NIN invites Atr to continue opening   [11:12 EST]
Alternative Press is reporting that Trent Reznor has asked Atari Teenage Riot to continue as openers for the upcoming North American Nine Inch Nails tour. The full article can be found here.
Updated by disinfonation@theninhotline.net
NY Times Credits Reznor as 'Suffering Artist of the Year'   [23:29 EST]
Trent Reznor won 'Suffering Artist of The Year' Award in the New York Times paper. This was a compliment though:
For five years the man who is Nine Inch Nails procrastinated, produced other bands, sank into clinical depression and worried whether his next bass line would save rock. And he holed up in the studio until he came out with "The Fragile", a marvel of solitary despair on which every sound is made to wound.
Also, Newsday put thier "Music Year In Review" in their newspaper dated December 26th. 3 of the 5 Staff writers picked The Fragile as one of thier favorite albums. Here's what they said:
Stephen Williams - Frontman Trent Reznor crafts a mood where the music's only a tangent. This record is sticky with anxiety and despair. Where rage against the machine finds rage, Reznor finds despair.

Letta Tayler - Chillingly but sublimely bleak, pulsating with fractured instrumentation that evokes darkness and decay as eloquently as its lyrics, "The Fragile" is a nihilitic tour de force - inaudible for most folks over 35, but a bible for frustrated youths anywhere

Guzman - Trent reznor's sprawling double-disc dissection of his psyche finds the forerunner of industrial rock in familiar territory, but he's never sounded so assured. "The Fragile" is frequently beautiful as it is brooding.

Many Thanks again to Ca9 for this news.
Updated by Paul
Calling all Latin Americans, South American NIN Fans   [11:12 EST]
There were plenty of people in the USA and Canada who were needlessly bitching about NIN touring Europe first, but what about the folks in Latin America? Well, if you the reader, live due south of the United States on that side of the globe, and want to see NIN but don't want to buy a plane ticket and hotel fare to do so, you may want to check out http://www.ninlatino.freeservers.com. The NIN en Latinoamerica project seeks to get enough signatures to show that if NIN tours down there, they'll see crowds. These guys are trying to organize a real cool thing, available en Espaņol, Portugues & English. If you have difficulties entering the page, try switching off Java.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Italian NIN Interview   [04:42 EST]
Cristiano, a nin fan from Italy, has told us that there will be an interview on Italian Television (channel TMC2) with Trent Reznor and Charlie Clouser. The interview will be featured on a program called "File" and will air 2:30pm (Italian time) on Thursday, December 30, 1999. Thanks to Cris for letting us know!

On a side note, the staff at the NIN hotline hopes you are continuing to have merry holidays and hope you keep checking back for news as it happens! It looks like news is running somewhat thin during the holidays, but we have some surprises in store soon and news to report!
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Stills from MTV Tour Special   [18:00 EST]
|esoteric|, resident channel fiend, managed to snag over 60 stills from the MTV Fragility Tour Special that aired on December 21. You can view the 60+ stills in their glory at his Fragility v1.0 site. Big thanks to eso for snagging all the stills and throwing them in an easy-to-use navigation!
Updated by static@theninhotline.net
Into the Void single to be released in Australia   [8:00 EST]
Online music store, The Weathermen, will be offering the Into The Void single. The single is set for release on January 10, you can preorder the single now and it will be sent to you by January 17th. We should expect to see the video for Into The Void in the first week of the new millenium.
Updated by Paul@theninhotline.net
Live Recording of Somewhat Damaged on NIN.com   [7:50 EST]
The official Nine Inch Nails webpage is now offering the live video of Somewhat Damaged that MTV.com previously had posted. The song was cut out of the half an hour live special on the European Nine Inch Nails tour that MTV aired a few days ago. The song is available in streaming real media, or you can download the video in quicktime. The video is 4.9 meg.
Updated by Paul@theninhotline.net
X-mas cheer   [5:05 EST]
Well its obvious by the confection on the nav bar off to the left, that the holiday season is here. And in order to keep your spirits upright and locked, we are posting a funny lil' item from Blood Monger. Read his Fragile X-Mas Parody Lyrics here. You may think they're funny. You might not. Either way, enjoy the holidays.
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Mtv.com / Yahoo Chat Transcribed   [2:55 EST]
The hotline has recieved the complete transcript of the MTV.com / Yahoo / Sonicnet online chat with Trent Reznor featured last night. You can read through the article here. There are some typos that were copied directly from the chat so bear with them.
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New Meat   [1:10 EST]
The latest and greatest of the Meathead Perspective is out. The best online magazine, ever.

