Starsuckers, Inc video debut!   [00:08 EST]
We just received notice that the Starsuckers, Inc. video "should" premier TUESDAY on MTV's Total Request Live. Lets start flooding their request lines and get this bitch in heavy rotation!
Updated by myc@theninhotline.net
Starsuckers Video Around The Corner?   [19:39 EST]
On the MTV Total Request Live page you can vote for the video for Starfuckers Inc. Does this mean we may see the video premiere soon? Who knows... But keep your eyes open. Thanks Josh Newnum for seeing this.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
More positive press for Nine Inch Nails   [18:39 EST]
This news comes redirected from our friend Commy, who runs ThePerfectDrug. On a tour related note, Commy received some mail from Kaoru, who attended the Madison, WI performance. She picked up a local free weekly paper, the Isthmus, which carried a good review of the show there, and a picture of TR from the gig. That article's available online, click here to check out the article. In brief, here's a quote from the review;
Reznor's high-dB wrecking crew punched and pummeled a near-capacity crowd into submission with a perfectly paced extravaganza of light and sound that easily qualified as the best arena-sized touring show of the new millennium.
That's what we like to hear :) Also, Commy relayed some news from Yan, who spotted some NIN content in a Japanese graphic design and art magazine, IDEA. In a section dedicated to the world's best artwork in 2000, three pages are dedicated to The Fragile. They showcase two postcards, shots of the LP cover as well as pictures from the booklet. They credit David Carson as the designer, art director, and photographer.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Jam! does Review of Toronto NIN Show   [15:36 EST]
Jam Showbiz did a review of the Nine Inch Nails show at the Maple Leaf Gardens. Its a positive, lengthy review. Thanks Jason Meltzer.
Updated by news@theninhotline.net
Boston Globe Posts Reznor Interview/ NIN Article   [11:55 EST]
The Boston Globe has posted an interview with Reznor, and an article about NIN in thier April 30th issue. The article titled "Reznor hammers out his own turf" provides alot of information on Reznors view towards music these days. Heres a bit of what he said:
I don't mean to sound like the bitter, crotchety guy whose record didn't sell as well as somebody projected it would, but the lack of intelligent music or challenging music or anything that is risk-taking is really frustrating, aside from the occasional hip-hop track that is inventive, then is ripped off by everybody else.

I can't think of anything in rock that has excited me lately,'' he adds. ''The bands that are somewhat exciting seem to be playing it safe and repeating themselves. I'd say Rage Against the Machine is an example of that. They're a really good band, but they keep writing the same song. I hold them in high regard, but I don't hear anything that's really making people think.

Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Fragility v2.0 Special on MTV sister station M2   [20:49 EST]
We got email from aaron and chris who spotted a commercial on MTV that is of interest to NIN fans. This commercial plugged MTV's sister channel, MTV2, and listed a Nine Inch Nails Fragility v2.0 special as one of the upcoming features. Apparently, it looks to be a similar program as to the Fragility v1.0 special, but with footage from the North American tour. Keep your eyes peeled for more information as it comes in.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Buffalo News NIN Article and Danny Lohner Interview   [19:34 EST]
The Buffalo News has posted an article about the upcoming Nine Inch Nails gigs in Buffalo, NY. The article also contains a small interview with Danny Lohner. Heres a bit of what he said:
I've had my chance to be with other bands. I've turned down easier opportunities in terms of success in the public eye to play with this band. That kind of success isn't appealing to me," Lohner says. "This band is one of the best to come out of our generation of music. Trent requires people around him to help him achieve his goals. I'm proud to be part of the team because I learn so much. He is everything people write he is - he is truly gifted.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
May 10th Date Confirmed   [17:16 EST]
92.3 K-Rock in New York confirmed that tickets for the NIN show at NassauColisseum in Uniondale, NY. They also said that tickets go on sale TODAY at 4pm.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Nine Inch Nails on MuchMusic.com   [16:27 EST]
A banner at the top of MuchMusic.com takes you to a rather well layed out feature section, on lieu of TR dropping by today at 2pm. Thanks for the linkage, Mathew.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
the fragile.com gets a flashy facelift   [14:46 EST]
our Tour Journal affiliates and good friend Yves has given a flashy face lift to thefragile.com

So go over and check out the kick ass flash!
Updated by static@theninhotline.net
Q101 radio gig update   [12:45 EST]
We have recieved a few emails about the setlist of the shows played in Chicago.
something i can never have
the day the world went away
even deeper
the big come down
the fragile

Some of these were broken down to their core elements, some were full band. Thanks RIP, Ozzman, and everyone else who sent in information.
Updated by myc@theninhotline.net
Listen to Q101 streaming radio in Windows Media Format   [12:05 EST]
Check it out! Just because you don't live near Chicago doesn't mean you'll miss out on the NIN show today! Q101 streams their broadcast in Windows Media format. We're not sure just yet when the show is going to be broadcast, but stay tuned :) Thanks for the link, shainex
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Reznor fires back at Sun-Times   [10:43 EST]
In response to the poor show review penned by Jim Derogatis of the Chicago Sun-Times several days ago, as an introduction to the encore songs, Reznor spoke to the crowd at the second Chicago show at the UIC Pavilion lastnight:
"...we like to keep plenty of copies of the Chicago Sun-Times on the bus in case we need to wipe our asses, and I noticed that they decided we were 'unfashionable', and that it's very 'unfashionable' and dated to not fit in or feel unhappy in the year 2000 where everything is ok. Well if 'fashionable' is what they are playing on the radio, I'm happy to not fit in. So I'd like to play some more 'unfashionable' music for you 'unfashionable' people ...
:) And with that, he proceeded on to The Day The World Went Away. Thanks for sending that bit in, Michael
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Michigan paper interviews Clouser, talks of tour   [14:02 EST]
In an article written by John Serba for the Grand Rapids Press, Charlie Clouser talks about the differences between the latest tour and the Self Destruct tour, while Serba touches on the sonically challenging intricacies of the double album, The Fragile. Thanks to Steven for sending us the link :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
98 Rock Nine Inch Nails giveaway   [13:54 EST]
Baltimore area radio station 98 Rock is holding a giveaway all week long. Reznorhead sent us the following blurb from the 98rock website;
98 Rock presents NINE INCH NAILS at Merriweather on Friday May 12th. Aq will give away tickets all night long (7p-Mid) every night this week (4/24-4/28). One grand prize winner each night will also get a NIN CD catalogue!
Only a couple more nights left to win tickets to the Merriweather show! Thanks for the heads up, Reznorhead :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
New Meat   [00:31 EST]
This week, The Meathead Perspective attempts to address a very common question amongst concert-goers.
Updated by meathead@theninhotline.net
Fragility v2.0 TOUR JOURNAL   [16:39 EST]
For all of you who have submitted your reviews we thank you and you are about to witness the fruits of your hard work as well as ours.
Allow me to introduce to you the FRAGILITY v2.0 TOUR JOURNAL. A collaboration between the NIN hotline, seems like salvation news, thefragile.com, and Smashed Up Sanity.

The goals of the Tour Journal is to gather all the submitted reviews, photos and tour-related item scans from the four largest NIN fan sites on the net and archive them all in one giant site so YOU the viewer can get the most access to information related to nine inch nails' fragility v2.0 tour.

The tour journal is currently in a Submission-Only status to start with, so please begin re-directing all reviews to fragility_2000@hotmail.com so we can process them and add them to the archive. Within the next week the Journal's North America Section will be open for all to see.

Reviews, photos and scans of ANY fragility v2.0 show WILL be accepted, but for more information on that, go to the Submission section of the Tour Journal.

Let's all make this a successful venture! =)
Updated by static@theninhotline.net
Q101 plugs Nine Inch Nails... just like they should :)   [15:35 EST]
Listening to Chicago area radio station Q101, Michael caught the radio edited Starsuckers, Inc., which although it did sound a 'a little blurbed still when it came to the "suckers" part...it was still much better than the old "dub-out" version.' After the song, the DJ on duty, James Van Osdel, talked a little about the involved music of Nine Inch Nails;

That's Nine Inch Nails from 'The Fragile'. And consider if you will just how meticulous Trent Reznor is in the recording studio. Think about 'The Fragile', and the two full-length albums before that--every noise, every sonic nuance was very carefully mapped out and planned. Every time you listen to a Nine Inch Nails album with headphones on, you hear something you didn't hear before. Very careful attention to detail, Nine Inch Nails...one of the most legendary bands around these days.

Afterwards, James went on to plug the upcoming in-studio NIN appearance set this Thursday (which we reported on April 20). It's good to hear an enthusiastic DJ telling it like it is ;)

Updated by news@theninhotline.net
SonicNet reviews UIC Pavilion show   [15:18 EST]
SonicNet News has posted their review of the Chicago, Il show on April 21st. The review, written by contributing editor Corey Moss, calls Fragility v2.0 "a delicately arranged set of stadium-rock anthems stylishly intertwined with instrumental soundscapes and omnipresent lighting." The positive review misreports some song names, and mentions that "A Warm Place" was played (we've heard this from several people - anyone else want to let us know what they heard?) It should be noted that while they credit Mark Brickman (formerly light designer for Pink Floyd) for the lighting setup, we've heard from a good source that between Los Angeles and Cleveland, the lighting was actually redone by someone else, though we don't have a name for you at the moment.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
9inchnails.net contest to win NIN goodies   [14:26 EST]
Check it out! 9inchnails.net is looking for your ideas for bumper stickers to represent the site. Check out the designs as well as the contest rules (And prizes!) at this page. Whatcha waiting for, break out Photoshop and get crackin'! :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
NIN -not- opening for Iron Maiden...   [14:05 EST]
According to CDnow's Allstar Music News, the report from Billboard.com that Nine Inch Nails is opening for Iron Maiden is entirely false. Allstar recieved word of this straight from the folks at Nothing Records. Thanks for the heads up, def-one :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Concert Reviews, Updates, Changes, Large-scale Collaboration   [16:46 EST]
You probably noticed we haven't updated with show reviews for a while. We're not ignoring you, we're just in the process of collecting everything. As you may have read elsewhere, we are collaborating with thefragile.com, smashedupsanity.com, and SeemsLikeSalvation News to bring forth one collective, massive Fragility v2.0 Tour Journal.

On top of that, prepare to see some changes and additions to the Hotline, with new feature sections and an updated look, courtesy the wizard behind our looks, }static{. Stay tuned, and keep the mail a-flowing :)

Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Digital Cardinal reviews the Madison gig   [15:32 EST]
We just received an email from Pezchick with a link to this review of the Madison stop on Fragility v2.0. Writer Bruno Basile applauds the show, notes the especially excited crowd, and touches on some often overlooked rhythmic techniques employed by the band.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Starsuckers, Inc. already making its way to the air   [19:31 EST]
We've had reports from several areas around the US that radio stations have been playing "Starsuckers, Inc.", which is a good sign that promos are at most major radio stations at this point. So call in to your local alternative/rock station all week long and put in your requests :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Chicago leaves mixed review for UIC show   [19:26 EST]
We got a few links in the mail from frigidspinster, with some thumbs up and a thumbs down for the show at the sold out Chicago venue a few days back. Greg Kot wrote this review of the show for the Chicago Metromix, an entertainment guide run by the Chicago Tribune, and applauds the show. Opposite that, the Chicago Sun-Times gave the show a cold review, saying the band is stuck in the nineties (wasn't that less than a year ago?) and manages to misquote lyrics along the way. To end on a not so embittered note, previously mentioned Tribune reporter Greg Kot's Q&A with TR is also available on Metromix's website. Thanks again, frigidspinster :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Nine Inch Nails amongst slew of Iron Maiden openers   [13:49 EST]
We recieved an email from Ennui about an item she spotted on a Korn site.
Iron Maiden will be back in New York -- this time at Madison Square Garden -- on the Brave New World tour, which comes to America in August after a two-month European leg. Show openers will be Nine Inch Nails, Korn, and Slayer.
This news comes from Billboard.com's feature on the band, towards the bottom of the article.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Guitar World photos   [07:34 EST]
David from Fountain Of Decay sent in the four photos from the newest issue of Guitar World Magazine. Please check out the full size images by going to the article photos in the file archive.
Updated by mokeejc@theninhotline.net
Indianapolis Star concert review 3 1/2 of 4 stars   [06:45 EST]
The Indianapolis Star's review of the show Thursday night can be found here.
Updated by mokeejc@theninhotline.net
Filter appears on VH1's 'The Daily One'   [15:37 EST]
Adding to the on-and-off Richard Patrick vs. Trent Reznor spats, Brett caught Richard Patrick on The Daily One...

Just got through watching "The Daily One" on VH1. Today's special guest was Filter. Kane acted very anxious and said...."I have to ask you this question!" "I heard you and Trent have been in a big verbal sparring match lately" "Last thing I heard was that he said.....If you were Filter, what else would you talk about?"

Everyone started laughing......and Geno was saying ooooooooooohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh

Kane then said "Well, you can get back at him now.....or take the high road"

Everyone started laughing again.

Richard was in a good mood the entire time and said...

"Well, Trent is a very complicated man, I wish him the best."

Wordy on the small stage, quiet on the world's stage? Or has Patrick decided to lay off on slagging his old boss? Film at eleven.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
NIN to perform in 'first time ever' radio broadcast   [12:17 EST]
Chicago alternative rock station Q101 will be doing a special next Thursday, where Nine Inch Nails will be performing selected favorites 'in a deconstructed way.' While it may only be 3-5 songs, we hear it's going to be very cool, and are sure you won't be disappointed when April 27 rolls around :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
NothingRadio.net listed in top 25 net radio stations!   [22:32 EST]
Well, we just got an email from Lanktree, who picked up the latest edition of Shift magazine. In a list of the top 25 net radio stations, (including live365.com at 9th, and radiospy.com at 11th), NothingRadio.net, the collaboration between the Hotline, thefragile.com, and smashedupsanity.com, placed 24th! We certainly won't take credit for the quality music that's broadcast there, but thanks for the nice ranking, Shift.

Also in this issue, amongst the top five artist websites, nin.com places third.

As morose and uncompromising as Trent Reznor, the Nine Inch Nails site may seem unnecessarily oblique at first glance (the navigation is stridently antitext), but once you've peered into every nook and cranny, its depth proves to be astounding. Beautifully designed by David Carson, nin.com generously incorporates a number of unofficial sites, including a breathtaking homage from a Japanese fan.
While Carson was consulted for design during nin.com's v2.0, it is now 100% designed & operated by Rob Sheridan, just to set the record straight. Way to go TR, Webbie, and Commy ;) Thank you for letting us know, Lanktree :)
Updated by news@theninhotline.net
'Starsuckers, Inc.' scans at SLS News   [14:57 EST]
Head on over to SeemsLikeSalvation Nothing News and check out all the details on the promo single for a radio friendly Starfuckers. The artwork is derived from the same photos used to promote the Fragility tour. No sign of a halo number on this promotional release. Thanks for letting us know Evan! :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal Reviews Fragility v2.0   [14:36 EST]
mesha of evendeeper.net, who deserves a purple-heart after a couple shows in the pit, sent us a link to this review of lastnight's show. The Journal-Sentinal gives an overall positive review of the local encounter with the first US NIN tour in five years.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Where the fuck was Meathead?   [01:21 EST]
After a brief hiatus, The Meathead Perspective returns with a(nother) review of the NIN show in Cleveland, Ohio. Glory be.
Updated by meathead@theninhotline.net
Skinny Puppy renunion gig @ Doomsday Festival   [23:39 EST]
Okay, so it's not really NIN news, but I saw this a few days back and I finally decided, hey, this'd be worth mentioning to any SP/NIN fans who don't keep a watchful eye on Puppy news. Litany: Scott's Skinny Puppy related news page updated a few days ago with information about a reunion of sorts for Skinny Puppy. Taking place August 19th & 20th in Dresden, Germany, at the festival held by Orkus magazine. If your interested in more information, this is the place to watch, Scott's the man when it comes to SP-related news :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Pre-show, post-show in Minneapolis   [23:04 EST]
For those of you not keeping track, videos have been rotating steadily on nin.com. The latest is a clip of some fans raving about the show, before and after. Right on ;)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
On-sale date for Salt Lake City tickets   [18:01 EST]
We just got mail from Stacy to let us know that tickets for the Salt Lake City stop on Fragility v2.0 go on sale this Saturday at 10:00am, available at the E Center Box Office or through Smith's Tickets.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Columbus gets the thumbs up from NIN fans   [12:34 EST]
We've received a whole slew of reviews from attendees of the Columbus show on the 15th, and we're just now getting them online. Josh notes Trent's comments during the show, his second NIN show since seeing them on The Downward Spiral tour in '94. EvilDisco13 wrote us this review very next morning after the show, and hits the highlights of the 4/15 gig. ninhead met up with sean667 of #nin99 in Columbus and seems thoroughly impressed with newcomer Jerome Dillon's drumming. absynthesis provides a detailed account of his first ever concert, getting right up there in the pit, learning firsthand what it's like in the sweaty, impersonal crowd that's right up front for the show. We've still got reviews from Detroit to put up, and we're looking for accounts from anyone who attended the Minneapolis show. Personally, I like the detail and creativity people have been putting into these reviews, I'd like to read some more of it. It's a refreshing change from, 'Cool show, here's the setlist (I think)'. May 6th seems further away, even as it draws closer :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
New Columbus Pictures @ nin.com   [08:08 EST]
Check out the "Fragility" section on nin.com for some interesting new photos!
Updated by crimsonplague@theninhotline.net
MaximumInk Runs Article on APC and NIN   [06:52 EST]
MaximumInk has a large article concerning A Perfect Circle up. They tlak about the bands formation and the meaning of the bands name. Nine Inch Nails is mentioned a few times throughout the article. Theres also some pictures of APC up there too.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
NIN to Have Special in Next Guitar World Magazine   [22:16 EST]
Flexxion sends along word that Trent Reznor will be in the upcoming June issue of Guitar World Magazine. The article covers ten pages total, containing an interview with TR and an discusses gear used in the recording of The Fragile. The Nine Inch Nails article also features pictures of Trent and the band.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Columbus pictures online at evendeeper.net   [19:17 EST]
The folks over at evendeeper.net are on their way through following the band as they tour, and updated their page with some pictures from the Columbus show. Check it out, and read up on the reviews the webmasters are posting as they wander across North America with NIN.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Trent Reznor to appear on MuchMusic in late April   [15:23 EST]
We got word from David over at Fountain Of Decay that Much Music is going to interview TR sometime between April 27th and April 29th. Right now the channel isn't sure of the exact date, though, so keep watching for more information as we recieve it. Thanks Dave!
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
June 4th Phoenix ticket on-sale date   [15:11 EST]
Laura Lasko wrote to inform us that tickets for the June 4th show in Phoenix are going on sale April 22nd at 12:00pm. The tickets are available through Dillards and are 42.50 for floor, 37.50 and 29.50 for reserved seating.
Updated by mamoulian@theninhotline.net
Updated Montreal Ticket Information   [15:09 EST]
If you are interested in buying tickets to the Montreal Nine Inch Nails gig, you can cut to the chase at admission.com and buy your tickets directly from this page.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Hurt Video at NIN.com   [11:08 EST]
Check out the Video section at nin.com to see a live video of the audience singing along to Hurt with Trent and the gang. You can get an idea of the lightshow instore at these shows, pretty wild.
Updated by teknolust@theninhotline.net
Hidden video clip on nin.com?   [01:39 EST]
Along with numerous hidden images now hidden on nin.com there is also a video clip to be found. Thanks go to PeacError in #nin99 for pointing this out. Happy hunting =)
Updated by mamoulian@theninhotline.net
MuchMusic to interview Reznor   [22:55 EST]
David from Fountain of Decay has informed us that Trent Reznor will be on Much Music for an interview on April 27th, 28th or 29th. More as we find it.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Detroit Media Coverage in preperation of lastnight's show   [14:52 EST]
Reviews of the show have not hit the presses yet, but here are some of the warm introductions area media provided Detroit readers lastnight;

Yesterday, The Detroit News ran this article about three large rock bands hitting the Detroit area within a week. Ben Edmonds, Special to The Detroit News, touches on The Smashing Pumpkins, talk to Liam from Oasis, and briefly interviewing Charlie Clouser on Nine Inch Nails, the article seems to sway towards seeing the NIN show.

It turns out the Observer & Exccentric also caught Charlie on the phone, discussing recording, the live show, and coming back after five years' absence. Catch the entire article here, as penned by Stephanie A. Casola.

We've got some fan reviews of the show coming later today, so keep an eye out :)

Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Lengthy Review of the first gig on Fragility v2.0   [21:45 EST]
It's a bit of a long review, and you miss the really good parts, like where I meet and hang out with }static{, Paul & his pal 'flyer bitch', Crimsonplague, ^HaZe^, WhitechapelMolly, meathead & his cousin, VickyMaz, Keith from SUS and his pals, anyone I've missed, plus bumping into all you online folk at the show was really great :) [don't forget to write!]

Anyhow, I decided to put some effort into a big ol' review of the show and I'd appreciate it if you read it. It's a pretty detailed account of my time during the NIN show, sorry for not touching on A Perfect Circle, whom I thoroughly enjoyed despite only knowing a song or two beforehand. April 12th will go down as one of the best nights of my life...

Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
June 2 Las Vegas ticket on-sale date   [21:08 EST]
Sandra emailed us to let you know that tickets for the June 2nd NIN show in Las Vegas go on sale in a week. According to the Thomas & Mack Center, you can purchase tickets through tickets.com, or by calling 1-888-464-2468, starting Friday, April 21, at 12:00 noon. Good luck!
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
More Cleveland Pictures Online @ nin.com   [21:03 EST]
Click on the "Fragility" section of nin.com and click Cleveland, OH... where before it gave ticket and venue information, now resides a few more pictures from the show! :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
New pictures up in the Feature section of nin.com   [20:53 EST]
Check out the Feature area on nin.com, it's got some pics from a couple days of shooting online. From the looks of it, these pics are zoomed in, and might zoom out as time passes, so keep checking back to see what turns up :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Minneapolis Star Tribune writes review in preparation   [02:30 EST]
mrningod sent in an article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Entitled Bed of nails: Trent Reznor gets 'Fragile' -- but not soft, the article includes an interview with Trent, and briefly covers the Cleveland show that opened the tour. If that URL ends up pointing to a completely unrelated story, go to http://www.startribune.com/ and find the article on your own :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
sonicnet.com article on April 12th show   [01:18 EST]
Click here to go to Sonicnet.com's rock news section, which features an article about the first show on the NIN tour. Interviewing fans who saw the show, as well as people who worked on putting it together, this review is pretty upbeat, and generally comes off pleasantly surprised.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
wallofsound.go.com features unfavorable review of show   [01:07 EST]
go.com's music page, Wall of Sound, gave Nine Inch Nails' opening date a bit of a reaming. Maybe I was too far into the crowd to know otherwise, but crowd reaction was much better than what Laura describes in this article about the April 12th show. Of course, I'm not sure how to take this review - Wall of Sound's bio on the band has, for quite some time, claims the first release by NIN was called Industrial Nation, apparently followed up in 1990 by Pretty Hate Machine. I was a little surprised they didn't include Impossible Pain with their discography ;)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Approximate Merchandise Prices, note about bootleg shirts   [23:57 EST]
Since a lot of you are going to be going to Columbus tomorrow, and probably want to pick up something to bring back with you, you'd probably like to know what everything costs, right? Well, prepare to fork out $28 for a tshirt, and prepare to make a difficult decision if you're only buying one; Unlike the limited selection during Fragility v1.0, there's a lot of really cool shirts available this time around. There are sleek ticket holders you can purchase as well, I think they ran $15 or so. Either that or that's how much the Fragility Notepad costs. If you want one of the black 'military' shirts, it'll run you $75, and matching military shorts were something like $70.

Before the Cleveland show, while we waited in line, a few gentlemen came through and offered us shirts that were '$30 inside, $20 if you buy em now', they offered a group discount, $15 a piece if we bought three or something like that. Mind you, they weren't -terrible- fakes, they used the right logo on the front (in brown, broken up like on the cover of TDS' lyric booklet), and the back featured the back cover of "The Day The World Went Away" (barcode and all) plus select tourdates. It's up to you if you want to tote around a pseudo-nin shirt, but I'd reccomend saving your cash for the real thing indoors. The shirts are better quality material, and the artwork's official (The font on these fake shirts was kinda cheesy). Just a heads up: bargain hunters beware! Save your cash for the quality goods indoors.

Images courtesy SmashedUpSanity.com :)

Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
TBD dates have apparently been determined   [23:15 EST]
Upon closer inspection of the tshirts sold during the Cleveland gig, those with tour dates on the back have 'Uniondale, NY' listed for May 10th and 'San Diego, CA' for the 3rd of June. Thanks to orgy and Makkura for pointing this out :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
My Cleveland Review   [19:27 EST]
I was lucky enough to go to the Cleveland, OH show along with Leviathant, Crimsonplague, Ca9, Static, Meathead, VickyMaz, WhiteChapelMolly, Haze, Keith Duemling and some of our personal friends. Oh yea, we ALL convocated. Anyway, heres my review of the AMAZING show. You're all in for a treat. The others will type up there reviews as soon as they get home :-)
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Pictures from the Cleveland gig online   [18:35 EST]
Check out some photos from the show lastnight, posted to evendeeper.net. I'm not sure the combined total, but Lord Morpheus of evendeeper.net is attending around 35 shows, and evendeeper.net's webmistress Mesha is hitting something like 12. I think this makes the page one to hit throughout the tour as it rolls on :)
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Free Times has NIN Article   [18:33 EST]
Cleveland based newspaper, The Free Times, has Trent Reznor on the cover. On the inside (and online), theres an interview with Trent and an article about the bands history. Mighty well written at that. Thanks again Sam.
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More scans of the Cleveland goods, plus NOLA ticket sale date   [17:55 EST]
Alright... what we have here is a bunch of thumbnails, clicking each one will display the large version of the images of various tshirts sold at the tour (these aren't the only ones, by far, but it's a healthy selection). These were sent in by Jason, and it's much appreciated because we forgot to take pictures of the shirts while we were there :p All of these newly designed tshirts are the handiwork of the nin.com webmaster, Rob Sheridan. I color corrected as best as I could, but some of the colors are off. I could fix it but I've got "250lb. crowd surfer landed on my neck" pains so I'm not too keen on staying awake much longer. Also, on the right is an image of an aftershow pass. We snagged this earlier this morning from a fellow ninnie who was staying at the same Comfort Inn, after checking out the flyers we were still handing out ;) But if you're weird about NIN art/design like we are, we figure you'd appreciate taking a look at it :) Without further adieu;
While I'm updating, I'd like to mention that Valinos spotted an on-sale date for tickets to the New Orleans NIN gig: According to ticketmaster.com, they go on sale tomorrow at 4pm. So good luck! :)
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The Aftermath of Cleveland in Breif   [16:08 EST]
I just got back to work, I'm pretty beat up, but there's some news sitting in our inbox that no one's bothered to post yet, so before I go home and type up what I remember of the first show of the tour lastnight (which was larger than fucking life), here's some of what's been sent to us so far:

  • The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a review of the show. Written by their pop music critic, John Soeder, it's accompanied by a bunch of photos by photographer Johanna Hoadley.
  • nin.com's front page has mutated again, and a new contest has opened up to viewers: take a chance to win a complete set of tour merchandise... it's a lot of really cool stuff, there's a list of everything on the contest page of nin.com. Very cool :)
  • Kansas City tickets go on sale Saturday at noon, according to local station 98.9 The Rock
  • Tickets to the Maryland Heights, MO show also go to sale this Saturday
  • MTV News has posted that Jerome Dillon has written a piece for an upcoming John Waters flick, "Cecil B. Demented". Read the full MTV report right here.
  • I just got a big fat email with scans of 9 or so tour shirts. I'll have them up after some touch up work later today.
Thanks to Sam, Jason, Matt, Mike, Matt, erebus, Xero, rockstarboy, Venuspulp and Shiram, and it was really great getting to meet all the people we ran into in Cleveland! I'm quite surprised at how many people we ran into happened to be fellow 'net ninnies. It was a really cool night for too many reasons to list :)
Now open: The Nine Inch Nails Searchable Lyrics Archive   [11:37 EST]
Hotliner from the beginning, paul came up with a great idea for anyone who goes to a NIN show and isn't quite familiar with all the material there. If you end up hearing a song you like, but only remember a few key words to the song, search our Lyrics archive for that phrase and you'll find which song's got that clever hook with the word 'fuck' stamped in the middle, what album it appears on, and what the rest of the words are ;) Check it out!
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Fragility v2.0 Commercial Airs on M2   [10:42 EST]
We just received an email from Valreeda, who explained that Music Television's sister channel, the all-music M2, aired a commercial for the new Nine Inch Nails tour, featuring similar artwork to that seen in the black and white full-page ads for the tour, tour postcards and the Fragility section of nin.com. A list of all known tour dates scrolled past. Anyone wanna hook us up with a copy of the commercial? :)
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The NIN Hotline to cover opening date tonite   [10:38 EST]
Updates may be sparse tonight, as many of us here at the Hotline are crazy and will be converging to see the first date of the US Tour. So check the profile pix and keep an eye out, maybe stop by and say hi if you see a bunch of us hanging out outside of the Convocation Center before the show. :) There'll be a full report on the show coming this week, with several accounts, pictures, reports on the new NIN merchandise, and all that good stuff. Hope to see you at the show!
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Official posts from Marilyn Manson on nin:access   [15:23 EST]
NINa emailed us to let everyone know that Marilyn Manson's posted to the red message boards. Check it out;
@7:26AM, subject: sorry folks

now I've become...one of the beautiful ones.

good luck on tour TR


@8:50 AM, Subject: too much to hate too few to love

we know we belong together.

that's all I can say.

Fuck everyone else.

Keep your eyes peeled for more interesting developments in this department :)
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Real Detroit Weekly Interviews Robin Finck   [15:19 EST]
Check out the interview at www.getrealdetroit.com/nin.htm. B.J. Hammerstein talks to Robin Finck about the Self Destruct tour, injuries sustained during Fragility v1.0, and a little history on what Robin's been up to lately. Check it out!
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NIN To Work With Manson on New Video?   [22:10 EST]
MTV News Reports that Trent Reznor has been out in California filming a video for Starfuckers Inc. And none other than Marilyn Manson shows up in it. This is still in the rumour stages, and this may be a sign that Starfuckers will be the next single. Trent Reznor has said that the next single would be released domestically. Heres what MTV had to say:
Trent Reznor and company staged a shoot in Palmdale, California for the song "Starf***ers, Inc.," during which Manson appeared in drag.

The video's narrative reportedly sees Reznor pulling into a carnival in a limousine. He tries to win a prize for his date, who turns out to be Manson.

A spokesperson for Nothing Records declined to comment on the KROQ report.

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NIN Contest   [22:00 EST]
NewBury comics is running a Contest for NIN stuff. Up for grabs are copies of The Fragile, Halo 13, and The Fragile on vinyl. Many thanks to SoNIN435 for the news!
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Download the entire Rage show hosted by TR   [23:34 EST]
tperfect over at 9inchnails.net let us know that she's got the entire recording of Trent running RAGE TV in Australia available for download in RealVideo format. Surf on over to her video section and check out these beastly files, they're huge!
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Full Cleveland Article   [21:16 EST]
Cleveland.com has the whole article from the previous post transcribed. Click here to read the entire article. Trent Reznor talks about starting his own T-shirt franchise, the new album, the tour and alot more. Very much an article worth reading!

Thanks ControlsYou, and everyone else who sent in the complete article.

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Reznor speaks up to Cleveland Plain Dealer   [18:13 EST]
We recieved an email from Dave about a brief interview with TR in today's Plain Dealer paper;
Today's Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper featured a story about NIN on the front page of the Arts section. In it, Trent had this to say:
  • THERE IS A NEW NIN ALBUM ALREADY READY FOR POST-PRODUCTION. "I've almost finished a new Nine Inch Nails record that we did along with 'The Fragile'. There are some lyrics, some singing and some production that still needs to be done, but basically, there's a new record ready to go," said Trent.
  • He is still searching for a female vocalist to collaborate with, and mentioned Sade as being at the top of his current list. "I have a lot of extra music that I'd like someone else to sing. I want to throw different, disparate things together: make a Nine Inch Nails record where Sade is the vocalist -- thematically, lyrically, emotionally and vibe-wise. That's what excites me right now."
  • There's growing rift between him and Interscope. Because of Interscope's bottom-line mentality, Trent is funding the fragility tour himself. "The reality is, I'm broke at the end of this tour, but I will never present a show that isn't fantastic," he said. He also took off on the entire music industry, saying "I don't think there is any kind of committment from record labels right now in an artistic sense to cultivate a band that might be around 10 years later - a Cure, a Depeche Mode, a Jane's Addiction. . . If you're not a Backstreet Boys or you're not a disposable hip-hop act or you're not the 'alternative' to the 14-year-old demographic, like the Limp Bizkits, it's difficult to exist right now."
We don't have a full transcript at this time (If you've got the time to type it up and send it in, we'd really appreciate it) but these are the big three points.
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CDsquare.com announces new NIN tshirt sale - $11.99   [14:04 EST]
CDsquare is has got the new NIN shirts in, and for a limited time, are selling them for $11.99 a piece. They're taking preorders at the moment, as there's no exact date as to when they'll arrive, but everyone's guessing about 1-4 weeks ETA. Click here to order the new shirts, see pictures, and read descriptions... the blue smear shirt was actually designed by the nin.com webmaster, Rob Sheridan :)
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New video on nin.com   [13:48 EST]
Catch Trent riding with Daisy May in a convertible in the 'video' section of nin.com. And no, your sound card's not malfunctioning, this one doesn't have sound either :) Thanks to xero from Original Sin, Ryan, Johnny, and Steven :)
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New York Show Selling Fast   [21:44 EST]
The Floor was already sold out by 4:01. Good luck getting tickets :-)
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Digital Street Team for A Perfect Circle   [10:53 EST]
Now we're posting this link in hopes that you're not abusive, spamming, inconsiderate hoggers of free stuff, and that you dig the music APC puts out and want to see the band prosper. Shoutweb.com and M80 are working with Virgin records to promote APC through this 'digital street team'. Check it out for your chance to get some cool APC related stuff.
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Montreal Ticket Sale Information   [10:13 EST]
One of the Hotline's French translators, maelina, noted that tickets to the Montreal NIN show go on sale tomorrow at noon. You can snag your tickets at admission.com, and they're giving tickets away on 99.9FM The Buzz. Prices are as follows:
  • Floor & Red Section: 49.99$ (CN)
  • White Section: 39.99$ (CN)
  • Gray Section: 29.99$ (CN)
(I'm assuming this refers to a color-coded seating chart on admission.com). Mel called Admission to find out if the floor was general admission or seating, but at this time they're not sure.
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And a breif rehearsal review ...   [10:08 EST]
Susan won tickets through KROQ and noted some familiar faces amongst the crowd at the dress rehearsal;

I attended the rehearsal on monday, which i found to be a great show. I had won the rehearsal tickets through KROQ. When i got there i got into line to get my tickets. When my friend and i finally got to the KROQ ticket booth we recieved the shirt which we thought was a really cool shirt (I wore the shirt to school the next day). For some reason i thought more people were going to attend but from what i remember there wasn't alot there. As we made our way into the auditorium we found out that we got the floor tickets which got both of us excited. Finally when the band came out the whole auditorium began to yell. But what i found really interesting was when Trent talked to the audience about the songs they would play, and thanking the band and other people, that was really cool. The monitors (i don't know what their exactly called) had some great pictures while the band played. I really enjoyed the mixture of old and new songs that was played. I'm really looking foward! to the concert in june. At the rehearsal i had spotted some of the guys from Orgy there. They were there throughout the whole rehearsal.
Also, congrats to Orgy on scoring their KROQ tickets to the show ;)
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Another review of the Los Angeles Dress Rehearsal   [09:59 EST]
Ungod333 caught the show from directly in front of Robin Finck, and talks about some cool stuff he discovered after the show, conversing with Danny Lohner. Attention Cure fans and Tapeworm fans, read up on this, Nine Inch Nails is looking for your feedback on some very important concepts :) Click here to read the ungod333 account of the LA Dress Rehearsal. Thanks a bunch ungod :)
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Fragility Ad In Village Voice   [19:57 EST]
The NYC based newspaper, The Village Voice is running a full page ad for the NIN/APC Fragility Tour. NINXPX graciously sent his scan of the ad. Click on the thumbnail to the left to view the full scan.
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In case you couldn't make it to the NIN rehearsal...   [15:22 EST]
...we're continuing to pump out reviews and stories as we get them, but I know there are more of you ninnies out there who went to this gig :) Share! The latest installment comes from eclaire, who can be spotted from time to time on nin:ACCESS. Read a little more about what to expect starting April 12th and about the evils of KROQ ;)
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Review of A Perfect Circle gig, Robin Finck Sighting   [14:28 EST]
nin:ACCESS user freakdlite sent us a nice write-up of her experience at the secret APC show in LA the other night, and tells us of how she bumped into Robin Finck there :) Many thanks, freakdlite :)
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Danny Lohner makes appearance at A Perfect Circle gig   [11:59 EST]
lethe was in attendance at the 'secret' A Perfect Circle gig in LA, and had nothing but good to speak of the evening;
i went to the "secret" (which must not have been all that secret -- they sold so many tickets the club was packed) a perfect circle show at the key club in hollywood last night. if it is possible for me to be any more excited about the upcoming nin tour dates, i'd saw i am after last night -- a perfect circle was incredible. there were quite a few celebrities in the audience -- i'm almost positive i saw wes borland, my sister saw jared leto, and i heard that perry farrell (!) was there as well. but the most awesome sighting was danny lohner, who came out near the middle of the set and took over for apc's bass player when she switched to violin for a song.

waiting with baited breath for the rest of those show dates to go onsale, especially after the disappointment of ticketmaster online's blunder leaving some of us high (very high -- in the nose bleed seats) and dry for the anaheim show.

Excellent news about the opening act for Fragility v2.0 :)
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New York Ticket Give-a-way   [11:17 EST]
K-rock in New York has been giving away tickets to the Nine Inch Nails show at Madison Square Garden on May 9th all week. They've been playing a TON of Nails and A Perfect Circle over the last few weeks, and also giving away free copies of The Fragile. Remember, tickets for the MSG show go onsale tomorrow at 4.
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Smashedupsanity.com announces Columbus ticket giveaway   [01:28 EST]
Check this out; surf over to http://www.smashedupsanity.com/contest/ for information on how you can get a shot at two floor seats at the Columbus Ohio NIN performance! Not much time to enter when the flags go down on Friday, click here for complete information on the contest. Many thanks Keith :)
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Private Dress Rehearsal Perspective # Two   [01:17 EST]
Longtime #nin99er foxfire submitted her recollection of the April 3rd rehearsal in Los Angeles. Read, envy, weep, for in a week, the tour begins! Thanks foxie :)
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Dress Rehearsal Review Numero Uno   [17:20 EST]
Dwnwrd spills her guts about what went down April 3rd in Los Angeles. Also included: a nice image of what the exclusive tshirt would look like if it were in an object catalog. (it's not, we recreated this based on pictures of the shirt, descriptions, and the nin.com shirt image). Note: although we do have a list of songs they played, we're not posting them because 1) they're not the same songs they'll play on tour, and despite that fact, 2) we've been asked by the publicist to keep it a surprise until the Cleveland show.
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Comprehensive Tour Itinerary   [11:26 EST]
We just recieved a press release from Nothing Records, and as it tells us 'for immedeate release', we're posting it ASAP :b Click here for a complete listing of tour dates, straight from the source. Some venues and locations have yet to be determined, but at least we've got most of the framework. Now all we need is some information on the upcoming single :)
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June 7th San Francisco Date   [09:52 EST]
We also received an email from Chris about something he heard on the radio;
I was just listening to Live 105.3 in San Francisco and during a commercial on Love Line they announced that Nine Inch Nails will play the Cow Palace on June 7th with tickets on sale this sunday.
More as we sift through our emails...
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Montreal NIN Date - April 30th   [09:42 EST]
Hotline Translator maelina caught this infonugget on the radio the other day;
The Buzz 99,9 (Montreal, Burlington) announced yesterday that Nine Inch Nails will come to Molson Center, Montreal on April 30th. Tickets aren't onsale now and I don't have any details.
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Tuesday night bringeth fresh meat   [19:17 EST]
This week, The Meathead Perspective presents a few suggestions on how Trent Reznor and his band can put on the best show possible. Plus, this week you can also learn what PFP is.
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Coming soon...   [16:51 EST]

Watch This Space: We've already slated a couple of reviews from the gig to be posted, we might have some pictures, but we want more! :) If you were at yesterday's dress rehearsal, tell someone about it here ;)

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LA Rehearsals Update - going live about 10:30pm EST   [20:29 EST]
Cummies* on the nin.com dboard have probably spotted the post by the Webmeister regarding the secret dress rehearsal in LA;

in about two and a half hours some people are going to be joining us for dress rehearsals, and there are already quite a few of them lined up outside. jerome and trent are doing a soundcheck right now... we're all pretty excited about giving people a little preview of the show. watch for some pics tonight...
Posted at 7:50pm EST (despite what the boards say), this puts the performance to be around 10:30pm or so for those in the Eastern time zone. If my math isn't completely wrong, that should place the show at 7:30pm locally.

* Residents of the cream-colored message board, as affectionately referred to by Jerome Dillon.

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Terrible Lie rehearsal Quicktime on nin.com   [09:55 EST]
Check out the "video" square on the official NIN website; where once the Into the Void video shoot was, a video of the band rehearsing Terrible Lie now resides. Word on the street's that this section of nin.com is going to begin to rotate more frequently, so keep checking it as things heat up on the US tour front.
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Charlie Clouser Discussion Forum   [12:47 EST]
Morpheus from the Remix Files, A Charlie Clouser page, has opened up a discussion forum. In this forum you can talk about Charlie Clouser with many other fans. Find out what equipment he uses, what he suggests, and all sorts of other little things.
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New NIN Shirts   [12:45 EST]
The Weathermen have a few brand new Nine Inch Nails t-shirts. A blue one with a smeared NIN logo, and a red one with the "Tried to save myself, but myself keeps slipping." quote on the back. I'd bet these shirts will be onsale during the NIN Shows, yet cost twice as much.
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More NIN Dates In Rolling Stone   [01:00 EST]
A few more NIN dates were announced in this month's issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Here they are:

5/20 Altanta
5/22 Houston
5/23 Dallas

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NIN To Play The Gorge   [00:56 EST]
Nine Inch Nails will play June Ninth at The Gorge in Seattle, Washington on June 9th. Tickets go on sale April 8th at 10am. 107.7 The End in Seattle is giving away tickets.
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