Friday, 3/31/00

Enter to win to see NIN's final dress rehearsals in LA

The official nine inch nails website opened up a contest. One lucky winner gets two tickets to see Nine Inch Nails play their final dress rehearsal in Los Angeles. Five runner-ups will get a sleek tshirt (not bad). The downside: you provide your own transportation to the show. Anyhow, best of luck, let us know if you win ;)

New images at Fountain of Decay from Hit Parader

We got an email from Dave over at Fountain of Decay, as he's just put up scans of a new article in Hit Parader, as well as this new shot of Trent (click the thumbnail to the left). Check out Fountain of Decay for the article, and TR-pix-a-plenty. Thanks Dave! :)

NIN Hotline Tour Section Updated...

Our tour section has all the official North American tour dates listed now, with links to the homepages of every venue listed. There's more on the way, as we compile the flyers we've received and put together more goodies for you :) Look for another NIN font release exclusively from the NIN Hotline, coming tonite or this weekend.

A clarification on Object

We've received a few emails asking what the link to Object Merchandise from Nine Inch Nails' official site is all about. If you bought a tour shirt while the band was performing Fragility 1.0, your shirt probably had a patch that looked not unlike the logo at From our understanding, Object Merchandise is to Nine Inch Nails now as J Artist Management was to Nine Inch Nails in the past. In the past they've carried merchandise for several nothing artists, such as 12 Rounds and since-departed Meat Beat Manifesto, and also carry merchandise for Atari Teenage Riot, who toured with NIN during Fragility 1.0. So Object's website will likely be a place to order merchandise directly from the source. Keep your eyes peeled...
Thursday, 3/30/00

More Information on New York Show

The New York City concert will be held on May 9th at Madison Square Garden, not Nassau Colleseum. K-rock is giving away tickets to the show, free copies of The Fragile, and most cooly A free pair of tickets to see a NIN Dress rehersal in L.A. The tickets will go on sale on April 7th at 3pm.

WFNX in Boston giving away NIN tickets...

Station WFNX from Boston Mass. are giving away two tickets to see Nine Inch Nails at the Centrum in Worcester. To win tickets to the May 2nd show, listen tomorrow and catch when they play a NIN song and call in. The grand prize winner apparently gets two tickets to fly out and see NIN perform at their final dress rehearsal in LA. I sure wish York, PA radio stations held contests like this :b Click here for more information. Thanks Monika for writing in about this :)

KROCK in New York giving away tickets to a new NY date

Chris wrote very excitedly to let us know that New York radio station KROCK is giving away tickets to a Nine Inch Nails show on May 9th at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island. Neither of the current New York dates were on the latest press release, but it's pretty safe to say these are legit.

NIN graces Allstar news

Keith from wrote in to mention that Nine Inch Nails grace CDnow's AllStar News, in a story about them playing European festivals. The article notes that this is the first time the band have played festivals. I guess that would be excluding the Big Day Out, Woodstock, two Lollapaloozas... well, anyhow, that's that about that.

Rockin' On TR interview translated

Many thanks to Isobel, who translated this new Trent interview in the March issue of Rockin' On magazine. It covers new area, talking about how Universal/Interscope didn't want NIN to tour Japan, etc. Check it out!
Tuesday, 3/07/00

Slice of meat?

the U.S. tour is just around the bend and the meathead perspective offers final tips to prepare you for the anarchy.
Monday, 3/06/00

New Zealand Petition

Live in New Zealand? Want to See NIN come to New Zealand after they tour Australia in the fall? Akrid has set up a Petition to get NIN to come to New Zealand. Go sign your name if you wanna see NIN in New Zealand. sale over - shirts now $12.50

Well, it couldn't last forever. If you got your Fragility 2000 shirt for $11.75, good for you. If you haven't, prices have gone up all of seventy-five cents. For $12.50, I don't think you can find them cheaper anywhere in the world. Considering these could be selling for $25 on the tour, once it kicks off, take advantage of this bargain offer. Click here to go straight to cdsquare's NIN page. CDsquare's a bunch of nice guys, I've bought some stuff from em before, and their service is fantastic. And I mean, cripes, look at their prices! Wanna know what it looks like? Here's some shots Commy from ThePerfectDrug sent us when she picked the shirt up while NIN toured Japan.

Sunday, 3/05/00

Vote for Nine Inch Nails at

Just an independant project, this page is holding a poll on the best music videos. Nine Inch Nails has jumped from 2 votes up to over 16,000. You can vote multiple times on this board ;) So if you've got a little spare time, help make Nine Inch Nails overcome the top acts listed now, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. Spread the word about good music to those who might not know otherwise.

