thefragile.com to offer tshirts - cast your vote![17:18 EST]
Yves over at thefragile.com is considering making some tshirts to promote (and help fund) his site. If you go to this page you can help give him an idea of how many people want white shirts, and how many people want black shirts. It's a nice design, so check it out and let him know if you are interested.
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Meathead Perspective Contest Exclusive![01:45 EST]
If you think winning a free CD or an autographed, smashed musical instrument is cool, wait 'til you see the latest contest from Nine Inch Nails, brought to you by The Meathead Perspective.
Updated by meathead@theninhotline.net
Things Falling Apart on BillBoard Top 200[17:03 EST]
Things Falling Apart will debut this week in the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts. The EP comes in at number 67 in its first week.

Thanks Stephen.

Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
AP Prints Same Info that Trent Reznor spoke of Concerning DVD[10:36 EST]
The January 2001 issue of Alternative Press Magazine contains an article on the upcoming Nine Inch Nails DVD. The article also states that the Tapeworm project may be released next year. Heres what they had to say about Nine Inch Nails.
"NINE INCH NAILS will have both a live album and its accompanying DVD released early next year. REZNOR's Revolting Cocks sytled side project, TAPEWORM, may see the light of day in 200l, particularly if Congress passes legislation expanding the length of a day to 40 hours."
The latest update of Shoutweb.com also states that Tapeworm may be released next year. Please check out the previous article posted yesterday (scroll down) for full information concerning the upcoming live CD and DVD, and Tour information.

Thanks Crystal for sending this in!

Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Trent posts @ nin.com concerning DVD & Touring[00:40 EST]
In a post at the green room at nin:access, TR brings us up to date on things that are going down at Nothing Studios.
I've received many emails / messages regarding how the online chat works from my end - so here's the deal. When the chat occurs, I get a phone call from someone who asks me questions that THEY have chosen from a list that only they see. I am not even at a computer, I have to speak slowly so they can type it in, and they tend to paraphrase my answers (which often results in nonsense, or a lack of the intended irony!) There was no intention of avoiding DVD questions, none were asked that made it through to me. So...

The DVD project has been moved to a 1st quarter 2001 release. Rob Sheriden is directing and editing and we've put the entire thing together ourselves in-house - and we needed some time away from it to regain objectivity. It will also be available on VHS and as an audio CD with different configurations!

As far as any other news, we are working full time in the studio reinventing ourselves and preparing for some degree of touring the first part of 2001. Meanwhile, get your ass out to see Manson on tour - it's a great show!


