Friday, 11/28/03

Know the Score - Nine Inch Nails Sheet Music

Since there is no available, published Nine Inch Nails sheet music, this webpage has been created by a fan with the ability to score by ear for other fans eager to analyze and even perform works by Nine Inch Nails from sheet music.
Along with the sheet music, available in either PDF or JPG format (depending on the piece), an audio recording of one of the arrangements is given, and anyone who makes a recording based on Know the Score's sheet music is encouraged to contact Mormolyke for its inclusion on the site.
Wednesday, 11/26/03

...and the picture accompanying the AP blurb:

Click on the thumbnail here for a picture three times it's size. Many thanks to jpm for the scan.
Monday, 11/24/03

My computer must be broken.

nin.com updated with a glitchy new Flash page. The link to access is missing, but you can still get there if you actually want to.

As quotes from Alternative Press...

Apparently the issue of Alternative Press with the year's most anticipated album (which is [sit down for this] Good Charlotte) has this to say about the NIN album:
TITLE: bleedthrough (NOTHING)
EXPECT IT: "Soon."
"The record explores loss and possible discovery of self," says Trent Reznor about the follow-up to 1999's The Fragile, "along with alternate layers of reality and perception set inside a nightmare you can't seem to wake up from; with lots of feedback." Reznor has enlisted Atticus Ross, Jerome Dillon, Leo Herrera, mix engineer Rich Costey and Rick Rubin to help mold bleedthrough, which will feature new songs such as "The Line Begins To Blur," "Everyday Is Exactly The Same" and "My Dead Friend." This time out, Reznor is introducing high-tech to low-life. "Computers, among other things, are ruining music these days," he says. "I hate the Pro Tooled sound of perfection and everything being 'fixed.' This record is most definitely 'un-fixed.'" And when it comes to touring behind the release, T. Rez is planning on reinventing the will. "It won't be the last tour over again. That person isn't here anymore." [JP] (as in Jason Pettigrew, probably)
Thanks to SnB64 for typing that up.
By the by, it would be highly appreciated of other news pages if you would link back to your sources of information, as a courtesy. Thanks.
Saturday, 11/22/03


Here's a nice little write-up I stole from the nine inch nails forum at digital noise, as typed up by aronmorris.
    ...In the upcoming issue of Alternative Press Magazine (the 25 most anticipated artists of 2004) which hits stands the first week of December, one of the artists/albums covered is NIN. The report states the overall vibe and sound of the record and lists some of the people that are involved in the production such as Rick Rubin, Atticus Ross, and Leo Herrera. The official album title is "BLEEDTHROUGH."
    There are three song titles also mentioned. Another point worth noting is that Trent is quoted as saying that he is fed up with the perfected quality of computer-produced music (specifically the use of ProTools software) and that this record was done with alternate methods. There is no specific release date mentioned.

Some people called bullshit on this, but it's been pointed out by several others that bleedthrough.net has been registered to Nothing since May of this year.
The song titles listed in the article are "MY DEAD FRIEND," "EVERYDAY IS EXACTLY THE SAME," and "THE LINE BEGINS TO BLUR." Subscribers to Alternative Press will receive this issue next week, and the issue should be on newstands the following week.
In addition, several people have written in to note that amongst the LeGuin quotes that appeared on July 4th (before the background colors, well, bled through) was this:
III. Time and causality paradoxes:
- retro-psychokinesis, or turning causality on its head
- precognition versus remote viewing "bleed-through": what does it tell us about the nature of time?
- the transactional interpretation and other "solutions" to the quantum puzzle
- Barbour, Deutch and the vision of a frozen masterpiece: if time is illusory, what is the meaning of action?

As usual, we'll post more news as it comes in, and do our best to keep the illegitimate stuff out. In the meantime, conjecture is flying in the forums at Echoing the Sound and Digital Noise, not to mention Burning Souls. Meanwhile, at Perfect Isolation, sarcasm, as usual, is being flung faster than feces in a monkey cage. (thx tpd)
P.S. Vote for us at the Internet Music Awards. Thx.
Friday, 11/21/03

200 is the magic number, yes it is.

Further perpetuating the worn out "Top" list trend that is currently saturating every music-related publication and television channel, the folks at Rolling Stone magazine have decided to list what they believe to be the greatest 500 albums of all time, and were nice enough to toss The Downward Spiral in there at #200, just underneath AC/DC's Highway To Hell.
Friday, 11/14/03

Watch Country Music Television

That's right. This Saturday at 8pm EST, Country Music Television will be airing a tribute to Johnny Cash. During this tribute, not only will you get to see a videotaped testament from Trent Reznor, but Sheryl Crow will be performing Hurt. USA has an article here, and Yahoo talks more about it here. Thanks to FoxFireJ2 and Orestes.
Wednesday, 11/12/03

JD project

Jerome Dillon's Sedativ project site has updated. Click on the polaroids for images and sound clips. Thanks to everyone who sent in to us.
Monday, 11/10/03

Clouser and Vrenna article

The most recent issue of Roland User Magazine features an article containing an interview with each Chris Vrenna of Tweaker and former NIN keyboardist Charlie Clouser. You can read the article here. (Vol. 21 No. 2 Fall 2003) Thanks Michel.

It's an old quote

There's a new Manson article floating around the Net with an OLD Reznor quote talking about the DOOM 3 project. Thanks to those that sent in to TNH, but it is an outdated quote. Unless we hear any different go with our previous updates.
Thursday, 11/06/03

Tweaker on the TV

Hot Topic: Tweaker Speaks
Chris Vrenna, founding member and former drummer of Nine Inch Nails, has collaborated with artists from U2 to Rob Zombie. After a music producer sought his mixing skills, Vrenna (aka tweaker) also started lending his hand in making videogame sound tracks. Tonight on "Tech Live," we'll talk to Vrenna about the creative process of working on the "Enter the Matrix" videogame.
11-06-03 8pm EST
11-07-03 10am EST
11-07-03 1pm EST
11-07-03 6pm EST
Thanks to blahass.
Tuesday, 11/04/03

No Closure DVD on December 31 this year either.

Every year, people report about a December 31st release date for the Closure DVD. This is a remnant of an old inventory database that's been persistent through several buyouts of warehouse companies - simply put, a few years ago when a DVD was being produced without the band's knowledge or input, some companies listed it as available for pre-order. One inventory company had a policy of listing To-Be-Announced releases internally with a date of 12/31 (with no year listed). This company got bought out, and their database persisted with several releases having 12/31 release dates. So every year, we get emails about a December 31st release date for the Closure DVD.
Have you voted for the NIN Hotline yet? Because we just got word from someone who was lucky enough to catch the A Perfect Circle dress rehearsal in Los Angeles. Having bumped into Danny Lohner, he asked what's been going on in the Nothing camp. As we heard before, TapeWorm is all but finished, and is only being stalled by legal bullshit between Record Labels. (Perhaps it's time to start a letter-writing campaign?) The new Nine Inch Nails album is also well on it's way, as we've heard. In the "Did he just say that?" department, on the other hand... Trent has also been busy working on and perfecting the Closure DVD. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
Saturday, 11/01/03

Sick Among The Pure Reborn!

Thanks to the tremendous amount of work put forth by Daemon, the new Managing Editor, and R.K. Finch, Editor (in chief), over the past months, Sick Among The Pure has been reborn. The site has been completely redesigned and the archives moved over in their entirety.
This months feature article, "What is the sick among the pure", will help explain to both new and returning readers exactly what it is this magazine writes about, where we came from, and where we're headed.
Go check out the new site and the new issue now!