Monday, 10/30/00

Lohner and Eustis '3 Libras' Remix

NIN bassist Danny Lohner and Telefon Tel Aviv's Joshua Eustis have completed a remix of APC's '3 Libras'. We have also been informed that Massive Attack has remixed the '3 Libras' track. An official release date for the single is not yet known.

Robin Finck to Tour with Guns And Roses this Summer

MTV News Reports that Robin Finck will be touring with Guns and Roses this summer. The article states that Finck, along with Buckethead and Bryan "Brain" Mantia (Formerly of Primus) have also signed onto the tour. Guns And Roses will make thier return at the Rock in Rio festival this January. Heres a clip from the article: The statement, from Big FD Entertainment, confirmed that Finck, who recorded with GN'R for two years before returning to his old band, Nine Inch Nails, is back in the fold. Also confirmed is the long-rumored addition of avant-garde guitarist Buckethead to the group. Also mentioned in the article is that Bob Ezrin (who produced Pink Floyds The Wall) will be producing Guns and Roses upcoming album, The Chinese Democracy.
Sunday, 10/29/00

UK's 'The Sunday Times' reviews Things Falling Apart

Appearing in the 'Sunday' supplement of the UK newspaper The Sunday Times, this brief review touches on the content of the remix EP, as well as generally giving a thumbs up to NIN remix releases in general: NINE INCH NAILS Things Falling Apart Island CID 8102, £14.99 Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor has a habit of releasing a second, remix album shortly after is "proper" albums come out. Things Falling Apart contains remixes and reworkings of tracks from The Fragile, as well as an outtake from the same sessions, The Great Collapse, and a cover version of Gary Numan's Metal. For those who recognise Reznor's tortured genius, but can't handle the nonstop assault of industrial music, these remix albums, which give equal time (well, nearly) to the subtler side of his writing, are a godsend. While almost all the tracks build into a loud, insistent mantra, they do so by way of passages spare enough to reveal some of the stunning individual layers that, in the original mixes, are hidden in the overall blast of noise. As such, Things Falling Apart offers a fascinating insight into the building blocks that make up Reznor's wall of sound. Many kind thanks to Paradox for typing that up for us. It should be noted that the price listed in this review possibly represents the earlier pricing scheme designated for this release. Since rescheduling the release for November 21 (in the US), there has also been a price reduction for Things Falling Apart. The current pricing is apparently similar to what Further Down The Spiral sold for when it was initially released.
Thursday, 10/26/00

Robin Finck on Gn'R lineup forRock in Rio 3

According to articles published at MTV News Online and Yahoo! Rock & Pop News, Guns n' Roses are slated to play at the Rock n' Rio festival in January 2001, with a completely new lineup. The source of this information, apparently close to the band's production, confirms that the band's appearance is 'written in stone', and went on to add that Robin Finck will be appearing with the new line-up for this performance. Robin Finck had previously recorded on tracks for the upcoming Gn'R release, The Chinese Democracy, but shortly after Nine Inch Nails announced they were playing the 1999 Video Music Awards [with a line-up including Finck], Rose announced that all material Robin had recorded for that new record was to be scrapped and re-recorded. Thanks go out to blu, NINXPX, and jreese for the emails!
Wednesday, 10/25/00

Miss Truth catches up on her gossip's music gossip columnist, Miss Truth, follows recent music press finger-poiting at red-capped Bizkit frontman Fred Durst in her column today. As she notes, the general critical consensus about the latest LB 'effort' Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water is that Freddie's coming up short on original musings: For example, in the first verse of "My Generation," Durst cops script from two songs (Guns N' Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle" and his own "Take a Look Around") and a movie (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), but it's his blatant lifting from Nine Inch Nails' hits "The Perfect Drug" and "Closer" that bugs us most. And, yes, we know he credits NIN in the album and got permission, so he's not really stealing, it's just a little lazy, OK? ... We suppose it could be some form of mockery towards Reznor, in retaliation for the Durst diss in Nine Inch Nails' "Starfuckers, Inc." video, but that may be giving Durst too much credit. Creative juices stagnant, perhaps? On a related, disappointing note, Limp Bizket's latest album debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts this week.