That really sums up the biggest questions floating around as of late. Good stuff :)
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USA Today Reviews Things Falling Apart[07:25 EST]
The latest issue of USA Today contains a review of Things Falling Apart. The review praises the album, giving it three out of four stars. The review says that the Dave Olgivie remix of Starfuckers Inc is one of the best on the album. Heres a snippet.
Most tracks get a frisky propulsion lacking in the originals. The upbeat tweak will no doubt thrill fans of Reznor's harsher compositions, though the happy-feet rhythms tend to rob some formerly ambient pieces of their bleak beauty.
Check out the full article here. Thanks to Sean667 for pointing this out.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
More TDTWWA video details from dirty.org[18:32 EST]
If you've been watching this thread as djCauphin has, you've probably already read this bit. But others will find it of some interest; Belli has seen some of the footage:
"The video was black and white. I have seen rushes of it. It featured a funeral, Trent at the funeral (in the style of 'November Rain'). I also saw footage of a black haired beautiful girl. She really did stand out, the other people had 'common' 'nonspecific' faces. It was Trent attending a funeral and seeing this girl. Then he follows her. That's about all I can remember. Trent thought it was too personal, because of the connection of the song with his grandmother. So that's why we never got to see it."
Thanks again to djCauphin for keeping us in the loop!
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Things Falling Apart advertisement in current Spin[16:38 EST]
Brent from the.void received the January issue of Spin magazine today, and he found an ad for Things Falling Apart. Kindly, he sent us this scan, check it out!
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
The Fate of The Day The World Went Away's video[11:23 EST]
Thanks to the inqusitions of Underworld fan djCauphin, we've got some further insight to what happened to the video for Halo Thirteen. Asking how creative group Tomato (made up of 2/3 of Underworld) are connected to Trent, djCauphin got this response from Graham Wood:
"i directed a video for the track djcauphin mentions last summer. i enjoyed the experience, trent was a good bloke, i thought the video was/could have been great (i suppose i would), but they didn't seem to be into it, so they didn't use it. it happens, sometimes (often, with music videos). it was never finished, although i wanted to get it done. "
You can check out the threaded discussion here
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music.excite.com commercial features Nine Inch Nails[00:05 EST]
D'oh! Illustrated by the very nature of this site, a new promotional advertisement for music.excite.com caught my attention the other night. It starts out with someone etching "Nine Inch Nails" onto something, and after a series of quick cuts, it's shown to be a small piece of paper, also marked with a date. Upon cutting out this piece of paper, the fellow in the commercial adheres it to a lighter, which he sets up in a display box filled with similarly lighters, marked for various bands. The end of the commercial cuts to a tagline, something to the effect of "music is an obsession", and points the viewer to excite.music.com.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
NIN in Unbreakable trailer -- we know![00:00 EST]
In fact we posted it nearly two months ago! For those who weren't paying attention before, let's reiterate :) Nine Inch Nails' "The Mark Has Been Made" is featured as backing music to the new movie Unbreakable. However, the song does not appear within the context of the actual movie itself, nor can you find it located on the movie's soundtrack. We appreciate the dozens of watchful ninnies keeping an eye and an ear out, but in order to keep my mailbox size down, a repost was necissary ;)
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Stopanski's Fountain of Decay revised, new home[23:57 EST]
Fountain of Decay has always been a great source of Fragile-era Nine Inch Nails photography, but there's always been the issue of speed and reliability of the xoom/nbci servers hosting the site. Now Dave has a new location and a whole new look (damn you Stopanski, we were considering white! hehe) Many times faster loading than previous incarnations of Fountain of Decay, and noticably easier to type in than it's former addresses, be sure and check out FountainOfDecay.com
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Spin.com/Yahoo! chat transcript[01:09 EST]
Thanks to meathead and Gwenn, you can check out the entire chat transcript right here. TR talks about the acoustic Chicago set, as well as interest in working with artists such as Robert Smith, David Bowie, his favorite book at the moment, among plenty of other topics. Enjoy!
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Hotline Contest Comes to an End[17:57 EST]
Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest. The winner from last night was notified via email. Congrats to everyone who won, all prizes will be shipped this week.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Radio Nothing Press Release[17:24 EST]
Nothing Records sent out a press release today announcing the launch of Radio Nothing. Radio Nothing is the First Live 365 Radio Station to play music under only one record label. Radio Nothing has been up for a few weeks and offers six different playlists, one of which we at the Hotline co-run with the guys from SmashedUpSanity and TheFragile.com. Internet radio through live365.com offers a great alternative to modern radio. You can still hear all the music you like, without any commercials. Heres a bit of the press release:
Accessible via the recently launched nothingrecords.com website, radionothing.com and Live365.com, radio nothing broadcasts using Live365.comıs streaming platform for Internet radio broadcasting. radio nothing features Live365.comıs first branded player for a record label. "nothing records and Trent Reznor are providing an unparalleled musical experience to their fans and our listeners," said John Jeffrey, Executive Vice President at Live365. "radio nothing has raised the bar for what radio and Internet content creators can achieve. We are thrilled that nothing recordsı radio nothing is using Live365ıs broadcasting tools to share the music of these diverse and brilliant artists. You will not find this on commercial radio."
Radio Nothing is now featuring exclusive tracks from Things Falling Apart on the NIN Remix Station. You can also listen to exclusive remixes of La Mer and No, You Don't at the official Nine Inch Nails page.

Check out the entire press release in our Press Release Archive.

Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Big Milk to play LA w/ Paz from APC & Jerome of NIN[16:44 EST]
We just got received a reply email from Rose about an e-mail she recieved from Paz Lenchantin, who currently plays bass and violin for A Perfect Circle. In the email, Paz mentions;
I love my brother and my sister. I will be playing with my brother this weekend with the drummer for NIN, Jerome. My brother's, Luciano, band is called Big Milk
Following up on the link Paz gave for Big Milk, one will find they are playing the California Institute of the Abnormalarts on November 25 at 9:30pm, followed by a gig at The Gig on November 26th, at 10pm. The Hollywood-area shows are easy on the pocketbook, (The Gig show is $3 with flyer), so check them out!

This is not the first time Dillon has worked with Luciano Lenchantin. Bombshell, formed by Jerome Dillon and Zoe Poledouris took live form with the assistance of Lenchantin on guitar, Andy Harrison on guitar, and Mel Dillon on bass. You can find the track 'Chow' - by the Dillon and Poledouris duo - on the soundtrack to John Waters' film Cecil B. Demented, and Bombshell also made available a CD entitled "Swan Dive".

Anyhow, it should be a fun show, check it out if you're in the area. Thanks, Rose for the email!

Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Reminder: Spin/Yahoo Chat with Trent Reznor tonite[14:39 EST]
Don't forget to sign up for an account at Yahoo so that you can participate in the chat tonite! In cooperation with spin.com, Trent Reznor is scheduled to chat with viewers through Yahoo's web-based chat interface. Of course, if it's as laggy as last time, you can catch all the questions about sandwiches and otherwise here at the Hotline after the chat, as we will be posting our best attempts at a transcript of the chat in the hours after it happens. Check out the chat tonite, and come in to #nin99 later to banter about what came up that evening.
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International Things Falling Apart information[14:16 EST]
Like clockwork, longtime friend Commy from The Perfect Drug (which by the way, underwent recent renovation, and features new design work, currently version 4.4) has sent information regarding the Japanese release of Things Falling Apart. Released in Japan under Universal International with the catalog number UICS-1008, and does not contain a bonus track as some have speculated. Commy mentioned that the print on the Japanese CD is noticably darker than that on the US version.

Also on the international release front, Provotroll picked up a copy of Things Falling Apart earlier this week, however in contrast to the EP-level price range found in the US, his copy was 32.99 DM, roughly $16 USD. This actually is about the same swollen price TFA was selling at a Towson, MD area Borders Bookstore, according to fellow Hotliner Pablo, however, it should be made clear that halo sixteen should be priced similar to Further Down the Spiral and Fixed, which retail anywhere from $5.00-$9.00. Australia still has six days to wait for the proper release of TFA... production error caused an unforseen delay in the release.

Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
The NIN Hotline presents Things Falling Apart[05:20 EST]
Today, the new Nine Inch Nails remix EP hits store shelves in the US, many places selling it at less than $6. It's already available in several other countries, but apparently a manufacturing error has delayed the Australian release until the 27th. In listening to the new EP, you'll find a lot of familiar names, as well as a bunch of names that are probably unfamiliar to you. Well, with a little research here and there, and a little bit of insomnia tonite/lastnight, I managed to whip this little number up. It's a really quick loading, handy little flash guide to the new EP, Things Falling Apart, providing some information such as the original text from solicitation sheets recently sent out to promote the record. Find out where to look for more information on Benelli, Telefon Tel Aviv, and some other neat stuff. It's pretty simple and to the point. There's still one section that needs completed, but in the mean time I'm going to get some sleep. Check it out! The NIN Hotline's guide to Things Falling Apart
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Halo 16 From Meathead's Perspective[00:46 EST]
The Meathead Perspective, updated for the first time in eight years, presents an(other) exclusive review of the brand new Nine Inch Nails CD, Things Falling Apart!
Updated by meathead@theninhotline.net
Last Chance to Win Things Falling Apart Vinyl![21:26 EST]
One of the contestents from our contest awhile back never repsonded when he was told that he won. That means that we've got one copy of the vinyl of Things Falling Apart sitting around. If you want a chance at getting the vinyl for free, send an email to Paul@theninhotline.net, give your name and mailing address, and answer the following question correctly:
Towards the end of "Starfuckers, Inc.", Trent borrows lyrics penned in the 70s by what artist?
Send in the correct answer for that question with your mailing address and you might win! All entries receieved after noon EST tomorrow won't be eligible.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Things Falling Apart for $5.99[12:53 EST]
Best Buy is offering the upcoming Nine Inch Nails EP, Things Falling Apart, for only $5.99. Steven saw the ad in his local Sunday paper. This price is probably not exclusive to Best Buy.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
New streaming stations of radio nothing live![16:58 EST]
Expanding upon a solid reserve of streaming music, nothingrecords.com has recently added two new streams to the roster. Clint Mansell is spinning works-in-progress from his upcoming solo work, songs from the soundtracks he scored for Pi and Requiem for a Dream, as well as his current DJ favorites. There's now also a station dedicated to Nine Inch Nails remixes, with tracks from Things Falling Apart -- due for a November 21 release in the US, November 20 release most elsewhere (more on int'l release dates later tonite) Check out the improved interfaces as they evolve as well...
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Site Devoted to NIN's Live Setup Opened[15:47 EST]
A brand new site has just opened that gives you the low down on the equipment that each member of Nine Inch Nails uses live. The site tells you what they used last go round, and what they've used on previous tours. Check out The Nature of My Circuitry.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
NIN in the Newspapers, Rolling Stone, VH1[15:44 EST]
The latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine has a review of Things Falling Apart in it. The review isn't exactly what most of us would say about the album, but it's worth a read.

Mike just bought the latest Marilyn Manson release, Holy Wood, in Australia. When he bought the CD he was given an ad for the Disposable Teens single, and this ad for Things Falling Apart.

VH1 has been running a few "best of" specials lately and Nine Inch Nails was mentioned in two of them. Kane hosted a show for the 'Top 40 Heavy Metal Videos of All Time' the other day, and the Nine Inch Nails hit Closer made the list at number 6. Also VH1 ran a "Top 100 Hard Rock Artists of all Time" special, and Nine Inch Nails came in at number 43.

Thanks to Mike, BobBarker5000, Gienah, Dan and James

Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
New TFA contest on nin.com[23:56 EST]
nin.com is giving away two Things Falling Apart promotional packs. Some items include:
-a copy of the album signed by Trent Reznor
-the TFA double vinyl
-a Things Falling Apart t-shirt
-TFA postcards, flats, & posters
To enter the contest, just send an e-mail to nin@nin.com with your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. A random drawing will be held Monday, November 20th. For more details, check out the contest here!

Winners for the poster contest will be announced soon.
Updated by crimsonplague@theninhotline..net
Win TFA items at TheFragile.com[19:25 EST]
Yves, webmaster of TheFragile.com, is holding another contest. This contest features items for Things Falling Apart, the highly-anticipated EP due for release this Tuesday, November 21st. Take a look at what you can win:
Grand Prize:
1 Things Falling Apart CD
1 Things Falling Apart limited edition vinyl
1 Things Falling Apart shirt

Secondary Prize:
1 Things Falling Apart CD
1 Things Falling Apart shirt

Runner-up Prize:
1 Things Falling Apart shirt
A random drawing will be held December 17, 2000 and just in time to make the prizes nice Christmas presents.

