Thursday, 6/28/01

Happy Birthday Charlie Clouser

Morpheus_TechnoPagan dropped us a note that 6/28 was Charlie's birthday. Stop by TRF Discussion section and post birthday wishes as CC checks the forum often.
Thursday, 6/28/01

September release for Romanek's "One Hour Photo"

A new feature length film by director Mark Romanek, One Hour Photo has been slated for a September 28th release - according to the Internet Movie Database. Romanek has directed many stunning music videos in the past, including The Perfect Drug and Closer for Nine Inch Nails.
So where's the real tie-in, right? Well, back in March, SLSnews posted an article or two about the film - particularly it's soundtrack. During the filming of One Hour Photo, the crew used instrumental tracks from The Fragile to set the mood. Romanek was purportedly hoping to have a soundtrack assembled by Trent Reznor, whom was apparently sent copies of several scenes, according to SLS.
Where are we going with this? If the movie is slated for a late September release, the soundtrack (if any) should be released about a week prior to the film. We don't know anything else but of this speculation. Thanks to howisya for filling us in!
Wednesday, 6/27/01

MuchMusic plays Deep (Director's Cut)

Phyle sent a brief note mentioning that MuchMusic, the Canadian music television station, plays the Director's Cut of the video for Deep, off of the Tomb Raider Soundtrack.
The edit of the video played on MTV lacks certain key scenes involving the car crash, as MTV won't play any videos containing footage resembling fatal auto crashes. (Madonna's latest video had been banned from MTV for that very same reason) So if you've got MuchMusic, email and request the track, then keep an eye out for the original cut of the video!
Tuesday, 6/26/01

Beware eBay autograph scams...

Filed under not-really-news, this is something that we're going to throw on here just as another helpful feature. There are a lot of fake Trent Reznor autographs on eBay. In fact, most of the autographs sold on there are quite fake. But how are you to know what's authentic and what's not? Caps-lock emails from the seller about how he knows a guy who got it signed in person?
Well, to the right, here, we've got a collection of autographs snagged while the band was making the rounds last year. Nothing special, but a good reference to throw at the people who sell fakes on eBay.
Thursday, 6/21/01

Director's Cut of 'Deep' video available at

Head on over to to view the Director's Cut of Nine Inch Nails' most recent video, Deep, straight from the Tomb Raider soundtrack! The video is in streaming RealVideo format and is located in the current section. According to, "the director's cut of "deep" features more graphic versions of several key scenes which were edited for US television airplay." Thanks Christian.
Saturday, 6/16/01

Deep premiere on Mtv2

The video for Deep off the Tomb Raider soundtrack premiered on Mtv2 around 7 p.m. eastern time tonight. It appears the picture from was indeed from the video. A new picture from the making of the video of Trent and director Enda McCallion exists on the site's current section. Keep your eyes open for Deep's rotation on Mtv2!
Thanks to everyone who wrote in to us. Crimsonplague was co-updater on this news story.
Tuesday, 6/12/01

Dead Hand System to open for Manson

Dead Hand System, a band comprised of Nothing assistant engineers, will be opening for Marilyn Manson. Nigel Wiesehan said, "We found out about the show last Thursday. Which was a surprise to us, but very welcomed." Nigel along with band members Doug Idle and Marcus London can be found helping out NIN on The Fragile and Nigel assisted Clint Mansell on the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack. The trio has also found a vocalist and is currently working on new material. Turn out and show your support for DHS.
Monday, 6/11/01

Trent interviewed by Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stone website has an interview with Trent covering topics such as the Fragility tour DVD and the track Deep off the Tombraider soundtrack.. There will also be an interview in the July issue and a pic of Trent with director Enda McCallion on page 28.
Thanks Johnathan.

Catch Jerome Dillon on television

Jerome is to play drums for Dave Navarro's two upcoming shows. Tune in at these dates and times:
06.19.01 Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Tuesday, 11:35pm EST on NBC.
06.22.01 Late Night with Conan O'Brien: Friday, 1:35am EST on NBC
Thanks Linanne. For more information on Jerome visit
Friday, 6/08/01

Trailer for the DVD is up!!

The trailer for the new NIN DVD is now up at!!!
Just watch the flash video all the way through (it's patient) and it will forward you to a quicktime video.' Enjoy!!

Thanks Morbyd and PoDiddley

Wednesday, 6/06/01

New B&W Live NIN photos at

This time a year ago, NIN was still blazing around North America with Fragility 2.0; We're still getting new pictures! Check out for some new photos of TR from last years tour. Thanks will!
Tuesday, 6/05/01

Tomb Raider Soundtrack In Stores Now

The Tomb Raider Soundtrack has hit the shelves today. Nine Inch Nails latest hit single, Deep, is one of the two announced singles off of the album. Along with the NIN single, theres also a U2 remix done by Chris Vrenna. The pop CD also has new Moby and more pop artists on the cd.
Deep is the latest Nine Inch Nails single, with the promo being sent to radio last month. The video for the song is in the works and should appear sometime soon.

Check out the new Sick Among the Pure

The June issue of Nothing Records e-zine Sick Among the Pure has just come out. This months issue's got a lengthy interview with webmaster of The Remix Files, Morpheus Technopagan, for your reading pleasure. Also theres a brand new humour column titled UNINI. Along with that, theres more reader submissions (something that I personally suggest you check out), concert reviews and a lot more. Check out Sick Among the Pure now!