Cecil B. Demented Soundtrack[22:18 EST]
As previously noted, Jerome Dillon has submitted a track to the Cecil B. Demented soundtrack. Jerome Dillon is Nine Inch Nails current touring drummer, and appears on the drums in We're In This Together. The song Jerome has on the soundtrack is titled "Chow" and is done with Zoe Poledouris. The soundtrack also features the likes of Moby and The Locust. Here is the tracklisting:
1. Opening Credit Theme - Moby
2. Nice Tranquil Thumb In Mouth - The Locust
3. Upstart - Meatjack
4. Bankable Bitch - DJ Class & Teflon The Bull
5. Everyday - Substance D
6. No Budget - DJ Class & Mayo
7. Extra Piece Of Dead Meat, An - The Locust
8. Demented Forever - Karen McMillan
9. Cia - Liberace
10. Chow - Jerome Dillon/Zoe Poledouris
Thanks to The Jerome Dillon Fansite for the information.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Chris Vrenna to Score new PC Game[19:04 EST]
As The Daily Radar reports, former Nine Inch Nails drummer, Chris Vrenna, will be scoring the soundtrack tof the upcoming PC game by Electronic Arts. The game, titled Alice, is a 3D adventure game based upon the classic novel Alice In Wonderland, yet obviously with a sadistic twist! You can visit The Offical Alice Site for screen shots and release date information when it is released.

Thanks a ton to Tony George for this information, and his patience!

Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Remix The Big Comedown on nin.com now![16:44 EST]
Making use of emix software created by Beatnik, you now can try your hand at remixing The Big Comedown from Halo Fourteen. After downloading the software, remixing the track is pretty simple, if you're quick on your computer's keyboard. You can even submit your mix for a chance to win a Gibson Les Paul guitar, autographed by Trent Reznor! Proud of your remix? Sending it to a friend is as simple as dropping them an email from the program. Check it out, and have fun!
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Danny Lohner and Tapeworm mention in APC interview.[00:20 EST]
A Perfect Circle was interviewed at Juice.net Danny Lohner is mentioned, as well as the Tapeworm project. Thanks to Kelly Manning for the article.
Updated by whitechapelmolly@theninhotline.net
Danny Lohner and Josh Eustis together again.[22:57 EST]
Danny Lohner and Josh Eustis, who as you may remember remixed APC's "Judith" found at The Raft, have formed a partnership. Danny has informed us that his work with Josh will include "remixes, new original material, and production work with other artists". Their production team does not have a name as of yet, but we're all looking forward to hearing the great music! Thank you to Danny Lohner for the information concerning his upcoming projects.
Updated by whitechapelmolly@theninhotline.net
nin.com Update[20:37 EST]
nin.com has updated its Fragility Archive section with media from the George, WA and Portland, OR shows.
Updated by ruiner@theninhotline.net
Downward Spiral One of Top 33 Album covers[20:27 EST]
The Jetlounge has named The Downward Spiral one of its top 33 greatest rock album covers of all time. Thanks to Joseph for the info!
Updated by ruiner@theninhotline.net
The Spanish Version of The NIN Hotline Now Open![13:09 EST]
The idea's been sitting there for a while now, it's been thrown into the mix here and there, but after some inspiration and a little spare time, it's come together! Thanks to the perserverence of Bayo (whom you might remember from NIN en Latinoamerica) things are finally moving! If you would like to help out with the new Spanish version of the page, get in touch with Bayo.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Contender for Channel V opening reviews The NIN Hotline[18:06 EST]
Whaddya think about this! Melissa Shong, viola-toting grrl from Australia, chose to review us in her application to win over viewers of the Aussie music station, Channel V. Very kind of her: when asked to review her favorite website, she chose The NIN Hotline & The Meathead Perspective as the page to tell her voting public about. Yeah, yeah, yeah... it's probably not as cool to you as it is to us, but hey -- watch her page for an upcoming exclusive interview with A Perfect Circle, so check it out! And give her your support while you're at it ;)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Alan Moulder interview from May issue of Sound on Sound[15:32 EST]
Greg sent us a link to an article by the title of Industrial Revolutionary, in which Richard Buskin interviews Alan Moulder for the European gear magazine, Sound On Sound. It offers some insight to some of the more unusual recording techniques involved in creating The Fragile
We set up a drum kit and we decided to have the drums trigger the synth and stick it through the PA. I tuned the drums because there wasn't anyone else there, and I tuned them really low and really badly, and really quickly that started to sound amazing; a mixture of the natural and the synthesized going through a PA in a room, recorded with ambient mics. That then started vibrating some acoustic guitars that were hanging around, so we tuned those to a chord, put a compressor pedal on them and recorded them DI. The result was a whole load of drum sounds which we used on a lot of the tracks on the album.
It should be noted though, that if you're not much of a musical-gear fiend, some of the references to equipment might throw you off. It's good reading, and worth checking out.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Last call for NIN Hotline tshirts[15:32 EST]
We're wrapping up orders for tshirts this month! If you were planning on picking one up, please place an order before August 1st. It's a simple process... Fill out this form (so that I've got a digital record of your order) and you'll be sent to a printable form with instructions as to where to send everything. Black shirts are $16, white shirts are $15. We're doing what we can to stay banner-free and keep things running smooth :) Thanks very much to everyone who's already sent in an order - I'll be getting in touch with everyone this week :)
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Hurt Listed as One of the Top 100 Eye-Popping Videos of All Time[00:53 EST]
According to "Stop-renaming-me", Much Music recently aired a special called "Top 100 Eyepopper Videos of All Time".
The Hurt video (on Closure, with the projection screen showing clips from what I think are post-nuclear disasters) was featured as #65. Happiness In Slavery was a 'Staff Pick' as a nomination, but didn't make the cut. Other honorable mentions include Tool's "Sober" (#31), Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker" (#15), and David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes" (#41).

