Tuesday, 2/27/01

SRC Drummer to Add to Tapeworm?

According to Maynard at a recent A Perfect Circle show, Snake River Conspiracy's drummer, Neil Keller, is 'involved' with Tapeworm.
Neil Keller has been playing drums for A Perfect Circle since Josh Freese, thier usual drummer, had a kid. Maynard also referred to Neil Keller as 'Neil Diamond Jr'. Neil was mentioned to APC by NIN member Charlie Clouser, and it has not been confirmed whether or not he will actually be on the album. Thanks to Morpheus Technopagan from The Remix Files for that part.
Source: David

NIN in the Media

Nine Inch Nails has appeared in a few magazine features and commercials lately. In the latest issue of Spin magazine, there is a comment on the Spin Top 40, ", don't dog us for skipping fave woodshedders like the beasties, tori, trent or lauryn hill. Just join us in prayer that they return to the fray soon." Thanks to Crystal for this bit, among many others!
In the background of a commercial for the Indianapolis radio station B105.7, Heresy can be heard. The station is an easy listening station, and in the commercial they show a bunch of people running hectically around an office with Heresy running in the background.
Source: Tim
Monday, 2/26/01

Charlie Clouser snags some new gear

After the Theremin (used during the "Fragility" tour), Charlie Clouser presents another "weird toy" of his collection. It's called the "Incantor" and Charlie describes it as follows:
"That weird device is a 'circuit-bent' instrument that started life as a Texas Instruments Speak & Math machine. It was a kind of talking math tutor for kids that spoke in a very Kraftwerk-like electronic voice. It has been bashed/modified/tortured by Dave Wright, an electronic musician/artist from San Francisco. He added switches, knobs, etc. that freak out the thing's internal circuitry, causing it to spit out weird blips, scrapes, and distorted destroyed fragments of synthetic speech sounds. Truly a fantastic and very cyber-punk device. I've always wanted one (...) It sounds truly warped and wonderful. See for audio examples of his work. Don't miss the picture of his modified Pikachu doll!! It's a winner."
Check TRF "News" or "Equipment" pages for the picture of the Incantor and for further info about Charlie's studio/live gear.
Source: Morpheus TechnoPagan
Friday, 2/23/01

Charlie Clouser/Page Hamilton Update

Earlier today, Charlie posted a message on TRF discussion forum to keep his fans informed about his current projects:
Presently, Charlie and Page Hamilton (ex-Helmet) are working on finishing demo versions of five songs they co-wrote during the NOLA studio sessions. These tracks are destined for Page's upcoming album. Charlie will also do mixes of three other songs recorded in NYC by Page and his new band.
Page is also involved in Tapeworm...
Else, Charlie just finished a remix of Deltron 3030's "Positive Contact" (on CeLLDiViSioN/75ark Records -same label as SplatterCell- but no info on when/how the remix will be released). The song is a straight-up rap track which is "a bit of a new direction" for Charlie. The Deltron 3030 remix has a heavy Prodigy/Daft Punk influence.
In March, Charlie will also work on a remix of a new Foetus track called "Quick Fix". He describes Foetus' new album as "very harsh and cool"; Jim Thirlwell asked Charlie to "destroy the track utterly, so it should be fun and chaotic like the Starfuckers remix".
Source: Morpheus TechnoPagan

Recap on Much Music's Spotlight

Last night, Much Music featured NIN on a 30 minute show called Spotlight.
They began with a clip of Into the Void and showed videos for Head Like a Hole, Wish, March of the Pigs, Hurt (Live), and Starsuckers, Inc. They concluded the show with a clip from We're in This Together. In between videos they aired interviews of Trent during each "halo" era. Starting off with an interview from 1991 about Pretty Hate Machine and Lalapoolooza, then bits from an interview about The Downward Spiral in 1994, and finally progressing to his feelings about the live radio show held back in April 2000. I managed to snag a few pictures from the more recent interview last night (not the best quality, but you get the idea).
nine inch nails on muchmusic

Don't fret - if you didn't catch the show last night, you didn't miss much. Thanks to Matt for a brief review of the show!
On another note: Also in the April issue of Alternative Press, Things Falling Apart tops the A.P. Readers Chart with the #1 position!
Thursday, 2/22/01

Phil Anselmo speaks of Tapeworm to Kerrang!

Thanks to nodie for sending this little bit over. The February 24th issue of UK music magazine Kerrang! has a brief mention of Tapeworm, and of what contribution the always charming Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo made to the project. Here's what Phil had to say:
"Believe it or not, all i did was sing to f**king songs for them," says Anselmo. "It was just me and (NIN multi-instrumental) Danny Lohner f**king around. I really didn't know if anything was going to come of it. I guess since the Nine Inch Nails record flopped or something like that I guess they've been trying to figure themselves out"
For more information on Tapeworm, be sure to check out Morpheus Technopagan's The Charlie Clouser Remix Files, under 'collaborations.'

No Luck for NIN at Grammy's

Nine Inch Nails did not win the Grammy for "Best Male Rock Vocal Performance". Into the Void was nominated, but Lenny Kravitz's again took the award.
Source: Steven Flores
Wednesday, 2/21/01

Reminder - New NIN Much Music Spotlight Tomorrow!

Just a quick refresher: If your cable/satellite company supports Much Music (the Canadian equivalent to MTV), don't forget to check local listings for the new NIN Spotlight airing tomorrow (2/22) according to the Much Music official website.
Correction to the air times:
The show normally airs at 6:30 PM EST, however, not on this particular occasion. It is showing at 11:30 PM EST. It also repeats at 4:00 AM EST and 6:30 AM EST the following Friday morning (2/23). Click here for the Daily Listings. Thanks to Robin and Nothing Can Stop Me Now for pointing this out.