Scans of Best Buy ad featuring TFA

Hey hey! tperfect, the webmistress of sent over scans of the Best Buy ad marking Things Falling Apart for October 24th release. Check the incorrect ad for more information. Thank ya tperfect :)


Do you find yourself wishing you could control the lives of the NIN bandmembers, but can't afford to seek psychological help? If so, The Meathead Perspective is here to help.

Fragility v2.0 Archive Completed Tonite

Thanks go out to Brian for emailing and letting us know: the Denver, CO section of the Fragility archives on are now uploaded and up to date. Check out the really nice photos of the backing films, and the 2700k fan video, for a rare glimpse at a migratory convusling meathead, amongst many others who'd come from all walks of life for the final show of v2.0 What a great time :)
Monday, 10/23/00

Trent Reznor up for "Most Shocking Artist" on VH1's The List

Both Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson are up for "Most Shocking Artist" tomorrow on the VH1 show, The List. One of the panelists for the episode is Jim Rose of the Jim Rose Circus. Jim Rose previously toured with Nine Inch Nails. Thanks Judy.

Best Buy lists "Things Falling Apart" incorrectly

Sounds as though someone missed a deadline. According to Kev, a Best Buy ad in his local (Dallas) newspaper has a picture of the cover of Things Falling Apart, and lists the EP for an October 24th release, with pricing set at $9.99. At this time, we would like to take a moment to remind you that a press release was issued on October 10 in regards to the release date of the remix EP. The current release date is slated to be November 21st. The Best Buy advertisements are simply misprints, in reference to an older scheduled release date.

Major Nine Inch Nails feature at

Alan Bailey wrote in from the UK with a link to a great article at the Digidesign website. In the article, Trent Reznor sings the praises of working on a Pro Tools setup. It's quite an interesting article, from a gearhead standpoint. Reznor discusses how song production has changed since the days of Pretty Hate Machine, moving from laying everything down on tape into a completely digital studio using Pro Tools and networking. Check out the following excerpt from the article, on how studio modernization has affected mixing the tour DVD in Dolby 5.1 surround: For the live DVD, Reznor got fully into 5.1 mode, which was unfamiliar territory for him. With the surround mix, he chose to feed stems into his SSL, which he fitted with a Martinsound MultiMAX. But when it came time for the PCM stereo mixes, the decision was made to go back to Pro Tools. "I thought, every single thing is in the computer now, because we recorded everything live to 48-track digital and worked with it in Pro Tools," he says. "And I thought, 'this is stupid, why are we even doing this?' So we wheeled out the ProControl and set all the automation in that way — riding the faders. And that made me think, OK, now I've got a 72-input giant analog piece of gear that I really don't need that much anymore because I can do most of it inside the computer. The article is called 'Trent Reznor On Songwriting and Pro Tools 5,' as assembled by Jim Batcho.
Sunday, 10/22/00 featuring New Design

Venus, webmaster of has recently informed us of a new look for her site! It allows the user to choose between a "left" and "right" design on the site. The left version portrays the elements of water & metal, while the right version portrays the elements of earth & fire. Neat stuff! Check it out!

NIN EP's To Be Re-issued

Iain informed us that a record store in his town has said that Fixed and Closer to God are to be re-issued in the U.S. This information is confirmed, yet date's have not been set for the re-issues. What Iain also added was that Fixed was supposed to contain a new track. This information hasn't been confirmed yet, and shouldn't be taken for more than a rumour.
Friday, 10/20/00 Updates with Fragility Media

The Official NIN Page has now been updated with media from the last few shows on the Fragility tour. The movies/pictures from these shows had not been posted yet. All of the shows are posted except the final show, from Denver.
Wednesday, 10/18/00

NIN Hotline Contest Comes to an End!

The first NIN Hotline Contest has come to a close. The 20 question multiple choice questionare went over very well. Almost 40% of the contest submissions came back correct! Next time we'll have to make them harder If you filled out the questionare, check your email now to find out if you're a winner! Thanks to everyone who participated, the contest went over very well. If you want to find out the correct answers to the questions, check 'em out!

New Things Falling Apart Shirt Available on

The Weathermen's Nine Inch Nails section is offereing a new T-shirt! The shirt comes in extra large and medium and is avialable for $16.99.The Weathermen is also offering pre-orders of Things Falling Apart for $14.99, including the Australian import version (same tracks) for $18.99.