Revising the image archive: Get em while they're big[17:18 EST]
Throughout the weekend, in an effort to make some space on our server, we're going to be resizing a lot of the images in our image archive. We've got a lot of things in there scanned at pretty high resolution, so if you want the images big, get 'em while they're still sizeable. We're not really going to shrink things -too- much, but we won't have images 1000 pixels wide anymore either :)
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BBC comments on playing just one NIN song from Glastonbury[16:26 EST]
While treading the newsgroup alt.music.nin, I came across an interesting post by Alan Kirkham from akirkham.tripod.com. As you may know, the Glastonbury Festival in the UK was covered by the BBC, and despite numerous performances by several of the bands on stage there, and promises of Nine Inch Nails to be played throughout the evening, viewers were treated only to the performance of Hurt, played at the very end of the Glastonbury program. Alan decided to tell the folks at the BBC what he thought of this :) To his surprise, they responded:
Dear Alan

Thank you for your e-mail regarding our coverage of 'Glastonbury 2000'.

I am sorry that we showed a limited performance by the 'Nine Inch Nails'. We filmed most of the their set, and hoped to include some of their performance in the later programme. In our coverage we are committed to showing the maximum number of sets live and we were limited in time to squeeze in as many highlights as possible. With so many performances to choose from it was a difficult decision and we are sorry to have missed the majority of their set on this occasion.

Once again, I am sorry you were disappointed but hope I have been able to clarify the situation.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Alan noted about the explanation, "OK, it's bollocks, but I was impressed..."
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the NIN Hotline History Feature[08:18 EST]
To commemorate the one year anniversary of the NIN hotline, we have begun a 3 part feature where we take a look back at the last 12 months and summarize it for all to see! Check it out part one now and keep an eye out for parts two and three to be added in the next two days! Many thanks to all who have helped out the Hotline and the Ninternet scene in general and lets keep it going for another year!
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Russell Mills Site[05:52 EST]
Permanence is the first fully comprehensive site detailing the work of artist and musician Russell Mills. Russell is probably best known for his sleeve designs for Nine Inch Nails and Brian Eno.
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Official NIN Hotline t-shirt Order Form[02:57 EST]
We got a pretty decent response about Hotline tshirts when we asked what you thought earlier this month. So if you want to follow through, fill out this form and print the form that follows. There's plenty of information on that page, but if you've got any further questions, just drop me an email. Yes, we're offering shirts in black as well as white :) The templates for the tshirt images were borrowed from cdsquare.com, so I'll throw a link up to them and hope they don't mind ;) More anniversary goodies after I get a good nights sleep. Thanks for one hell of a great year :) Too many names to mention, too tired to sound coherent ;)
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Hotline Anniversary Special Sections Tonite[16:23 EST]
As we finish things up today, and as I get home from work, we'll be bringing you a lot of things in lieu of our being around offor a year. That little tidbit about me - we hope you got the joke, and didn't take any of that seriously ;) We've got an actual Hotline History for you to check out, as it's been a very interesting and busy year. Look out for a new font being released tonite, the order form for those tshirts, and a few tweaks to things in general :) We want to thank you all so much for your support through all this past year. It's been a whole lot of fun, and I'm very glad to be a part of this thing :)
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Halo Profile updated for The Fragile[16:07 EST]
If you've been checking out the scans we've been posting at the Halo Profiles, you might want to check out the section for The Fragile, which was completed earlier this week. Chances are it's nothing you've not seen before, but we're just letting you know that it's done. For now :)
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Trent Reznor to Score Next Doom Game?[15:32 EST]
This is just a rumour, but British teletext has reported that John Carmack has offered Trent Reznor a deal to do score the upcoming version of Doom. Here is a transcription of the report:
Hard as Nails

Trent Reznor, the real angry guy from industrial metal merchants Nine Inch Nails, may again score a game for id.

Trent provided the legendery "ambient" sound track (ie: a load of grunting noises) to the original Quake, but turned down the opportunity to provide music for Quake III for fear of "prostituting his talent".

However Trent is apparently considering an offer from ID boss John Carmack to score the forthcoming new version of Doom. "I would do something like that" he guffs.

This has not been confirmed by either sides yet. Thanks to AhhMrBond for sending this in.
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Happy Birthday[15:31 EST]
The NIN Hotline has reached its first birthday today. On June 29th, 1999 our first post was made. This site opened up around the same time nin.com opened. Congradulations everyone whose helped out, and a big pat on the back to those of us who have been with the site the whole way through!

It was also Charlie Clouser's birthday yesterday.

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Remix EP, Visions magazine, and German Festival setlists[10:16 EST]
We got some nice news from nils, who runs the German NIN site naegel mit koepfen. Breifly he mentioned that the latest edition of Visions magazine was packaged with a CD which contained videos for Starsuckers, Inc. by NIN and Judith by A Perfect Circle. Nils met up with Danny Lohner and found some cool information about the upcoming remix EP. This upcoming release will in fact be a collection of remixes only, except it shall also include the much-anticipated cover of Gary Numan's Metal. A remix of We're In This Together that Danny wrote is slated to appear on the EP, but his remixes for Into the Void and Please are not due out on this release.

For the Hurricane Festival, the setlist was as follows:

Head Like A Hole /Terrible Lie /Sin /March Of The Pigs/The Frail/The Wretched / Gave Up /Reptile / Wish /Suck /Down In It / Closer /Starfuckers Inc. /Hurt
The Southside Festival featured the same setlist, with the addition of Get Down Make Love between Suck and Down In It.
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The Real Matt Dunphy[15:44 EST]
I bet you've all been wondering what the real Matt Dunphy is like. You can find out about his 'Magic Inch' and more right here. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do :)
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NIN Article in new Kerrang! Magazine[15:03 EST]
There is an interview with Trent Reznor in the latest issue of Kerrang! Magazine. The interview goes in depth about many subjects, including Fred Durst. This is a funny one. Heres what Reznor said:
...I believe in "The Fragile" and I want to try and get the word out. This band just might make you realise that Limp Bizkit sucks."

Interviewer: "You're not a fan of Fred Durst?"

Trent: "It's one thing if you know your place, like, "Hey, I'm an idiot who makes shitty music but people buy it, f**k it, I'm having fun". But it's another thing when you think you're David Bowie after you've stayed up all night to write a song called "Break Stuff"", Reznor laughs, injecting contempt into every word, "I mean, Fred Durst probably spelt the word "break" wrong the first few times." Fred Durst might be a cool guy, I don't know him. But his "art" (in the word's loosest sense) sucks."