Enter the contest!
Updated by crimsonplague@theninhotline..net
Download an exclusive video trailer for Things Falling Apart[17:19 EST]
Earlier this week, a 30-second long video trailer was released to various television networks advertising the November 21st release of Things Falling Apart. Now you can download the trailer in Quicktime format from the Things Falling Apart promotional website, as well as a web-exclusive trailer, a full minute in length. The trailer features imagery familiar to visitors of thingsfallingapart.com in full motion, set to clips from the upcoming remix EP. Thanks to Evan from SLSnews, Brent, Erebus, and Yves from TheFragile.com.
Updated by Updated by crimsonplague and leviathant
New music from Telefon Tel Aviv[12:20 EST]
If you have enjoyed the clips of 'The Frail'(version) from Benelli and 'Where is Everybody'(version) by Danny Lohner and Telefon Tel Aviv found at thingsfallingapart.com then visit heftyrecords.com. Telefon Tel Aviv has a clip up of 'Scarlet Diva remix Got Me Lost/ Driving in LA' from Hefty's Immediate Action 6 release. IA006 is currently available in vinyl only. Telefon Tel Aviv is comprised of Joshua Eustis and Charlie Cooper. Their first album "Fahrenheit Fair Enough" is due out on the Hefty label sometime in early 2001. Joshua tells us that work on the album is almost complete. To access the music clip from Hefty's main site go here. Click on the tiny music note on the panel and choose Telefon Tel Aviv.
Updated by whitechapelmolly@theninhotline.net
CDsquare offers TFA, Star Fucker tshirts for under $13[02:36 EST]
Good things come to those who wait! CDsquare has just made available the latest NIN tshirts to be released from Object Merchandise. And to keep up with tradition, they're offering these shirts cheaper than anywhere else, period. The Things Falling Apart and Star Fucker tshirts are available for $12.49 a piece, and a Star Fucker babydoll tee is only $12.25. There's plenty of other swanky NIN stuff at prices as low as they come, so check it out!
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Robin Finck spotted at fashionable footwear show[02:21 EST]
According to the music gossip column, Miss Truth, Robin Finck (former guitarist for recent live incarnations of NIN) was present at a recent display of the latest shoes by designer George Esquivel. Following up on a link to Esquivel's website, you will find a photo of the always fashionable (but particularly beardy, in this case) Finck sporting his fine footwear, amongst many a typo. Click here to go straight to the picture.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Trent Reznor Internet Chat on November 21st[00:03 EST]
As Spin.com Reports, Trent Reznor will be doing an Internet chat with Spin! on November 21st. The chat will get started around 9pm, and you'll be able to ask whatever questions you'd like! Last year, Reznor did a chat with Yahoo! and it was a great success!

November 21st also marks the release of Things Falling Apart. Things Falling Apart is the remix album from The Fragile, offering many remixes of the best tracks off of the album, including a few new tracks. Thanks to Yves from TheFragile.com for the heads up.

Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Trent Reznor Meets Roger Waters in new Revolver magazine.[15:51 EST]
The latest issue of Revolver magazine (with U2 on the cover) contains an interview done by the magazine with Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd fame) and Trent Reznor. In the article, Trent and Roger Waters discus their upcoming DVDs, and the similarities between NIN and Pink Floyd. It's defintely a great article and I've transcribed it for you to read here.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Exclusive Things Falling Apart Review[16:09 EST]
#nin99 Regular, Ca9, was lucky enough to get an actual copy of Things Falling Apart last week. She's typed up an review of the upcoming album and given us exclusive scans! The reviews done by a true fan, not a magazine editor, so you'll know what its really like!

The album is set to be relased on Tuesday November 21st. It contains a few new tracks along with many remixes of tracks off the Fragile. Make sure to take a look at nin.com for exclusive remixes of La Mer and No, You Dont.

Check out the Exclusive Review.

Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Enter to win an autographed TFA Lithograph & more![18:05 EST]
I received an email from David about a promotion being held on the website, Soundbreak.com, earlier today. Mr. Shoulberg puts it better than I:
Nine Inch Nails - Win It Before You Can Buy It / Lithograph Promotion - we'll be giving away copies of the new Nine Inch Nails remix album, Things Fall Apart, all month long. 24 winners will have the chance to win the record before it's in stores and have it shipped to their doorstep on the official release date. At the end of the month, one lucky winner will get the new CD along with a signed, numbered, limited edition lithograph featuring artwork from the new album. In addition, everybody gets some cool NIN and Soundbreak swag. Contest runs 11/1-11/30, see Soundbreak.com for details and official rules.
Unfortunately, the site simply served to lock up Netscape every time I tried to follow the link, so I reluctantly had to access the page with MS Internet Explorer in order to check out what was going on. But check it out!
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
2 Exclusive NIN Remixes featured on nin.com[00:45 EST]
"nin.com presents two exclusive new nine inch nails remixes: no you don't (manipulated by keith hillebrandt) and la mer (manipulated by jerome dillon and keith hillebrandt)." both tracks can be found & downloaded through nin.com's current section. These remixes were previously unavailable and created specifically for nin.com - so go and get 'em now while they're hot!
Updated by crimsonplague@theninhotline..net
Edge 102.1 featuring preview of TFA[17:04 EST]
Sometime between 10 and 11 this evening, the radio station Edge 102.1, located in the Greater Toronto area, will be featuring Things Falling Apart on their "New Rock Preview." For everyone not living in the Greater Toronto area, you can check it out tonight at edge102.com. Thanks thewayoutisthrough!

