Tuesday, 2/29/00

Meathead Finds Whats Really Happening

Though the promised didn't open this month, The latest meathead perspective has hit the web today. Find out why the Nothing page has been 'under construction' for so long!

NIN Mention during Mtv's Return of the Rock

Ebonight caught up with us about some news during the MTV special;
On Mtv's Return of the Rock today, the host was talking about nin just coming back from their tour of Austrailia. And said that Trent was going to take a short break before the US tour to remix some songs off of Bowie's new album.
More Bowie/NIN collaborations coming into fruitation are always good news, but we can't wait 'til that 'short break' comes to a close soon.

Transcription of Trent's appearance on RAGE TV...

...almost in its entirety! But hey, Trent's a talkative guy once you get him going, so you can't blame Stuart for getting as far as he did and collapsing in writhing pain from carpal tunnels. Nonetheless, check out what Trent had to say about the bands he chose for RAGE's playlist when he played host for a day. Thanks a bunch Stu!

NIN Brixton Gig airs on Triple J in Australia

Nine Inch Nails fans were treated to five songs from Nine Inch Nails performance at the Brixton Academy in London from the last show in the European tour. The songs played were Somewhat Damaged, The Great Below, The Way Out Is Through, Head Like A Hole, and The Day The World Went Away. Stuart, who sent the playlist, had this much to say about the program;
Good quality (naturally), but pretty average song selection. With so many brilliant songs on the setlist from Brixton, it was quite disapointing. I think it'd be the same as the video they played on MTV.
Thanks for the news Stu!
Monday, 2/28/00

NIN Sighting on Playboy Channel!!

Peter Short was watching the Playboy channel on Friday, and they used a sample of Nine Inch Nails during the special wittingly titled "Sexcetra". Heres what he had to say:
I was watching the Playboy channel and a program came on called "Sexcetra". At the very end of the opening sequence as the music came to a halt all that was left was Trent's scream from "the downward spiral" the big lasting one. I guess thats supposed to turn you on. Works for me! Incedently, the episode started out with the worlds biggest gang bang ("I want to fuck everyone in the world.")
Make your own conclusions on that one! :-)

Alan Moulder and Flood Credited in New Pumpkins album

The latest Smashing Pumpkins CD, MACHINA/The Machines of God, comes out tomorrow. The album was co-mixed by Alan Moulder, who produced The Fragile with Trent Reznor (We've done an exclusive interview with Moulder). Also, the album was co-produced by Flood (who did alot of work with The Downward Spiral)

Halos 6 and 9 rereleased in the US under 'nothing' label

#nin99 overlord Myc brought it to our attention that Closer to God and Fixed are back in print on Nothing Records. Both singles lacked any markings from TVT, Interscope, or the Atlantic Group, and were available for $6 a piece. Hopefully this will cut down some of your eBay expenses. If your store doesn't have it, ask them to order it :) These are definately two very excellent EP releases.
Sunday, 2/27/00

Hit Parader Pics

I know I promised the Hit Parader pictures two days ago, but Dave at The Fountain of Decay has uploaded them. So go check them out!

Reznor Programs Rage.

The Australian music video TV show, Rage, was programmed by Trent Reznor last night. He played alot of his favorite videos, did alot of talking about them, and compared the original March of the Pigs video to Spinal Tap.

NIN Mention on Politically Incorrect

The ABC show, Pollitically Incorrect, had a large discussion concerning Nine Inch Nails and John McCain last night. Politically Incorrect is a show where 4 celebrities get together and argue about a certain subject. This episode had Lars Ulrich, Dennis Miller, The Goo Goo Dolls singer, and " Some crazy news talk show lady". Heres what Flash had to say about it:
The stupid girl brought up how she voted for mccain on the primaries. later in the show she went on to bash mccain for saying he liked nine inch nails. "how can we trust a president who likes a band who sings 'i wanna bleep you like and animal' and degrades women sings about violence..." etc etc... dennis responded with "then why the hell did you vote for him?"

the rest of the show was about mccain and nine inch nails and dennis making an ass out of that crazy girl. i got the impression that dennis might be a nin fan... he did a lot of defending. i also go the feeling that lars from metalica doesnt like nin 'cuz he kept trying to change the subject...