Note to viewers: We have been going through server difficulty, hence the lack of news updates. News will be flowing as usual within the next few days.

Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Trent Reznor Chats with MTV, Yahoo!   [1:10 EST]
MTV.com sponsered a chat with Yahoo! today with Trent Reznor as the main feature. Trent was asked random questions by the fans, and conducted an interview simlar to what you might read in a magazine. This was much more intense, and trent was allowed to curse. :-). The interview brought forth many new news, including the news that "our whole web page is fake"- Trent Reznor. Anyway, Heres some of the tidbits
  • US Tour Information Early January
  • Into the Void video early January
  • Tapeworm will be out by Mid-2000
  • Tour will start in Mid-February
  • It will be arena shows
  • Trent wants to work with Coil, Prince, and Roger Waters and David Gilmour
  • Trent would like to transcend modern music by working with Dr. Dre
  • Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    MTV Airs NIN Special   [0:58 EST]
    The show MTV aired today at 11pm EST went very well. The show featured live material from the European Nine Inch Nails shows, and breif clips of Trent playing the piano at home. Here is a setlist of the show:
  • the way out is through

  • head like a hole

  • piggy

  • the frail

  • the wretched

  • the great below

  • starfuckers

  • day the world went away

  • No word has come out if MTV plans to re-air the special. During The Great Below and The Way out is Through, the movies spoken of were seen. They were mighty spectacular.

    We recieved an email from Mr. Reznor about the special, here's what he said:

    -just a quick explanation that you're free to release...
    The MTV special was a way to document the first of I hope many legs of the 'fragility' tour. The size of venues, the choice of music, the scale and approach to production of those shows will most likely not be reproduced EVER with the exception of possibly Japan. I was pleasantly surprised at the reaction and felt the need to somehow fill everybody else in on what happened. Technical notes: all the video was filmed by friends and fans on consumer level DV. The audio was mixed in a studio, but not 'fixed' or re-recorded as is so often so. What you see is close to what it was - close but not the same. trent
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    MTV.com Posts Live Version of Somewhat Damaged   [1:10 EST]
    MTV.com has posted a live version of Somewhat Damaged. The file is in Real Video format. Go check it out now!
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Press Release concerning Keith Hillebrandt   [21:08 EST]
    Hotline reporter WhitechapelMolly has recieved a press release direct from a Nothing Records source. It reads as follows:
    Programmer Keith Hillebrandt from Nine Inch Nails is currently in search of a male vocalist to work with on a new project at Nothing Studios in New Orleans. The project is described as "moody and atmospheric, along the lines of Keith's remixes and reconstructions, with more of an obvious song structure". Guitarist Danny Lohner (nin) and drummer James Basor (Thrill Kill Kult) have already contributed to the project which so far consists of about 20 tracks. Any interested vocalists can send there demo kits to:

