Monday, 1/31/00

The unofficial Nothing Radio station goes live!

In a groundbreaking effort of collaboration, we at the Hotline have been working with and to bring forth a landmark new internet service for fans and those curious about Nothing Records and it's music., which is run by the fans, for the fans, is a 24/7 streaming Shoutcast radio station playing strictly music on the Nothing Records label. Currently a 56kbps stream, the radio is aimed at higher bandwidth users. However, we are opening a modem-speed mirror station on the fifth of February, this Saturday.

Please do take advantage of this new service to take a listen to some bands you may otherwise not be exposed to. We will continue to rotate the playlist and add more Nothing artists to the station's roster throughout the week. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail

This station is privately funded through the CD collections of myself and listed contributors. Every track originates from one of our CDs, none are stolen tracks, nor retrieved illegally in any manner. This is simply a project to spread the music we like.

BDO Melbourne pics

Sybil Mcguire has sent the Hotline three photos taken from the up front crowd of the Big Day Out Show in Melbourne.

Thanks to Sybil for the pics!
Sunday, 1/30/00

Bid on Guitar Signed by Trent Reznor

VH1 is auctioning off a Epiphone Les Paul signed by Trent Reznor. The guitar is being bid through thier Rock Collector show, and can be bid on through The minimum bid for the guitar is $500. Thanks Aaron.

Big Day Out streaming video a success...

...somewhat :) Nine Inch Nails fans were a bit spooked when the Big Day Out video stream went down for a few hours, but within an hour of NIN going live, the broadcast was back up. A very energetic, tight performance.
Friday, 1/28/00

Stream Live NIN Concert In a Few Hours!!!

Big Day Out will be broadcasting thier festival LIVE from Melbourne Australia.

The concert will begin around 4am EST today, which is 8pm in Melbourne. You can stream the concert using Real Audio 7.

Flea of RHCP praises NIN's BDO performance

Enough acronyms for you? Steven mailed us about some kind words flowing from Flea's fingertips earlier this week.
I just went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers Online - Official Website where bassist, Flea had praised NIN's performance at BDO. It's on his Fleamail section and he had a lot of kind words for NIN and their performance. I also the Robin Realvideo and I think he's a huge Chili Peppers fan so let's see if they're gonna get a pic together.

Aussie NIN tidbits

We received an email from bardiel with some interesting information regarding some Australian NIN events...
while in sydney for the bdo, i saw many many flyers advertising the 'official australian industry launch party of into the void, the new single from nin.' i cannot recall the times but it was at the 'hellrazor' nightclub in sydney, tonight, sat 29th. jan.

Incedentally, those of use who were dissapointed at the aussie single are somewhat quelled by an ad in the bdo program stating that the itv single is being billed as a 'double a-side.'

australian radio station triple j is set to play 'part 1' of an exclusive interview with mr. reznor on the '2000' program, this sunday the 30th jan. the program begins at 5pm or so, but who can say when the interview will be aired.

Thanks for the info bardiel :)

StreamInto the Voidfrom

You can now stream the video for Into the Void straight off of You'll find it where the clip for Head Like a Hole live was, but don't fret if you missed the HLAH clip. You can still view that by clicking elsewhere on the nav grid. Thanks for the email Jon!
Friday, 1/28/00

Cdnow's allstar news article on Big Day Out

There is a small snipet in CDNow's Allstar News about Nine Inch Nails at BDO. It has a nice picture of Trent but mostly talks of Robin Finck.
The chant for Nine Inch Nails began well before the Foo Fighters had said their goodnights. Where Dave Grohl proudly wore his rock and roll traditions with his Motorhead T-shirt, the NIN crew had the set list on a lap top. NIN's entire set was like smoking in a munitions factory from the get go. One of the main firestarters was returned- guitarist Robin Finck. There was something bad arse about the guy that Axl Rose should have killed to retain.
Check the full article here.

Exclusive Charlie Clouser interview!

Morpheus TechnoPagan, who runs the Charlie Clouser Remix Files website, conducted an interview with Charlie Clouser while CC was doing the Japan leg of the Fragility tour. And as MTP put it,
So, if you're interested to hear the latest news about Tapeworm, Charlie's participation to Page Hamilton solo album (ex-Helmet leader), his remixing projects and unreleased alternative mixes, the artists Charlie would like to work with, his movie scores, Burning Retna, etc..., then you must go to the 'Interviews' section of 'The Remix Files' ( and click on "The Remix Files Exclusive Interview".

Charlie is an extremely friendly, sensitive and open person. He remains accessible for his fans despite his huge talent, busy schedule and growing popularity. Charlie takes for instance the time necessary to reply to my e-mails almost every day, even now that NIN is on tour. No 'rock star ego trip' here...

Check out the interview, and most definately check out the Remix Files page, good stuff! :)

Exclusive Robin Finck Video

Happiness In Slavery: An Australian NIN site has uploaded an EXCLUSIVE Backstage video of Robin Finck. John Raptis, the man behind the page, has gotten this amazing video. Click here to stream the exclusive video.
Thursday, 1/27/00

Trent Reznor to work with Gary Numan?

