Saturday, 3/31/07

AIR McCain Prank Backfires

It looks like hippygeek's AIR prank against John McCain's MySpace page has, errr, backfired somewhat. This afternoon he had a visit from the FBI, and they have seized all his computer equipment, along with all his programming books and his Year Zero lithographs. Read the whole story here and go give him some support!

I guess this is a sober lesson that this is just for fun and that none of you should be taking stupid risks for the sake of AIR.

Update: Game over, check the date. Check the link again for an update and explanation.
Friday, 3/30/07



Over 20,000 votes and NIN won by 150. Tool fans are demanding a recount. I'm still getting replies from Q101's texting service. Nice job everyone, way to kick ass.

Text "NIN" to 99161 NOW! (Repeatedly!)

Again! It's NIN vs Tool in a showdown surely to go down in legend in Chicago! LETS BREAK THEIR SYSTEM!

Tool is up by 30 votes, OH NOES!!1

Championship round at 11:30 Eastern!

In about twenty minutes, it's NIN vs Tool. As you know, I run fan sites for both bands, but for Tool I want you to focus on Band Madness dot Net... I'd like to see the radio contest go to NIN, since they've got the new album coming out and all that crap.

You people are a fucking force to be dealt with! Congrats on getting this far!

Limited Edition Lithograph with Year Zero

A limited edition, numbered lithograph will be available with a pre-order of Year Zero from Insound.com. This information was sent out via NIN's Myspace profile. There is no word on how many will be available, so, you know, you should get on that. Thank you to those who emailed.

NIN advances in Q101's Band Madness

...but not by much! NIN won by 300 votes out of a 5300 vote total. If that's all we can give 'em against Incubus, I'm not sure how far we'll get tonight. Nonetheless, great work everyone!


NIN on Q101's Band Madness at 2:30 central time

In about an hour and a half from the time of this posting, Q101 in Chicago will be taking votes in the latest installment of Band Madness, with NIN going up against Incubus, who beat Chicago's own Smashing Pumpkins in the last round. A couple of sources have told me that we face an army of teenage girls on this one, so we probably need all the votes we can get.

Voting in this contest requires only that you text the name of the band you want to win to 99161 -- however, don't send in your votes until 2:30 Central Time.

Then vote like crazy.

So, about that Survivalism single

You may have heard that someone has leaked tracks from the Survivalism CD single on to the net. While we normally don't report on leaks until well after they're established, I'd like to point them out early this time because some coattail-riding, self-important, take my ball and go home douchebag, who will not be named so as to avoid massaging his ego any further, has tacked on other music (El-P and Apocalyptica) to the end of the tracks. So, should these tracks find their way onto your hard drive and the end doesn't quite sound like the rest of the track - that's because it's not.

According to Amazon, the single is still due April 12th.

*edit: Updated with information about pasted on music, added adjectives*
Thursday, 3/29/07

Reznor Talks USB Drives

A recent story on The Guardian talks with a few musicians regarding music and technology, and includes a bit with Trent Reznor about the use of the 'hidden' USB drives. nickynomad posted the bit with Reznor on ets:
"The USB drive was simply a mechanism of leaking the music and data we wanted out there," he explained. "The medium of the CD is outdated and irrelevant. It's really painfully obvious what people want - DRM-free music they can do what they want with. If the greedy record industry would embrace that concept I truly think people would pay for music and consume more of it."

Thanks to nickynomad for sharing.

New European festival dates

European festival dates for August 2007 have been announced on nin.com. Please note there will not be any Spiral presales or tickets for the festival dates.

Listen to that Triple J Reznor interview

If you didn't catch that interview that Anita posted about yesterday, I've got good news. Adam De Ville recored the whole thing and posted it to MegaUpload. You can check the links out here. It is worth noting that clips of "Me I'm Not" are played in the background, so if you're holding out til the release date, you should perhaps avoid this interview. Thanks for getting that, Adam!

UK Year Zero boxes begin to arrive

We received a lot of emails from Englanders who've received their limited edition Year Zero 9" Vinyl Collectors boxes. The boxes are about an inch deep, and feature similar artwork to the lithograph being given out at the US listening parties. I would upload a picture, but I accidentally put up an old version of the news management software yesterday, and don't have my laptop with me today to fix that, so, use your imagination for now.

