Tuesday, 3/31/20

Trent and Atticus talk Watchmen with Gold Derby

Rob Licuria, senior editor of Gold Derby (a site about predicting who's going to get awards), got Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross on Zoom and they all talked about the process of scoring Watchmen. The result is this half-hour clip embedded below, which includes a moment where Mr Licuria asks about working in the space of EDM for film scoring (l.o.l.). It sounds like Damon Lindelof was an ideal collaborator, and recording the score was a lot of fun, which is no surprise given how good it all turned out.

There's an article about it, but it doesn't really say much, so check out the interview, embedded below.

Friday, 3/27/20

Download Ghosts V & VI via AWS

Click here if you're still having trouble downloading the new NIN albums.

Thursday, 3/26/20

Ghosts V & VI free to download today

Download it here, my socially distant friends. The rest of the update is just quoting nin.com for posterity:


Weird times indeed…

As the news seems to turn ever more grim by the hour, we’ve found ourselves vacillating wildly between feeling like there may be hope at times to utter despair – often changing minute to minute. Although each of us define ourselves as antisocial-types who prefer being on our own, this situation has really made us appreciate the power and need for CONNECTION.

Music – whether listening to it, thinking about it or creating it – has always been the thing that helped us get through anything – good or bad. With that in mind, we decided to burn the midnight oil and complete these new Ghosts records as a means of staying somewhat sane.

Ghosts V: Together is for when things seem like it might all be okay, and Ghosts VI: Locusts… well, you’ll figure it out.

It made us feel better to make these and it feels good to share them. Music has always had a way of making us feel a little less alone in the world… and hopefully it does for you, too. Remember, everyone is in this thing together and this too shall pass.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Be smart and safe and take care of each other.

With love,
Trent & Atticus
Monday, 3/16/20

Uncoiled: The Physical Component

Proving once again that I'm terrible at marketing, I'm dropping this announcement after midnight, early on a Tuesday morning, during a global pandemic, and I'm not even putting a hero image on the homepage for the announcement.

But you're getting it first because you're up weird hours like me, you still check your RSS feeds, or you're still coming to this site hoping to see an update. This is coming to you from an old website, not Twitter or Instagram. They'll find out about it later if it turns out that I've only got five people regularly checking this site anymore.

But I'm babbling - your perseverance paid off, because you're the first (outside of a test group on ETS) to get a link to the order form for something I've been loosely planning since about 2012. That's it. That's the link, click on that.

Thanks! Don't touch your face, and don't forget to surgical scrub your hands.