According to this weeks issue of the British magazine, Kerrang, Trent Reznor is going to work with Gary Numan on Gary's new album. The article states that Trent Reznor, Billy Corgan and Rhys Fulber will be working with Mr. Numan on his newest work. Thanks to NIN Freak.

Reznor Nominated in Many Categories...

Trent Reznor was also nominated in a few categories in Kerrang's (british magazine) latest latest issue. These are for the year of 1999:
1. Marilyn Manson
2. Dani Filth
3. Brain Molko
4. Dave Grohl
5. Trent Reznor

1. Trent Reznor

1. Kurt Cobain
2. Ozzy Osbourne
3. Marilyn Manson
4. James Hetfield
5. Trent Reznor
Thanks again to NIN Freak.
Tuesday, 1/25/00

Whats Really Happening...

Find out the scoop between Trent and and Richard Patrick on the latest Meathead Perspective! This issue deals with how cool Richard Patrick is, and why none of us understand him.

NIN all over Visions readers poll

Nine Inch Nails landed in the top 5 in many categories of a recent Readers poll that Visions, a german magazine, held. They were nominated in the following categories:
Album of the decade.
#12 NIN: The Downard Spiral
#26 NIN: The Fragile

Album of the Year:
#3 NIN: The Fragile

Song of the Year:
#5 NIN: We're In This Together

Band of the Year:
#3 Nine Inch Nails

Concert of the Year:
#1 Nine Inch Nails

Album Cover of the Year:
#4 NIN: The Fragile

Personality of the Year:
#1 Trent Reznor
(#2 David Bowie)

Video of the Year:
#7 NIN: We're in This Together

Band of the Century:
#3. Nine Inch Nails


Brief Clouser Interview in Australian Newspaper

The Sydney Morning Herald's 'Metro' entertainment lift-out for January 21st contained a brief interview with Charlie Clouser and a synopsis of The Fragile. Neurorsis typed up the article and put it on, you can read the article here.

Live Pics from Big Day Out

Happiness In Slavery, The Australian NIN site, has updated with many pictures from the Nine Inch Nails show during the Big Day Out Tour in Australia.
Monday, 1/24/00

Live clip of Head Like a Hole online @

We were notified by Mr NIN God that in place of the WITT videos on is a clip of the band playing Head Like a Hole at the Auckland BDO.

Tapeworm Progress

James ran into Charlie Clouser and Danny Lohner outside of their hotel in Auckland the other day.
They said that Tapewormhad 4 songs completed with varying degrees of vocals, I think they said two of them had full vocals. They also said that there was alot of other songs in varying states of completion. Charlie said that he had a traveling studio he took with him around the world that had Tapeworm work on it. Charlie and Danny also wished me luck with my music (James creates tunes under the name XI), and we talked about computer software.
So even as they tour, Charlie continues to press on with the Tapeworm material. Thanks for the news James! :) XI), and we talked about computer software. So even as they tour, Charlie continues to press on with the Tapeworm material. Thanks for the news James! :)
Sunday, 1/23/00

Scans of KH, CC in Keyboard

Although many of the pictures from shots you've seen on, there were some pictures that haven't seen the light of day on the web. Yet. Go ahead and click on the thumbnails below for two shots of Charlie Clouser doing terrible things to his keys live, and Keith Hillebrandt tweaking away at a bright red Nord Lead.

Nine Inch Nails grace the cover of FebKeyboardmagazine

Subscribers to Keyboard Magazine will see the latest issue make its way to their mailbox this week if they haven't seen it already. The feature article is about Nine Inch Nails, and it's packed with enough gear talk to make any synth fool drool. Who would have thought that some of the intro sounds to The Way Out is Through is actually ReBirth? Anyhow, you can read the entire article by clicking here. There were several pictures included with the article, many of which were actually photographs you've seen on Later tonite we will upload the unique pictures, all taken by the man, Rob Sheridan. This is a very extensive interview, and as we have time, we will be adding links to the various bits of gear mentioned throughout, as well as other interesting bits to accompany your reading. So be sure to check back tomorrow evening if you finish reading through it today.

Japanese Halo 15 Scans

The pics are in! Commy's been feeling a little under the weather, but that doesn't mean she'll stop sending news :) What we have below are clickable thumbnails of scans from the front and back of the Japanese versions of We're In This Together. These scans all have the Obi one them (the white sticker with further information, sealing these CD cases). The white stickers on the front are about a contest, where 100 lucky NIN fans will win a batch of import NIN goods! These CDs were released on Universal/Victor on January 19th, and feature the same slimline jewel case as the versions released in the European Union.