Dealpool5 has informed us that Edge 102 previewed the following songs tonite between 10:20 and 10:40 PM
Starfuckers, Inc. (Version - Dave Ogilvie)
Slipping Away
The Wretched (Version)
Also, the DJ mentioned a couple of times "to listen with your headphones on to get the full effect" and, "The Fragility Tour DVD/VHS should be out in time for Christmas..."
Updated by crimsonplague@theninhotline..net
David Carson involved in design for Fragility DVD[21:45 EST]
In a series of posts by guess on TheFragile.com's message boards, David Carson is set to do the designs involved with the up and coming DVD documenting the Fragility tour. Mr. Carson visited Sheridan College, located in Oakville, Canada, where he was a guest speaker on graphic design. guess spoke with Carson afterwards, where he mentioned doing the trailer for The Fragile, as well as the video sequence for La Mer used during Fragility 1.0. David also mentioned the upcoming Fragility DVD, and said he was doing "all necessary design works." Check out the website guess put up with scans of photos with David Carson, and his DC-autographed TF spiral notebook!
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Win 1 of 4 signed posters at nin.com![18:03 EST]
nin.com is giving away 4 posters from Norway's Quart Festival, each signed by all 5 band members. To enter the contest, you must find this small image of the poster hidden on somewhere on the site. Once you've found the image, send an e-mail to nin@nin.com. For more details, visit the contest page. Thanks & good luck!
Updated by crimsonplague@theninhotline..net
Sen. John McCain reaffirms his affinity for NIN[07:19 EST]
A personal friend of mine, Mike of the Lowlifes had the honor of meeting former presidential candidate, Senator John McCain. While talking to the Senator, Mike said that he appreciated the comments McCain made towards NIN back in September of '99. The senator responded by saying "(chuckle), my daughter loves them, they're a good band." Then he said how it was good young people were voting.

Just a reminder: Today is election day in the US. Don't forget to go out and vote today.

Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Happy Birthday Robin Finck![07:13 EST]
We'd just like to throw out a big ol' NIN Hotline hooray to Nine Inch Nails' guitarist, Robin Finck. Yesterday was his 29th Birthday! Thanks Suzanne.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Re-run of VH1's Rock's Greatest Feuds[22:36 EST]
VH1 will be showing a re-air of 20 to 1: Rock's Greatest Feuds. Some highlights of the show are Trent Reznor vs. Marilyn Manson vs. Cortney Love, among others. The schedule says that it will be showing on Thursday, November 9th at 1 AM. Again, check for local times. Thanks, Annie!
Updated by crimsonplague@theninhotline..net
Spin Magazine: What will Trent do next?[03:41 EST]
esoteric caught me off guard in #nin99 and showed me a scan from the latest issue of Spin. The blurb asks: What will Trent do next? Well. Here's what rumors Matt Schwenk asked about, and how TR responded:

NIN's next album will be unplugged: "I don't want to say 'unplugged' 'cause that's kind of jive. I thought we could do a record where it's half old, half newer material and it's kind of stripped down and deconstructed."

Reznor is putting unreleased tracks from The Fragile on Napster: "I hate to take the unpopular view of 'dinosaur-rock-musician-won't-make-millions-ripping-off-snotty-nosed-computer-kids,' but the bottom line is that Napster is piracy. If the songs don't end up on a CD, I'll let them go in some fashion."

Reznor is auditioning female vocalists for a brand new band, for which he will write the music: "True. As soon as I finish this live DVD [due late November], which is siphoning the fucking life energy out of me."