Japanese Year Zero is delayed

Someone from CDJapan showed up on ETS to let everyone know that the Japanese release of Year Zero has been pushed back to April 25. "No big deal," you might say, "I'll wait because it has that bonus track." Unfortunately, we got word from Siva that hmv.co.jp that because of changes to the disc's manufacturing, the addition of the bonus track is no longer possible. Sorry folks, sometimes these things happen.

NIN Announced For Frequency Festival

Radio FM4 has announced that NIN will be playing at the Frequency Festival near Salzburg, Austria. It will be taking place from August 15th to August 17th, although the specific date they will be playing has yet to be announced. Thanks to everyone for the emails.

"Art Is Resistance" Targets John McCain

Our good friend Hippygeek has taken it upon himself to ensure the AIR movement gets interspliced into the American pre-election hooplah. I'm not sure how long HG's comment will remain posted, but hop on over to his McCain prank site to read more. While you're at it - be sure to Digg this story.
Wednesday, 3/28/07

Reznor on triple j

Trent Reznor will be conducting a phone interview on the Australian triple j radio show Top Shelf with Robbie Buck. It's going to be on Thursday the 29th between 3:00 and 5:30 PM. There is a live stream available on the triple j website. Thanks to Chris and Vornsta for informing us.

Q101's Madness Continues

Veronica emailed to let us know that NIN is still in the running on Chicago's Q101 March Music Madness. They should be going up against U2 on Thursday, March 29th at 6:30 PM. Remember, during this match all you have to do is text the name of the band you want to win, hopefully NIN in this case, to the number 99161. And play fair!

NIN to play Sziget Festival in Hungary

We have received a number of emails letting us know that the official site for Sziget is listing NIN as one of the performers. The show takes place over the course of August 8 through 15. Hungarians! Visit nin.hu for more information in your native tongue.
Tuesday, 3/27/07

(No longer) Seeking article archive intern

Thank you for all the applications -- I'll be getting back to a bunch of you this week.

I don't have nearly as much time online as I used to, and I've been dropping the ball on archiving stories and reviews that have come out recently. It's actually a very simple process, but it helps if you've got more spare time than I have.

That being said, do you have time to cut and paste HTML articles into our easy to use system? Do you have, at the very least, a simple understanding of HTML? Do you already comb through Google News & Yahoo News looking for hits on the names "Reznor" or "Nine Inch Nails"? Are you interested in helping our massive store of information get even larger? If so, contact me, I need another helping hand.

Lame Myspace band not opening for NIN.

A certain band has posted on their website and myspace that they are opening for NIN this fall in certain shows on the East Coast of the U.S. We have confirmed with the powers that be that this rumor (and the East Coast shows they list as currently scheduled) is NOT TRUE. I wouldn't have posted about this but apparently some NIN fans have been fooled into buying this band's music from iTunes all because of this rumor. This is the extent of the publicity they'll be getting for that stunt.

NIN fans receive cryptic email

We've received dozens of news submissions from fans who have received a cryptic email from the Bureau of Morality, accusing them of "un-American" activities and directing them to a website, The Price of Treason. That, in turn, contains a reference to another site, OpenSourceResistance.net. It is unclear at this time how the recipients of the email were selected or what particularly "un-American" activity they'd engaged in. You can find more information here.
Monday, 3/26/07

Attn, Q101 listeners: Band Madness

Chicago's Q101 is having a Band Madness, not unlike WXPN's version last week, but I can't get their streaming audio player to work. Voting is simple -- you do it via text message. In short:
Matches happen Monday (3/26) through Friday (3/29) every hour from 9:30am to 9:30pm. Friday (3/30) matches go from 9:30am to 12:30am (on Sat.)
Your text votes decide the winners. During each match, text the name of the band you want to win to 99161.
As a bonus, if you bet on the winner and are a member of Q101, you get points. The person with the most points wins a trip to San Diego.

The next band NIN goes up against is No Doubt, but I'm not sure when. If anyone in the Chicago area has further information, please email me and let me know. Like last time, I do not encourage cheating, but it would be fun to use our sheer numbers to make the DJs stammer and stutter again.