The article also has a preview of the upcoming 'Lost Weekend' in England which Nails are set to play.
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NIN.com Posts Live Video of Gave Up[14:57 EST]
The Official NIN Page has uploaded a video of Nine Inch Nails playing Gave Up at the Hurricane Festival that took place recently. The Video is in quicktime format.
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Starsuckers, Inc. featured on Real.com's music guide[13:28 EST]
Musicnet, the music guide for streaming media company RealNetworks, features a link to a Realvideo stream of the current NIN single, Starsuckers Inc. in their Hot Video section. Though there doesn't appear to be a write-up to accompany the video, it's still worth checking out. Are you still voting for Starsuckers on TRL? :) Kind thanks to guilty for sending in the linkage.
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Randy Bachman Delcares Love O' NIN[23:25 EST]
A recent copy of The Edmonton Sun contained an interview with Randy Bachman in it, in which he said he liked them alot. Randy Bachman was in such classic rock bands as The Guess Who and The Bachman Turner Overdrive. Heres what the newspaper said:
Bachman credits his eight children - including his oldest boy, Tal - for keeping him current. "My daughter started playing Nine Inch Nails over and over until I said, 'OK, I really like this.' They're amazing."
One more for the good guys. Thanks Kevyn.
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Notable Reading: A Listeners Guide to The Fragile[15:24 EST]
I was doing some random searching on google and I stumbled across an interesting article from an Australian publication called M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture. Apparently, in their December 1999 issue, they ran an article entitled 'This Machine Is Obsolete': A Listeners' Guide to Nine Inch Nails' The Fragile.
The Fragile serves as an invaluable model for how such artefacts could transmit their dreams and propagate their messages. For the hyper-alert listener, it will be the first step on a new journey. But sadly for the majority, it will be just another hysterical industrial album promoted as selection of the month.
The article deconstructs the album as a whole, and its individual parts, noting literary and musical references scattered throughout the double album. I found it to be nice reading, and had not happened across it via any other pages at this point. So I figured I would spread the word. Check it out here.
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Stream French NIN Concert[12:55 EST]
The Eurockeennes de Belfort Festival, which will take place in France on July 7-9, will be available to stream from the internet. MCM.net is offering the whole fesitval streaming live. Also, A Perfect Circle has joined the festival. Thanks NINJaw.
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French NIN Fan Club Invades Day Time TV[12:37 EST]
The French NIN Fan Club recently appeared on a French day-time show, Nulle part ailleurs (Translate: Nowhere else). A Perfect Circle played Judith on the show, and the French NIN Fan club wanted to try out thier new T-shirts before the NIN gig in France this summer. They talked with host of the show, Naguy, and got on national television. Click here for shots of them.
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Italian NIN Book Released[12:29 EST]
Over in Italy, a new book about Nine Inch Nails has been released. The book (Edizioni Lo Vecchio,Lit.15.000-ISBN 88-87404-69-0) is simply titled Nine Inch Nails. Inside are all the NIN lyrics translated into Italian, the history of the band, and a discography. The book clocks in at 126 pages.
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Trent interview + streaming Starsuckers on apple.com[23:17 EST]
Check this out! Apple.com's Hot News is running a four page article on Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. It's very well put together, featuring links to a lot of the stuff talked about within the article, and this really cool news about all those cameras at Fragility v2.0:
"We'll probably do a DVD release of this tour later this year," says Reznor, "It's an experiment and an excuse to kind of dig into Final Cut and see what happens."
You can also stream the video for Starsuckers, Inc. from the last page of this article, off of some very speedy apple.com servers. It's a very well put together feature, and I'd highly reccommend checking this out :)
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New Danny Lohner Site Opens[06:11 EST]
Complications of the Flesh, a site exclusive to the work of Danny Lohner, has just opened up. The site is one of the best of its kind, offerig equipment lists, interviews, a large picture gallery and more. The collaboration section shows every band that Lohner has worked with, and what he's done with them.
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Dr. Dre speaks of Reznor in French mag "Rock n' Folk"[18:51 EST]
matthieu posted a snippet of a Dr. Dre interview on alt.music.nin where the good Doctor talked a little about working with Trent Reznor.
He first called me to advise on one track but, after three days in thestudio, we decided to record a track together, to see if we could makeit together a bit more... [laughs] Well, even if the result was reallybad, we discovered that we had complementary talents, and we'll be returningto the studio when his tour and my tour will be finished.
Dr. Dre mixed the track 'Even Deeper', but don't get confused - the collaborative music he called bad in this interviewis apparently an entirely unrelated song, put together while they had time together in the studio, but has not since been (and probably won't be) released.
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CDsquare.com offers tour merchandise at nearly half price[15:37 EST]
Not too bad! Over at CDsquare.com, you can pick up some of the stuff you may have seen for sale during Fragility v2.0.This batch of items has been released to various retailers, but you'll be hardpressed to find it for less than CDsquare :) The ticket holder that sold for $15 on tour is going for $7.99, the spiral notebook is $5.99, the tour poster (pictured to the left) [which I bought at the show for $8 figuring it can't get much cheaper than this] is $6.75! They've also got several of the Sheridan-designed NIN shirts from the tour, plus a sleek Nothing Records tshirt.Check it out here, and we'll continue to bring you news on up and coming merchandise as it makes its way to the net.
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NIN Tour Merch Available at TheFragile.com[00:20 EST]
The Fragile.com has recently added a lot of Nine Inch Nails tour merchandise to thier online shopping cart. If you missed the shows, or felt like saving money and buying them later online, heres your chance!Here is a list of the gear they got in:
  • NIN Fragile Black Tour Shirt- $16.99