Friday, 2/25/00

NIN Mention on Politically Incorrect

The ABC show, Pollitically Incorrect, had a large discussion concerning Nine Inch Nails and John McCain last night. Politically Incorrect is a show where 4 celebrities get together and argue about a certain subject. This episode had Lars Ulrich, Dennis Miller, The Goo Goo Dolls singer, and " Some crazy news talk show lady". Heres what Flash had to say about it:
The stupid girl brought up how she voted for mccain on the primaries. later in the show she went on to bash mccain for saying he liked nine inch nails. "how can we trust a president who likes a band who sings 'i wanna bleep you like and animal' and degrades women sings about violence..." etc etc... dennis responded with "then why the hell did you vote for him?"

the rest of the show was about mccain and nine inch nails and dennis making an ass out of that crazy girl. i got the impression that dennis might be a nin fan... he did a lot of defending. i also go the feeling that lars from metalica doesnt like nin 'cuz he kept trying to change the subject...

Hit Parader has NIN Special

Alternative magazine Hit parader has an article about Nine Inch Nails in thier latest issue. The issue has a new picture or two, and a good write up. We'll have scans of the pictures up tomorrow.

Cheap Fragile tshirts

If you've never been to before, check them out. They certainly carry a lot of Nine Inch Nails merchandise, and their prices can't be beat. (I still can't get over my $11 Closer subway poster, large!) Well, CDsquare dropped an email letting us know to let you know that they've got the new NIN tshirts, and what a steal!

nin0114 - nin - the fragile flower - $11.75 - on sale limited time price only
nin0115 - nin - the fragile babydoll - tan babydoll - $12.25
noth0034 - nothing records - black l/s w/ nothing b/w logo $15.99

Apparently these new designs won't hit the streets for another week or two, and they'll have pictures of the merchandise up soon. Now couldn't be a better time to pick up a new NIN shirt :)

Wednesday, 2/23/00

Rage Playlist

Trent's Rage Playlist was posted and found here at Rage's website. Check it out, it shows Trent's diverse tastes. It's quite obvious the ARIA Top 50 is *not* Trent Reznor's choices.

Matt Johnson of "The The" to collaborate with Trent Reznor

German music magazine Zillo held an interview with "The The's" Matt Johnson in their latest issue. Matt said that he would do a record with Trent Reznor in the future, however it's not specified wether this is going to be a The The album, or a seperate side project. Thanks again nils!

Nine Inch Nails headlining the Hurricane festivals!

Nils also sends word that Nine Inch Nails is headlining the German Hurricane festivals on June 24th and June 25th! For further information, URL yourself @ and

Alan Moulder Interview: German Translation!

Huge thanks go out to nils of the German site, Naegel mit Koepfen, as he has translated our exclusive interview with Alan Moulder, co-producer of The Fragile, into German! Click here to get the German translation of the interview!

More on Trent Reznor guest-programming RAGE

Aussie fans, don't forget that TR's going to be on RAGE this weekend. Stu sent word about this little bit on Rage's website, featuring a downloadable clip of Trent giving a little intro to his show. The write up borrows heavily from one of the first press releases given out for 'The Fragile', but it's quite nice anyhow :) Click here to check out the page, you can view the intro in either Quicktime or Real formats. d. mokey adds that the site will also list Trent's playlist, however that section hasn't yet been updated.

1999 Spin Reader's Poll

The February issue of Spin lists the winners (and losers) of the 1999 reader's poll. Nine Inch Nails won for 'Best Band', surpassing the likes of Limp Bizkit and Korn. Shirley Manson and Everlast also listed 'The Fragile' in their top 5 list of the best albums of the year. Did we mention that "The Fragile" ranked in as 'best album' as well? Well, it did :)
Wednesday, 2/23/00

No Luck At Grammys

Well, I guess Starfuck isnt as offensive as Fistfuck. Nine Inch Nails didnt win any grammys this year. The Fragile lost to Beck for best alternative performance. And Starfuckers lost to Black Sabbaths Iron Man (no offense, but the song is 20 years old) in the best Metal Performance category.

NIN To be on Live At The Wireless

Australian Radio Station JJJ is going to be airing Nine Inch Nails Live at the Wireless. The show will be on February 28th at 9pm. It is a live broadcast from the Big Day Out performance. No word on whether they will play the whole set, or just the songs that were broadcast over Australian TV.

VH1: Sound Affects wants you! Maybe.

Many thanks to Moo Cow for this information, which you can find originally posted on Rusty Nails's news section.

Sound Affects, a television show on VH1, is currently looking for Nine Inch Nails fans with good stories of what role NIN's music has in their lives. Is a NIN song profoundly associated with a powerful incident in your life? Did NIN help convince you to do something you wouldn't normally have done? Are you a different person today for being exposed to NIN? Then VH1 wants to hear from you.

They are primarily looking for people in Los Angeles or New York, since they will be interviewing people. However, if you live far away, but would be willing to travel at your own expense, feel free to contribute.

