Monday, 1/29/01

Make Sure to Look for February Issue of Sick Among the Pure

The latest issue of Sick Among the Pure, a Nothing Records/NIN E-zine, will be up tomorrow. Sick Among the Pure jsut got thier own DNS ( and are the biggest NIN zine on the net, and getting bigger. This months issue contains articles on the state of Nothing Records, The Great Below and a few articles written by moi. The issue also contains an exclusive first time interview with meathead and an interview with Evan (webmaster) of SLS News.

Nine Inch Nails: Broke?

With Nine Inch Nails selling their used equipment on eBay, some may be worried that Trent Reznor is running a little low on cash. If this is the case, fear not: The Meathead Perspective is here, as usual, to serve as a beacon of hope in Trent's dark hour of need.
Saturday, 1/27/01

Maynard Praises The Fragile Again

Maynard James Keenan, lead singer of Tool and A Perfect Circle has recently sent out more good words towards The Fragile. In a recent interview with Farm Club. Along with praising Portishead, Radiohead, Tricky and Massive Attack; this is what Maynard had to say about The Fragile:
And I still always go back to Nine Inch Nails' "The Fragile." I don't think enough people have heard that one. That's definitely a sleeper that's gonna creep up on people if they just give it a chance. It's gonna be one of those records you're never gonna want to take out of your stereo.
Thanks Schloemer
Friday, 1/26/01

Nine Inch Nails Garage Sale - updated

If you haven't been watching the Nine Inch Nails garage sale on eBay, you may want to check back throughout tonite. New items that have gone up include a couple of nice displays for Apple Macs. If you've been holding out for more synths, you'll see them rolling in now, the Yamaha AN1x virtual analogue synthesizer (pictured left from Halo Thirteen era, and a Waldorf Microwave II 'used extensively on The Fragile"' ... Most of the earlier posted items now have accompanying pictures, so you can get an idea of what these things look like. Hell, they're even selling some things they wanted to keep ;)

Gary Numan, quickly, on Trent Reznor

In the current issue of AP magazine, they do a bit of free association with Gary Numan. Free association is a Fruedian technique, "talking about whatever thoughts occur to one, without logical or other censorship, especially thoughts provoked by a specific stimulus, such as a word or image." Without going through the entire list of words they brought up with Numan, Alternative Press said "Trent Reznor" and Gary Numan had this to say about him;
    Clever, noise, heavy, genius
Many thanks to Dee from Perfect Isolation for keeping me in the loop!
Thursday, 1/25/01

Informative Reznor interview in Feb. Rock Sound

There's quite an interview in the latest issue of Rock Sound magazine. Check out this snippet of information regarding what's to follow The Fragile...
So what direction are you heading in at the moment, musically speaking?

Synth-bass, but real aggressive and not in a synth-poppy kinda way. Using the power of samples and electronics in a pretty violent, in-ya-face way - almost the opposite of 'The Fragile', which I consider to be pretty organic and textual. This is more minimal and abrasive.

Granted, there are also really dumb, bait-style questions like So you're not a big fan of Fred Durst, then?. Radiohead fans will pick up on TR saying some more nice things about them (and of their label). The full interview is right here. Many thanks to nodie for typing this up - it's quite a good chat.

TVT Records drops pending lawsuit against Napster

As reported at NME, and I swear I saw it on CNN earlier today - but didn't think to grab the link... TVT Records is no longer claiming copyright infringement against Napster. Thanks to Stuart Low for sending that tidbit in.

MCM in France special broadcast - nothing but NIN & Manson

Claire from the French music station MCM, wrote in to let us know about another great special they're running involving Nine Inch Nails. On February 8th, beginning at 11pm, MCM will play a special programme consisting of all Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson videos.

Current issue of German magazine "Visions" w/ Reznor

Nils Schlüter from the fantastic German NIN site Naegel Mit Koepfen dropped us a note to mention that the current issue of Visions, a German music magazine, there's an interview with Trent Reznor. While we don't have that interview at this time, Nils plans to get back to us with details once he gets the chance;

Nine Inch Nails eBay garage sale - good stuff cheap!

Attention all you gearheads out there - Nothing Studios is slashing prices prices and unloading inventory! Okay, so we're not so great at the sales pitch, but if you've been working on your own studio setup, or maybe just want to own an implemental piece of NIN memorabilia, eBay is absolutely saturated with gear from Nothing Studios. Highlights include a Rocktron guitar pre-am used during the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, an EMAX II sampler keyboard, and a Novation Supernova used for the recording of the Fragile (maybe they won't clear the patch banks...)