  • NIN Ticket Holder
  • NIN Fragile Poster- $9.99
  • NIN Spiral Notebook- $10.99
  • As Always, check TheFragile.com for more information.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Rocky Mountain News Reviews Final US NIN Date[00:12 EST]
    The Rocky Mountain News has reviewed the Denver NIN show that took place on Sunday. The review gives the show a good rating. This is one of the last reviews of the Fragility 2.0 US tour you'll see. Heres an excerpt:
    Given the band's industrial bent, it's easy to overlook the subtlety in percussion and keyboards that give NIN's songs texture and nuance — that is, the thing that sets them apart from all the other raging howlers out there. Combined with startlingly clear sound, even in the upper reaches of the Pepsi Center, it was one of the most inspired shows at the arena yet, despite the unrelenting darkness of the show, which drew heavily from the band's latest album The Fragile.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Glattsonbury Festival Info[00:06 EST]
    The Glastonbury Festival Page has uploaded the band list for the upcoming English concert event. Both David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails are playing. You can see the order the bands will play here.
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    NIN Fantasies[00:04 EST]
    Circus Magazine's latest issue contains four 'NIN Fantasies'. They're just some dreams of meeting Mr. Reznor sent in by fans, good to get a kick out of. We may have them online shortly.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Fred Durst has something 'funny' coming for Reznor[00:02 EST]
    Thursday on 92.3 K-Rock, Scott Wielend was being interviewed by Kane. STP played at the Disfunctional Family Picnic with Limp Bizkit Friday. Scott Wieland said that Fred Durst told him that Fred has something 'funny' coming for Trent Reznor. Durst also said that he likes Nails, and that they are a big influence on the band musically. If anyone else finds that ridiculous, we'll make sure to let you know.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Busta Rhymes Likes NIN[00:01 EST]
    Alex sent in this bit of information. Rapper Busta Rhymes, who recently starred in Shaft(oh yea!), told MTV today that he really likes Nine Inch Nails among other bands.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Denver Post sings praise of final NIN show[14:39 EST]
    In an article entitled Nine Inch Nails delivers bang-up show, Eric Reiner called Sundays show "a tight, well-honed, machine-gun sonic barrage" and commented on the energy and skill of the band during their performance.
    A consummate performer skilled in theatrics, Reznor sexily writhed under silhouette lighting on the hit "Closer." On "Sin," from 1989's "Pretty Hate Machine," Reznor desperately clung to the back of lead guitarist Robin Finck, then shoved him off the stage and into the audience, where Finck crowdsurfed as fans roared with approval.
    Check out the full article on the Denver Post's website. Thanks again to Dionysis for sending in the link :)
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    nin.com belated one-year anniversary[01:18 EST]
    Can you believe it's been over a year since that hissing, blinking NIN logo first started showing up over at nin.com? In a few more days, the Hotline itself will have been around for a year. Well, we've got a few cool things coming up in celebration of everything that led up to the return of Nine Inch Nails, and the formation of the NIN Hotline.Keep an eye out for a proper order form for Hotline tshirts (briefly: we will do runs of shirts both black and white, in different sizes, payable by credit card under certain circumstances, or money order, we'll ship wherever you pay us to), a contest for some rare NIN memorabilia, a Spanish version of the Hotline, and some tweaks to the site so you can navigate the depths a bit better.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    In search of a piece of promotional material[01:18 EST]
    Have you seen this promo flat? Promo sheet? Whatever it is? We received a scan back on August 25th, but as you can see, the scan's not exactly something to write home about. If you've got a copy of this, I'm looking.Either send me a good scan or let me know how much you'll sell it for.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Fragility v2.0 Tour Journal to reopen this month[01:04 EST]
    You may have noticed that the links to the tour journal are working again tonite. This is mainly to take what's on the current home of the journal so that we may revamp it and post it to a new home.Look for a completely revamped Fragility v2.0 tour journal coming in the next week, featuring our backlog of show reviews, a new sleek design, featured fan photography, and a whole lot more! If you've got a review you've been sitting on,please send it to tourjournal@theninhotline.net to have it submitted to the collaborative Tour Journal. A reminder, the Fragility v2.0 tour journal is an effort put forth by smashedupsanity.com, SeemsLikeSalvation, TheFragile.com, and us here at the Hotline.
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    New additions to the Halo Profiles[01:00 EST]
    After recently acquiring copies of the promotional singles for We're In This Together and Starsuckers, Inc., scans of those items have been added to the halo profiles here on The NIN Hotline.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Backmasking in A Perfect Circle song mentions Danny Lohner[00:25 EST]
    The A Perfect Circle song Renholder contains some backmasking. Notice Renholder spelled backwards is RE:D LOHNER. Renholder, which the band opened with during Fragility v2.0, mentions Danny Lohner's name a few times if you play it backwards. There are some other lines that I wasn't able to make out.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Enter to win Trent's smashed keyboard at spin.com[21:53 EST]
    You can double your chance to win the smashed keyboard from Fragility v2.0 through spin.com by entering your name at their contest entry page. The same rules apply as those listed on nin.com, but you get a better view of the beaten up machine on Spin's contest page.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Littleton survivor attends Denver show, goes backstage[17:20 EST]
    Richard Castaldo, one of the victims of the assault in Littleton Colorado last year, got to go backstage at the Denver NIN Gig. You can see a picture of Trent and Richard on nin.com.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Attend the San Diego Concert? Help a passed out fan?[12:46 EST]
    Celest passed out during the San Diego NIN show on June 3rd. And Someone helped her out. Celest got us on her side to find out who it was... If you helped her out of the pit area during the San Diego NIN show on June 3rd, drop her an email, she really wants to say thank you!