Daphne Carr's book on PHM

During the last year or two (maybe three), we've posted some information requests on behalf of Daphne Carr, who told us she was writing a book about Pretty Hate Machine. Rather than be content with summarizing pre-existing articles, she sought out folks from the late eighties Cleveland scene, hit up related message boards, and seemed to get her feet pretty wet in the making of this book. Well, it's now available for pre-order on Amazon for about $9. Anyway, we've received a few emails about this from viewers, and thought it was worth pointing out. We'll let ya know what we think of it when it comes out.

Charting Survivalism

"Each week, Rolling Stone identifies ten hot tracks and we make them yours for $0.49" reads the Rolling Stone top 10 Page at the RealPlayer 10 Music Store. (People still use RealPlayer?)

Meanwhile, NIN continues to rise on the last.fm artist charts, but haven't returned to the top 10 yet. If you listen to NIN on your computer a lot, you should look into running the last.fm software that tracks this kind of thing. It's kinda cool.

And in the ancient realm of the radio charts, Survivalism is at number 4 on the Billboard "Hot Modern Rock" chart - so, make the world a better place for people without satellite or net radio -- keep bugging those radio stations to play the new track. (Well, bug XM & Sirius too.)
Saturday, 3/24/07

I got Survivalism lyrics.

Don't look now (well, okay, look now) but the lyrics to Survivalism are up on the Year Zero site. How much you want to bet the next clue's somewhere in the PDF?
Friday, 3/23/07

NIN wins Philly's Modern Rock Madness

WE WON!!!!!!!!!

We don't know the exact vote count, but according to patman, when he called the DJ to vote for NIN and asked how NIN was faring, the DJ said: "Trent's got some moves to the hoop that Thom can't top."


Thursday, 3/22/07

Survivalism Now Available for Pre-Order in Canada

Amazon.ca has both the 4 track and the 2 track Survivalism singles for pre-order. It also may be worth nothing that ordering these along with Year Zero will qualify you for free shipping. Thanks to manu for sending in the links.

Help NIN win Modern Rock Madness

Remember last year when we dominated Band Madness (which recently re-opened with a brand new design, I might add)? Let's do that again, but with Modern Rock Madness on WXPN in Philly, where you can vote for NIN between 10:30 and 11:00 tonight. I'll post a little reminder later on, but if you're around, we'll need all the vote power we can muster... and then double that for the final round tomorrow.

In a similar vein, if you have a second, go to this Oregon station and vote for NIN. It takes two clicks -- one for the radio button, one for the vote button.

Update on LA area BYIT screening

So, we got this email today:

I'm the Chapman student who's hosting the screening tomorrow night that you posted about. I was hoping you could post a little more information so people know exactly what to expect, which basically amounts to a disclaimer.

Since this screening is at my school, it's first and foremost supposed to be an entertainment/educational opportunity for the students. I was told to publicize it around campus, and the administration never said I couldn't open it up to the general public, so I thought it couldn't hurt that Bill wanted to post a notice on thedigitalbits.com inviting some of his readers to attend if they liked. But theninhotline opens a whole other can of worms because I know how obsessive NIN fans can be (I'm one of them). So if a ton of people end up showing up, what'll probably end up happening is they'll have to check student IDs and let the students in first, then let in as many more people as they can.

If you DO come, please really be respectful there. Don't bring food or drink (it's not allowed in the theatre) and don't be disruptive. If anything happens my butt's kind of on the line and I'll have to explain why everyone on the internet knew about this.

In short -- we're not really the target audience. In fact, most of you probably already have BYIT in some form. However, if you do choose to go, DON'T BE A JERK, you're going as this guy's guest. Thanks :)

NIN UK listening parties

Rob sent in this news from the NIN UK Myspace bulletin:

"Get down to the one nearest you to hear tracks from the new album and grab yourself some free posters, stickers, badges, transferable tattoos plus special prize giveaways!"