Japanese Magazine Reviews Tokyo gig

The Japanese online Magazine, The Daily Yomiuri, has posted a review of the Nine Inch Nails show in Tokyo on January 11th. Heres a bit:
After a decade of touring together, the members of NIN have learned how to pull a scorching performance out of Reznor's dark, twisted orchestrations of pain and introspection. With the requisite smoke machines, retina-burning lasers and trippy visuals, they stomped and slammed through nearly two hours of old and new material for a enthusiastic crowd... And 10 years on, Reznor still screams it like he means it.
Thank you Kaoru! :)
Saturday, 1/22/00

Photographs from the first Tokyo gig

We received email from Commy of ThePerfectDrug about an article in Crossbeat magazine:
Today I got Trent's picture from Japanese music magazine calling "Crossbeat". It took at 10th January, 1st show of Japan. There's also two reviews written by two reporters of that magazine, set list, and some more pictures.
To the right is one of the photos from NIN's first ever show in Japan, and you'll be able to find more at Commy's Japanese Archives. She also mentioned that the Japanese triple release of We're In This Together was released January 19th, and that we should expect scans in the near future. A Japanese magazine, Snoozer featured a 15 minute interview with Charlie and Trent in London, however, there wasn't really anything new said. Thanks as always for your help, Commy! :)

Auckland show review

Daniel Kum attended the Big Day Out show in Aukland. He said Nine Inch Nails played for a little over an hour, and the show was great. Some songs that aren't played that often were played today, including Even Deeper, Get Down Make Love and No, You Dont.
Friday, 1/21/00 to open next month

The Promotions department at Nothing Records has sent out an e-mail that states that will FINALLY be opening in February of 2000. The email also stated that US Tour Dates are coming 'soon'.

Calling (almost) all bi-linguists!

The NIN Hotline's in search of more translators. Don't worry - you won't have to do our archives, but if you are fluent in English and practically any other language, especially French or German, and would like to be a part of the Hotline, we are accepting applications :) If you wish to help with the French version, please email If you wish to help German version of the hotline, please email If you would like to help start a new translation section, please email Must be willing to work in a trusting environment. HTML knowledge is not a necessity, as we update through forms and CGI, however it is a plus. And it helps if you don't disappear without notice :)

ICONinterviews Charlie Clouser

A NIN Hotline viewer sent us this link to an interview with Charlie Clouser, conducted by ICON Magazine, an Australian publication. Charlie talks about 14-hour days in the studio, Robin Finck's mysterious injury, and life on the road. Check it out.

Burnvideo scrapped from Natural Born Killers DVD

While reading this review of the Natural Born Killers DVD release, a distraught Ell picked up on the note that "gone is the NIN video," as the review says. Ell also checked out some scans of the packaging, which make no mention of the video either.

NIN US tour being re-evaluated?

Systatic had the dial set to 99.5 KISS in San Antonio when
the music news guy said that they HAD a date for NIN in San Antonio. With "HAD" being the key word, the date was set for March 2nd, but he continued to report that slow sales of the Fragile have caused them to re-evaluate the tour. Changes may include the number of shows, and the size of the arenas.
Thanks for the mail Systatic :)
Thursday, 1/20/00

Steve Duda's SIDstation

A Hotline viewer who passes himself off as Derek wrote to us about a page he found while looking up information about the SID chip (An underrated synth-chip used in the Commodore64 to play music and sampled audio) Derek came across a page for the SidStation, a MIDI controlled synth with a SID chip for a heart. The SID station is a real unique synth with features found nowhere else, and makes really good video-gamey bleeps and bloops :) Anyhow, the page he visited had a photo section in it with shots of Steve Duda's studio area at Nothing Studios. Steve Duda's listed in The Fragile for "additional sound design" and has remixed for 12 Rounds, Rob Zombie. In addition to working with NIN, Steve has worked with Tommy Lee (Methods of Mayhem) and Mickey Hart.

Virii's site, Halo 99, Re-opens

Virii, who encodes many of the files The Hotline posts, has re-opened his site. The sites has audio and video files, tour diaries, and much much more. Check out Halo 99 Now!

Brixton Academy and Tilburg Show Reviews

Select Magazine has a review of the Nine Inch Nails show at Brixton Academy. On page 28 the write up can be found. Heres the review typed up by Magda Littlegirlost.

She also typed up a review of the Tilburg show. This review comes courtesy of Q Magazine. The February issue contained the review, and two pictures of the band. We don't have scans of the pictures yet, so if you have them, Send 'em in!

In search of: randomgrid.swf collection

Have you kept all the .swf files from the various menus that were posted at after The Fragile was released? If you have, drop us a line because we're looking for them. Thanks :)

Nine Inch Nails at the Paranoia Cafe

We received an email earlier from Commy from ThePerfectDrug about some new pictures of some of the live band available on the net. At the official website for the Paranoia Cafe, you can find photos from when Charlie and Jerome visited on the 12th, and from when Danny and Robin showed up on the 13th. Unfortunately, they couldn't snap a picture of Jerome, as he went back to the Hotel before they got the opportunity.
Wednesday, 1/19/00

NIN:The Driveris not really NIN

If you frequent the message boards at, you may have heard that someone's passing around what's supposedly a leaked NIN track. However, to think that Nine Inch Nails decided to scrap Nothing Studios and work entirely with tracker software seems rather goofy. A noble effort, and original, but it's certianly not Nine Inch Nails. Thanks to Kraw and Stimpy from #nin99 for bringing this track to our attention. If you wrote this track, or if you were mislead by this track, please refer to the very first edition of the meathead perspective for further insight.

NewInto the Voidimport?