    This may end up being a new thing on the NIN Hotline. We've gotten a lot of emails throughout the Fragility 2.0 tour of fans asking us to help find someone they met at the show. This very well may end up being a new section on the Hotline (not in the News Updates) if interest continues. If you think it'd be a good idea, tell me.

    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    North American tour, Fragility v2.0 comes to a close[21:43 EST]
    I just got back from the airport, Paul's on his way home, and though I told myself not to start the computer up...

    The last show was a blast :) A Perfect Circle did a specially modified performance of Diary of a Madman dedicated to the Nine Inch Nails crew, for being such a nice crew during the tour. I got trampled to a show that included Somewhat Damaged and Just Like You Imagined...some embarrasing pictures may arise soon of some corn-starch-drenched members of the crew who made it to the Denver get-together :) The whole thingcouldn't have happened so smooth without the graceful help of Dionysis from access :) Many thanks again, grrl :)

    Di also sent in some links from Denver press regarding the last show on the tour. Pop Music critic Mark Brown wrote this excellent review of Sunday's show.

    Given the band's industrial bent, it's easy to overlook the subtlety in percussion and keyboards that give NIN's songs texture and nuance — that is, the thing that sets them apart from all the other raging howlers out there. Combined with startlingly clear sound, even in the upper reaches of the Pepsi Center, it was one of the most inspired shows at the arena yet,
    The Rocky Mountain News graded this show with an A, asking only for more next time the band rolls around.The Denver Post had a front-page write-up in their Entertainment section of this past Friday's issue, entitled Fragile Strength. Featuring a large photo from one of the Kevin Westenberg shoots, and an interview with Reznor, discussing making the Fragile, mingling incognito with the fans.

    It was a really great weekend, I got to meet some more of my pals whom I'd known for quite a while, and met some very nice people whom I've only been talking to recently :) Very nice to meet up with fans of the site at the show [while doing our shameless flyer distribution], and I know I can't wait until the next US tour rolls around.After nine shows, meeting countless people whom I never expected to ever be in the same room with, much less all at once, after seeing the show evolve between Cleveland and Denver, and so much more blathering I could do, I'm a very happy fella. These past few months have been unforgettable... I owe a tremendous thanks to Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails for so many things, for so much fun and adventure :)

    Best of luck on the European festival shows! And next time take more of a break in between tours to catch your breath :)

    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Fred Durst takes the piss at the KROQ Weenie Roast[21:42 EST]
    TurnOffTheSunn dropped us an email about one razzed Durst.The KROQ Weenie Roast, a yearly concert-festival held by the Los Angeles area radio station, featured 14 bands, one of which happened to be Limp Bizket.In the program for the show, one of the snippets on the Limp Bizket page was "Tell us a secret no one knows yet", to which Durst had printed "I wrote all of Trent Reznor's songs."If you're getting the feeling that TR's starting to annoy the red-capped imbecile heading the band, you're on the right path. During the Limp Bizket set, the band went silent, allowing the ever-intellectual Durst to walk to the edge of the stage and yell "Ay, Trent Reznor, suck my dick!"
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Nin.com Updated[21:27 EST]
    Check out the new look for nin.com, featuring a new contest - win a smashed, autographed keyboard from Fragility v2.0!This is not the same keyboard spin.com is giving away, but the winner will be the first to submit a question to Trent in an upcoming chat hosted by Spin.com.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    New NIN, etc.[19:27 EST]
    SeemsLikeSalvation reported that new NIN material could be out in as early as 6 weeks - and should contain the cover of GaryNuman's 'Metal'. Check out SeemsLikeSalvation for the details.

    Spin.com has a brief interview with David Bowiewhich mentions NIN. There is also a contest coming soon where you can win a keyboard signed byTrent himself. Thanks to Carloyn for the information.
    Updated by mamoulian@theninhotline.net
    Vote for "Closer" on VH1's The List[14:01 EST]
    Thanks to Steven for sending this link in; There's a poll for the most stylish video for VH1s silly celebrity show, The List. Take a second out to nominate the obvious choice - Closer :) Here's the link to the voting booth.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Adobe.com Interviews David Carson[11:54 EST]
    Adobe's official webpage recently interviewed David Carson. David Carson, who did the artwork on The Fragile, mentions Nine Inch Nails and his work in the interview.

    Thanks to Gary The Retard for pointing this out.

    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Download Rare NIN Videos from NIN: France[15:45 EST]
    NINJaw over at NIN: France has encoded a a few new rare NIN videos. Included are the Levi's commercial with The Art of Self Destruction, the scene from The Crow with Dead Souls playing in the background, and the Seven intro with Closer. When viewing the files DONT read them online, Download the files to view them.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Meeting up in Denver this weekend[15:34 EST]
    For those of you who are looking to run into us in Denver... Unless plans change (if they do, they'll be posted here) we're going to try and be at the Old Chicago on 1415 Market Street. We're arriving early because a few of us are going to hit the show early to try and make the barricade for the performance. The list of people coming keeps growing (I'll be writing you all back later tonite with further details & such), and there'll be a second meeting later in front of the box office (but by that time I know personally I'll be in line). Drop me an email and we'll try and get together. It's going to be a very good weekend.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Server Difficulties[15:21 EST]
    Seems our host is having some server-wide problems involving these pesky pop up ads and the email forwarding system. Right now, if you send any email to anyone @theninhotline.net, I'm getting it. Not reading it, I'm passing it on as I can, but we're having a little bit of a hiccup. We're hoping this issue is soon resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience this is causing.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    The NIN Hotline to cover final US tour date[11:48 EST]
    Leviathant and Paul will be in Denver, Colorado on the weekend of the final show in Fragility v2.0. We're also going to be chillin' with Keith & Tracy from smashedupsanity.com. For the show, Paul and I should be sporting prototype Hotline tshirts, and we're going to have a get-together at the Big Chicago before the show. We'll be doing something Saturday evening as well, celebratory of the tour and all the fun we've had along the way... Friday's still pretty open though :) So let us know if you wanna do something, or come to one of our get togethers. It'll be a cool scene...
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Revisions, updates to the NIN Hotline[21:03 EST]
    There are a few changes happening here at the Hotline, which you may or may not have noticed. Some of our staff is taking leave for a while, or leaving altogether. Halo Ninetynine will no longer be updated, as nin.com has been archiving all that stuff for a while now. We've had ten months of some great humor from Meathead but we gotta give that guy a break. And due to some real-world issues, Static is taking on less of a workload with our site.

    But hell, we've got more for ya :) This weekend, I revamped most of the Halo Profiles, so if you still don't have all the Fragile-era releases, check out what they look like. I'll probably stock more fun-facts with the images when I'm again motivated, and there's a lot to put up for The Fragile so that's on hold right now.

    Because we've got so much neat stuff that doesn't get much exposure from the navigation system we currently have, expect a major revamp to that aspect of the page. Stuff like the Lyrics Search Engine, our exclusive interviews with Alan Moulder, Keith Hillebrandt & Kim Prevost, our site search engine, and lots of other buried crap.

    Also, in coordination with the great people at nin.com.ar, we're opening a Spanish edition of the NIN Hotline - the graphics are done, the CGI is about complete, I just have to put the final steps in motion (and buy more space) to get this project live.

    If everything goes as planned, the tour journal is due back up this Wednesday, with a new look and feel. If you've got photos, stories, or anything to that effect, keep sending them - we've got a lot, but never enough :)

    Know someone who'd make a good features columnist? I'm looking for something new and NIN related that I can read on a weekly basis. I'd like to put it on the Hotline so other people can read it too. Let me know if you've got any ideas.