Mon 26: Fright Night @ The Beercart Arms, Canterbury
Fri 30: Distortion @ Comrades, Ormskirk (U18)
Fri 30: One For The Underground @ Esquires, Bedford
Sat 31: Corrosion @ Civic, Wolverhampton
Sat 31: Rock Of Ages @ University, Leeds

Sun 1: Subverse @ Camden Underworld, London (allages)
Tue 3: Catch 22 @ Time, Guilford
Wed 4: Teenspirit @ Lava / Ignite, Bridgend (U18)
Wed 4: NASIN @ Camden Underworld, London
Fri 6: Subsonic @ Loft, Maidstone
Fri 6: Meltdown @ Unit 22, Southampton
Fri 6: Kennys Dead @ The Voltz, Kettering
Fri 6: Schism @ Quake, Woking
Sat 7: Teenculture @ Sanctuary, Birmingham (U18)
Sat 7: Subculture @ Academy, Birmingham
Sat 7: Bogiez @ The Point, Cardiff
Tue 10: Sugarcubes, Lincoln
Tue 10: Revolution @ QMU, Glasgow
Wed 11: Rebellion @ Central Station, Wrexham (U18)
Wed 11: Blackout @ The Dickens Inn, Middlesbrough
Thu 12: Sabotage @ Zodiac, Oxford
Fri 13: Revolution @ Academy, Newcastle
Fri 13: Spiders, Hull
Fri 13: Rock @ Mean Fiddler, London
Fri 13: Face / Off @ Sin City, Swansea
Fri 13: Drop @ Corporation, Sheffiled
Sat 14: K-Corp @ Corporation, Sheffield (U18)
Sat 14: Distortion @ Rock City, Nottingham
Sat 14: Reinventing Hell @ Invention Arts Centre, Bath
Sat 14: Blackout @ Fibbers, York
Sat 14: The Trash Society @ Pink Toothbrush, Rayleigh
Sat 14: Pressureclub @ Little Civic, Wolverhampton
Sat 14: Rock Kitchen @ MET Uni, Manchester
Sat 14: Voodoo @ Cathouse, Glasgow
Sat 14: Cathouse Saturdays @ Cathouse, Glasgow
Sat 14: Mutiny @ The George Venue, Andover
Sun 15: Alternative U18s @ Rock City, Nottingham (U18)
Mon 23: Teenspirit @ Sin City, Swansea (U18)
Tue 24: Teenspirit @ The Point, Caridff (U18)
Wed 25: Teenspirit @ TJs, Newport (U18)

AIR Flag patch giveaway update

Over one hundred people have been selected at random, so far, to get a free Art Is Resistance patch this week. Starting tomorrow, your chances of being selected will double, as I've still got about 600 more of these to give away (I was a little too cautious with the script, I didn't want all the flags to go at once). While I'm at it, I'm sweetening the prize pack a little bit - about half of the winners will be getting very nice vinyl flag stickers, courtesy of the infamous johnbron. Do we kick ass here or what?

While you're here checking out the news & getting a shot at winning a patch, let me know if there are any radio station poll sorts of things going on in your area regarding NIN. We had some fun with a Philly station today - thanks to everyone who voted. If you weren't listening, you missed out - the DJ was just about speechless at the sudden flood of results, it was awesome.

Free HD BYIT screening in LA area

Richard sent in this news from Bill Hunt, editor of The Digital Bits -
"For those of you in the L.A./Orange County area, Chapman University (in Orange, CA) will be hosting a free screening of the new Nine Inch Nails: Beside You in Time Blu-ray Disc on Friday evening (3/23) at the gorgeous new Folino Theatre. The screening will start at 6:30 PM (Pacific). I'll be there in person, and afterwards I've been invited to participate in a live Q&A with the audience on the subject of high-definition media. The event is open to all (and again it's completely free), so I encourage any of you who live in the area and who might be interested to attend. Bring your questions and I hope to see you there!"
You can have a look at the poster advertising the event here, and read more about the event here.
Wednesday, 3/21/07

He's punching God's balls off now

Larry Bud MelmanCalvert DeForest, a.k.a. Larry "Bud" Melman, the well-known character actor and Letterman regular whom you may recall introducing Nine Inch Nails at Woodstock '94 (and posing for the best picture ever), departed from the realm of the living today at the age of 85. Maybe that isn't as important as all this other stuff going on, but I thought people might want to know. Thanks to James for bringing this to our attention.