We just received some mail from Mike about something he noticed on
While looking on for the into the void single, I found a product listed as 'Into the void [Import] [Extra Tracks]' and it says that it isn't yet released. It claims that it will be released on February 15, 2000.
So take that as you will. Hopefully we'll see some new tracks on this one, if it's not a misprint.

Richard Patrick not to appear in Tapeworm

We got some mail today from Frenchy, who runs the Smashing Pumpkins Francophone site. He ran into Richard Patrick backstage at a Smashing Pumpkins show, and expressed his curiosity as to if Patrick would partake in the Tapeworm side project. Patrick showed disinterest in Tapeworm, while he mentioned that he would work with Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit.

VH1, GnR, Beck, NIN and you

As Steven has informed us,
No, last night on the Vh1's Rock Show, Cane mentioned the Rolling Stone article on GNR and the guy who interviewed Axl said that the new GNR album is "like Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti if it was mixed by Beck and Trent Reznor".

Steven went on to mention that he received a reply from the webmaster of The Red Hot Chili Peppers official Website from an earlier inquiry; If the RHCP get any pics with NIN during their stint at the Big Day Out, they will be posting them on their website. So keep your eyes peeled :) Thanks for the news, Steve!

Reznor to remix new Guns and Roses?

On VH1s Rock Show yesterday, there was a quick blurb that Trent Reznor and Beck will be remixing new Guns and Roses material. This is not confirmed in the least bit. Thanks Ebonight.

The NIN Hotline interviews Alan Moulder

Several months ago, we asked you what you would ask Alan Moulder if you had the chance. Well, we weren't just curious, we intended to pass on your questions to the man. After some preperation, a few phone calls, transcriptions, corrections, emails and thumb-twiddling, we are proud to present our exclusive interview with Alan Moulder, who produced The Fragile with Trent Reznor.
Tuesday, 1/18/00

Its Tuesday...

And that means theres a new meathead perspective. Find the ins and outs of the new video.

Into The Void On Much Music

The Into the Void video debuted on canadian music station, Much Music, today. The video was featured during the Ed the socks "Smash or Trash" show. They show videos to random people, and they either call it a smash, or trash. All 3 people called Into The Void trash. They called the video 'low budget', and 'the video didn't do the song justice.' To each their own. Anyway, if you live in Canada make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the latest groundbreaking NIN video: Into the Void.
Monday, 1/17/00

The NIN Hotline search engine beta

We're still working on making the news archives more accessible via a search, but now you can search our article archives, the meathead perspectives, and all the Nothing Records press releases via our search engine. We will have an updated version of this coming out as we continue to develop it, and hopefully finding old news will be a lot simpler as a result.

TR interview inRock Hardmagazine

German magazine Rock Hard featured an interview with Trent Reznor in their January 2000 issue. Many thanks go out to Sabrina for her transcription and translation into English. As promised earlier, here is the Rock Hard interview. Thanks again, Sabrina!

BDO information, two-part Aussie NIN special

Though from Melbourne, gaby writes us from Auckland, NZ to let everyone know that on Channel 4 in New Zealand, part one of a NIN special will air from 10:35pm-11:05pm. Part 2 of the special is to air on Wednesday from 11:15pm-11:45pm. Gaby also informs us that while NIN indeed plays the 8:00-9:15 time slot at the Auckland BDO, every other BDO show will have them playing the 7:30-8:45 slot. "I assume they play earlier in Australia because more actual bands play the Australian BDO shows. Red Hot Chili Peppers follow NiN at every show."

AustralianInto the Voidsingle info

Stacey went shopping at a major store in Melbourne, and came across the single for Into the Void. She noted that the single bears no halo markings. On top of that, the CD comes in a cardboard sleeve, not unlike the Australian release of Head Like A Hole.

ChannelVia Xjoins the fight for the cause

The Hotline was contacted by an employee of VIA X, a music television channel based in Santiago, Chile. If you visit their website, you'll see they are also making the push for a NIN Latinamerican tour, in conjunction with NIN en Latinoamerica. So be sure to sign your name in support if you'll attend a show if NIN plays Latinamerica.
Sunday, 1/16/00

Into The Void Fan Critiques

Looking for what other fans thought of the Into The Void video? Teknolust has put together a list of many of thier opinions.

NIN/Japan Update

We received some more news from Commy from ThePerfectDrug today. Apparently, TR's got a few more custom Gibson Les Pauls up his sleeve. During the Yokohama show, he broke out a guitar bearing the art from the cover of The Fragile. Seems he really digs this one: "Trent was handling it with care," Commy notes.

In other news, one of the Japanese tour sponsors, a satellite broadcast music channel called VIBE, is going to air a half-hour NIN special on February 12. This special will include an interview with Trent. No word as to if this also includes the Fragility 1.0 live recording shown in the US in December or not.

NIN slot at Auckland BDO show

According to James, Nine Inch Nails is set to play the 8:00-9:15 time slot at the Auckland Big Day Out show. This is the slot before last, which means NIN will be followed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. James notes that last year, this slot was occupied by Marilyn Manson. Don't count on NIN ditching their set 15 minutes early though :) So at this slot, you'll be able to catch the entire NIN set and get out before traffic gets too bad.