The listings are pretty bare-bones at the moment, but if you know your gear that probably doesn't matter anyway. Keep an eye out for more of this kind of stuff in the future! Many thanks to Evan @ SeemsLikeSalvation for the first heads up about this gearfest.

Wednesday, 1/24/01

Behind the scenes at Nothing Studios

Trent, Keith, and Alan have began recording sessions at Nothing Studios. Take a peek at what's been going on over at Nothing Studios by checking out the latest photos in the "current" section of!
Sunday, 1/21/01

MTV's History of Sex and Closer

MTV recently held a countdown entitled "MTV's History of Sex: Hips, Lips, and Genderbenders" highlighting the 40 most groundbreaking moments in sexuality over the last 20 years. Nine Inch Nails' Closer took spot #28 for taking S&M mainstream. Although the segment featured Closer, footage from March of the Pigs and The Perfect Drug were shown as well as a small clip from a 1997 interview with Trent.
Tuesday, 1/16/01

Robin Finck rocks Rio with new, expanded Gn'R

As being reported by most major music news pages, Guns n' Roses put on quite a show at Rock n' Rio 3, a massive, multi-day festival of music held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. One of the many attractions to this huge show was a performance by a reformed Guns n' Roses, as Axl Rose has come out of seclusion.

One of three(!) lead guitarists, as you probably know, is Robin Finck, who has performed live with Nine Inch Nails since 1994. During the show, Robin greeted the crowd in Portuguese, followed by a three minute long solo performance of Brazilian Tim Maia's track 'Sossego'. Following that track, the band kicked into Sweet Child o' Mine, with Robin effortlessly tearing through the solos.

Johan Hult was kind enough to send us this picture of Robin on the big screen at RR3 (click on the pic for a full stage view) Keep an eye out for a lot more on the Finckage over at SLS_news, including a nice photo of the man with his latest fashion of hair, and links to a realvideo clip of Sossego. (He passed along these things over ICQ, but we're not gonna steal his story!)

More stories on the Guns n' Roses performance can be found at CDnow's Allstar News and MTV News. Good luck finding Robin pics though ;)

Someone at MusicMatch has been reading the NIN FAQ

In issue 10 of the MusicMatch Newsletter has a clip about How Nine Inch Nails got that name. We won't steal MM's thunder by reprinting the small piece, so click on the link and check it out - if you don't already know.

Thanks go out to the mooman _||_|-_\[_--|-_\] and Andrew for sending in that bit.

Cecil B. Demented sees January release date

The wonderfully twisted John Waters flick, Cecil B. Demented, is due out on DVD on the 23rd of January. Cecil B. Demented features a track by Jerome Dillon and Zoe Poledouris entitled "Chow", and Mr. Dillon contributes to several tracks throughout the soundtrack.

The movie is also slated for a VHS release, however the VHS will only be available to rental facilities.

Thanks go out to thewayoutisthrough from Synthetic Rhythm for the news.

Put in your vote for Chris Vrenna's Alice Sndtrk.

We got e-mail from good friend Commy, of The Perfect Drug that the fantastic Alice soundtrack is nominated for an award over at You can (and ought to) vote for the former NIN drummer's score at this page, it's a chilling soundtrack to a creepy game, and worth the voting, so make your vote count. Thanks for the update, Commy! :)
Saturday, 1/13/01

Kerrang! interview with Trent

We've been doing a little backtracking, and came up with an article from the Kerrang! 23/30 December issue of '00 with the help of Melissa. The article features an interview with Trent stating anything from 'Album of the year' to 'Wanker of the year' and everything in-between. Take a peek at a small excerpt:
Weirdest fan request of the year?
“The latest trend is me receiving letters at my house, inviting me to high school dances. The other day, there was a whole rash of requests for my band to play at proms, or somebody’s birthday party. They say stuff like, ‘It’ll be fun: we’ve got a keg’. Maybe we should go, then just not leave.”
Dive into the whole interview! Thanks Melissa (London_Mel on the boards).
Wednesday, 1/10/01

Fifty Years of Nine Inch Nails

As some of you may know, today marks the fiftieth anniversary of Nine Inch Nails' first release, Down In It! Come and join The Meathead Perspective as we celebrate Trent Reznor's accomplishments and influence during the past half century.
Wednesday, 1/10/01

The Latest Scoop on NIN

Tonight (1/10/01), at 11:00 P.M. GMT, MTV2 Europe will be showing an hour of Nine Inch Nails on tour. They will be featuring footage from backstage, frontstage, on the tour bus, and much more. Thanks to JonH from Queen Adreena for the shout out!

