Thursday, 9/28/06

News feeds updated again.

Alright! It's still not the most graceful implementation, but you can now rearrange the order of news feeds, as well as collapse and expand them, and hopefully your browser will remember all your changes. I'll make it prettier and smoother later.
Monday, 9/25/06


Meathead Perspective Time. Wooah-oo-ooo-ooooah.
Friday, 9/22/06

Beside You In Time: NIN Live DVD Trailer

Since everybody and their grandmother knows about it by now, I guess it's okay to post this. A trailer for the upcoming NIN live DVD is currently up on nin.com, although it's not actually linked there yet. But people found it, so there it is. Thanks to everyone who let us know.

Just to piss me off, they now have a link to the trailer at nin.com and the previous link no longer works.

Digital Music Awards '06 - Why not.

I got a ranty email earlier this year complaining about how these votes don't really count, and given that we lost out to a Depeche Mode site last year, I'm inclined to agree. Since it's kind of quiet at the moment, I really didn't bother with my usual blitz about voting us to the top. We made the top 5 last year, which was really cool, but NIN was touring like crazy on a new release.

Nonetheless, if you want to try and get us into the top 100, you can vote for us once a day at the following ugly blinky link.

NIN Hotline Image

And now, back to our regularly scheduled quiet period.
Wednesday, 9/20/06

300 Teaser Trailer is Finally Online

A couple months ago I posted a tidbit about the teaser preview for the movie 300, based on Frank Miller's graphic novel of the same name. The teaser was played at 300's panel at Comicon and featured the NIN track "Just Like You Imagined." The preview is finally online now and you should definitely check it out by clicking here, because the movie looks like it's going to kick all sorts of ass.

*Update* Lots and lots of people wrote in to let us know that Aint It Cool's link to the clip got taken down. Said lots and lots of people also gave us another link to the video: clickie here. Thanks everyone.
Monday, 9/18/06

I just made a perspective in my pants.

There is a new Meathead Perspective made available for you to not laugh at. Technology is great!
Tuesday, 9/12/06

Closer to Spock

Although neB and Myles Dolphin wrote to us about it when it first showed up at GorillaMask.net, I'm linking to this incredible Star Trek/Nine Inch Nails video mashup on Best Week Ever as some kind of restitution for flogging BandMadness.net. (And because the Gorilla Mask version keeps upsetting my Firefox media player plugin.)
Monday, 9/11/06

Meat + Order: Perspective Intent

I put up another totally lame Meathead Perspective. GO STEELERS
Saturday, 9/09/06

Trent Reznor to perform at Bridge School benefit concert

jentwo passed this news nugget along to us, from this website:

Pearl Jam will be performing at the 20th annual Bridge School Benefit concert on October 21-22 2006, at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.

The rest of the lineup includes Neil Young, Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters, Trent Reznor, Death Cab For Cutie, Brian Wilson, and Devendra Banhart.

Tickets go onsale Sept 17th at 10AM.

This information has been verified as being correct. For more on the Bridge School, click here.
Wednesday, 9/06/06

MTV News tells us what we already knew

MTV News and punkbands.com are reporting that Trent is working on a new NIN album, which both sites say will be out later this year or sometime next year. This is old news to the rest of us, of course, but I guess some of you -- maybe the three or four of you that still care about MTV -- will be excited that MTV News is reporting it now. Thanks to Casey and seplomaniac for the info.
Saturday, 9/02/06

This is not the Josh Freese Hotline

Thanks to everyone who has been e-mailing us repeatedly over the past several days to let us know that Josh Freese has done a whole lot of shit, however, if we listed every single thing he's done or will do, it would take up the whole goddamned page, and then there wouldn't be any more room to post about all the exciting stuff Trent Reznor is doing lately. Besides, it's pretty common knowledge that Josh is a busy guy, and there's already a list of his wacky adventures for you to look at on the internet.