The complete list can be found at Much Music's offical website.
Updated by haze@theNINhotline.net
New Starfuckers Live Video Online[21:04 EST]
Along with media from the San Fransisco NIN show at the Cow Palace in June, a 37 second long quicktime clip of Starfuckers Inc is available on the Official NIN Page. The clip is found in the tour section under the San Fransisco link.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Danny Lohner Remix of Judith Available August 1st[16:54 EST]
Danny Lohner recently remixed Judith by A Perfect Circle. The song will be released on The Hollow single, which will be available August 1st as an Australian Import. The single will also contain the radio edit of The Hollow along with a few live tracks.

You can pre-order the single from The Weathermen or Tower Records and listen to a clip of Danny's remix at The Raft.com.

Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Painful Convictions Wins Yahoo! Internet Life Award[16:01 EST]
Painful Convictions: 9 Inch Nails.com has won the award for best fan site by Yahoo! Internet Life Magaine!! Oh yea! The awards were given out yesterday.Congradulations to everyone over at Painful Convictions! Thanks toStephen for seeing this.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Into The Void Video Nominated for BreakThrough Video by MTV[13:41 EST]
The video for Into The Void has been nominated for Breakthrough video of the year by MTV. The video, which got minimum play by MTV, was labeled as a breakthrough video when it came out for its unique camera work. The video is up against Bjork's "All is full of Love", Blur's "Coffee and TV", The Chemical Brothers' "Let Forever Be" and Supergrass with "Pumping on your stereo".

You can view the list of all videos nominated in every category at the MTV site. At last years awards, Nine Inch Nails debuted The Fragile, they will not be playing this year. The show takes place on September 7th at 8pm.

Nothing Records released a Press Release on the nomination this afternoon.

Thanks Steven for noticing this.

Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Musique Plus Presents NIN Profile[04:04 EST]
Musique Plus will be airing a feature on Nine Inch Nails, including live footage of the last tour (perhaps shots from the Montreal Gig)and an interview with Trent conducted by Anne-Marie Withenshaw (VJ). This all airs on a Musique Plus special entitled, "Concert Plus". The Fragile and future projects are a few of the topics discussed.
Concert Plus
Saturday 29 July 2000
21H (9pm EST)
Channel MusiquePlus.
Rerun 30 July 5H (5am EST)
Length 60 min

Musique Plus is the French sister station of Much Music. It's located in Montreal, QC, Canada.

Thanks to Danny for the news.
Updated by haze@theNINhotline.net
Q Magazine has Starfuckers Special[12:30 EST]
In the July issue of Q magazine, they have devoted a page to the Starfuckers Inc. video, including a few pictures and a review of the video.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
MTV's Cool Crap Featuring Limo from Starsuckers Video[17:51 EST]
Kevin from #nin99 was searching through MTV.com and found a section about the MTV show, Cool Crap. Apparently, they are auctioning off the limo from the Starsuckers, Inc. video. Click here for more info and a picture of this auction. You might find it funny that the caption for the picture of the limo reads, "Towncar limo from Nine Inch Nails and Manson video". Thanks virii!
Updated by crimsonplague@theninhotline.net
Dutch Reznor Interview Transcribed[16:26 EST]
Mina was grateful enough to transcribe a recent interview with Trent Reznor that was done on Dutch TV on a special for the Werchter festival. The interview can be read here. Trent makes fun at Limp Bizkit and talks about the concerts.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
MTV to Re-Air Live NIN Special[16:16 EST]
MTV will be re-airing the live NIN special they were set to play last week, but played an hour before it was scheduled, causing many people to miss it. According to MTVs Schedule,the show will finally air this Sunday night/Monday morning at 3:30am. This show MAY be a repeat of the Fragility 1.0 special that was played last fall, and it may be new footage.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Much Music to air encore presentation of NIN [01:17 EST]
Much Music's show, "Spotlight" features various artists' videos and commentary. If you missed the NIN edition, don't fret. Your chance to to see it for the first time (or again) is coming this week.
"Spotlight" will broadcast again on:
Monday, July 24th
Tuesday, July 25th

According to their official website:
Spotlights air on MuchCanada & MuchUSA at 7:00pm & 11:30pm ET(Plus: MuchCanada only at 5:30am ET & MuchUSA only at 11:30am ET)