NIN All Over WFNX Countdown

Boston Radio Station, WFNX, who have been big supporters of Nine Inch Nails throughout the years, have recently run a 'Best Of the 90s' countdown. 9 Different NIN songs made the countdown, including Closer at number 2. Heres where they layed:
#338- Sin
#309-We're in This Together
#300- Terrible Lie
#249- March of the Pigs
#247- The Perfect Drug
#210- Hurt
#126- Down in it
#18- Head Like a Hole
#2- Closer
Thanks Xterminatinangel.

Into The Void Video and Stills Available has posted a streaming video of the Into The Void video, and a downloadable version. The quality is amazing on the 20meg RealMovie downloadable file.

Virii, who encoded the video, has also uploaded 100 Stills from the video onto his webpage, Halo 99.

Big Day Out To Broadcast Live over the Internet

SLS News has posted that John Raptis, of Happiness in Slavery: The Australian NIN Site, has designed The Big Day Out Festivals Live Telecast over the Internet. The show on January 30th will be broadcast LIVE via the internet. Nine Inch Nails is set to play at 7:30pm in Sydney. The show will be shown through Addicted to Noise. Nine Inch Nails is one of the headlining bands on this tour, and this venue is going to be alot larger then the ones we've seen so far on the Fragility 99/00 tour.
Saturday, 1/15/00

NIN Mentioned on Rock n Roll Jeopardy

The VH1 Show, Rock and Roll Jeopardy, a trivia gameshow that asks questions concerning 'rock and roll' mentioned NIN in one of the questions. The question was "What hat band recorded the album The downward spiral in the old Tate house?" And you all know the answer. Thanks to angband and Con4Cyn.

Yokohama concert review

Well, you can't win 'em all. From Commy's latest report, it sounds like things were a touch uncomfortable at the latest NIN gig. Read up on Commy's review of the Yokohama show for more details. Today, the webmaster of ThePerfectDrug is flying to Osaka to see the final NIN show in this Japanese tour, and promises to bring back a review for everyone, as always :)
Friday, 1/14/00

Into The Voiddebuts

A few thousand more people had their VCRs on record during the World Premiere of Into The Void on Mtv's TRL. To get a general idea of the fans reaction, the Hotline is setting up a special section that critiques the Video. All we need from you guys is to submit your likes/dislikes/reactions/ideas/whatever. Send them on over to TeKnoLusT and expect to see a post in the next few days. Thanks.

Fragility 1.0to air in Australia

John Raptis of the Australian NIN site, Happiness in Slavery, brings good news to Aussie fans:
This was just posted on the RAGE site. This is awesome news for all Australian Nine Inch Nails fans. Do not miss this one!

Next Friday 21st January - Nine Inch Nails live in Europe 25 minute special featuring "The Wretched", "The Day The World Went Away", "The Great Below", "Starf***ers Inc.", "Head Like A Hole" & others...

So set your VCRs for January 21 and don't miss out on this special!
Thursday, 1/13/00

Into The Void to be "Breakthrough Video"

We have recieved an email from Nothing Records PR stating that MTV is calling 'Into the Void' a breakthrough video. This means it breaks through the boundries of what modern music videos are (Damn!, no background dancers). It also confirms that the video will premire tomorrow, Friday, at 3:30 PM on thier Total Request Live show.

NIN Nominated in many areas on Sonicnet poll

Sonicnet is running a readers poll for 1999. Nine Inch Nails has been nominated in these areas:
Artist of the year
Artist website of the year
Comeback of the year
Album of the year
Electronic album of the year
Most underrated album of the year
Producer of the year (Trent nominated)
Go Vote Now! Thanks Frank.

Hidden pictures on

Have you seen them? Some pictures are hidden amongst the randomgrid menu of We won't spoil the surprise (yet) but click around and see what you can spot. Try clicking the box that takes you to the links page as a first step :)
Wednesday, 1/12/00

Rock Hard contains New Interview

German magazine, Rock Hard, has a 2 paeg interview with Trent Reznor in thier January issue. The interview contains many of the same subjects as other interviews of late. Expect to see the article on the hotline soon.

The final show in Tokyo

Apparently this third Tokyo date was a very smooth show. From Commy's description, everthing was perfect :) Click here to read the setlist (featuring Even Deeper in place of Starfuckers, Inc.) and the review Commy sent. The next Japanese show will be on the 14th, in Yokohama, followed on the 15th by an Osaka show. Australian dates start January 21st.

Natural Born Killers DVD to Contain NIN Video

The Natural Born Killers DVD will contain the video for Burn by Nine Inch Nails.

Exclusive Interview with Trent Reznor and Danny Lohner

Nine Inch Nails: France has updated thier site with an 18 minute long interview of Trent Reznor and Danny Lohner taken before the Paris show. The interview was partly shown on MCM (French MTV). Only 3 minutes of this interview was ever shown on TV, and now the whole thing can be viewed at Nine Inch Nails: France

Tour updates continue...