More NIN News from Down Under

Schteph wrote in to let us know that Survivalism is getting it's first play on Aussie TV Friday night on RAGE. Make sure to tune in when the show starts (11:30PM) if you haven't seen the video yet.

Additionally, Sydney Unleashed is advertising a massive NIN Launch party in celebration of the release of 'Year Zero'. The party is set to take place April 13 at "a secret city venue" for a marathon DJ set of NIN tracks. See the above site for details. Thanks to Lane for that tidbit.

NIN is definitely not playing Dublin with the Foo Fighters

We've received official confirmation that the performance in Dublin, Ireland with the Foo Fighters is not happening. For those who bought tickets, it looks like you can email Ticketmaster to get a refund. Check out this thread on ETS for more info.

Blabbermouth tidbit about Year Zero, With Teeth

"_nonentity_" posted a link on ETS to this blurb on Blabbermouth about Year Zero. Interestingly, Trent discusses how With Teeth was originally going to be a concept album as well. Some of you may recall that the concept was to be similar to LeGuin's The Lathe of Heaven.

Anyway, the people leaving talkback comments on that article suck massive amounts of ass, so please feel encouraged to leave comments of your own setting them straight.
Tuesday, 3/20/07

Album packaging details...

We've been hearing rumors about the disc being "thermo-chrome", a metallic substance that reacts to body heat, but we weren't quite sure what to make of it. Well, Scott wrote in with this link and this link, where you can read about a special edition of Year Zero:
Hochwertiges, 6-seitiges Digipak inkl. einer speziellen Effekt-Lackierung des Silberlings, die beim ber�hren die Farbe wechselt. Dazu gibt es noch ein ausf�hrliches 20seiten Booklet!
Or, as Scott put it, "Apparently Year Zero is being released in a deluxe edition with a special color changing cover and a 20 page booklet." Nice!


Carolin wrote in with a more clear translation: "deluxe, 6-page digipak including a cd with special-effects laquer which changes colour upon touch. and there's also a 20 page booklet!"

New shirts coming to Hot Topic

NIN Hotline imageMutato sent in this scan from the May 2007 issue of Revolver, which she snagged from a post ninfreak92 made on the Spiral. The ad shows a number of new tshirt designs coming out along with Year Zero. If you click on the image to the right, you'll get a larger resolution version of the ad to look at, and ninfreak92 has since posted even larger resolution scans of the individual shirts to the ETS thread mentioned earlier.

Words on Year Zero and NIN

There's some interesting reading at Bob Lefsetz' blog, on the topic of the Year Zero phenomenon, especially in relation to the current state of the music industry -- something the man is apparently well acquainted with. I thought it was an interesting read, and that it does a pretty good job of just kind of telling it like it is.

Canadian pre-order links for Japanese edition

Though they're not taking pre-orders for the Canadian edition of Year Zero, they're picking up the slack by offering the Japanese import (which has disappeared from the US site, Amazon.com, entirely, although the existing orders have not been canceled.)
Monday, 3/19/07

VampireFreaks has a NIN Profile

During the lead-up to the release of Beside You In Time, not only did NIN update their profile at MySpace, they also got a profile at vampirefreaks.com/nin, where you could check out stills and wallpapers and all that good stuff. Well, they're revamping this week for the release of Year Zero, and apparently will be holding a fairly cool contest in conjunction with Universal/Interscope soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

NIN To Play Leeds and Reading Festivals

That's the good news. As reported on the official Leeds and Reading Festival sites, Nine Inch Nails will be performing on August 24th and 26th respectively. They are billed below the reunion tour of the Smashing Pumpkins. Thanks to the eight thousand people who wrote in with the news.
Sunday, 3/18/07

Update - Survivalism 1 & 2 on Amazon.com

Amazon updated tonight with a listing for the import single of Survivalism - The ship-date is listed as April 12th. Also, not long after we posted the cover that we had received for the single, nin.com updated with the actual cover -- what we had was still in the system from when it was only a promotional single.

Part two has been listed as well, which includes an instrumental version of The Greater Good, and the directors cut of the Survivalism video.

These releases appear to be the UK versions. If/when the EU releases are available, we'll let you know.