Reznor will compose the score for the highly anticipated Doom3 videogame: "When I did Quake, Twiggy [Ramirez of Marilyn Manson] and I tried to figure out what it would sound like to get stabbed, like torturing my dog to make it howl and shit like that. It was funny but an incredible amount of work. I'd like to do it -- I'm a huge videogame fan."

Hopefully that clears a few things up. By the by, I only transcribed that for an excuse to type out 'siphoning the fucking life energy out of me.' It sounds like they've been busy down there.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Keyboard Magazine's Nov. 2000 Keyboard of the Month[03:32 EST]
While perusing the issue of Keyboard that arrived in my mailbox a few days ago, I spotted this terribly battered unit, and felt the need to share. This is the Keyboard of the Month:
A mysterious package arrived recently with Greg Rule's name on it. Fearing it might be a letter bomb from a disgruntled product manufacturer, he made the 411 editor open it. Imagine our delight and surprise when we found a little MIDI controller personally destroyed by Trent Reznor on Nine Inch Nails' recent Fragility tour. Autographed by each member of the band, this curio now resides in Greg's workspace here at Keyboard
You'll find this battered beastie in the November 2000 issue of Keyboard Magazine, featuring the Roland VP-9000 on the cover.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
ThingsFallingApart.com Updated with Track Clips and More![23:07 EST]
ThingsFallingApart.com has just been updated. The site now offers a high bandwidth version of the site, and a low bandwidth version. The high bandwidth version offers sound (highly recommended). When you open up the high bandwidth version, you will hear an unreleased mix of The New Flesh providing a sonic backdrop to the site.. Once you click around the flash, you'll find a tracklisting, information on Things Falling Apart and a "Trailer" section that is yet to be implemented. There are also many new images from the upcoming EP and assorted promotional items. If you click on the Tracklisting button, you can hear a brief clip of every song. Don't forget to check around for the kind of hidden goodies notoriously buried in NIN websites ;) Thanks to Brent from the.void for the email
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
ThingsFallingApart.com Image Sequence[16:22 EST]
Yves, webmaster of TheFragile.com, hooked us up with his screen capture of the image sequence on ThingsFallingApart.com! Want to view the full sequence? Click here. Thanks Yves.
Updated by crimsonplague@theninhotline..net
Trent seen at Manson State Palace show[15:37 EST]
Last night, at the State Palace Theater in New Orleans, Trent was spotted by fans at the Mairlyn Manson show. However, he did not make any special performance with the band. Here's a bit from Daniel, who attended the show:
Near the beginning of his set, Marilyn said, (directed at the fans in the pit), "You motherfuckers would be lucky if you were sitting up there in the balcony, because there's a man named Trent Reznor up there!" At this remark most of the crowd cheered, some of them flicked Trent off (maybe a sign of respect rather than otherwise). Trent smiled and laughed, and Marilyn went into his next song.
Also, an interview with Manson was submitted from the New Orleans Times-Picayune a few days ago, but had not shown up on the net yet. Nancy was nice enough to send it in to us. About midway, Marilyn discusses working in New Orleans, and why he can never work at Nothing Studios or with Trent again. He has most likely said it all before, but he seemed to feel the need to have it show up prominently in the big newspaper of Trent's current headquarters. Here's a clip from the article:
"Antichrist Superstar" was crafted in Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor's Magazine Street studio, a former funeral parlor outfitted with a door from the house where Charles Manson's followers murdered actress Sharon Tate. Much of "Holy Wood" was recorded in Harry Houdini's allegedly haunted Hollywood Hills mansion. Both places offer more mystique than conventional recording studios. Manson feeds off such mystique while recording. "Sometimes it's positive and deliberate, other times it ends up being an inspiration that you didn't know until you're finished," he said. "When making 'Antichrist Superstar,' the album was about destroying yourself to become something else. It may not have been conscious how destructive the environment was in New Orleans, 'cause there were a lot of outside forces sucking you in every direction. The environment in the studio itself, between my wanting to change what I was and Trent's depression and his self-destructiveness all bleeding together, really comes out on the record. But it wasn't necessarily apparent when we were doing it; you only can see it in hindsight." Manson also tried a bit of method acting while recording "Holy Wood." "I wanted to capture the isolation and disenfranchised feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere in Death Valley, so there were field trips made into the desert," he said. "The Houdini house was very secluded and, I wouldn't say haunted, but it had an eerie vibe to it. Nothing that made me frightened, but it was something that stimulated creativity, I guess. There was a great sense of loneliness and a sense of one person against the world on this album; that was only achieved by isolating myself from the world. (Houdini) was an escape artist, and this record was my escape from the media and from the world." Bad memories of New Orleans Manson would consider working in New Orleans again, despite the emotional baggage that now comes with the town. "I never minded New Orleans, but there were a lot of bad memories attached to working in (Reznor's) studio, stuff that you wouldn't want to go back and try and relive. But to go back to New Orleans is always cool. I have friends there, and it has a similar magic to it that Hollywood does, because it has a lot of history. It's an old city, and it has a lot of magic and voodoo and things to it. I always like that." Last year, Manson and his mentor Reznor had a much-publicized falling-out, followed by a reconciliation this summer. "We settled our problems from the past. Where the future stands is uncertain," Manson said. "I don't think we ever would work together again, because we did everything that we could do. It's hard to go back and work with someone again, particularly with two artists that both have very strong opinions, sometimes different opinions."
Still curious? Read the whole article here.
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CDnow.com featuring soundclips from TFA[17:03 EST]
We have just been informed by Philip that CDnow.com offers snippets of soundclips for Things Falling Apart, as they traditionally do for most albums/singles. Also, the correct release date is now listed: November 21, 2000.