The Hotline's tour section has undergone a redesign, and we'll be converting Commy's stories to match the format as we archive them into the tour's pages. In the meantime, we are still in search of photographs and stories and ticketscans and whatever you can toss at us for the following shows: Munich, Copenhagen, Tilburg, & both London shows. So send us your setlist, scan us your flyers, do what it takes, and mail it to us to put it online :)

January 11 Tokyo Show Review

Commy seems to be having an excellent time on the second of five shows she's gone to. Of yesterdays gig, she writes of the on-stage chaos found more often on the Self Destruct tour than what you'd expect on Fragility 2000. Click here to read on about bad PAs, keyboards destroyed by mic stands, and more :) Included with Commy's report were scans of two of the tshirts being sold alongside stickers, belts and a longsleeve NIN thermal shirt. Click on the thumbnails below for larger images of the two tshirts.

Polish MagazineMachinainterviews TR

Thanks to the work of mda, we are presenting a nice interview from the magazine Machina with Trent Reznor. Along with the informative interview, which touches on some older questions head-on, the article features several pics of the man behind NIN. Besides the two you see below, there's also the studio shot from "Rock Sound" magazine, Taryn Simon's picture of TR dipping his head in a sink, and a TDS-era tour shot. Click on the thumbnails below for larger scans of these new Kevin Westenberg shots. Click here to read the Machina interview.

Tuesday, 1/11/00

New Meathead Perspective

The latest issue of the one, the only, the meathead perspective has been uploaded. NIN is comin to the U.S. soon, find out how you really should act if you get to meet Trent Reznor.

Review of Radiant Decay Tribute Album

Well, After recieving a copy of the Nine Inch Nails tribute album, Radiant Decay, I was left in shock. I left a review of it for ya'll though.

Natural Born Killers to be released on DVD with Extra scenes

IGN News reports that Natural Born Killers, which Trent Reznor produced the soundtrack for, will be re-released on DVD with extra scenes. There is over an hour of extra footage, no word on any more use of Nine Inch Nails songs in the extra scenes. Thanks Mike Cate.

Into The Void scans on

The amazing site,, has posted scans of the Australian Into The Void single. Make sure to check them out!

Nine Inch Nails Mentioned in Entertainment Weekly

In the January 14th edition of Entertainment Weekly, They mention the biggest upsets as far as the Grammy Awards go. They mention that Nine Inch Nails was left out of many Grammy Nominations:
"This year, critical faves like Nine Inch Nails were virtually absent from all the major categories."

Spin Magazine Gives NIN Top Ratings

Spin Magazines latest issue (Fiona Apple on the cover) has had reader polls which ranked The Fragile the best album of 1999. They have also said that Nine Inch Nails is the best band of 1999.
Monday, 1/10/00

Friday the 14th: World PremiereInto The Void

Mtv made it official on their TRL webpage. The long awaited video for Into the Void will premiere this Friday, January 14th. If you choose not want to watch TRL and just want to see the video, Mtv usually plays new videos inbetween the 2nd and 1st place videos. Check it out.

Commy's back from the first Tokyo gig

Commy, who runs the stunning NIN fansite, ThePerfectDrug, has returned from the first NIN show in Japan ever. Click here to read her full review of the show. The setlist was as follows;

Somewhat Damaged
Terrible Lie
March Of The Pigs
The Frail
The Wretched
No, You Don't
Gave Up
La Mer
The Great Below
The Way Out Is Through
Into The Void
Down In It
Head Like A Hole

The Day The World Went Away
Starfuckers Inc.
Many kind thanks to Commy for continuing to keep us updated on this exciting time for all Japanese NIN Fans :)

Garth Brooks and Trent Reznor... hmmm

We know, we couldn't believe it either. In an October 4, 1999 article in Time Magazine compares Chris Gaines (the alter-identity of Garth Brooks on his new cd) and Mr. Reznor. Take a look.
The cover shows the country king made over as Gaines, black hair swept over his eyes, an artsy soul patch of hair below his lip. He looks a bit like Trent Reznor crossed with a guy who eats a lot of cheese steaks.
Interesting. To view the whole article click Here.
Sunday, 1/09/00

Vote for Into the Void on MTV's TRL

Though the video has NOT debuted yet, and is expected to show up within a week or two, you can vote for Into The Void on MTVs TRL page. Get busy voting!

WBER Rates Pretty Hate Machine 2nd Best

Radio Station WBER has voted Halo 2: Pretty Hate Machine to be the second best recording of all time. The radio station is an alternative music station. The Downward Spiral came in at number 17, and The Fragile took number 52.

Also, in thier vote for the top 101 songs of 1999 We're In This Together came in at number 17, and Day The World Went Away pulled in at number 56. Thanks Disarry.