    PO Box 56637
    New Orleans, LA 70156-6637
    Updated by static@theninhotline.net
    News Tidbits   [02:34 EST]
    With the hotline having all of its updating and mail difficulties, updates have been obviously sparse. But we are close to getting this fixed. For now, we have some news items we've recieved the past couple days. Thanks for being patient with us!
    • Huge Interview in German Magazine: Visions. You can read it here. Many thanks to Sabrina!
    • NIN Article in Aussie Mag. spotted by Scott
    • Ninjaw has posted some amazing live photographs from the NIN show in Paris. Go check them out here!
    Thanks to all who have submitted news. Don't be discouraged as we are getting back on our feet and should be running better than ever here soon!
    Updated by static@theninhotline.net
    Nothing Records Press Release   [08:34 EST]
    Many thanks to smashedupsanity.com for providing us with the press release Nothing Records sent out on the 15th.The issued statement explains that nin.com and mtv.com will feature an online chat with Trent Reznor in conjunction with a half-hour special on MTV displaying footage from the European Fragility 1999 tour.

    Please note: because of an excruciatingly slow DNS switchover process, we may not be getting all the emails you need us to here at the hotline. Please contact us at the_nin_hotline@hotmail.com until everything blows over. Thanks for hanging in there.

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    The NIN Hotline v3.2 Update   [19:38 EST]
    As you may have noticed, The NIN hotline has been going through some difficulties during the server change. It seems our DNS entries took longer then expected to change over, so different parts of the world were seeing various versions of the hotline. But finally, it appears it is slowly making its way to the majority of the world. With the DNS problems, also come e-mail problems: so if you submit or have submitted news and we don't update with it, it's not because we don't like you, we might have not recieved it. So please be patient with us as we try and bring things up to speed. There will be a full update on v3.2 when all of the changes are complete. Thank you for sticking with us as we slowly make a change for the better!
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    WITT Arrives from Weathermen   [21:21 EST]
    Alot of people, including me, have recieved thier copy of We're In This Together from The Weathermen. Just like to note that the CDs came with a "Made in Sweden" sticker on it. All three CDs come in plastic digipack cases (like the head like a hole maxi, sin).
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Trent Reznor to chat live on MTV.com following Tour Footage Show   [17:43 EST]
    On December 21, MTV is planning on airing a 30-minute concert with footage from NIN's European Fragility Tour (11p EST). Immediately following this show, Trent Reznor himself will be featured on a live chat on mtv.com. to read the full article that we basically just gave the details from, go read the article yourself. Thanks to Myc for spotting it.
    Updated by static@theninhotline.net
    'Get Nailed' In Australia   [10:22 EST]
    The New York radio station, 92.3 K-Rock, is having a contest all week to give away a free trip to Australia to see Nine Inch Nails perform next month. They are having several callers call in, each 92nd caller wins The Fragile, 100 bucks, and is entered intothe contest to see NIN in Australia.
    All weekend , win NINE INCH NAILS new CD "The Fragile" plus the limited edition K-Rock millennium Calendar. All winners qualify for our grand prize of a trip to Australia to see NINE INCH NAILS and $9,000 worth of diamonds from bluenile.com-- insuring you'll "GET NAILED" down under.
    We're In This Together is 20th on thier most played songs list, and Into The Void is 41st.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    No NIN Special on MTV Tonight    [21:47 EST]
    There have been many different rumours about what will be on MTVtonight at 10:30. IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THERE WILL BE A SHOW ON NIN tonight on MTV. Some listings say there will be a NIN Special, but many say that the Tom Green show, or "Prince TV" will be on.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Trent on cover of Visions Magazine   [11:02 EST]
    The German magazine, Visions, which co-sponsered the NIN shows in Germany, has Trent Reznor on the cover of thier latest issue. Inside the magazine, there is a 6 page article/interview with Trent, quotes from David Bowie, Alice Cooper and Flea (of Red Hot Chili Peppers) about NIN. The article contains 5 photos. Also, "Visions" had their own countdown of the 100 best albums ofthe 90's. The Downward Spiral came in at number 18. We will have scans and a transcription of the article very very soon. Thanks Sabrina.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    MTV TO Air Special on NIN Tonight?   [10:57 EST]
    TV Guide, among other TV listing pulications, has posted that MTV will be airing a special on Nine Inch Nails, tonight, Sunday at 10:30pm EST. This may be the entire interview from back in September that Trent did with Kurt Loder, or it maybe a review of 'The Fragile' , live clips, or WHO KNOWS? There has been no official word on this.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Trent as Kamui!   [16:35 EST]
    EmpireDirt of Stuck in this Dream made an interesting comparison of a recent tr photo in Rolling Stone. Click here to make your own comparison, it looks pretty convincing. The said character, Kamui, is from the anime flick X/1999, "one of my favorite movies" EmpireDirt adds.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Tapeworm info in Kerrang!   [09:31 EST]
    node_girl continues to provide us all with nin-related excerpts from the U.K. magazine Kerrang! This article goes more into detail regarding the Tapeworm project involving Reznor, Lohner, Clouser and artists from bands such as Tool and Helmet.
    Updated by static@theninhotline.net
    Excite.com gets excited about The Fragile   [03:35 EST]
    Thanks to dandamar for perusing around Excite.com to find a The Fragile at the top of their music chart. If you follow the link, or click here, you will find a quick review from Rolling Stone, a link to other reviews, and a track listing with a nifty cd picture. Enjoy.
    Updated by teknolust@theninhotline.net
    WITT Arrives in Canada   [11:28 EST]
    Starfucked said that the Virgin records store in Vancouver recieved all three of the We're In This Together single. All three say 'Made in Germany' on the cd and sell for 9.99 (Canadian) each. All three come in a cd single jewel case.

    If I were you, I'd check your local CD stores in the next couple days, it should be there soon.

    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Upcoming Technical Difficulties & Changes   [02:37 EST]
    We may encounter some broken links and some dead stuff as we begin to make the move over to our new server, implement v3.2 of our design, and hash things out at our new home (thanks so much to the kind people who have offered help, direction, and contribution) Now that we've got a proper host, we'll have some great things to unleash and provide, including even more static content, and a real big first for a NIN fan-run page. So keep your eyes peeled, and bear with us as we begin to make our move. Thanks again to everyone for checking out our pages :)
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    Text Madness! NME, Melody Maker, Spin....   [02:07 EST]
    Lots of reading for you folks, though we didn't write much of it. For a warm up, check out NME's review of the Nine Inch Nails show, entitled " Let no one live Trent-free!". And when you're done perusing that little number, Melody Maker's got some more good words to speak about the London gig in their review of the Brixton gig. These two bits came to see the dim glow of the Internet thanks to node_girl, our UK correspondant. Next up we've got another article set in Nothing Studios (did everyone miss a big party there or what? Hehe), this time it's Spin's article in conjunction with their naming The Fragile album of the year. This was transcribed by our Texan helping hand, crimsonplague. Enjoy!
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    WITT Arrives in USA   [19:49 EST]
    The Tower Sunset in Los Angeles has recieved the first two parts of the We're In This Together single. The Cds come with a 'Made in Germany' sticker, and sell for 7.99 each. Thanks DISCOINC@aol.com.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Nine Inch Nails mentioned in Final Fantasy 8   [08:21 EST]
    NINJaw sent us some interesting information about the French version of Final Fantasy 8. It is a video game for the Playstation console.
    On the french version of FINAL FANTASY VIII on PLAYSTATION, there is an object called : "Nine Inch Nails" !! this grows up the power of the weapons and is translated as (from french) "Industrial Monster's Claw"
    A Great band featured in a great game. Nine Inch Nails was not used as the name for this object in the game sent to America.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Spin compares Jimmy Page and Trent Reznor   [21:04 EST]
    In the latest issue of Spin Magazine (with Reznor on cover), they compare many 'Rock Myths' from the 70s and the 90s. In this article, Trent Reznor is put up against Jimmy Page in a fight to see whose been involved in the stranger rumour. