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Hotline Contest! Win Free T-Shirt or Halo 16 Vinyl

Thats right! The NIN Hotline has officially opened its first contest. For the Grand Prize, we've got two extra T-shirts that were given out only at the L.A. Dress Rehearsal back in April 2000. The shirts are extremely rare, and can't be bought anywhere! The second prize (three winners) is a vinyl copy of the upcoming Nine Inch Nails release: Things Falling Apart.

The contest consists of 20 questions that range from delving into your deep NIN knowledge to searching around the features on this site a little. The contest will be running until October 13th at midnight and the prizes will be shipped out the following week.

Sorry, but we can't ship outside of the Continental U.S., so if you don't live in one of those 48 great states, you cannot enter this contest. Winning entries will be chosen randomly from a pool of entries in which all questions were answered successfully. Good luck!

Enter the contest!

Friday, 9/29/00

Hotline t-shirt information update

Been a while, eh? Fret not! We've just placed the order with the printer, and the shirts' production [and subsequent shipping] should be underway shortly. From this point on, I'll be updating those of you who ordered privately via email as things wind down.
Thursday, 9/28/00

Several NIN references in latest A.P.

Marilyn Manson graces the cover of the current issue of Alternative Press for November 2000. In this issue, many mentions of Nine Inch Nails are made. First, is an article concerning the highly anticipated live DVD & EP Things Falling Apart on page 17. Here is what the article says:
FALLING FOWARD - NIN Issue Fragile remix companion, live DVD
On Oct. 24, nothing will release Things Falling Apart, a collection of mixes and unreleased tracks by Nine Inch Nails. The collection features a new cover version of Gary Numan's "Metal," "Slipping Away," an outtake from NIN's last record, The Fragile, and a number of remixes of Fragile tracks rehauled by Trent Reznor, Adrian Sherwood, "Rave" Ogilvie, Telefon Tel Aviv and Nail-mates Charlie Clouser, Danny Lohner and Keith Hillebrandt.

"It's like a coda to The Fragile, says Reznor about the mix collection. "Coming from the old-school, vinyl 12-inch days, I thought it was interesting when bands would have people I liked reinterpret their tracks. I like this record because it was a place where I could go and not feel any pressure. The format is more casual and the randomness is still there."

Also slated for release is a longform VHS-video and DVD of performances culled from various stops on the U.S. Fragility 2.0 tour, which Reznor is preparing in his New Orleans-based studio.

"I started diggin' into technical aspects of [DVD production]," he says. "I'm no longer a musician--I'm a computer engineer! In the midst of the tour we felt a sense of pride in what we accomplished and I felt it should be documented. We made the mistake of getting a film crew and we got that Bon-Jovi-pay-per-view-HBO shitty concert thing. So we went out and bought good digital cameras and filmed the last 10 shows. [The DVD] gives you the feeling of being there, as opposed to some glamourous rock show."

Trent Reznor tells the A.P. News Desk that Nine inch Nails fans won't have to wait another five years to hear new music from him. "I want to have a new album out by this time next year," he says. "Then there's the Tapeworm project and my own things, which falls outside of the parameters of Nine Inch Nails. I'd like to work with a vocalist and lyricist, because it frees me up to explore new things musically."
Featured with the article are two small live pictures from the tour. Next, an exclusive interview with drummer Jerome Dillon on page 57.

What's your current setup?
I'm using Orange County drums, Deep Drum trigger pads and Zidijian cymbals.

How would you describe your style?
It evolved over many years of listening to many drummers, but trying not to become too enamored by any one. I tried to develop my own thing by listening to as many styles of music possible. To me, it never was about being the best possible drummer I could be as it was about being the best possible musician I could be.

How do you achieve your style?
I practiced quite a bit as a kid and then I got to a point where I wanted to strip things down as much as possible. By using the limitations of a small kit, I forced myself to do as much as I possibly could with fewer tools. I tried to get as many sounds out of one drum as possible.

Who are your influences?
There are a few drummers that I absolutedly love--Charlie Drayton, Steve Jordan, Andy Newmark--guys that you can immeadiately tell who they are just by how they hit the snare drum and the way the kit sounds.

What advice would you give a beginning drummer?
Find your own identity as soon as possible. Listen to all kinds of music. Don't try to emulate anyone. Don't give up.

What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you onstage and how did you deal with it?
I got popped in the heard in Hartford, Connecticut, with a flying projectile--I'm still not sure what it was--and it knocked me unconcious for about 10 seconds. Then I realized that the band was playing without me. The entire band and audience were looking at me. It was a challenge to get through the rest of the set becaused I was dazed and confused trying to remember the material.
A picture of Jerome is also featured below this article. Finally, a little tidbit is mentioned about Reznor by Manson on page 86.

Trent Reznor:
"Well, that friendship is always in question. I think we've put our problems of the past behind us, but there have been some things that have arisen, so I can't say our friendship is as good as it should be. He's very serious and not as agressive in his search for knowledge as I am--I know just by being the one who's turned him on to different ideas in the past. That's where we differ as artists--his art is very introspective, and I try to relate my introspective ideas to other people."
Last, but not least, are two other short articles of interest: an interview with Josh Freese (drums) of A Perfect Circle, similar to Jerome's, on page 61 and a review of Russell Mills' (record cover artist for The Downward Spiral) second album Strange Familiar on page 113. The review is concluded with the line, "But maybe in its black comedy way, that's the point, starfuckers."

Things Falling Apart available for preorder on CDnow

Kyle C. from Above it All and frequent newshound SoNiN435 wrote in about a new release on The remix EP, Things Falling Apart, is available for pre-order on CD and Vinyl. Kyle reports that the CD is currently priced at $14.98, while the vinyl is nearly a buck cheaper at $13.99.
Wednesday, 9/27/00

An update on Charlie Clouser's SPLaTTeRCeLL remix

A clip of C. Clouser's SPLaTTeRCeLL remix is now available at the official SPLaTTeRCeLL sound-page. Charlie's remix "Multisplat" is featured on the "SPLaTTeRCeLL: ReMiKSiS: AH" remix EP. He describes the full-length album as "strange, beautiful, raw, haunting. Four of my favorite qualities for a record to have. Well done!" For additional information visit The Remix Files news section or the "SPLaTTeRCeLL" page for more information about guitarist David Torn's electronica project. Thanks to Morpheus TechnoPagan for the update.

Nine Inch Elvis to be Released soon by members of Nitzer Ebb and Skrew

On October 3rd, a band named Nine Inch Elvis will be releasing a self titled CD through Invisible Records. The parody band, Nine Inch Elvis, consists of a few members of industrial groups Nitzer Ebb and Skrew. The Hotlines very own Myc contacted Invisible Records, and they described the CD as "a parody...elvis songs done in the vain of nine inch nails." The CD is also availabe on through CDNow.

Faked "Things Falling Apart" tracks on Napster

thewayoutisthrough wrote in to note that several hoax NIN tracks have been floating around on Napster as of late. If you've done a search for Nine Inch Nails in the Artist field, and apart in the Title field, you've probably run across these:

Slipping Away
The Great Collapse
Unto You
This faux Slipping Away contains elements from "Into the Void" but is not the track off the as-of-yet-unreleased EP. Nor is The Great Below the official track. "Unto You" and "Spinning" are actually songs by a group entitled "Digital Ministry." For the official tracklisting of Things Falling Apart, which is due for an October 24 release, please see

Tuesday, 9/26/00

Nine Inch Nails content in upcoming issue of AP

The November issue of Alternative Press, featuring Nothing artist Marilyn Manson on the cover, is set to have some information about the upcoming NIN remix EP, Things Falling Apart. Also, in AP's 'Bang-On Drum Guide', they talk a little with the drummers from A Perfect Circle & Nine Inch Nails (Josh Freese and Jerome Dillon, respectively).
Sunday, 9/24/00

Behind the Scenes with Meathead

Ever wonder what they're doing in there all day at Nothing Studios? Let The Meathead Perspective take you on a guided tour so you can find out for yourself!
Saturday, 9/23/00

Sammy Hagar Interested in Working with Reznor

Sammy Hagar, most notably known for his work as a vocalist for Van Halen, recently appeared on VH1's The Rock Show. During the show, Hagar expressed interest in working with Trent Reznor in the future. Hagar also praised The Fragile, and A Perfect Circle.