Thanks to Sara for the alert.
Updated by haze@theNINhotline.net
SmashedUpSanity.com Returns[10:27 EST]
After a dispute with his old server which caused the site to go down for several days, SmashedUpSanity's webmaster Keith Duemling has found a new server and is uploading the site as quickly as he can. Go check out the best, most massive NIN site on the net, Smashed Up Sanity.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Rolling Stone's daily newsletter quotes Reznor[14:49 EST]
In the daily newsletter put out by Rolling Stone, Zagar reports that Trent Reznor makes for quote of the day for 7/20/00:
"I can't believe that people think that what's out there now is great. I don't think everyone is lined up at the candy machine waiting for the next 'N Sync single to poop out." -- TRENT REZNOR, on today's music fans.
Purely of coincidence, RollingStone.com has a 'Post of the Day' on their website, taken from their message boards. Today's quote comes from trent_reptile@n-i-n.net, who is listed as The Fragile.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Charlie Clouser: Remix Files Update[12:32 EST]
The man with possibly one of the coolest handles on the internet, Morpheus TechnoPagan wrote in to let us know that Charlie Clouser dropped by The Remix Files with some kind words and a little bit of information about what's happening in the next two weeks or so.We won't spoil the message - check it out at The Remix Files's discussion board.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
TheFragile.com messageboard to complement new look[15:35 EST]
TheFragile.com continues to mutate and grow, even while Dizzy is more than busy with real life. The latest addition is actually a revisited concept from earlier days at tf.com. A fully functional message board is now part of the website that also offers you free email@thefragile.com. Check it out!
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
The Day The Whole World Went Away - 1 year ago today[15:18 EST]
Where were you when you heard the first full song from Nine Inch Nails in three years? Last year on this day, Halo Thirteen became more than just a mysterious grid on a website. Don you have the single? Featuring the Quiet version of TDTWWA, a completely different arrangement - one of few NIN songs completely lacking distorted guitar - and a version of Starfuckers, Inc. with a slightly different ending, you can usually pick this up pretty cheap. In fact, Crystal let us know that a Tower Records in Philadelphia is selling copies for $0.50 a piece! (Coincidentally, I asked her to pick up $10 worth of singles for me) It's a single many of us on the net can identify with a little more, because of the events leading up to the actual release. For more about this first release from The Fragile, check out the Halo 13 Profile, one of our looks at Fragile-era releases detailed on The Halo Profiles.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
SmashedUpSanity.com temporarily shut down[20:29 EST]
You may have noticed in your travels online that the immense website smashedupsanity.com is currently down, as noted by webmaster Keith Duemling. The problem at the moment is that his hosting service dropped an ultimatum lastnight, that SUS either run off a dedicated server (expensive!) or find a new home by Friday, or they would delete the page. While this does not effect sister sites nothingisnext.com and nothingradio.net, most of the content on SUS is currently down as well. This is not a permanent thing, but it is not going to be very easy finding an affordable solution. Keith went on to thank everyone for their support and apologizes that the site is down. (Hey, don't forget to take a second out and tell Keith how cool SmashedUpSanity.com is) More as it develops, hang in there :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
TR phones Kerrang and apologizes for The Lost Weekend[12:10 EST]
If you'd like an explanation about NIN pulling out of the Lost Weekend in the UK earlier this month, Trent's got your answers. nodie transcribed this article from Kerrang! magazine (who sponsored the Lost Weekend). On top of responding to posted queries from upset fans, Reznor also makes mention of the Fragility DVD;
The DVD, Reznor insists, will "make you feel as though you're there. We hired a bunch of digital video cameras and filmed the last 15 shows of the tour from seven positions and recorded audio in a DIY fashion. It's not like an HBO special with Bon Jovi with swooping crane shots. We're compiling it on Apple Macs". No release date for the live album or DVD has yet been confirmed.
He also mentions that the new album is "far more brutal than 'The Fragile' was." There's plenty more to read, so get to it and start reading! :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
More on Danny Lohner's remix of APC's Judith.[11:01 EST]
Joshua Eustis, from the band Telefon Tel Aviv, has contacted us with additional information regarding Danny Lohner's remix of "Judith". He stated that while NIN was in Miami, he and Danny collaborated on the project. The remix was then finished at Nothing Studios and Benelli Design Labs in New Orleans. Joshua thinks there is a good possibility that more of his work will also appear on the upcoming NIN EP. He and his partner, Charles Cooper, teamed up with Danny Lohner back in early March to work on "Where Is Everybody". Everyone was excited with the results, so Trent extended the opportunity for them to remix other tracks. Over a four-week period Telefon Tel Aviv completed a remix of "Even Deeper" and Benelli, a project Joshua has with Turk Dietrich of Plexitmind, put together a remix for "The Frail". Telefon Tel Aviv is on the Hefty record label. Their first album entitled "Fahrenheit Fair Enough" is scheduled for release in January. The band's website should be up within a month. Thanks to Joshua Eustis for the information.
Updated by whitechapelmolly@theninhotline.net
The New Meat[01:03 EST]
As a public service, The Meathead Perspective presents a long-overdue guide to listening to The Fragile. This will certainly serve as an invaluable companion throughout your listening adventures!
Updated by meathead@theninhotline.net
Clip of Danny Lohner's Remix of APC's Judith.[16:09 EST]
A website called The Raft features a sound clip of Danny Lohner's remix of Judith. You may find the clip here. Thanks to Mint Shows for the link.
Updated by whitechapelmolly@theninhotline.net

Recommended Reading: The The vs. the Corporate Monster[17:31 EST]
While this is not exactly Nine Inch Nails news, it does provide some perspective on the battle that another nothing artist is going through for label support. Matt Johnson of The The, recently signed to Nothing, has made statements against Napster and free electronic music distribution in the past. So why is he offering up one song a week from his latest album, NakedSelf? Take some time out to read up what Mr. Johnson has written on The The's official website. This write up comes with Vivendi's recent acquisition of Seagramsalstudios.com">Universal, who controls Interscope, the label which Nothing Records is housed at the moment.

While Lars Ulrich gets press for going to the Senate about Napster, the press eating it up, messages like Matt's get overlooked by popular media. It's worth reading, and while you're there check out the music as he releases it over the weeks - it's good stuff, and if you don't support talent like this and many other acts sadly overlooked by these new media giants, a lot of good things might just fizzle out.

Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Only Reznor and Hillebrandt working in Studio till August[12:00 EST]
Draven bumped into Keith Hillebrandt on NIN: Access. Keith told Draven that only he and Trent Reznor would be working in the studio until August.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
New Look for Nin.com[00:13 EST]
Webmaster Rob Sheridan has given nin.com yet another makeover! It's a bit more dramatic than the past, so head over and check it out! Thanks to several people for noticing :)
Updated by crimsonplague@theninhotline.net
Look for NIN Fan as DJ on Channel V in Australia[16:39 EST]
Mel Shong is one of 8 finalists for the spot of a new DJ on Channel V. Channel V is the Foxtel Network in Australia. He's going to be interviewing A Perfect Circle soon, and is doing a feature on this site. Any NIN fan on the airwaves is great! Best of luck to Mel!
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Latest Kerrang! Contains Responses to Lost Weekend No-Show[00:40 EST]
The latest issue of Kerrang! magazine in Britain contains a few letters from readers that respond to Nine Inch Nails missing the Lost Weekend festival due to Jerome's stomach virus. Obviously, most of the letters aren't positive, but some are worth a read. Node Girl from the Hotline was gracious enough to transcribe it. You can read the article here.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
CDNow Interview with Trent Reznor[00:37 EST]
CDNow recently interviewed Trent Reznor. The article, entitled The Fragile Side of Nine Inch Nails, contains a few pictures (One from the We're In This Together video shoot). Heres a snippet from the interview:
I'd love it if 20 years from now, one of my records is referenced like [Talking Heads'] Remain in Light or [Bowie's] Low. But the troubling aspect to me is that in the '70s music was still looked at more as art than as just product. The only thing I can do about it as a musician is make music I think matters to me and inspires me, and motivates me. I hope, if nothing else, somebody puts on my record and goes, ''What the hell is that?'' That would be great, because I got a reaction. It wasn't like a fast-food cheeseburger.
Thanks Findley, Chris, Kristen and RippingCo.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Pro Wrestler Using Burn as Theme Song[00:30 EST]
During a World Championship Wrestling show Thursday night, a character known as Crowbar came out using Burn by Nine Inch Nails as his theme song. This WCW Theme Song pagehas a link to hear the song. Thanks GodMoney.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
The Fragile #10 on Rolling Stone's Readers Top 20[10:32 EST]
It's about as simple as the headline. IntoTheVoidYouGo let us know that in the current Rolling Stone (with Blink 182 on the cover) has listed The Fragile as #10 in Rolling Stone's Reader's Top 20. Good stuff.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Durst Plays with Closer Lyrics in New Song[19:13 EST]
Matt J. was watching MTV when a Limp Bizkit special came on. Fred Durst, AKA The Anti-Reznor, has recently made a play on words during a new song for thier upcoming album. The song, titled 'Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water' (what?), contains the lyrics, "You want to fuck me like an animal, You want to feel me from the inside."

Also in an interview with 92.3 K-Rock in New York, he stated over and over that he was a "Big fan of Nine Inch Nails ever since Pretty Hate Machine." And that Nine Inch Nails is one of the reasons why he started making music. Every rose has its thorn. He also kept saying that he couldn't understand why Trent has said all the things he was saying when Trent did not know him, and especially since he was such a "huge fan". Thanks Pop 0.

Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Italian TV Station Airs Interview with Reznor and Live Tracks[13:33 EST]
Italian TV station TMC 2 aired a show titled 'Surfing' last night. The show had a feature on the Monza Rock Festival. During the show there was an interview with Trent Reznor and 2 live videos. The songs were Head Like a Hole and March of the Pigs. Thanks Cris.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Backstage Pictures from Eurockennes Festival[00:34 EST]
Morpheus Technopagan from The Remix Files has uploaded many pictures from backstage at the Eurockennes festival. The pictures were taken by Charlie Clouser and can be found on the Eurockennes report on The Remix Files. Moreover, you will find a couple of other pictures in the "Misc. Pictures" section of The Remix Files.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
A Perfect Circle to Return to US In Fall[14:54 EST]
A Perfect Circle, the band that recently opened for Nine Inch Nails on the Fragility 2.0 Tour, will be returning to the United States in August. They are currently touring Europe, and have just announced dates in Canada, The US, Australia, and Japan. Check the dates on The Tour Section of APC's Website.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
MTV ALL Access: Date and Time for NIN Special[20:21 EST]
MTV will be running an 'All Access' program during the week of July 16th. And on Wednesday July 19th at 12:30pm (EST) a half hour show on the recent Nine Inch Nails tour will be broadcast. Thanks Aimee.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Jerome Dillon Clears Up Injury Information[01:41 EST]
Thanks alot to Bayo from NIN En Latinoamerica for sending this in. The Lost Weekend gig that Nine Inch Nails was supposed to play was cancelled because of 'band illness', well on NIN: Access, Jerome Dillon posted the following message concerning his injury:
"...to everyone on the boards for their concern about my illness.....i tried to ignore a stomach virus that eventually kicked my ass. unfortunately, the show in london was cancelled and we all still feel shitty about it- but there was no alternative. my apologies to anyone/everyone who travelled to see the show and/or refunded their tickets........................jerome."
Magda was fortunate enough to attend the Forestglades 2K at which Nine Inch Nails played (With Jerome of course) and she stated that Jerome was in "Great Shape".
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Tea Party Plays Part of Hurt at Recent Festival[01:33 EST]
Tea Party recently played at The Festival d'ete de Quebec, and David was lucky enough to go. The band was closing with Sister Awake, and they went into a jam during the song. During the jam, Jeff Martin started singing the chorus to Hurt.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
New EP Information and More on The Remix Files[12:44 EST]
Morpheus Technopagan of The Remix Files recently had a chance to meet Charlie Clouser at the recent Les Eurorockeennes Festival. They discussed alot of great information concerning the new EP, Tapeworm, possibilities of more work with the Deftones, and alot of other exclusive info. The whole report can be found off of the News section of The Remix Files. Here's a bit of what Charlie said about the upcoming EP:
...About the next Nine Inch Nails release. He confirms that an EP will be released soon, but he can't confirm August as a release date. He has not checked the definitive release date. The original idea was to release a "Starfuckers Inc." single but, considering the large amount of remixes available, the single became an EP. The master tracks for the EP are all finished for more than one month. Charlie doesn't remember the exact tracklist, but he knows that the EP will run 53 minutes.

It will feature new material such as the Gary Numan's cover of "Metal" and perhaps also a quiet track from "The Fragile" sessions that Trent wants to use as closing track for this record.

It will also feature various remixes by Danny Lohner, Keith Hillebrandt and Charlie himself. Charlie remixed "Stafuckers Inc."

There's A TON More! Go read it!
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
MTV's All Access Week to feature NIN[10:34 EST]
MTV is running an 'All Access' week during the weeek of July 16th in which they'll have live footage from many of the popular tours over the spring/summer. Nine Inch Nails's latest tour will be among the tours featured on the program. There has been no exact date/time confirmed for the special. Thanks Donna.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Aaliyah confirmed to work with Reznor?[01:05 EST]
British Magazine, The Face, has reported that Aaliyah will infact be working with Trent Reznor on her following album. In the magazine there is an article on the hip-hop star. On one paragraph contains the following passage:
"Confirming her love of dark, serrated sounds, she's due to go in the studio with Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor for a track on her third album, due at the end of this year."
This unlikely collaboration hasn't been confirmed.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Reznor Appears on MTV 'Fuck Ups' Quickly[00:59 EST]
Donna was watching MTV and saw a special on celebrity 'fuck up's, and they had a quick snippet of Trent Reznor fooling around from a few years ago. She described it as such: ". He wastrying to say "Hi, I'm Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails", but heapparently couldn't keep from laughing while saying it. ".
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
105.7 The Buzz in Houston features shots from 5/22 gig[11:55 EST]
They may be over-compressed and sometimes a bit blurry, but don't you can't raz The Buzz for at least trying.So do like Garrett did (before he emailed us about it) and check out these fifteen shots from the Houston gig - two are of the fans waiting outside before the show.Hey, are those six-squared pixels Crimsonplague? Thanks for the link Garrett!
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
NIN/Big Day Out photos from the Channel [v] archives[10:30 EST]
foxtrotski's been digging around ChannelV.com.au and turned upthis batch of photographs from the Big Day Out performances earlier this year, plus this collage and this shot of Trent.Good stuff :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Clarifications on The New Music NIN feature airdates[10:26 EST]
Many thanks to Tara for sending this info in :) If you've got MuchMusic, you may have read our update about the NIN feature and found yourself disappointed to find that the current episodes of this show haven't the slightest to do with NIN.Not to worry - you didn't miss anything - it's all happening next week. Scheduled as follows;
Monday July 10 9:30pm
Tuesday July 11 12:30am
Tuesday July 11 8:30
Sunday July 16 4:30pm
Monday July 17 10:30am
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
NIN presence in the Yahoo Internet Life Online Music Awards[11:45 EST]
Check this out! Matt Brink's long-withstanding site, Painful Convictions is up for "Best Fan Site" for the Yahoo Internet Life Online Music Awards. Congrads on the continuing accolades, Matt :) Also included in the nominations, The Fragile is amongst nominees for "Best Internet-Only Single," apparently for the Keith Hillebrand construction of The Fragile. Best of luck to Matt and the official crew :) Thanks to IntoTheVoidYouGo for the links.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Nine Inch Nails featured at thenewmusic.net[10:44 EST]
Cunnykick dropped me a note in #nin99 about a feature section up at TheNewMusic.net.This site is currently featuring three clips of an interview with Trent Reznor on the roof of the Much Music building, plus a brief bio about the band. Check it out :) Thanks Cunnster :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
German Starsuckers Promo, EP to be named "More Fragile"?[10:41 EST]
nils over at naegel mit koepfen, always a bringer of interesting news, has some information coming out of Germany about recent Nine Inch Nails promotions over there.

1) A promotional CD for 'Starsuckers' has just been released in Germany. The cardsleeve has scenes from the video on it, and the CD itself contains but one track - the same version of Starfuckers, Inc. found on the Halo 13 single.

2) The NIN EP has no release date for Europe yet, but the title will be"more fragile", that´s what I got from 'Public Propaganda/Hardbeat' -the Company who promotes the Starsuckers-Promo.

3) VIVA 2 will show an Interview with Trent and some Live Footage onFriday in the Show "Fast Forward". Sometime next week there should besome Footage from Roskilde Festival in Viva 2´s "2Rock" (no exact dateyet).

We have been sent a 300x300 scan of the cover of the promotional CD, but due to server maintenance cannot upload it at this time. Thanks Nils :) [15:25 update - as you can see, the scan's up now]
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Please: A online monthly NIN Magazine at n-i-n.net[11:53 EST]
If you find yourself looking for a NIN fix while news is slow, you may want to check outPlease. It's a tight little monthly package with articles, reviews, monthly features, readers polls and other good stuff.Moo Cow and Stacy make a good effort at putting together an entertaining and focused monthly and manage to keep it looking snappy throughout. Check it out!
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Rumor Alert: Reznor to contribute to screenplay for Survivor[10:52 EST]
Well, we certainly don't like to facilitate rumors, but at least this one is coming from a pretty up-there source.dwnwrd (whom you can catch up with in #nin99) and VisitanteX sent us a link to www.chuckpalahniuk.net. Chuck Palahniuk is the author of Hurt-inspired Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, Survivor and upcoming work Choke.Under the news section of his page, there's this lengthy bit.
I just get a call from Amy about our Fourth of July plans and her studly, cracking the pool balls like there's no tomorrow , hair-brain scheming, wackiness ensues brother Timothy Dalton (hewanted this plug) hops on the phone with a hot, yet iffy rumor about Survivor. We all know the news now: Jake Paltrow is penning the script and Trent Reznor just announced that hemight do the soundtrack. Well, for any of you that know Reznor and his writing skills....and know how influenced Chuck was by The Downward Spiral while writing Fight Club, well thenthis rumor won't come as a shock.

But as Timmy sat listening to "Finger's Metal Shop" on WBAB about fifteen minutes ago, he heard that Trent Reznor is now writing the screenplay as well. This could be bogus, bupkiss,bullshit. But it could be fact. Trent could actually be doing another draft of the screenplay. I seriously doubt this though. Mainly because Chuck has no say in the process. It's all up toFOX. And while Chuck could've passed on a good word, I'm not sure FOX is ready to pass the writing torch on, for what could be a very large budgeted film, to Trent Reznor. So whathappened is that, this Freaky Finger dude probably got his facts confused.