To contribute, send your stories to If your story is chosen, you will then be interviewed in either Los Angeles or New York. Please note that all people who are interviewed may not be featured on the show. But those who do make it have a chance to be on a VH1 show that, if it does well in its first airings, will become a series.

They have already interviewed some famous people (Dave Mustaine, Henry Rollins) but by and large just want everyday people with strong NIN- or music-related stories.

Interesting... Anyway, it might be worth checking out.

Tuesday, 2/22/00

Japanese Happenings and Printed Substance

Quite a massive mail from Commy@ThePerfectDrug about a few appearenced from Trent in Japanese media.

First, Young Guitar magazine, Famous magazine (A fashion/music mag, see also:Details), and Sounds & Recording (aimed at audiophiles) all feature reviews of the Japanese live gigs and some photos from the Japanese shows. Apparently the reviews were pretty lame, Sound & Recording didn't even get the setlist right. Commy's got more pictures from Young Guitar and Sound & Recording here at her J-archives.

Buzz magazine also featured an interview with Trent, and gave daily stats on the five Japanese tour dates, as well as a small article on Nine Inch Nails performing at the Big Day Out in Australia. The picture we've thumbnailed above is from Crossbeat magazine, which featured an interview with Trent, as well as brief interviews with the rest of the live band.
"How's Tapeworm now?"

Danny:"We want to finishing it as more aggressive, up-tempo and heavy style now. 'The Fragile' was almost made with a groove, so it's a reaction, I think. And we want to making an up-beat and aggressive music with a lot of guitar sounds deliberately."

"You want to make some discrimination against NIN?"

Charlie:"Oh yeah. Actually Trent was singing in Tape Worm project, but we want to finish it which as listener never confuse it with NIN. We have about 4 songs with Phil Anthermo of Pantera and Maynard of Tool. There's such original identity different with NIN, it's very important thing. We want to releasing it till the end of this year."

"What's an identity of NIN or Tapeworm?"

Charlie:"NIN is connected closely with Trent's own impression. NIN just came from his heart, we didn't write any lyrics. But in Tape Worm project, there's a song which Maynard wrote some lyrics then Trent and us finished the lyrics. You can understanding from this example, Tapeworm is fairly different with NIN."
Danny:"Trent was understanding well that if he write all of the lyrics, all of theme and lyrics will be similar to NIN. So he deliberately working with other people."
Charlie:"I think Trent was spending the most hard time to break with his own style."

Commy was a bit upset with the Japanese interviews, as she says, "'It's just like a's not 'a conversation'."

In Crossbeat magazine's reader's poll, TF ranked as "album of the year". Also Trent ranked number two of "the best song writer", number three of "the best male vocalist". In both category, Beck ranked number one. So interviewer ask about Beck to Trent.

"For example, Beck change all of his pressure into his pleasure or excitement. What do you think about his stance and Beck's music?"

Trent:"Beck, yeah, he's very smart. I don't know about Beck's music well... I feel a nimble humor in Beck's, it don't attract my mind and I'm not interested to it so much. I don't have any interesting in something joking and funny, or thought of 'don't worry, take it easy'...which Will Smith seems to say. I don't compare Beck with such thing, but in his music, there's something an ironical thing which I don't want to pay my attention.
In the recent music scene, there's so much thing which I don't want to pay my attention, Beck is one of them. To tell the truth, I don't like his style (and he changed his expression strictly). In the rock'n'roll world, there's too much laughing people. I dislike gag and humor, so I don't go to see a comedy movie...I never want to laughing because everything of the world going to ruin.
A dark and serious side of the world whets my interest more."

Commy notes, these aren't the exact words of the band, but it's the same meaning. Which really is no big deal :) Thanks a bunch Commy for all the news!

Fresh Meat! Get your fresh meat!

This weeks meathead perspective gives you the inside scoop on tour dates, how they come about, and why you haven't seen any yet. Come and get it! to reopen March 1st!

Things have finally been set in motion (after some busy-ness I've been dealing with) to get back on track. sends word that everything should be live March 1st! More on that sort of thing throughout the week ;)

Q Magazine Article, scans coming soon...

My scanner's being a pain in the arse, but that didn't keep me from typing up Q magazine's review of the Nine Inch Nails gig in Tilberg. Stay tuned for more text and pics from Japanese cool-grrl Commy, some news regarding a VH1 special involving NIN (and more importantly, those influenced by NIN), and more as we get to it. Enjoy!

But rather than type the whole thing up again...

SLS Nothing News has noted that the Mix interview with Alan Moulder can be found at Mix's website. You can cut to the chase and go straight to the article, as the website's a little, erm, sloppy. Many thanks Evan for prolonging the onset carpal tunnel syndrome a little longer.