    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Don't forget to put in your votes today[14:10 EST]
    We've had an overwhelmingly excellent response to the Starsuckers Lazy Vote Utility, but we still need your help. So be sure to do some voting today and help promote the band as best as we can.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Australian ABC to Re-air RAGE show hosted by Reznor[07:04 EST]
    The Australian tv station ABC-TV will be re-airing the RAGE show that Trent Reznor hosted a few weeks back. Rage's website offers a full setlist info, now including the Starsuckers Inc. video. The show is set to re-air this Saturday night/Sunday morning at 12:12am. Thanks Dave.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    VH1 Creates a NIN Fan Club[07:00 EST]
    VH1 has set up a Nine Inch Nails fan club on thier site. The site offers news, upcoming television special information, tour info, a market to buy and sell your old NIN stuff and more. Joining the club is free of charge.

    Thanks TuRnoffTheSuNN@aol.com.

    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Find out a little bit more about nothingradio.net[20:27 EST]
    As mentioned yesterday, netradio hub RadioSpy.com is featuring nothingradio.net in their latest DJ spotlight. I did an email interview with them last week [and god did I ramble] and lastnight the feature went live. So if you're wondering just what brought nothingradio.net about, you might want to take a look at what I said. The RadioSpy.com folks said some really nice things about the Hotline too, which made me smile :) Check it out, and while you're at it, don't forget that nothingradio.net is a collaborative effort between the Hotline, SmashedUpSanity.com and theFragile.com. Couldn't have done it without these guys :)
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Sam Donaldson to Interview Trent Reznor?[20:22 EST]
    Julie and IntoTheVoidYouGo wrote in about a guest on the television show, The View. ABCnews anchor Sam Donaldson was discussing his upcoming project, a web-only show airing thrice a week, and he apparently wants to interview Trent. It turns out Donaldson is a Nine Inch Nails fan :) Though he said he has not yet met Reznor, he is interested in interviewing TR.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Los Angeles Times finds redemption in Anaheim show[20:17 EST]
    In an overall positive review by pop music critic Robert Hilburn, this article in the LA Times goes on to say that while The Fragile may not have taken off, Fragility v2.0 is a show not to be missed.
    Reznor knows the importance of demonstrating the continued vitality of his music, and he and the four musicians in this edition of Nine Inch Nails delivered that music with a relentless force that conveyed the genuine thrill of electrifying rock 'n' roll.
    The article also commented on Billy Howerdel's axe-weilding prowess for A Perfect Circle, and the tightness of the new band. Many thanks to mr_self_destruct for letting us know.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Radiospy.com reviews Anaheim show[18:49 EST]
    Check out this link to the Radiospy.com review of Tuesday's show at the Arrowhead Pond. Penned by the Radiospy.com Associate editor, Spiff's feature has two exclusive photos of Trent kickin' it on the 6th.
    The balance of material and energy produced NIN's most mature and entertaining live experience yet, proving that the group can do more than undo themselves at a blistering pace
    Definately worth checking out :) Keep an eye out later tonite for a feature about nothingradio.net from the rad folks there at RadioSpy.com.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    NIN Hotline Tshirts[18:38 EST]
    Yup. Tshirts. Money's running a little tight and we're over our disk quota, and I've been going to a lot of shows. We've managed to keep this thing going for almost a year now, free of anything but our own in-house banners. "Uh oh, here comes the old 'running a website costs money' speech..." :) I had one of these made up real quick before I went down to New Orleans, so people would have less difficult a time meeting up with me, and since then I've had a few people ask how to get one. If you are seriously interested in a NIN Hotline tshirt, please drop me an email so I know how many I should order, that way I can find out just how cheap I can make them. Depending on the quantity, plus a few tricks I've got up my sleeve, shirts will cost anywhere from $10-$20, I'm estimating. And they'll be damn good shirts too. Click on the thumbnail for a better idea of what's on the front. Simple, effective, and free of copyright infringement :)

    All money from sales will go directly into production of the shirts and maintenence of the site. We've had a surprisingly large amount of advertisers approach us, as well as several companies offering to host us, but in an effort to bring you unbiased, straight-up content without banners, loss of creative control, and the other fun stuff that comes with another organization or company pay for your site, we've stayed banner free. We hope to stay this way to bring you top notch content, above the fold and without hassle.