But stay tuned. And keep an eye on those NIN sites.

Most important thing to take away from that clip: someone said Trent could be involved with the screenplay to Survivor, but they are probably confused. Anyone want to further clarify this?
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TR Interview in Le Temps: Nothing to leave Universal?[10:41 EST]
We received a snippet of an interview from a widely read and important paper out of Switzerland from Dick_Laurent_is_dead (whom you can spot from time to time on nin:access)Today's edition of Le Temps features an interview with Trent Reznor and while some of the facts are incorrect (for instance, they cite Industrial Nation as being NIN's first album, perpetuating that false rumor [who started that anyway?]) the interivew itself is very good in its brevity.For example, the following translated snippet:
Le Temps: Universal - the firm that owns Interscope - recently refused to distribute much of your label Nothing's artists. How do you react to this?

Trent Reznor: Universal stinks. It's no records company, it's a multinational. They don't care about artists. How can they refuse to distribute Coil or Einstürzende Neubauten, who are major artists of these last decades? It's a shame. That's why Nothing is going to leave Universal.

The article hits on how record labels have become even more focused on revenue and continue to overlook artistic integrity for the sake of the dollar. The article can be found in its entirety here, and the print edition used this shot of Trent jammin on a Gibson for the recording of The Fragile.
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Richard Patrick and Trent: Friends again?[03:03 EST]
On the Summerfest site, one of the features is a section where a person can submit questions to performers there. Summerfest is an 11 day music festival on Milwaukee's lakefront. A few of these were published including one from Filter who was supposed to headline the rock stage on July 2. Someone asked Richard if he and Trent would become friends again. Click here to find out what he had to say! Thanks to frigidspinster :)
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Wicked photos from the Rock Werchter Festival[13:22 EST]
While treading Perfect Isolation, I came across this link to several shots of the band playing the Rock Werchter Fest on the 30th. There are several downright evil looking photos of TR & company, well worth checking out!
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Nine Inch Nails grace the cover of July 1st Kerrang! Magazine[12:28 EST]
This latest installment of Kerrang! magazine features a pretty hefty interview. nodie quite kindly has typed up all pages of this interview into a more web-friendly HTML page for you. It's got some interesting parts: Charlie Clouser mentiones a Tapeworm song featuring Trent and Maynard together, Charlies reference to Fat Freddy, some insight to the selections of celebrities in the Starfuckers, Inc. video.You can read the article in its entirety right here, so get to it :)
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Exclusive font release from The NIN Hotline[11:08 EST]
It's been a while in the making, but we're finally bringing it out into the open :) This latest typeface from us here at the Hotline is lower-case only, as in earlier Reznor typefaces, but is a pretty decent size character set. I couldn't have produced this item withoutthe invaluable help of mokeejc, so give the boy some thanks :) And without further adieu;

Right click on the above graphic to save the font. If you have any difficulties with this, feel free to email me and I'll make sure you get the font :) Many thanks to macguy6 for compressing the Mac font into a non-corruptable format :)
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Danny Lohner collaboration with Toni Halliday of Curve[16:20 EST]
We were sent this snippet from Ron, who noticed this on the Curve website's mailbag.In response to a question from a fan about collaborations and solo projects upcoming, Toni Halliday replied:
"I have done 2 recent collaborations, one with Danny Lohner from NIN and one with Jason Novak from Acucrack, both will be released sometime this year. There will be no solo project."
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nothingisnext.com gets a major overhaul[16:02 EST]
It's sleek, it's stylin', it's hands down the most comprehensive page about nothing records on the net. nothingisnext.com has reopened with a new design, with improved navigation and layout throughout the site.Be sure to spend some time perusing this site and finding out more about the wonderful bands and artists that share a home on Nothing Records.
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Nine Inch Nails pull out of The Lost Weekend[09:45 EST]
Stargreen ,the UK ticket agency, have announced that due to illness Nine Inch Nails have pulled out of playing at The Lost Weekend.Stargreen report that "The gig will go on without them, tickets are still valid, if you do not wish to attend, refunds are available on return of tickets".
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