Yokohama ticket scan

Commy from The Perfect Drug has sent a scan of her fifth ticket. She'll be going to all five Japanese shows, and plans to send setlists and reviews of every show our way, so keep your eyes peeled :)
Saturday, 1/08/00

Various artists choose 'The Fragile' for best album of 1999

Along with the album review in the Febuary 2000 issue of Metal Edge, various artists made their picks as to the best albums of 1999. 'The Fragile' was rated in the top five by the following:

Dez Fafara-Coal Chamber
Ahrue Luster-Machine Head
Billy Graziadei-Biohazard
George Lynch-Lynch Mob
Jason Miller-Godhead
Taime Downe-Newlydeads
Matthew Cross-Orange 9MM
Ciaran O'Shea-Cyclefly
Marty O'Brien-Kilgore
Shawn Bowen-Neurotica

WHFS places NIN amongst top songs

Baltimore/Washington area (and sometimes York, PA when the wind blows right) radio station WHFS rated their top 500 songs of all time. Nine Inch Nails placed as follows:

10 nine inch nails closer
25 nine inch nails head like a hole
182 nine inch nails down in it
229 nine inch nails the perfect drug
303 nine inch nails we're in this together
378 nine inch nails dead souls
423 nine inch nails into the void
Similarly, HFS arranged their top 100 songs for 1999. Into the Void placed in at number 25, white We're In This Together sat at 50. Thanks to #nin99 regular, reznorhead for the info :)

Access Magazine rates 'The Fragile'

erebus (*) emailed us a bit ago with this bit of information:
I put up an article from Canada's "Access Magazine". The rated The Fragile 3rd Most Important Record of 1999, but later on in the magazine in the section "Rating" (where they rate records), they rated The Fragile a 9 out of 10. The best ratings in the magazine. I have the full article up on:

Thx for the article Erebus :)

NIN appearance in Japanese comic

~Nami~ from NIN-Pretty Hate Machine sent the Hotline this snippet about a Japanese comic called "Sweet Home" from the weekly comic anthology "Shounen Weekly Jump" no.52-53, Dec.6-13. "As you can see, this girl, Yukiko, is wearing a traditional Nine Inch Nails shirt! Quite nice to see so much excitement about Halo Fourteen. Throughout the rest of 'Sweet Home' were other American rock memorabilia, such as graffiti with Rage Against the Machine's 'Battle of Los Angeles'...Apparently the artist, Takemi Kawahara, is a big fan of American rock music!"

RIAA CertifiesThe FragileDouble Platinum!

gabe sends congradulations and news that according to the Recording Industry Association of America, The Fragile has shipped over 2 million units across America. Great work fellas, and good luck on Fragility 2000!

NIN Tidbits [i.e. catching up] + Polish Metal Hammer Article

read me sent us some news that "'we're in this together' ranked 85 on the 99 best videos of '99 in a recent muchmusic annual countdown." neon_vomit_biotch went to (which coincidentally uses shots from the Happiness in Slavery video in their title graphic). Anyhow, this features more kind words about Halo Fourteen...
I went to a site called and found an interview with two of the members from the band Slipknot, and were asked, "what are the hot cd's in your player right now?" a band member by the name of shawn said, "I got to say, the new Nine Inch Nails, whether you like them or not, is an awesome album".
sabrina sends news that this reporter thinks is some excellent potential. Click here to read about Alec Empire discussing a possible collaboration with TR/NIN and a seperate desire to work with Zack De La Rocha of Rage Against the Machine.

Next on the agenda of news, mda sends news from Poland, where the Polish edition of Metal Hammer features nice photos by Kevin Westenberg, and an interview with TR & DL just before the Berlin gig. Click here to read the article, translated and transcribed by mda, featuring some unique tidbits. Many thanks for your help mda!

Japan/Australia Tour Dates

For those who don't keep up with the official Nine Inch Nails website, a new flash screen has been added, with tour dates for "FRAGILITY 2000", listing the Japanese and Australian tour dates. Click here to check out the colorful new page.
Friday, 1/07/00

Japanese Tour Flier, Ticket scan

As you might have guessed by now, we were sent scans of some Japanese tour stuff by our friend from the nation of Japan, Commy! Check out the scan below of the Tokyo show on January 10th, shown below. And click here to see a flier for the shows.

Metal Edge Reviews 'The Fragile'

Metal Edge has a review of 'The Fragile' in their Febuary 2000 issue. It was written by executive editor, Paul Gargano. Gargano also picked 'The Fragile' as the number one album of 1999. You can read this extremely favorable review here.

TDSone of the most important events in the 90s

#nin99er HowIsYa sends word of Chicago's Q101 radio honoring The Downward Spiral's release.

there you have a list of radio station Q101's so-called 101 most important events of the 90s. NIN makes the list for its release of "the downward spiral", which is actually in no particular order. but if you really want to know their meaningless number, it's 65.

by clicking on this event you are brought to a short bio page about "the downward spiral".

Thanks again HowIsYa for the nooz.

Latest issue ofSick Among The Pureonline

Be sure to check out Sick Among the Pure's latest installment, with articles on the We're In This Together single, a critical look at The Fragile, and a review of this month's featured website. Thanks to for the update.

Home schweet home...

Pink and white just don't go well with blue and black. Lies instead of updated Perl interpreters don't do a whole lot for us either. So we've made what shall hopefully be our final move. Finally, a lot of behind-the-scenes crap is taken care of, and the content shall be returning this week. Stay tuned :) Thanks for bearing with us...
Wednesday, 1/05/00

Vote Between Reznor and Manson is holding a vote between Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson. You can vote on which of the 2 musicians had the best CD, Best Videos, Best Live Performance, Who would win in a fight, and best overall. Trent Reznor happens to be winning in all five categories at the moment.