Q Magazine, Mix Magazine Interviews & Scans Later Today

Though it sure has been quiet, and we'd love to say 'We've got US tour dates!', that's just not going to happen. However, we've got some reading for you later in the day. [i.e. when I get home and upload what I've typed] Q magazine had a review of Nine Inch Nails' live gig at Tilberg, with a couple of nice live pix. Mix magazine (not to be confused with Mixmag) had a lengthy interview with Alan Moulder, with a lot of tehcnical background information on the production end of things. Lots to type, lots to read.
Monday, 2/21/00

Moulder producing APC?

Rumor has it that famed record producer Alan Moulder has produced and is now mixing the upcoming A Perfect Circle release (Maynard from Tool's side project). You can check out A Perfect Circle here. Thanks to the PRP
Saturday, 2/19/00

Nin gets requested... NICE!

Thanks to Steven Flores for news on VH1.
Last night on a special all-star request of VH1's Rock Show. There was a request from former Van Halen frontman, Sammy Hagar, who requested NIN's WITT video and he called the fragile one of the best albums he heard in years. He also said that the chorus to WITT gave him goosebumps and he works out to that song. Other artists who made requests are former Nothing Records client, Rob Halford, Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, and Ozzy Osbourne.

Reznor Vs. Patrick - editorial

Thanks to setec87 for this one.

A new article in the village voice evaluates the current situation between Mr. Reznor and Richard Patrick. Interesting. Towards the end of the article, there is the option of sending in what you think. Check it out.

Channel V in Australia goes WILD

Fox Trotski - Thank you very much for this very detailed news submission.

Channel V in Australia will be repeating the Big Day Out special on the 4th and 5th of march, from 3.30pm AEST.

No word if they will be showing the full NIN show, but if enough people (even the overseas people, it'll shake them up a little) email and demand/beg/threaten, maybe the full set and full interveiw will be shown. Requests for NIN songs can also be sent through this email address. (and if people havn't seen the interveiw, its worth it for the 'win a prize' bit at the end... trent was given the choice of a shark, a crocodile or a kangaroo sticker. He chose the shark sticker and later got a chocolate bar for his trouble)

Bits from the channelV website that give times are as follows...

6:25 - 7:05: Atari Teenage Riot - approx 40 mins includes 10 minute interview

9:50 - 10:35: Nine Inch Nails - approx 40 mins includes interview.

The live stream of the show can be heard through here.

And as for the cut short interveiw/set, the reason from channelV is - "We know that some of the sets didn't go for as long as y'all would have liked, but I'm afraid our hands were tied in that instance. Some bands simply said 'No' to allowing us to film certain songs"

Images of Trent from the perth show, on the channel V site are here








There is a RealAudio grab of Trent from New Zealand, entitled 'don't believe the hype'. It can be found here

Elsewhere on the site, trent reznor is voted by Jabba - the man who did the interviews - as being "the most approachable rockstar, believe it or not"

As I said before, there was a 'win a prize' segment of the interveiw.. this photo was taken just before then.

From the Jabba BDO Diarys... 'Up the road at the Hyatt, the chili peppers and NIN are ensconsed in a little more luxury, why do they always stay at a dearer place? Maybe it's a better tax write-off?'

Into The Void on Musique Plus

Musique Plus, the French version of Much Music, which airs in the province of Quebec, Canada passed the Into The Void video today. It was on a program called "Ça passe ou ça casse" which means "It passes or it breaks". It's a show where they air 2 videos and people call in to vote for the videos to pass or fail. If it passes, it will be on regular rotation. If it fails, it will be removed from Musique Plus' videos. Well guess what folks! It passed with 972 votes!!! 709 people voted against if you have Musique Plus, be sure to tune in as they will air the video frequently.

Thanks to Shiram for the info.
Thursday, 2/17/00

The NIN Hotline's exclusive interview with Keith Hillebrandt!

Want to learn a little more about what goes on inside the nothing collective? Click here to see what Keith Hillebrandt has to say about working in Nothing Studios, with the likes of Trent Reznor and Mike Garson.

Tour Date Madness!