On top of all that, the Japanese version of Year Zero appears to have vanished from Amazon entirely.
Friday, 3/16/07

And the radio blitz begins

I swear, two days ago, it was 75 degrees out. It's been sleeting here for half the day now, which inspired me to go ahead and enter the 70+ radio stations you folks have sent in so far. So if you find yourself with some time to kill, click on the link above the news feeds and request Survivalism. If you're feeling especially bored, call up one of the DJs and shoot the shit. Yeah, radio sucks, but here's how you can help it suck less. It's just another way support talent you appreciate.

Thanks to everyone who's sent in their local station information -- Keep 'em coming!
Friday, 3/16/07

Send me your tired, your poor...

...your alternative radio station contact information.

You may remember the TV/radio blitz we did during the release of "The Hand That Feeds" -- let's see if we can outdo ourselves. How do we make a request on your local radio station? By local, I don't care if you're from Kansas or Chile. Send an email to leviathant+radio@gmail.com with the following information:
TV/Radio Station name and/or callsign (i.e. KROQ, WYCR, FuseTV, MTVu, etc.)
Station location: City & State (or equivalent) or national, if it's MTV etc.
One or all of the following...
Request line: This should be a full phone number.
Request form: Does the station have an online form for requests? Put the URL to that page here.
Request Email address: Is there a specific email address where we can request songs at? Put that here.

Finally, if there are any special instructions or details we should know about, mention those too.

Thanks. Let's have some fun ;)

MTV.com previews Year Zero

Somewhere amongst the cell phone ads and clumsy Flash, MTV.com has posted a track by track review of Year Zero.
Thanks, Nate W. for letting us know.

Edit: A cleaner copy of the same review, hosted on the VH1 site.
Thanks, Newyork Reload.

NIN will not play Dublin with Foo Fighters

According to Ticketmaster, The Nine Inch Nails will NOT be appearing in Dublin, Ireland with The Foo Fighters. No further information is available yet.

Thanks, Joe Bloggs and Simon B for emailing in.
Thursday, 3/15/07

NIN to Play the Rock Oz�Ar�nes Festival

The Rock Oz�Ar�nes team sent us along a submission verifying that Nine Inch Nails will be playing the festival on Wednesday, August 15. The Tickets for this year�s Rock Oz�Ar�nes will be on sale in a few weeks at TicketCorner and the FNAC. Keep your eyes peeled on the festival's official site for more news as it becomes available.

Contest clarification

Judging by the number of emails I've received, there is some confusion about the patch giveaway, and how to enter.

All you have to do is visit the site in a browser with javascript enabled. Every day that you visit the site, it's like you're spinning the prize wheel. If you win, you'll see a fairly obnoxious sign-up form which will give you further instructions. If you don't win, you'll see a fairly obnoxious 'communication interrupted' message.

If the javascript is not working, you will see "intercepting quantum communication" on your screen, and will stay there. Be that the case, I strongly recommend you get Firefox, and if you're not allowed to install Firefox at work, well, you probably shouldn't be visiting our site from work anyway.
Wednesday, 3/14/07

Look for a communication from the resistance

Ercigoj EmbroideringThanks again to Ishtmail and Embroidery Ercigoj, our 'Art Is Resistance' patch giveaway is now underway. Please note that you'll need to have Javascript enabled on this site in order to have a chance at winning - this is merely so I can work my evil HTML magic.

This contest is open to the entire world. 700 winners will be chosen at random over the next week (or so). Each winner will receive one (1) patch if they follow the directions in the email they receive. Patch colors will also be decided at random -- all three look very sharp though, from what the pictures look like.

Refreshing the site will not help your chances, we've put some thought into making this as fair as possible for everyone in every time zone. Cheating will be distinctly evident, and cheaters will be disqualified.

You'll know when you've been chosen. Big thanks to Hippygeek for assistance, and to Ishtmail for the patches.

Amazon pre-orders for Year Zero

If you've been watching Amazon for the opportunity to order the new album, you know they had recently listed the Japanese release of Year Zero, which includes a bonus track.

Today, they added the pre-order for the US release of the new album, which will probably see its price reduced to $9.99 by the release date.

