Wednesday, 11/28/01

Upcoming TR interview in magazine

Porslaine let us know that next month's issue of Stuff magazine will contain an interview with Trent Reznor.
Tuesday, 11/27/01

Motor Music releases NIN Flashcard

Once again Nils from Naegel mit Koepfen has sped along NIN news from Germany. You can download (and send along to friends) a nice Flash e-card for the upcoming NIN release, nine inch nails live: and all that could have been. It's a nice little download, and though it doesn't have any new information in it per se, it does link to RealVideo of the television trailer they're using in Germany to promote the live Nails album and video.
  • Click here to download the PC version
  • Click here to download the Mac version
  • Tuesday, 11/20/01

    The NIN Hotline Interviews Tweaker

    Yeah, things have been kind of slow here, but that's due to a number of reasons, and we're going to make up for it big time over the coming week. The first thing we're rolling out is an exclusive interview with Chris Vrenna, former drummer for Nine Inch Nails, who currently has a solo release out as Tweaker. Click here to read what Chris has to say.
    To add to the fun, we're giving away a monsterous amount of tweaker related things. If you'd like to enter to win something, send me an email with the subject 'tweak me'. But hold on - there's a couple of things you can win, and I need you to read this the whole way through. Random numbers of people will get a tweaker postcard and sticker. We're giving away one big fat double promo flat, which contains promotional artwork for Tweaker's album and single. And finally, you can win a copy of the Alice soundtrack or The Attraction to All Things Uncertain. If you want to sign up to win the Alice soundtrack, you have to include in the body of your email, the word/number combination listed on the inside ring on the bottom of the Tweaker CD. If you look at it you'll know what I'm talking about. If you want to take a chance at the Tweaker album, you don't really have to put anything specific in the email body. Tell me about some good music you've heard, or anything like that. Confused yet? Either way, you've got a good chance to at least pick up some neat promo stuff.
    Tuesday, 11/20/01

    TTA site 'live'

    If you point your browser here you can access Telefon Tel Aviv's new website. Make sure you have Flash 5 to access all the goodies the site has to offer. Telefon Tel Aviv has worked with NIN and Danny Lohner on various remixes including those found on Things Falling Apart and with A Perfect Circle.
    Sunday, 11/18/01

    Check out

    Looking for an all-in-one NOTHING records related website? Head on over to, a great site that has a lot of content concerning nine inch nails and the other bands from the NOTHING collective. Features include news, information, images and movies, merchandise, and probably the best message board you can find on the NINternet. Other noteworthy items include the artistic design and intuitive site navigation.
    Saturday, 11/10/01

    November Issue of Sick Among the Pure Arrives

    The November issue of Sick Among the Pure online magazine has hit the net. The highly appraised 'zine is as good as ever this month. Theres an interview with Brent Smith of, along with a great review of the site.
    Theres also a preview of the upcoming live release "And All that Could Have Been", due out in the end of January, along with more great essays, reader submissions and all that makes the site great.
    Wednesday, 11/07/01

    Look who's in AP magazine...

    Check out the latest preview at for a larger image of the cover we're sporting to the left. Venus from sent us the link to the preview of the January 2002 issue, which hints at an interview as well as a review of new material. Check it out!
    Monday, 11/05/01

    Nice, brief Reznor interview on

    thevoid99 sent over a link to this new interview with Trent, talking about what's to follow The Fragile.
    "It might sound a bit insane, but on a lot of The Fragile it felt like I was writing on autopilot," he said. "I wasn't allowing myself to think over things... On this one, I'm putting it back up into my conscious side to see where I'm at right now and just kind of assess where things are."
    It's a nice little interview, catching up on the direction things are taking lately. Check it out!
    Monday, 11/05/01

    Reznor's view on current events

    At Trent Reznor comments on the recent acts of terrorism and humanity in the world today. It's a brief article, but a good read. Thanks to Victoria.

    CDnow "And All That Could Have Been" pre-order

    Visit CDnow to pre-order your copy of AATCHB NIN dvd and cd. Thanks to poe for the update.
    Sunday, 11/04/01

    Full Sin video online at TVT Records

    My buddy Gila Monster alerted me to this today while chatting about videos. Over at NIN's old label, TVT Records, you can actually watch the full video for Sin. It looks to be a rough edit, as the timing markers are still there for each of the different scenes used in the video. The audio is less then stellar as well, but it's certainly the full thing. While I'm not sure how long this has been online, I know this is longer than any copies previously released, either on Closure or on any promo tapes. Click here to go straight to the NIN video selection page and see it for yourself.
    Friday, 11/02/01

    Official 'Still' Tracklisting

    Trent has recently revealed the tracklisting for Still, the CD from the And All That Could Have Been 2 disc Deluxe Edition. Here you have it, folks:

      1. Something I Can Never Have
      2. Adrift And At Peace
      3. The Fragile
      4. The Becoming
      5. Gone, Still
      6. The Day The World Went Away
      7. And All That Could Have Been
      8. The Persistence Of Loss
      9. Leaving Hope

    According to, the disc has a running time of 43 minutes and contains 9 tracks of new and previously unreleased material.
    Mark your calandars for January 22, 2002! You won't want to miss it!