Charlie Clouser to devote more time to Tapeworm

Nine Inch Nails live keyboardist, Charlie Clouser plans on spending alot more time devoted to the Tapeworm project, reports Allstar News. The article, which is in thier 'Miss Truth' section of the page, contains a quote from Charlie Clouser:
"...every time I would be doing a remix, [NIN guitarist/bassist] Danny [Lohner] would hear it through the wall and come in and give me shit and say, 'What the hell are you doing that for? You should be working on the Tapeworm shit that's in your computer waiting for you to mix it!' So I've had enough of the damn guilt trips and I'm only working on Tapeworm for the next few months."

Tuesday, 1/04/00

New Meathead Perspective

The greatest columnist ever, Meathead, has put up his latest weekly report. This weeks issue deals with world peace, Nine Inch Nails, and Scrach 'n Sniff. Check out the Meathead Perspective today!

Grammy Nominations Announced

Nine Inch Nails has been nominated for two categories in the Grammys: Best Alternative Music Performance for The Fragile and Best Metal Performance for Starfuckers, inc.


Iron Man
Black Sabbath
Track from: Reunion
[Epic Records]

Bad Blood
Track from: The Matrix - Music From The Motion Picture (Various Artists) AND FROM Dark Side Of The Spoon
[Maverick Records AND Warner Bros. Records]

Enter Sandman
Track from: ECW Extreme Music (Various Artists)
[Slab/CMC International Records]

Starf***ers, Inc.
Nine Inch Nails
Track from: The Fragile
[Nothing/Interscope Records]

Rob Zombie
Track from: Hellbilly Deluxe
[Geffen/DGC Records]

Category 21 - Best Alternative Music Performance
For solos, duos or groups, vocal or instrumental. Compilation albums by various artists are not eligible. For Albums only.


To Venus And Back
Tori Amos
[Atlantic Records]

[DGC Records]

You've Come A Long Way, Baby
Fatboy Slim

[V2 Records]

The Fragile
Nine Inch Nails
[Nothing/Interscope Records]

The Grammys will be held February 23, 2000. You can view the entire nomination list here at the 42nd Grammy Awards Webcast.
Monday, 1/03/00

Grammy Nominations Annouced Tomorrow

SLS News has posted that the Grammy Awards will announce thier nominees tomorrow for all of the categories. Nine Inch Nails was pre-nominated in 4 categories. The categories include "Album of the Year", "Best Hard Rock Performance", "Best Metal Performance", "Best Intrumental Performance". No word on which song is nominated for best Hard Rock or Best Metal Performance, though most likely its We're In This Together. It will be interesting to see which song will be nominated for best instrumental performance, and who else will be up against Nine Inch Nails. The announcements will be made tomorrow morning at 11:30, expect to see the results posted on The NIN Hotline sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Toronto Radio Station RatesThe Fragile

Toronto Radio Station, Edge 102, has made a list of the top 102 albums ever put out. Nine Inch Nails latest release, The Fragile came in at the third best recording ever. Thanks Sandra Mansour

Canda's Access Magazine RanksThe Fragile

Canada's "Access Magazine" rated The Fragile 3rd Most Important Record of 1999. Later on in the magazine, they rated The Fragile a 9 out of 10. Which was the best rating in the magazine. Erebus has posted the whole article on his site.
Saturday, 1/01/00

MTV Show in Real Audio

Virii has captured the whole MTV special Fragility 1.0 onto Real Audio. So... if you missed the special, or didn't get a chance to tape it, head over to the MTV Special portion of his site.

Italian NIN Interview Highlights

Deison has sent us some of the highlights from the recent Trent Reznor interview done in Italy. Heres some of the more important parts in the interview translated to English:
-Nin before "The fragile" and their 5 years absence from the musical scene.
-Music.Double cd! Differences between electronic music (The downward Spiral) and string instruments (The fragile).Clouser mentioned that,during the sessions,a fanny Trent played an ukulele!!!
-Industrial music.Trent said that nin is not an industrial band as labelled by media.
-Collaborations. Trent said that he wants to collaborate more with other good people but he has not enough time! He feels very ashamed for the fact that he made a remix for Puff Daddy. "I did it only for money!!!!" .*sigh*
-Nothing Records. he wants Nothing to be a good label with its very own trade mark sound quality! Not a buch of Nin clone bands.
-M.Manson.Trent said that he did a great job with that unknow band from Florida!
-One of the Most influential man.(by Time).trent:"I don't care,but it's great!" question: "Who wants that have said that?" Trent:"Mmmmh,Tyra Banks!!!"(laughs)

Village Voice Runs article about Trent Reznor and Tori Amos

The New York City based newspaper, The Village Voice, has posted an article titled "Sugar High" which analyzes the relationship between Tori Amos and Trent Reznor. Thanks Kathleen Atkins

USA Today RatesThe Fragile#1

The Newspaper USA Today has ranked all of the albums to come out this year. In this article, they rate 'The Fragile' to be the best Rock album to come out in 1999. Thanks Dan Premo