Recently, we've been getting mails about a lot of rumored tour dates being circulated. Until they are posted on, until the news sites get an official release from Nothing Records, don't put a lot of faith in these tour dates. Late January we received word that tour dates would be announced this month, and that would be open as well, so hang in there just a little longer :) FAQ

Here's an interesting little goodie: guilty has posted an unofficial FAQ file in regards to It's a well layed out project, and while still under development, is worth taking a look at :) Click here to open guilty's FAQ. Thanks to node_girl for the pointer :)

Dallas radio station update

David dropped us a note about that RHCP show; Tickets are already on sale, and the opening band is the Foo Fighters. Not only that, but The Frank Erwin Center is located in Austin [whoops, our bad :)] More on this as it comes, but don't hold your breath. :)

Goodies at

Check out the Multimedia section on Pictures from the Into The Void video shoot, an interesting film from our friend Leo, and a nifty background. I wonder if they ever filmed backstage before/after the show... :) Thanks to Preston Jarvis
Wednesday, 2/16/00

Dallas Radio Station Reports NIN Tour Date

John was listening to 94.5, The Edge last night. The Edge is a radio station based in Dallas. Last night the DJ announced that Nine Inch Nails would play May 2nd in Dallas at the Frank Irwin Center with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They did not state who would headline.

None of this has been confirmed by Nothing Records/Trent Reznor, this is NOT official as of yet. But, radio stations have been known to let out information much earlier than they are supposed to. Feature of Trent Reznor has a feature of Trent Reznor and The Fragile up.
Trent Reznor has never been motivated by convention or consumerism, and on his latest opus, The Fragile, he follows his artistic music down a dark, decayed labyrinth and emerges with the most passionate, cutting edge and challenging offering of his career...
Tuesday, 2/15/00

Reznor to Host Australian Music Video Show

Rage, an Australian music video show, has announced that Trent Reznor will guest host the show on February 26th. The show is based in Australia, and runs for about 2-3 hours. Trent will pick his favorite music videos, and explain why he picked them... Then they will play Nails videos.

More Meat!

Get the latest issue of the Meathead Perspective!

New nin shirts available for order

Weathermen Records informed us that 3 new nin shirts from the tour have been available at the site. You can order them from the online store.

FRONT: Has the cover art similiar to thefragile
BACK: Unknown at this time but will look something like the scan below
COLORS: White shirt with soft neutral colors

FRONT: Has the cover art similiar to thefragile with a "nin" logo above it
BACK: Has "THE FRAGILE" on the back
COLORS: Cream shirt with neutral and soft colors

NOTHING RECORDS LONG SLEEVE noth-0034 (L and XL) 19.99
FRONT: Says "nothing" in the center with a rectangle around it
BACK : Unknown at this time.

VIBE interview with Trent Reznor this past weekend

We received some news from Commy@ThePerfectDrug as well as Terrie in regards to an interview broadcast Saturday, February 12 on the Japanese music channel, VIBE. The interview was conducted January 11th, at the Tokyo Bay NK Hall. The interview was limited to fifteen minutes per request of TR's people, and the VJ (Daisuke Ide), while fluent in English and Japanese, wasn't too familiar with NIN, but an exhausted Trent made the most out of the interview.

Trent expressed his enthusiasm to come to Japan, and that he was "excited and surprised" by the favorable reaction of the Japanese fans. TR & the gang spent the day shopping around in Akihabara, a famous spot for electronics/computer shops), which is where Leo was during this shot. Japanese sense of civilization and respect also impressed TR. Terrie writes, "In Japan we have vending machines on every corner selling everything from beer and condoms to rice and batteries. Trent said that there would be 'no way that could happen in America because the first day they'd be knocked down and everything stolen.'"

When asked about his preference, Trent took more of a liking to working in the studio than performing live. In Terrie's words;
He said he won't do a remix of The Fragile but that he might do something like a "rethinking" of the album with some of the left out pieces put in. Or his second idea for the use of the extra songs would be to start another band with someone else as a singer. He wants someone soulful, "not a clone of me", that can put their own "input, interpretation, attitude" into the music. Someone like "a Sade personality". He is currently listening to tapes.
Regarding collaborations and soundtracks, TR mentioned something in the works with Dr. Dre, and if someone serious approached him about scoring a soundtrack, he said he'd put the band on hold if someone serious (examples given: Clive Barker, David Cronenberg) gave him a call and asked him to do a soundtrack. He also expressed interest in screenwriting and directing, and the orchestration of movies in general. Nearing the end of the interview, Daisuke asked Trent to send a message to his Japanese fans.
He told the camera it was flattering to come here and that he really felt appreciated. That the night before during the show he felt cheesy and wanted to say 'thank you!' (I saw that show and yes he was dangerously close to the T word). He said it means a lot to come this far away from his bedroom with his notebooks and to feel this much appreciation. He even said this was his favorite place so far!

And right before those fifteen minutes were up Daisuke Ide asked, "So do you think your gonna come back?" and Trent answered with a big smile, "I'm gonna move here!".

