/02

Audio Interview with Carmack & Reznor is running an article, called Doom III has a Story to Tell, and included with the article is a 20 minute audio interview with John Carmack of id Software and Trent Reznor, from the floor of E3. Thanks to Halo Eight and Jeremiah for the news!
Monday, 5/27/02

E3 Pics & more Doom III audio information

We've got a couple of photos here from folks who ran into Trent at the E3 expo we've been posting about all week. The picture on the left comes courtesy of Rob from superboredom, while the fellow on the right is MunchE from (extra points for both Aphex Twin and SomethingAwful references). Meanwhile, for those of us not lucky enough to have attended this years E3, there's still plenty of news rolling in about Doom 3, which seems to be the hottest game at the show. Gamespy has more information about Trent's work in the game than we've heard elsewhere. The article discusses how Reznor is not only working on the music for the game, but is taking the helm for overall sound design. There's plenty more to read in the article, so check it out. Thanks to Matt and Lucas for the links and to Rob for the photo!
Monday, 5/27/02

Just a little reminder

In case anyone (besides myself) has been wondering "Where the hell did that totally rad website Painful Convictions go?", it's simply been moved to a new address. It can now be found here.
Sunday, 5/26/02

Doom III Info and Music News

John Carmack, Doom III developer and ID software guru, has made another evolutionary leap forward in 3D engine development. Sound now behaves very similarly to how it would in the real world. It attempts to create a detailed sonic environment using very little (if any) traditional music - just soundscapes. This is almost all sound design, using tools never before available to an artist - it is the furthest thing from a rock song chugging along under the action. It's a grand scale experiment in the science of what sounds evoke what reactions in people.
Word is that work on Tapeworm will resume this week. The artists equally involved in the project are Danny Lohner, Atticus Ross, Maynard and Trent Reznor. Demos for over 15 songs are completed and there's much excitement! Studio time is being arranged around Tool's tour to finish the record. The hope is to finish the project by year's end.
More great news- We've heard the new NIN record is due by the end of the year too! If that's not enough fans can also look forward to another upcoming Reznor project. The exact nature of this project and those involved could not be revealed as of yet. Stay tuned!
Have a great Memorial weekend holiday to those 'Stateside'.
Thursday, 5/23/02

Doom III trailer + Trent Reznor interview

It's been a great couple of days, bringing nothing but good news about the latest installment in my personal favorite game series. Jer, Matt from, and Loyd LaCroix sent word that you can download the trailer for Doom 3 from a variety of places (, (free registration req'd), but modem users beware - it's a 93 meg Quicktime download. Featuring clips from the actual game, we're also treated to snippets of Doom III's music and a commentary/interview with Trent Reznor. Jer writes, He discusses how he started playing the original Doom, not getting work done, the impact Doom had on him, and why he got involved with John Carmack and the rest of id Software to work on the new one. Keep in mind, this is the hot trailer at the moment, so no matter where you download it from, your download time's going to be pretty insane.
Oh, if you happen to be reading this from E3, keep an eye out, word on the street's that Trent's hanging out bearing an exhibitor's badge. Just another reason to check out the Activision/Doom3 booth. Just don't do anything stupid, right? ;)
Wednesday, 5/22/02

E3 brings Doom III Update

And among the good news in that update - the demo displayed at E3 contained sounds supplied entirely by Trent Reznor. According to
There's been quite a bit of speculation about the sound design for DOOM III, in particular if a certain musician of Nine Inch Nails fame will be involved. While an agreement has yet to be worked out for the full game, it can be told that Trent Reznor did all of the sound effects for id's E3 presentation. As mentioned, DOOM III will support Dolby 5.1 surround sound, and if you're able, seeing - and hearing - the presentation at full volume is an experience unto itself. As Reznor was quoted, "we want to get inside your head and make it an unpleasant place to be."
Thanks to Jer & TimidStability!
Monday, 5/20/02

TR performs on soundtrack

Trent Reznor is credited on the World Traveler soundtrack for playing the piano. No further details were provided on which track(s) Trent performed on. Clint Mansell worked on the project at Nothing Studios that was released on May 7th. Go out and get the soundtrack today! Thanks to Ash.
Monday, 5/20/02

Catch Chris Vrenna on TechTV tonite

TechTV's program The Screen Savers will be talking with Ex-Nine Inch Nails drummer and current Tweaker Chris Vrenna about easy MP3 play lists, tech for teachers, ripping CDs to MP3s, and Winamp 3.0. The show airs tonight, at 7pm & 10pm ET. Thanks to John for sending that in!
Wednesday, 5/15/02

The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Connection

UK music mag Kerrang! offers a tidbit of interesting information this month, with just enough NIN content that it warranted posting. kleptonin scanned in this snippet where Robert Turner of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club talks about how Nine Inch Nails is probably the band that inspired him more than any others - particularly the Broken EP. BRMC are in the last swing of a tour of Europe before they return to play some festival dates back in the US, and I'd recommend checking them out if you have the chance.
Monday, 5/13/02

Tweaker remix contest begins today!

Have you ever wanted a chance at doing a proper remix for a band - using the original master tracks, instead of making do, slicing up the CD audio, and dubbing new beats overtop? Here's your chance. Chris Vrenna's Tweaker project announces a contest in conjunction with Sonic Foundy software, where you get to remix the original Tweaker track, Microsize Boy. The contest opens today, and entries will be accepted up until June 24. The winner will receive a copy of Sound Forge 6.0 - the latest version of Sonic Foundry's audio editing and manipulation software - and a variety of Six Degrees Records merchandise. For more information, visit the contest page on AcidPlanet. Good luck!
Friday, 5/10/02

PSA: Please scan your computer for the Klez worm. Thx.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Nine Inch Nails, but there are a bunch of you out there who are apparently still infected with the Klez virus. I only know this because it's using your computers to email copies of itself, pretending to come from a number of sources - including -- Please, take a moment and check to see if you have this bug. Make sure your copies of Outlook or Outlook Express are up-to-date so that they cannot be exploited as easily by these viruses. And if you take care of this, maybe I'll post something about Charlie Clouser's in-store appearance in California later ;) Thanks!
Tuesday, 5/07/02

Behind the Music....That Sucks

Here's something that should keep you occupied for quite a while. A parody of VH1's "Behind the Music" series features a Nine Inch Nails animation - along with several other bands that Reznor has had conflicts with.
Behind the Music That Sucks
Monday, 5/06/02

CC news

Morpheus TechnoPagan from TRF sent us this bit:
"We are currently working very hard to finish the Triad record. The record will be available in stores everywhere, so you don't have to worry about only being able to order it online, It is being distributed by MCA. The record will be finished relatively soon (probably a month or two) but when it is released is up to the label. We all write and play on the record and Troy will be doing a lot of the singing...
Troy is still working on Enemy and I'm still working on Snake River Conspiracy's next record, so all is well in those camps. I think the record will surprise everyone, It ain't gonna be what you think it is, and that's all I can say about that. We all kinda come at it from different angles and it makes for some pretty cool music. All I can say for now is that it doesn't suck and The Triad will not let down. Thanx for the interest," (Jason Slater - SLS discussion forum, May '02).