Nine Inch Nails claim #1 for "Tour" in Rolling Stone[00:52 EST]
In the most recent issue of Rolling Stone, winners for the Rolling Stone Music Awards 2000 were listed. Nine Inch Nails' Fragility v2.0 Tour was picked #1 by critics. Congratulations! Thanks out to con4cyn, regular of #nin99!
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Merry Meatmas[05:03 EST]
In celebration of the last holiday of the 20th century, The Meathead Perspective presents a special Christmas treat for all of you kids out there who like reading stuff about Nine Inch Nails. Happy holidays.
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Holiday Special: Alternative Press 5 Page Interview with Reznor[00:50 EST]
As a Special Holiday Treat, we've got the latest interview with Trent Reznor. This is a lengthy interview that touches on almost every subject you'd want to hear about! Trent discusses the parralells between Roger Waters and himself, Fred Durst, whats next and much more.

This interview comes from the January Issue of Alternative Press magazine, in which Trent Reznor was named artist of the year in 2000. If you scroll down a bit, you can check out all the pictures from the article.

I'm at a serious crossroads right now, a lot of which has to do with the climate of the record industry; a lot of which has to do with the record label we're on and the treatment we received from them-and trying to put things in perspective of what's happened in the past few years, reassessing why I'm doing this.
Make sure to buy the copy of the magazine when it hits the shelves next week, and take a look at the interview! Thanks to the webmistress of NineInchNailsArt.com for typing this all up!
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High-Quality scans for latest Alternative Press[23:51 EST]
We just snagged some high-quality scans for the upcoming February 2001 issue of Alternative Press with Nine Inch Nails mainman Trent gracing the cover. He is given the title of "Your Favorite Artist of the Year." Click on the thumbnails below to check out the full pictures. We'd like to give a shout out to Venus, webmistress of NineInchNailsArt.com for the scans!

Check back soon for the full 5 page interview!
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nin.com Down In It Exclusive![00:34 EST]
Head on over to nin.com's Feature section for an exclusive full length video of Down In It! The footage contains scenes from every show during the European Festival Tour. The video is available in High-Res, Medium-Res, and Low-Res. Don't waste anymore time - check it out!
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There's more to Nothing Studios than NIN[00:19 EST]
NIN trivia buffs with a careful eye may recognize the names Marcus London, Doug Idleman, and Nigel Wiesehan from the credits on The Fragile. The three make up the group Dead Hand System. We hope to bring some unfamiliar music into the open here.
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A belated congrats to some fellow NIN sites[10:50 EST]
You may or may not have known about the Dot Music's UK Online Music Awards that wrapped up a couple of weeks ago; one of the catgories that was particularly special to webmasters of music sites was the Peoples Choice Award. 2221 sites entered to win, and over 75,000 people voted for their favorite sites.

We'd like to extend a congradulations to tperfect and everyone over at 9inchnails.net, who snagged 37th place among the two-thousand-plus entries! Coming in just behind at 41st place is Evan Moore's SeemsLikeSalvation Nothing Records News - which also placed 5th in the Shoutweb Awards for 'best unofficial artist site' earlier this month.

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Rock Sound reviews Things Falling Apart[21:00 EST]
Just recently, we received a review of Nine Inch Nails' latest EP Things Falling Apart from the British magazine Rock Sound. Here's a little snippet:
Trent Reznor's always had a firm grasp of technology and the brutal tortured sounds that Nine Inch Nails often produce are sometimes more a kin to the dance floor than a dark lonely bedroom.
To read the full review, click here. Thanks Poptones.
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Trent Reznor on Next AP Magazine Cover[07:39 EST]
The February issue of Alternative Press magazine has Trent Reznor on the cover. Trent takes the cover as a commemoration for winning the Best Artist award in the AP Magazine 2001 Readers Poll. The magazine also will contain a lengthy interview with Reznor and here's what APs site had to say:
The none-more-black Trent Reznor named Best Artist in A.P.'s Readers Poll Awards lets a little sunshine in while blasting the industry of music, revealing his ambitious plans for 2001 and arguing that fans deserve more from today's music.
The cover appers to quote Trent, "I am at a serious crossroads", and captions with 'Why Trent Reznor's rethinking everything.' Thanks Anthony.
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Happy Birthday Danny Lohner![07:37 EST]
We'd just like to send out a happy birthday to Nails member Danny Lohner. The Complications of the Flesh Boards are excited. Make sure to keep a look out the Danny Lohner & Josh Eustis (of Telefon Tel Aviv) remix of 3 Libras, which will be available on the 3 Libras single (set for release 2 months from today).
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The Latest In Stupid Technology[00:42 EST]
If you're excited about the upcoming Nine Inch Nails DVD release, then you'll be thrilled (maybe) to read about a new device that does an even better job at recreating the NIN live experience. Read The Meathead Perspective for more details!
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nin.com Overhaul[10:30 EST]
The Official Nine Inch Nails page went through a big design change last night. Version 4.2 of the site is still done in Flash, and has a new barcode design. All of the same content is still accessible.
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Robin Finck to Play Live with Gn'R on New Years[08:33 EST]
Nine Inch Nails touring guitarist, Robin Finck, joined up with Axl Rose and the new line up of Guns and Roses a few years back. He's done some recording with the band for their new CD, The Chinese Democracy which is due out next year.