The entire interview was spliced with music and clips of The Fragile tour. [note: these were scenes from the Fragility 1.0 special aired in the States a few months back] Half way through, "Wish" was shown in its entirety. After the interview ended the VJ came on and said how he knows everyone wanted to see more of the live show and that while it was strictly prohibited to film anything at the Japanese shows that there was a concert taped in Europe that would be aired on Vibe in March.

Commy notes that VIBE is a music station broadcast by satellite, and was at one time "MTV Japan." At the start of 1999, MTV's broadcast liscence was up, and the channel took on the name VIBE, and broadcast their own programs.

Many thanks to Commy and Terrie for their in depth reports!

Monday, 2/14/00

Another NIN Sighting

Greg Keller caught this little bit:
... when the Rams won the Super Bowl there were a ton of mini highlight shows. One of the biggest on the Fox network out of St. Louis used music from the fragile. Both "the frail" and "into the void" were used in these clips.

Reznor on Cover of Latest Australian Rolling Stone

Trent Reznor is on the cover of the March 2000 issue of the australian version of Rolling Stone magazine. The issue has an old interview in it, but alot of new pictures. The interview is taken from Select Magazine.
Sunday, 2/13/00

'Closer' Makes it onto Most Obscene Songs List

Radiospy has a list of the most obscene songs ever. Nine Inch Nails came in at number 10 with Closer.

'Where is Everybody?' Used During Daytona 2000

Where Is Everybody? off of The Fragile was used during a spotlight on Mark Martin during the Daytona 2000 pre-show on TNN. Thanks Tom.

NIN To Play Germany´s 'Hurricane Festival'

OpenAir.De has reported that Nine Inch Nails will play at The Hurricane Festival in Germany over the summer. The show takes place on June 24th and 25th. This has not been confirmed by the the official page for the festival.

If they do play, it would mean that NIN might also play the "Southside Festival" Both festivals are on the same weekend and for the past few years, they always have nearly the same line-up.

Friday, 2/11/00 features short ITV Review an online music/video/movie review zine, has a small review of the Into the Void video as well as a small blurb about NIN. They also feature the video to download.

Thanks to Calx for spotting this.
Thursday, 2/10/00

Surprising NIN Sighting

Chris Hummel from New York stumbled apon an interesting NIN sighting. It seems now that Soap Operas take a liking to The Fragile. Take a look.
I was in the living room while my mother was watching "As the World Turns" (a soap opera) and some girl was contemplating running away from home to be with her boyfriend, that her parents don't allow her to say. Anyways, in the background during this scene they played "The Way Out is Through" off of "The Fragile." updated, back online

We were experiencing some techincal difficulties with the high-speed version of the radio station shortly after we uploaded with new material. However, now that is live again, you can tune in for some new Nine Inch Nails tracks from the Halo Fifteen CDs, some 12 Rounds remixes, ethereal tracks from Squarepusher's Music is Rotted One Note, and music from Meat Beat Manifesto's last album on Nothing Records, Actual Sounds and Voices. Those are just -some- of the additions to the already massive playlist on So check it out! By the way, by 4pm you should be able to view the playlist and rate the station directly off of! Any questions, comments, suggestions, please send to Thanks, enjoy :)
Wednesday, 2/09/00

New Show Reviews Online Updated!

The hotline has recieved some new reviews for a couple of recent shows. Thanks to both SnarfThis,RJ and julls for submitting them!

01.21.00 : Auckland, New Zealand
01.26.00 : Sydney, Australia
02.04.00 : Adelaide, Australia

JJJ Airs Part 2 of Trent Reznor Interview

Australian Radio Station JJJ aired part two of thier exclusive interview with Trent Reznor. You can listen to the interview at thier site using Real Audio.
Tuesday, 2/08/00

NIN for the whole family.

Tired of the same ol' profanity and angst in NIN? Gramma want to check out your CD collection? Make life more simple and less fattening with the newly available lighter happier NIN. More details at the meathead perspective.

Into the Void debuts at #10 on MTV's Total Request Live!

Keep those votes coming! Steve just sent word that Nine Inch Nails' most recent video, Into the Void, made it to #10 on MTV's TRL! Lets do whatever it takes to get it to number one, and keep it there for a while! Steve suggests enlisting some help from Bowie fans, who managed to get the video for 'Survive' to #1 in Italy for a few weeks. Do it on the web, write some CGI and sock em good, call MTV free using (good thinking SLS/Evan), lets have some fun with this!