Warning: these samples aren't very high quality; you may prefer to wait for a better experience. However, if not, here is a direct link for those curious fans who don't wish to do it manually.

It now appears that the CDnow clips have been taken down. Patience!
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Russell Mills talks about cover artwork for NIN in interview[16:42 EST]
Ladytron hooked us up with a rather thorough interview with Russell Mills about NIN cover artwork. Here is a an excerpt from the interview:
Q: Explain how you work with musicians to create album art. Of course, this likely varies greatly between projects. But in general, what direction do you seek from an artist? And what is the ideal scenario for you in this regard?

A: Naturally, this process is dependent on the individual artists, their personalities, the album in question and the ideas that each artist may bring to bear. My initial response is to the music and sound. I try to get inside the essence of the work and lock onto its prevailing mood suggestions. As with my "personal" images, paintings and assemblages, I endeavour to seep personal ideas into applied works such as album covers.

The works for Nine Inch Nails on The Downward Spiral are a good example of the ideal, successful process being realized with relatively no pain. The tone of the music suggested ideas of catharsis, being into dissolution into being, both on a personal and sociological level. The lyrics, whilst tending towards that adolescent confessional rant, also referred to images of personal decay, descent and futility and yet had some spark of hope. Conversations and a meeting with Trent Reznor about the approach to the art revealed that my instincts were correct. Following these discussion, all I needed were a few key words to meditate on and to build on: attrition, decay, uncertainty, lost dreams, broken promises and temptations. The images I produced attempted to strip these subjects down to enigmatic but conceptually certain grounds, simplified metaphors.

The organic prevailing over or feeding into the industrial is a common theme in my work generally and in this instance was particularly apt for the art required. Bandaging soaked in wax, paint and blood, became as a ground for sheets of man-made metal which has become paradoxically more beautiful in decay as the elements of water and air had played upon it producing the intricate colourings of rust. Added to this were insects, moths and the remnants of webs; all intricately beautiful and marvellous, even in death. These are gestural elements which invite multiple readings. All of the other complementary images produced for this album and the accompanying singles followed these ideas throughout.
The whole interview can be seen here.
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Lohner appearance on Jay Leno to re-air![16:19 EST]
Everyone who missed the surprise appearance of Danny playing with A Perfect Circle on Leno's The Tonight Show should cry no more. On Thursday, November 9th at 2:35 AM, the episode will re-air. Check local listings at tv-now.com to make sure of times so we can all have our VCR's set. A good idea would be to look under special guest actor Val Kilmer.

If for some reason you don't have a TV, acircularmotive.com offers the performance in Real Player format. Click here to download it.

Thanks Tina!
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