Also, nodie sent in a small article from the January '01 issue of UK's Rock Sound magazine. The article is an overview of more recent NIN topics such as Tapeworm and the female vocalist side-project.

According to Dan, Nine Inch Nails placed #3 on the Reader's Poll in Spin's latest issue. Ranking just above NIN was Radiohead at #1 and Pearl Jam at #2.

Thanks to everyone for your submissions!
Monday, 1/08/01

Noteworthy NIN website: TVT Records' NIN 'microsite'

While I was at work today, I got the inclination to see if TVT Records still had anything NIN related on their website. Interestingly enough, they put up this Nine Inch Nails 'microsite'.

The site has a gritty look to it, and is put together pretty well, with the exception of the occasional broken image and an empty biography about "NIN - the TVT years". It plays host to videos for Head Like a Hole and Down In It, audio from Pretty Hate Machine and related singles, as well as archiving early press about the band. There are also a few cryptic 'easter eggs' buried in the site (some of which only lead to broken images)

Wednesday, 1/03/01

NIN's Into the Void receives Grammy nomination

The nominations are in! As one can read at, Nine Inch Nails is up for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for Into the Void from The Fragile. Also nominated in this category are tracks by Bob Dylan, Don Henley, Lenny Kravitz, and David Bowie.

Also today, Nothing Records sent out a Press Release describing the recent events of Nine Inch Nails, including the Grammy nomination. Make sure to check the release out in our Press Release Archive.

Thanks to Steven Flores, Robin the Mad Photographer, James Reese, and Raine for sending that one in!

Monday, 1/01/01

January Issue of Sick Among the Pure

The latest and greatest issue of Sick Among the Pure has hit the NINternet. This month's issue contains a review of Things Falling Apart, a look over all of the new media put up on in the last month, an indepth look at The Great Below, a report on Einsturzende Neubauten and The The and much more! Some of the articles this month were written by yours truely, so make sure to check this out!
Sick Among The Pure is the greatest NIN Zine on the net, every month esteemed writers work up a whole magazines worth of reviews, previews, and editorials. Make sure to check out the January issue now! Make sure to check out all the articles, and if you feel like it, send in a letter to the editor and get your opinion posted!

TeleHit to air a NIN special with all their videos

If you live in Latinamerica, and you have cable TV, it's probably that you have also TeleHit, the Televisa's music channel, well, tomorrow they'll be airing a NIN special in their program "Espacio Alternativo" with Monica Noguera, presenting all the NIN videos and more. This show is scheduled for tomorrow, 2:00PM (Mexico). Enjoy it! :)

News on the Tapeworm project

Over the last couple weeks Charlie Clouser has been working with Page Hamilton (ex-Helmet/ D. Bowie) at Nothing Studios on the Tapeworm project. This is what Charlie had to say about Tapeworm:
"(...) I spent most of Nov./Dec. working here in New Orleans with Page Hamilton, writing more songs for his project and for my 'Tapeworm' songpile. We got a lot done and we're both pleased. Page is now locked in a room with his portastudio and a pencil and paper writing lyrics in L.A. for his project, so hopefully in a few weeks he can finalize his song list for his record. Trent has been talking lots about Tapeworm in the press, and the two of us made some new music beds to turn into songs for the future, so perhaps 2001 will actually be the year it happens. We spent about a month ripping apart his studio and putting it back together, with many upgrades and improvements, and in January I'm doing the same to my rig. (...) Other than that, it's been a lot of planning new equipment racks and tables for my studio, and changing my computer rigs around. Boring, but somehow fun! (...)"
Charlie may also begin work next month on a remix for "Deltron 3030", a new underground hip-hop project from Dan "the Automator" Nakamura. If the remix is completed it will be released on the "CeLLDiViSioN / 75ark Records", the same label as David Torn's electronica project SplatterCell (feat. remixes by Charlie).
To find out more about Charlie Clouser, P. Hamilton's solo project, Tapeworm, and SplatterCell check out the Collaborations, Remixes, and News sections at The Remix Files. Thanks to Morpheus TechnoPagan for the information.

Design is Kinky Interviews David Carson

Although this is not a NIN focused interview, it is still worth the read for David Carson fans. Posted on the website "Design is Kinky", the interview brings up both past and present projects, including his work with Nine Inch Nails.
To read the Carson interview, simply go here.
Thanks to Philtre for the information.