Friday, 1/31/03

Johnny Cash Hurt Video DVD + More

Lost Highway Records mentions on their front page that a DVD of the Mark Romanek directed video for Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt will be made available on March 4 with the release of the Grammy nominated album The Man Comes Around.
Considering how rare it is that people will get a say in what gets played on the radio these days, when you do get a chance, you should speak up. In this case, The Edge in Tulsa has put up a poll asking if they should play Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt on the radio. There's already a healthy lead towards the positive, but if you're in the Tulsa area and haven't already voted, here's where you need to go to voice your opinion on this. Thanks to stinkybano for the link!
Thursday, 1/30/03

For musicians

Jerome and Keith are working on a Soundware CD tentatively called Arhythmia. The rhythmic loop library will be based around Jerome's use of both live and electronic drums, with Keith's processing and production techniques.

SmashedUpSanity.com opens new forum

The rather legendary ninternet mainstay, Keith Duemling's SmashedUpSanity.com is slowly making a return to the web. The first thing that's been revealed on the site is a forum, with graphic design handled by Mike Ryszka of somewhat fragile. Over the next year, expect to see more developments at SUS, and we'll let you know as we hear about it! Thanks Keith ;)

VH1 to Debut Cash's Hurt on Friday

If you haven't got the bandwidth or the patience to download it from Mark Romanek's website, you'll be able to catch the video debut for Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt on VH1 this Friday. You can also check it out in streaming Windows Media format at VH1's Johnny Cash portion of their website. Many thanks to Jason H for the update!
Wednesday, 1/29/03

Running the sound for Fragility 2.0

Fibbel from Sweden sent along a great story for any tech heads out there. Found on the Turbosound website, this article by Kirsten Nelson talks with the FOH Engineer Jon Lemon about the quirks in running a live Nine Inch Nails show, and details some of the equipment used as far as live EQ, compression and mic-switching went.
Wednesday, 1/15/03

Updates on Jerome, Charlie, Keith and more...

Morpheus_TechnoPagan from TRF sent in another bit that a clip of the Fuel/C. Clouser song Won�t Back Down is now available at Daredevil.com.
The rumor of Page Hamilton taking part in the new NIN album is false. You can read an interview here. Thanks to Frank.
Gwar found a cool pic of Alan Moulder with Zwan/Smashing Pumpkins drummer, Jimmy Chamberlin at zwan.com. The photo was taken by Zwan bassist, Paz Lenchantain. Visit here to view it.
Jerome Dillon has a music sample online from his upcoming project and the webmaster from jeromedillon.net wanted to let us know. To listen to it visit here. You have to click on the box a couple times to get to a picture of Jerome then pass your cursor over a spot on his headphones and click again to hear the clip.
Keith Hillebrandt has a new version of his Useful Noise cd out. From the press release- This is a unique collection from his personal library. The sounds range from moody atmospheres to hard nasty drums � unique rhythmic loops to complex, evolving musical tones. A stunning array of ambience, texture, dissonance and distortion. Useful Noise v2 includes over 1000 16 bit 44.1 aiff files, all license free. Emagic EXS24 MkII instruments are supplied for quick access to all the sounds with mapping, tuning and looping (when applicable) all set up for you. You also receive REX2 files for all the rhythmic loops for use in programs like Reason and Logic. Registered owners of Useful Noise v2 will also automatically become members of usefulnoise.com, where new sounds will be posted weekly, straight out of Keith�s studio. This makes Useful Noise v2 an evolving library.
The cd will sell for $99.95. For more information, visit the web site at usefulnoise.com. It's very cool so head on over there today!
And finally- The pre-release date for Doom III listed at online stores such as Best Buy and Amazon.com are not an indication that the game will be out soon. We will let you know more as the release date arrives. Do not go by March 31, 2003! Keep your eye on ID's site in the coming months.

Charlie Clouser News

Morpheus TechnoPagan of The Remix Files was cool enough to pass along this news tidbit regarding Charlie Clouser:
Phoenix-based quintet Opiate for the Masses is shopping a six-song EP -called "Goodbye"- to secure a record deal; the demo EP � incl. four new songs and one remix- was produced/co-mixed by Charlie Clouser. "The Carried" (off "Goodbay") is available for free download at the OFM official website and �Goodbye� is available for sale at the OFM store. Please check the OFM official website and TRF "Collaborations" section for more information.
Saturday, 1/04/03

Video for Jonny Cash's Hurt Cover Online

Mark Romanek, who directed a few Nine Inch Nails videos, also directed the video for Johnny Cash's cover of the Nine Inch Nails song, Hurt. The video is currently viewable on Mark Romanek's Website.
Friday, 1/03/03

Carson/NIN items for sale

If you head over to the official David Carson website you can buy a few art pieces (some signed) from his work with NIN on The Fragile. Thanks to wtlink who posted this on the Echoing the Sound forum.