Don't forget that when you order from Amazon, the album usually ships a few days before the release date, so that US orders receive it on the release day, give or take a day.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, I would like to state that purchasing from the above links will send 5-7% of your purchase to The NIN Hotline, at no extra cost to you. Doing this here and there means I don't have to beg for money. The BYIT pre-orders just got us new hosting for a year, which will help with a brand new (and fairly badass) site I've been formulating in relative secrecy with help from a couple other members of the community.
Tuesday, 3/13/07

Survivalism released in Garageband format

Just as they had done for The Hand That Feeds, Nine Inch Nails have released Survivalism in Garageband format, for you to remix, examine, pick apart and complain about, or whatever you choose to do. Don't worry, PC users, it's only a matter of time before someone posts a torrent at Echoing the Sound with extracted audio from the Garageband file. **edit: Ha, that didn't take very long.**

If that's not enough to keep you occupied, the plan is to release a GarageBand file for every song on the new album over the next several months.

Survivalism added to MTV2, MTVU

metronome wrote in with this copy and paste from HITS:
MTV ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION: MTV adds Three 6 Mafia and Ne-Yo, with Justin Timberlake in at Big 10, while MTV2 adds Nine Inch Nails, which also goes in Elite 8 alongside the Killers. mtvU adds Academy Is..., Nine Inch Nails, Escape the Fate and Shoes. (3/12p)

By the way, I did have plans to do a fairly comprehensive assault on TV & radio stations just like we did with The Hand that Feeds and Only... soon!

Wanna Spend Spring Break With NIN?

It may not be sunny Fort Lauderdale, but you can chill with Trent and Co. in Norway during Spring Break. KROQ is advertising a trip to Oslo to see NIN in concert, and will be giving away both the Beside You in Time DVD and (advanced) copies of Year Zero to those who qualify for the trip. Click the above link for more details.

In related news, "Survivalism" is currently the most played and second-most requested song on KROQ. Huzzah! Thanks to Ronnie Exley and Paul for letting us know.

NIN in the New Yorker

This morning while I was on the can I noticed a blurb about the Year Zero phenomenon in this little local rag I read. You can check it out online (click on Luke Wilson Trent):

*edit* Also, check out this full review of Year Zero from gigwise. Mild spoiler warning. Thanks to abhishek for sending us that link.

NIN to play Dublin with Foo Fighters

According to Westlife, Nine Inch Nails will appear as special guests of the Foo Fighters at a performance in Dublin, Ireland on August 22, 2007. The article says tickets go onsale here starting this Friday, March 16. Thanks to Ian for letting us know.

Survivalism on iTunes

As mentioned on nin.com, Survivalism is now available for purchase on iTunes. You can also pre-order Year Zero and iTunes states your purchase will include the Tardusted remix of Survivalism. Apparently iTunes also says there will be an opportunity to make your own Garageband remix (it says to check nin.com for more information, but nothing's up yet). Thanks to everyone who wrote in about this.
Monday, 3/12/07

Year Zero listening party lithograph scan

Nine Inch Nails Year Zeroheed5000 posted this scan of the lithograph that was available at last night's listening party over on Echoing the Sound. I decided to steal it from there and post it here for you to check out.
Sunday, 3/11/07

Monday's NIN show postponed

We've received word that the March 12, 2007 NIN concert at Wolverhampton Civic Hall has been rescheduled for August 30, 2007, due to "circumstances beyond our control." If you have a ticket for the March 12 show, it will be valid for the rescheduled date.

I Got My Priapism

I got my something something Meathead Perspective update.

German Survivalism CD single details

NIN Hotline image

We received word this evening that the CD single for Survivalism will be limited to 2000 copies in Germany. The single features three audio tracks, including an instrumental version of The Greater Good, as well as the "Tardusted Mix" of Survivalism, and an enhanced track containing the video for Survivalism.

The new release date for the single is March 30, 2007.
Thursday, 3/08/07

The Beginning of the End: live premiere

The Year Zero track "The Beginning of the End" was premiered at tonight's show in London. Click here to watch a recording on YouTube. Thanks to all who wrote in and on ETS.

Digg Survivalism.

If you've got an account, Digg the Survivalism video. Thanks GeoffT.
Wednesday, 3/07/07

Survivalism video found on USB drives

Survivalism Video
The video was discovered in both high resolution (164mb) and low resolution (26mb) formats. At this point, I'm not sure there's much more I need to say.
You can look here for links as the fans spread it faster than you can say "MTV sucks."