NIN Spotlight To Air On Much Music-Update

Much Music is indeed running their two part spotlight on NIN. Thanks to tips from Neo and Jason (and a little investigating on my own part)it was discovered that their running time is different than what was previously posted-The actual time they'll be airing is:

Part 1: February 9th at 6:30 EST

Part 2: February 10th at 6:30 EST

Thanks again to Neo and Jason for the information. opens

Formerly a subdivision of, the immense collection of Nothing Records information that is Nothing is Next is now housed on its own domain - February is definately a big month for Nothing Records fans :)

Panoramic Melbourne Photographs

Check these shots out! Stu sent in three fantastic pictures from the Melbourne Big Day Out! Click on the thumbnails below for larger versions of the images :)

Monday, 2/07/00

VRML Version of Is Running

The long awaited VRML version of has been put up. Dizzy, who runs the site, has created this amazing technological masterpiece :-/. This is only the test version though, go check it out and then send Dizzy your comments and any problems you had with it. - the constant battle

Apologies for problems we've been having with lately. Someone obviously doesn't like what we're doing and rather than contacting us directly, they've been fucking with us quite underhandedly. The day after we went live, someone tried to shut down the Hotline. Two days after we got the Hotline back up, the broadcast mysteriously disconnects throughout the day. We're working to remedy whatever may be causing this, but please bear with us as we deal with this b.s. If anyone has any problems with the radio station, my email is right under this post. Deal with it in a straightforward matter please.

Fragility 2000 tour section under construction

Don't fret if you've sent in a show review and/or a setlist and you haven't seen mention about it on the hotline yet... We've been really, really busy, opening many new features up (with many more to come this coming week) and it's just hard to keep up! But that doesn't mean we're forgetting you! This page is all about you :) [err, and something about a 'NIN' thing too...] Tour stories are being compiled and entered into our Tour section and should be live shortly. This doesn't mean we've stopped looking for stories and pictures, please, continue to send your experiences watching NIN at the Big Day Out our way and we'll post them with proper credit :) People dig this stuff!

Nine Inch Nails shines during Sydney BDO

Zane sent in a nice attachment scanned from the Sydney Morning Herald, which ran an article entitled Stand-out success...Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor at The Big Day Out.
The article went on to talk about the change in music concert styles and how popularity has shifted away from huge rock bands playing arena style shows, to concerts with a wide variety of bands some of whom are far less popular then others, the article also mentioned how well recieved NIN we're by the crowd and how they vershadowed the chilli peppers performance due to their fantastic show, this was linked to the changes in concerts and was an example of a hugely succesful band (commercially) being outshone by a far less popular band. (although I would say that NIN are a very successful band)
Zane went on to tell about the televised performance of Nine Inch Nails' set during the Big Day Out at Melbourne on the Australian music television station, Channel V. Well, apparently most of the bands who played got full coverage during Channel V's special, but when Nine Inch Nails came on, the set was cut short to about five songs, Starfuckers was cut in half, and they played an interview, because of time constraints. So Zane emailed Channel V about waiting all day simply to get a terribly brief NIN set, and encourages fellow Australians (or any Channel V viewers) to do the write as well, in hopes of getting the full set.

Fragile Font Update

I recieved a few emails from a few people about some difficulties with installing the PC font. The problem seems to be a result of my linking directly to the .ttf file, so I've gone ahead and zipped the font and made the zip file available for download. Click here to download the first in a series of Fragile fonts, truetype format, 'concealed in a ZIP format.' Also, Mac users, I deleted the spaces in the filename for the Mac TTF font. I hope this will eliminate any download difficulties on your end. I'll try it myself when I get back to work. Click here to download the Mac version of the Fragile truetype font.
Sunday, 2/06/00

Halo Ninetynine updated, redesigned, and relocated

The NIN Hotline is very proud to announce that Halo Ninetynine, the massive archive, has been updated, completely redesigned, and features huge amounts of new content! And now it no longer sits on the sluggish servers at, but is a welcome part of the NIN Hotline :) mokeejc has been hard at work on this page for months, and it certainly shows. So head on over there and see everything you missed while visiting He's got it all!
Saturday, 2/05/00

Much Music To Spotlight NIN

Canada's Much Music is featuring Nine Inch Nails on their show "Spotlight". The first part airs February 9th and the second on the 10th. Both run at 7pm est. "Spotlight" features interviews as well as artist videos. Nothing new-regardless, it's worth checking out.
Thanks to Porkeditall for the information.

Modem Strength Nothing Radio Goes Live

Well, Finally we got the modem section of Nothing Radio going. The playlist isn't too long yet, I've been loading up songs on my 28.8 modem. But, modem viewers, you now have the joy of listening to Nothing Radio.