New peekture on is featuring a new image of Robin Finck playing the guitar. Interesting photo - Check it out! Thanks Karl.
Thursday, 9/21/00

The latest DVD scoop featured in Rolling Stone

In Issue 851 of Rolling Stone, there is an article briefly describing the upcoming DVD. This article is shared with Beastie Boys, as well as Underworld. Without further adieu, here is NIN's role in the article:
"It's Six Speakers, Man!" Beasties, Underworld, and NIN explore the new DVD medium - DVD, once the preferred format of film geeks and porn aficionados, could finally make the grade for music fans thanks to new offerings from artists such as the Beastie Boys, Underworld and Nine Inch Nails.

Especially enticing for recording artists making DVDs is the prospect of a whole new kind of listening experience. Most current DVDs offer Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, which utilizes not two but six speakers. "Instead of limiting the sound to one wall," says Trent Reznor, "your palette becomes the whole room." Already, Reznor and Underworld say they're eager to record new material specifically for surround-sound technology. "It's the Wild West for this kind of audio," Reznor says. Or, as Rick Smith of Underworld puts it, "It's six speakers, man!"

Nine Inch Nails, as-yet-untitled: Working with a fleet of Macintosh computers and digital footage from his performances on the Fragility v 2.0 Tour, Trent Reznor is busy in his New Orleans studio assembling this DVD for a November release. Reznor hopes the 5.1 sound - and multiple camera angles, plus maybe even an audio-commentary track - will transcend the ordinary confines of a live concert video without getting too gimmicky. "What this really comes down to is tempering your enthusiasm for a new technology," he says, "and reminding yourself that you're an artist, and try to do something tasteful." -- David Kushner
Also, a picture of Reznor clutching the microphone close to his mouth and numerous hands of fans reaching out to him goes along with the article, with a caption stating: "A soon-to-be-released DVD from Nine Inch Nails puts Trent Reznor up for grabs in your living room." celebrates 1 year anniversary of The Fragile

Venus, webmistress of, has informed us of an avi movie that viewers can download in order to celebrate the one year anniversary of The Fragile. It was inspired by "La Mer" and done by her colleague, Atom. It is compressed in a zip file and available for downloading here. Join in on the celebration and check it out! And don't forget, Jane is always accepting new submissions for her website, and greatly appreciates everyone's participation.

The Fragile: 1 Year Ago Today

Nine Inch Nails latest CD, The Fragile, was released one year ago to the day. The next week, The Fragile was number one on Billboards Top 200 list. And this year, LL Cool J is on the top. The Fragile was released five years after Nine Inch Nails previous studio album, and now the following remix album is only a month away.
Tuesday, 9/19/00

Starfuckers Video Nominated for Billboard Video Music Award

The video for Starsuckers has been nominated for Best Clip in Modern Rock Category. The awards show is set for November 10th. Heres what Nothing Records had to say:
nine inch nails' video for starsuckers, inc., directed by marilyn manson and robert hales, has been nominated for a 2000 billboard video music award. The video was nominated for "best clip" in the modern rock category. other nominees include the beastie boys, foo fighters, red hot chili peppers, and stone temple pilots.
Tuesday, 9/19/00

Halo Ninetynine Re-Opens!

Halo Ninetynine has just re-opened. The site, designed by Virii, contains a ton of great Nails information and multimedia files you can't find anywhere else. The site also has a weekly newsletter that sums up the Nine Inch Nails happenings of the week. The site also contains an in depth tour section.

Make sure to go check out Halo Ninetynine now!