***UPDATE 2*** While you're waiting to download the high-resolution video, you can get a look at what to expect on YouTube.

***UPDATE*** If you've been keeping track of the Year Zero phenomenon on the internet, you'll be pleased to learn that folks in IRC noted letters appearing in the timecodes in the video, which when spelled out, lead to https://www.thewaterturnedtoblood.net/. There have been more site revelations as well, visit the Art is Resistance forum on ETS for more information. An up-to-date, full list of related websites can also be found at ninwiki.com.

USB sticks found in London

Apparently at least a dozen USB sticks have been found at the venue for tonight's show in London, including by Alex of Scotland. Stay tuned to ETS for more info...
Tuesday, 3/06/07

I Guess Trent Isn't a Fan of Cowbell

Due to his sore throat, Trent's gone ahead and cancelled his previous commitment to do Bruce Dickinson's Rock Show on March 10, as previous reported. Thanks to Lucinda for passing on the unfortunate news.

Brixton shows are go, movie plans?

According to this Kerrang Radio report,
"[Trent]'s admitted he's already in talks about a movie version of his upcoming album a concept piece, with part two scheduled for next year. "I'm excited by the prospect of what this has brought to me, We're really looking into things it could be." Reznor revealed."

Deftones82 also wrote in to let you know that according to the Brixton Academy website, both NIN shows there will go on as scheduled.

NIN to play France's "Rock en Seine" festival

We received news this morning from Cliff and Meathead's favorite resident of France, Ninjaw P.B.:
"We just had early confirmation that NIN agreed to do the 5th Paris's French summer festival "Rock en seine" between fri 24th august 2007 and sun 26. Along with confirmed Bjork, for her apparently only summer show. Tickets will be on sale at the end of the month."

Take that along with comments from Trent during the tour that they'll be back in the summer, and it looks like Europe will be seeing a lot more of NIN when they come back from Japan.
Monday, 3/05/07

More Bad News

More bad news for Europe... tonight's show in Birmingham has been canceled.

No news on why, as yet. The concert has been rescheduled for August 28th.

UPDATE: Trent updated his blog to specify that he had to cancel because he's got to give his throat a rest.

Survivalism Single Delayed

Orginally slated to be released today, NIN.com has reported that the single for "Survivalism" has been delayed. Keep your eyes peeled on the Hotline for more information as it becomes available. In mean time, if you are clamoring to get a Survivalism release, there are still promos available on eBay.
Saturday, 3/03/07

Year Zero listening parties announced

nin.com and NIN's myspace have updated with information about free listening parties running from March 11 through March 27 in many major US metropolitan areas. Pre-ordering the album at a listening party will net you a Year Zero lithograph. For the full listing, visit https://yearzero.nin.com/listen/.

This is the Beginning of the End

A new song from Year Zero entitled "The Beginning of the End" was premiered last night on Jed the Fish's show on KROQ. Hop on over to Echoing the Sound to discuss and listen to the new track.
Friday, 3/02/07

On this Myspace

The obligatory slow song "In This Twilight" has allegedly been added to the official NIN MySpace page. That way you can finally listen to it without it showing up on your last.fm page.
Thursday, 3/01/07

"Art Is Resistance" patch giveaway next week


Ercigoj EmbroideringNext week, we are giving away 700 (seven hundred) ART IS RESISTANCE PATCHES, but you can only have one, and that's only if you are randomly selected by the website and can follow instructions. These patches are being provided by the very awesome Ishtmail and Embroidery Ercigoj (who will have an online shop very, very soon) and are approx. 3 inches wide and 1.8 inches tall.

We'll be revealing more details next week (after I code a script to handle all this). This contest will be open to anyone in the US who can send a self-addressed stamped envelope, and if you're outside of the US, send a self-addressed envelope and... something. Details on that later. There will be an additional contest announced at the same time, as well -- start thinking about making your own "Art is Resistance" patch design, but without using the NIN logo or the current AIR logo.

P.S. If anyone who makes vinyl outdoor stickers (or even silk-screened tshirts) wants to get in on doing this sort of giveaway, now is the time to contact me about it.