Open up either Real Audio 7 or WinAmp (hit Cntrl+L in Winamp). In the prompt, type in . The stream comes in at 32kpbs. Right now theres Plaid, Prick and Squarepusher rotating. Within the hour, I'll have some Meat Beat Manifesto, NIN, and Pig.

Friday, 2/04/00 back online, modem-version goes live tonite

Apologies to those of you who tried to listen in and got a 404 error... NothingRadio was down for an as-of-yet undetermined amount of time today. To make it up for you, we're going to open the modem-speed version later tonite, a day ahead of schedule ;) #1 in it's genre today

Thought not even being live for a business week, made it to the #1 spot in it's genre for quite some time today. Wouldn't expect less, it's good music :) Your support and positive feedback are much appreciated, and we're hard at work preparing for the launch of the modem-speed mirror station.

Today we're cycling in some material by Prick, Pig, plus some more Autechre, a little less of Squarepusher's noodley moments, shuffling the MBM... Once we have everything settled, I plan to finish the script that gets an active playlist for the station directly on! Also, if you link to, be sure to send the staff an email so we can check your site. More on that later :) And also feel free to email any general comments or questions, suggestions and the like - we know that the best way to please our fellow fans is to hear you out, not ignore you and do our own thing ;) If you haven't heard about, check out the news from Monday evening.

Thursday, 2/03/00

Updated Tablature of The Fragile

Alex Robertson tabbed out most of The Fragile awhile back. Well, he's updated the Tablature. Now the transcriptions for 10 Miles High, The New Flesh, and The Day The World Went Away(quiet).Hes also fixed up some of the old songs.

Australian TR Interview Available Online

Australian radio station Triple J aired an interview with Trent Reznor the other day. However if you were busy watching that Big Day Out streaming RealVideo of Nine Inch Nails which Addicted to Nosie aired to the worldwide public, chances are you weren't going to turn off your video stream to hear TR talking instead of NIN performing. Lucky for you that missed the interview, d.mokey has mailed us this little tidbit:
the australian interview that you have previously mentioned on theninhotline was aired at the same time as the melbourne bdo-webcast, but luckily is available at the triple j website in realmedia format.

in the interview trent says some nice things about alan moulder, speaks about production and the general state of music today. but nothing new really. still, it is the sexy sound of trent's voice so its mandatory listening.

the page:
the stream:

This is only part one so expect more soon!

MuchMusic is in fact playing Into the Void

Despite being trashed upon it's debut, supposedly eliminating it from MuchMusic's video library, there have been scattered reports of the Canadian music channel playing the video for Into the Void.
Wednesday, 2/02/00

TrueType fonts based on The Fragile typefaces

You may have noticed we've been using this font a lot on our recent additions to the website. And we've gotten a few questions about where we got the font. Truth be told, we made it. It's based very heavily on something you'd see on The Fragile or related merchandise. This font comes through the hard work of mokeejc of Halo NinetyNine, and myself. We hope you enjoy, and we have several more typefaces coming your way. I -think- I've got the Mac truetype format exported correctly, but if any Mac users encounter any problems, please email me at the address below.

NOTE: This is a caps-only font, and many characters are intentionally missing. If you want to know why, open your lyric booklet up and compare it for yourself. To save the font, hold shift and click on the corresponding image, and save it to the directory of your choice. If you're using windows, save it to your /WINDOWS/FONTS folder.

But enough ranting about all that crap!

Because we are long overdue for the latest installment of The Meathead Perspective. Join the whole NIN crew for a grand old time in Meathead's backyard!

A Lesson in Netiquitte Need Be Learned

We're back up, and there will be more on why we were down in just a little bit. In the meantime, kick back, relax, and enjoy some Nothing Records music while we get reorganized and set everything straight. Many thanks to the very cool folks at Hypermart's Tech Support for their patience, understanding and cooperation. I'm definately proud to pay to host the Hotline here. Hopefully in a few minutes those pesky banners will go away. No thanks, you know who you are, for not looking before you leap, and for making the past twenty-four hours a real hassle for all our readers, all our operators, and the guys who helped us get back on our feet.
Tuesday, 2/01/00

Addicted to Noise Readers Polls

Frank from the Deepvoid Webzine sent us these results from a recent Addicted to Noise readers poll. Nine Inch Nails took the top three in many major categories:
Artist of the year:
3- Nine Inch Nails

Artist Website of the year:
3- Nine Inch Nails

Album of the year:
2- Nine Inch Nails "The Fragile"

Electronic Album of the year:
2- Nine Inch Nails "The Fragile"

Most Underrated Album of the year :
2- Nine Inch Nails "The Fragile"

Producer of the year:
2- Trent Reznor