    So lemme know if you wanna buy a tshirt :)

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    West coast newspapers review as NIN pass through[18:14 EST]
    All kinds of news and reviews as Fragility v2.0 passes through the west side of the country. The latest arrival in our inbox comes from the San Diego Union-Tribune. Pop music critic George Varga writes of Saturdays show at the Cox Arena, praising the strong performance amidst a changed musical world.

    Accordingly, Reznor and company performed with liberating power and finely calibrated precision Saturday. Taking to the stage after a promising opening set by the moody Tool-offshoot band A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails delivered even its most pulverizing numbers with finesse and a masterful command of dynamic tension and release.
    Check this link for the full story, many thanks to makkura for sending in that link.

    The Arizona Republic had plenty of good things to say about the Phoenix performance on Sunday. Larry Rodgers writes

    A chaotic combination of cutting lyrics, slashing guitar and droning keyboards launched the 90-minute show with Reznor telling God that "you owe me a great big apology" in 1989's "Terrible Lie."
    The full article can be read at the Republic's website. Thanks a lot to eclaire for sending that one in :)

    The San Jose Mercury News features a snippet of interview with the ever-expressive guitarist Robin Finck about halfway down this page. Robin touches on playing for the Cirque, recording with Axl Rose, taking Arvo Pärt on the road with him, and plenty of other topics across the board. Brad Kava's article for the Mercury News can be found right here. A kind thanks to nokomis for pointing us to that article.

    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    NIN Confirmed to play Glastonbury Festival with Bowie[18:21 EST]
    Nine Inch Nails has been confirmed by Rolling Stone to play the Glastonbury later this month in England. The massive show, which takes place north of London from June 23 through 25th. Other bands confirmed have been Moby, Fatboy Slim, The Blood Hound Gang, Travis, Basement Jaxx and the previously announced headliner, David Bowie. Thanks Trinity.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Spin.com Giving away Keyboard signed by Reznor[15:01 EST]
    The Spin Magazine Webpage will soon be giving away a "Nine Inch Nails keyboard signed by Trent Reznor". The page does not say when or what type of keyboard it is, but we will keep you posted on that.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Starsuckers/TRL Vote System: UPDATE[23:13 EST]
    After some minor revisions to the script, some quick graphics, a little bit of uploading, v1 of the Starsuckers Lazy Vote Utility is complete. If you want to add comments to the ever-growing database, I am still taking suggestions. Voting is allowed during the hours of 11:00am and 5:00pm EST, when the votes should be most effective. All it takes is a few minutes out of your day to vote a few times and help the band out. It's never too late :)

    On a similar note, while you can't vote for Starsuckers anywhere on MuchMusic's website, you -can- vote on Canada's Edge102, at this page, right here, in all its orange glory. It's currently on the count-down, but you can help raise it's popularity by voting a couple times at this page. Thanks to Sandra for the reccomendation there.

    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Starsuckers/TRL Randomized Lazy-Voter Beta Test[14:53 EST]
    Just in time for todays show... click here to check out what I've been spending so much time on. All those comments you emailed in have not gone to waste. If you don't like typing in your name, finding your state, typing in comments, and all that time consuming stuff, every time you want to vote for Starsuckers, we have the solution for you. This is just the first, rough, revision of this script. A better user interface is coming tonite, and a random grammar generator will be implemented next week. But in the mean time, turn off those cookies and get voting!!!
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    San Diego Union Tribute Previews NIN show[14:46 EST]
    The San Diego Union Tribute has posted a preview of the upcoming Nine Inch Nails show this Saturday in Arizona. The article, titled Raging on, was done by George Varga and contains a lengthy interview with Reznor. Heres an interesting part of the interview:
    "Record companies are owned by major corporations, who have lots of accountants with quarterly profit margins. So who do you think gets pushed on the back burner? Britney Spears, who' s pop (expletive)? Or somebody like me, who puts out a bloated double CD, and is cranky and is particular about the quality of the packaging, and who is desperately trying to maintain that it' s art, and not just a plastic project? "And that' s been a tough battle to fight. It' s depressing when you see that everything has become image, and everyone is a clone of everyone else .... I realize I' m in business to sell records. But I approach it from the point that I want to make music that challenges the world -- and changes me. "And my famous last words are: ' I' m dropped' (from my record contract).
    Click here to read the article.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net