NIN Fragility special to re-air on MTV today

Susan wrote in to remind everyone that MTV is airing the live Nine Inch Nails special, Fragility 1.0, tonight at 11:30. You can's online schedule and see for yourself :) Thanks Susan! statistics on sales of The Fragile

***Nick*** sent in this list off of Apparently, The Fragile is in the top 20 ordered items from the following:
Apple Computer Inc: #5, Accosiation of Computer Machinery: #19, Ericsson Network Systems: #8, Qualcomm Inc: #2, Redmond, WA: #20, University of Illinois: #9, Software Tool & Die: #16, Takoma Park, MD #5, Software: #10, U.S. Marine Corps: #18, Pennsyvania State University: #10, U.S. Military Academy: #5, Maryland Universities: #11, Carnegie Mellon University: #6, Electronic Arts: #2, Indiana Universities: #15, Vanderbilt University: #13, Wired Ventures Inc: #4, Rutgers University: #17, Ohio State University: #14, Univerity of Illinois at Urbana Champaighn: #5, Leighiegh University: #5, Kansas Universities: #2, University of California at San Diego: #17

Painful Convictions makes Entertainment Weekly

frail noticed that Painful Convictions, i.e., made Entertainment Weekly's What to Surf section. On top of a good review, the page got an A-. Way to go Matt Brink!
From the still-beating heart of middle America (Omaha that is) comes...a NIN fan site, courtesy of creator Matthew Brink. Sure, there's no shortage of online Reznor shrines, but few capture the meditative side of music's favorite tormented soul. Fewer still have ever-changing trivia items in the upper right hand corner. All of the basics are here, of course - remixes, downloads, fonts - but the real star is the design: spare, soulful, and, dare we say classy. A-
frail also noted something found earlier in the magazine involving NIN;
In the same issue, in the mail section, there is a letter from a disgruntled writer chastising EW for stating that no one cared about the Best Alternative category at the grammys. He states, "NIN is still the truest band currently playing and Tori Amos reaches millions of unsugared, aware, and intelligent young women. I weep for popular music. All sugar sweet, no lasting value."
So head over to and give Matt a pat on the back for the review :)
Saturday, 3/04/00

Rehersals Start

Thats right, Nine Inch Nails has started rehearsing for the U.S. tour. We can expect tour dates VERY soon. Though it is not confirmed, Nine Inch Nails should be playing more songs off of The Fragile than the previous shows in Europe/Asia.
Friday, 3/03/00

Not-so NIN Shirt

Mr. Reconstruct has found this little bit on Ebay. This shirt is actually NOT a Nine Inch Nails shirt, its a shirt that actually supports christianity. Its pretty witty, using NIN logos and album names.
Thursday, 3/02/00 has Halo 6 + 9 For Sale

The has Fixed and Closer to God re-releases available for purchase. The Halo 9 CD comes with all 9 tracks on one CD! Both CDs are released under the Nothing Label in the U.S. You can order the CD's online useing the online cart system.
Wednesday, 3/01/00

Re-issues of Halo 6 and 9 Available at Tower Records

Tower Records has started selling the American re-issues of Fixed and the Closer to God single. Both CDs are available for $4.99. Just a bit cheaper then the US version of Fixed used to sell for! Thanks to Nick for passing on the figures.

For your viewing enhancement...

We made a tiny change to the Hotline's news page format. You need The Fragile Truetype Font to properly experience the change. And it's just an excuse to check out this font based on the Fragile's bold, capital letters as seen on and official NIN Merchandise. Check it out!

Still a work in progress, but still functioning

Breaking the news archives into a day-by-day listing is a real pain in the ass. But we'd like to do that before we go official with our search engine. However, you can still search the article archives, the meathead perspective archives, the press release archives, and our monthly archives. So click here and see what you can dig up.

Tapeworm Update courtesy The Remix Files

Charlie Clouser emailed Morpheus TechnoPagan, of The Remix Files with some further information regarding Tapeworm and collaborations with Page Hamilton (Formerly of Helmet).
He confirmed that he was in studio last week with Page Hamilton in New Orleans.
P. Hamilton is the former Helmet singer / guitarist, who went on tour recently with David Bowie to promote his "Hours" album...

Charlie and Page co-wrote and recorded almost ten songs!
Some tracks are meant for the P. Hamilton forthcoming solo album and some others for the Tapeworm project.

You can read the content of Charlie's e-mail in exclusivity in the "News" section of "The Remix Files"
( Charlie also describes herein some of his last week recordings.

If you want to find out more about these two projects, you will also find the "Page Hamilton" and "Tapeworm" pages in the "Collaborations" section of "The Remix Files".

Thanks again to Morpheus TechnoPagan for providing the good news :)