Upcoming contest: Win auto'd NIN/AP poster!

Crystal from Muzic News wrote us to mention she just received her April issue of Alternative Press. On page 95, there's a contest, described in a terse but accurate paragraph:

Now pay close attention! This is in the April issue of AP. It is still February. So when you go to and do not see a link for this particular contest, keep in mind it's probably not going to be posted for a little while. Just keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks/months. Thanks a bunch, Crystal! :)
Tuesday, 2/20/01

Upcoming Spin Mag to run article on NIN on Ebay

Next month, Spin magazine is going to run an article about how NIN has cleaned out their old equipment by putting some of it on Ebay. Nothing Studios recently underwent a complete overhaul, cleaning out alot of the outdated equipment. As NIN Studio Tech Leo Herrera put it, "Nothing Studios recently underwent a major renovation and rewiring, and we purchased a LOT of new equipment in preparation for recording new albums,The sale is a way for Nothing Studios to clear out some of the older stuff that's now just taking up space"
Nine Inch Nails has put over forty mixing boards, samplers, synths drum machines and more on Ebay over the last month.

Source: Graham

Rolling Stone Australia Runs Tapeworm Article

Keeping up the recent hype around Tapeworm, and more specific, the song Vacant; the Australian version of Rolling Stone magazine ran an article describing how A Perfect Circle has made Vacant a steadfast part of thier set list.
The article also claims that the album is looking for a mid-year release, which is slightly off from Nothing Records stating that the album may see the light of day this fall.
Source: MikeWicked

Trent Reznor Animated on Recent Much Music Commercial

An Animated Trent Reznor appears with his cartoon-counterpart Marilyn Manson in a recent Much Music commercial. Much Music is the Canadian counterpart to 'Music Television' in the US.
So if you live up in Canada, or are lucky enough to get this station, make sure to keep an eye open!
Source: Mandy
Saturday, 2/17/01

And which car should you take to see that NIN ballet?

Got this email from Joe just before the weekend. In case your parents don't think Nine Inch Nails to be very classy, this is the week you should show them the Hotline, I guess.
I am the Production Director for a radio station in Chicago and I was loading a Mercedes Benz commercial today, and there's this woman saying e-business, e this and e that, but if you listen really close under the announcers voice, you can clearly hear her saying e-nine inch nails.
Joe was kind enough to send me the commercial, and I've snipped out all but the related bits. Click here to hear a realaudio clip of said commercial.
Thursday, 2/15/01

Got a NIN website? We want to link you!

That's right. It's about time that you get your page up on the NIN Hotline links page. "I emailed those guys months ago with a link and nothing's happened!" Don't worry, every last one of those emails is sitting here and being entered into a big ol' layout. However, if you haven't already emailed (or you want to again just for reinforcement) and you would like a link here, all you have to do is link to us - banner, text, flash, well hidden & hard to find, however you like it - and let me know about it
And while you're at it, since you know a thing or two about webpages, let me know what you think about the new look when you send in your link; What do you like? What do you find terribly annoying.
Wednesday, 2/14/01

Performing Ballet to Nine Inch Nails

That's right. In this article in the University of Saskatchewan's newspaper 'The Sheaf', Laura Patterson writes about Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal, who draw all types as they perform to hip-hop, Bobby McFerrin, and Nine Inch Nails instrumentals.
"Upon his arrival at the actual stage floor, Robitaille rhythmically writhed on the floor to Nine Inch Nails. Though it may sound odd, the red lighting and the haunting music combined with Robitaille's living-rag-doll motions were mesmerizing"
Source: Brent 'Goose' Towsley

Because nothing is ever easy...

You may notice things are a little bit different here. Lastnight around 2 in the morning, I was uploading, downloading, and rearranging everything on this site, when whoops, I can't access it. I couldn't get this fixed for another ten hours, so my plans for an uber-smooth changeover were defeated by Murphy's law.
Anyhow, things are changing, mostly on the inside, here at the NIN Hotline. Please sit tight while we check for weak joints, bad insulation, and all that fun stuff. I'm trying to organize this place, it's a mess!
Big thanks to WhitechapelMolly and Twistfinger for photography used throughout this site. Also generous appreciation to esinem for CGI behind the staff pages (almost done!)
Everything is going online throughout the night. Currently most of the features are up, moving the rest of this stuff around is a bitch though. Hope you like it!

Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah

Many of you have probably heard about a person in North Carolina who is claiming to be Danny Lohner, and starting various false rumors about Nine Inch Nails. In order to combat this very unsettling problem of NIN impersonators, The Meathead Perspective will teach you the appropriate steps to follow when dealing with fake Nine Inch Nails.
Source: meathead

Nothing to MTV: Tapeworm in late fall?

Now, we don't want to get your hopes too high. If you know anything about the workings of the music business, release dates are made to be pushed back. But in an article on MTV news, which basically rehashes TR's post in the green room of access, new light is shed on the Tapeworm timeline. Here's what MTV managed to get from Nothing Records:
The NIN frontman and core Tapeworm members Charlie Clouser (programmer, remixer) and Danny Lohner (guitar) hope to have their as-yet-untitled album ready by late fall, according to a spokesperson at Nothing Records.
In the meantime, you can catch the Tapeworm track "Vacant" at your nearest A Perfect Circle gig. If you're in the Baltimore/DC area, Paul and I were thinking of doing a little pre-show get-together thing for the March 3rd show at the Bender arena. Drop me an email if you want to tag along. It'll be fun.