Friday, 7/29/11

Academy Award winner Trent Reznor takes the director's seat

If I'm reading this Shoot Online article correctly, Trent Reznor has joined the ranks of Wondros.
"Trent Reznor, who earlier this year won the Oscar for Best Achievement in Music on the strength of the original score for David Fincher's The Social Network, has come aboard Wondros for his first career directorial representation."

That's all the information we have, so in lieu of facts, we're going to throw some speculation out there: either this is related to the Year Zero television series, or you may be able to hire Trent Reznor to direct your next commercial. Either way, the outcome is no doubt going to be interesting. Thanks to Randall for the tip!
Thursday, 7/14/11

Universal double-dips Pretty Hate Machine

UME PHMThis week, another release of Pretty Hate Machine went on sale. We mentioned this earlier, when pre-orders for the vinyl and CD went up on Amazon, pointing out that NIN art director Rob Sheridan mentioned that "No one on our end knows what those reports are talking about."

Shortly after this mystery release has shipped, nincatalog.com updated with pictures, and then Trent Reznor crashed NINcatalog when he announced "NIN fans, don't waste your money on this version of PHM that was just released. [It's] a record label bullshit move repackaging the old version. Ignore please."

This latest re-release was clearly done without consulting Trent, who authorized and worked on a remastered version of the album last year.
Saturday, 7/02/11

Casemate/NIN Hotline #IMakeMyNINCase Design Contest Winners

These are a bit late but here are the winners of the Casemate/NIN Hotline #IMakeMyNINCase Design Contest ! If your name is one of ten below, you will be getting a message in next couple days on how to claim your FREE case from Casemate.

Thank you to everyone who entered and everyone at Casemate for being so generous and doing this fun contest with us. Big, huge, extra thanks to Kathlene, Matt and especially Thao. :)

Congratulations to the following in no particular order:






Rory Cash

Chris Koenig



sick among the pure: