Wednesday, 5/30/01

Telefon Tel Aviv show venues

If you would like the chance to catch Telefon Tel Aviv live this summer they will be performing at the following venues:
June 14th- Detroit Contemporary.
June 22nd- Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago at the Summer Soltice Festival. Performances begin at Midnight.
If you recall Joshua Eustis from Telefon Tel Aviv and Benelli has collaborated with Danny Lohner on remixes for NIN, A Perfect Circle and most recently on a remix of Eminem's The Way I am featuring Marilyn Manson.
Saturday, 5/26/01

New Lohner remix and more

Danny Lohner is in the studio remixing U2's new single Elevation and supposedly producing another artist's work. No word yet on who it is. There's also no indication where the U2 remix will show up. For more Danny Lohner news visit Complications of the Flesh.
Thanks to Ari.
Friday, 5/25/01

Strange new photo at

A new picture taken today can be found under the 'current' section of Based on recent rumors and reports, it would be reasonable to guess that this picture is more than likely from the Deep video shoot. The person on top appears to be Trent smothered in green paint, while the person on bottom appears to be an African American female covered in orange paint. Keep on the lookout for more updates on this soon!
Tuesday, 5/22/01

Future Telefon Tel Aviv shows

Telefon Tel Aviv will be headlining two shows this summer. One in Detroit on June 14th and another in Chicago on June 22nd. If you've enjoyed their work on NIN's Things Falling Apart and with A Perfect Circle you don't want to miss these shows! More information concerning venues coming soon.
Sunday, 5/20/01

A little background on "The Way I am" track

Joshua Eustis from Telefon Tel Aviv had a hand in the making of The Way I am performed by Marilyn Manson and Eminem. Danny Lohner and Joshua worked on the track at Benelli Design Labs in New Orleans and touch ups were completed at Nothing Studios. The guitars and vocals were tracked at various places around Los Angeles. Telefon Tel Aviv's debut album Farenheit Fair Enough is tentatively set for release in July. According to CDnow, The Way I am may be released on a U.K. reissue of The Marshall Mathers LP in August.
Friday, 5/18/01

Guns and Roses European Tour Cancelled

Guns and Roses' guitarist Buckethead is suffering from an illness that has caused the cancellation of the European tour scheduled to kick off June 1st in Germany. If you remember NIN guitarist Robin Finck joined Guns and Roses and has been performing with the band.
Thanks to Fibbel for the news.
Thursday, 5/17/01

The mystery producer is ...

Makou has informed us that Danny Lohner is the producer of the Marilyn Manson and Eminem collaboration on the track "The Way I am". The story can be found here at cdnow.

NIN member to produce Manson, Eminem duet

That's right. According to the article, Manson and Mathers are recording a heavy metal take on the Eminem track The Way I Am, and according to NME, "the song has been produced by an undisclosed member of Nine Inch Nails." While the name from the NIN camp has yet to be stated, it would be relevant to state that before working with Nine Inch Nails, Charlie Clouser had a hand in many a Manson track. Thanks to kev for the heads-up.
Tuesday, 5/15/01

Enda McCallion to direct video for "deep"'s current section updated today with more information on the video for deep - which is currently in rotation on modern rock radio (psst, call up and request it). Nine Inch Nails brings director Enda McCallion on board for the video. According to a post by fAlleNfREaK to;
Enda McCallion won third prize for Gervais Extrême "La Télévision" in 2000 at The Imagina 2000 forum, held in Monaco and Paris (Jan 31st -- Feb 4th). The awards are called the Palmar's, which are awards for both long and short form use of 3D and interactive techniques.
As says, "more info on the "deep" video soon..."

Vote for NIN on the Furious Five at Nine!

It's real easy, just click the button next to Deep and then click submit. Right now NIN is at #5 with only 11% of the vote -- Come on people, spread the word and vote this one up! Click here to cast your vote on K-ROCK's website. Takes two seconds. Thanks to Chris for the link.
Saturday, 5/12/01

Trent's Workload Update

Recently, we received official word through Trent saying that although he would love to work on Robert Smith's solo album (as the rumour has been going around recently), there have been no solid plans, discussed nor confirmed, for this collaboration with the lead singer of The Cure on his solo effort.
We also were informed that TR is currently working on a mix for N.E.R.D., The Neptunes' band specifically on the track 'Lap Dance'. Check out a photo of Trent and Pharrell Williams from N.E.R.D. in the 'current' section of!
Thursday, 5/10/01

Clouser remix release date

"Blow", also known as "Over-Flow", will be released this Fall. The interpretive companion album to the Foetus album "Flow", will feature remixes by Charlie Clouser, Sean Beavan, Amon Tobin, DJ Food, PanSonic, Kid 606, FM Einheit, Jay Wasco (Johnny Skilsaw), Panacea, Phylr, Franz Treichler (The Young Gods), Ursula 1000 and others. For more news on Charlie Clouser please visit The Remix Files.
Thanks to Morpheus TechnoPagan.
Friday, 5/04/01

Jerome Dillon news

You can catch NIN drummer Jerome Dillon on the "Crocodile Dundee in L.A." score. Jerome plays along with bassist Lee Sklar and guitarist Waddy Wachtel. For more news on Jerome Dillion visit the Dillon Dome.

Thanks Linanne.

Scans: 2-Track Deep Promotional CD

After a little rummaging around on eBay, I managed to snag this scan. Figured I'd share. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view. The CD contains both the radio edit (3:35) and the album version (4:06).

Video in the making for 'Deep'

In addition to the update on yesterday, a bit was added to it today. It states, "a video is in the works." Stay tuned for more updates on this!
Thursday, 5/03/01

Full Album Version of Deep up at

Head over to for the full album version of Deep, the latest song and second single off of the Tomb Raider soundtrack which is to be released June 5th. This version is about 25 seconds longer than the radio edit. You can find it in the "current" section. Enjoy!
Wednesday, 5/02/01

May Issue of Sick Among the Pure up and running

Nin-freaks around the globe, make sure to check out the latest issue of the hottest Nothing Records E-zine around, Sick Among the Pure. The May issue has articles on the Covered in Nails tribute album, Autechre, a site review, more reader letters, another installment of "I wanna rock" and yet another chapter of Amy Carrs great piece, "The Beautiful Liar". Not to mention a few articles written by yours truely. Make sure to check out Sick Among the Pure soon.