This New Years at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, Guns and Roses will make thier first live appearance since 1993. They are scheduled to go on stage around 1 am after the Goo-Goo Dolls, and to play old and new songs. Tickets for the show went for $150-$250, and the show is sold out. Robin Finck will be playing lead guitar for the band, along with another great guitarist, Buckethead, of Primus. The new lineup of Guns n' Roses is also set to play the massive Rock in Rio III on January 15th.

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Listen to Trent's favorite tunes on Radio Nothing[05:17 EST]
A new playlist has been added to the line-up at Radio Nothing, to be updated frequently by the fellow who is Nine Inch Nails. Tracks from the music currently populating Trent's CD player are being spun at this station. Take a listen!
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Lohner/Eustis mix on APC's new single 3 Libras[21:25 EST]
NINhead has just received confirmation for the release date of A Perfect Circle's newest single, 3 Libras. This will be a maxi-single featuring a remix by NIN live line-up member Danny Lohner with Josh Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv. The release date is 2/13/2001 and came directly from Valley/Paulstar Distribution. It'll make for a good future investment! Thanks NINhead.
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The Onion Reviews Things Falling Apart[07:37 EST]
One of the funniest sites on the internet, The Onion.com, which is a fake newspaper, has reviewed Things Falling Apart in thier latest issue. The music reviews are one of the serious parts of the page, and this review happens to be an extremely well thought out look on the album.

The review states that "The new Things Falling Apart takes some of The Fragile's tracks and roughs them up even more, tossing them to a pack of remixers that chews them up like dog toys. As with Nine Inch Nails' previous remix collections, Reznor often dissects his own songs, which not only hints at a sense of perverse creative masochism, but also acknowledges the constant mutability of modern electronic music. " It also goes through a song by song review also.

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Kerrang! article about Reznor's plans for upcoming releases[17:35 EST]
Trent talks about four releases planned for next year in the latest Kerrang! He goes a little more in-depth about the next album, the live CD accompanied by the DVD/VHS, Tapeworm, and his final project featuring a female vocalist. Take a look at the whole article!

Also, we snagged a scan of the previously mentioned full-page ad from Alternative Press featuring Things Falling Apart which can be viewed here.

Thanks Proxy Music.
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ObjectMerch.com officially opens to the public![18:58 EST]
Some of you may have caught a glimpse of this page over the weekend,, but it's now properly open to the public! [For those of you who placed your orders this weekend, fret not - they did go through]

Featuring merchandise for Nine Inch Nails & several other artists on the nothing roster, you will also find merch for Radiohead, the Dandy Warhols, Atari Teenage Riot, Orbital, Gus Gus, Orb, Throwing Muses, and many other artists.

There are some nice web-exclusive Nine Inch Nails items you may wish to pick up before they're gone, including a Fragility 2.0 tour shirts (with tour dates!), the elusive nin.com tshirt, Fragility tour journal, plus a smooth new Starfuckers tshirt featuring a familiar prop from the video on the front, and an altered NIN logo on the back.

Object news will be posted on the site as it happens, and you can also sign up on a mailing list to get email notification of when new items are added to the catalogs. What are you waiting for? Get to ObjectMerch.com and pick up some treats just in time for the holidays ;)

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Things Falling Apart Commercial on VH1[10:09 EST]
John has noticed that VH1 has been playing ads for Things Falling Apart. The ad is the same one seen on ThingsFallingApart.com under the trailer link. The advertisement is just for Things Falling Apart, that states that the album is in stores now.
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News on Jerome Dillon's side projects[00:59 EST]
NIN's Jerome Dillon has been working on his own music under the name 'The Last Legs'. He has informed us that there is "no release or finishing date", but hopes to complete tracking sometime in the spring or summer of 2001. In addition to completing "The Last Legs' project, Jerome is playing orchestral percussion on a few film scores as well as filling in for the drummer of Big Milk. There is definitely a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months!
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Rolling Stone 2000 Reader's Poll[11:32 EST]
Rolling Stone is conducting its annual reader's poll for the year 2000. You can cast your vote here. Let's get Nine Inch Nails to the top! Thanks Zack.
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Newest AP Magazine Contains Full Page Ad for Things Falling Apart.[00:03 EST]
In the latest issue of AP Magazine (with Tool on the cover) contains a full page ad for the latest Nine Inch Nails EP, Things Falling Apart. The ad is done with similar artwork as that found on Things Falling Apart promotional posters. It is located on Page seven of the magazine.

Also in the advertisement, there is a small logo for The Coalition of Independant Music Stores, this is not present on any previous Nine Inch Nails advertisement. The magazine also has a full page ad for the latest Clint Mansell (Nothing Records artist) album, the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack.

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Lounge Version of Closer Available on New Comp[23:53 EST]
The newest CD available through Richard Cheese, who covers popular alternative tunes adding a Lounge version touch, contains a cover of Closer. The song is definitely worth a listen, all NIN fans will find the song to be great entertainment.

On RichardCheese.com, you can download a medly of all the songs on the CD, which contains a clip of the song in mp3 format. You can also listen to a clip of just Closer in real audio format here.

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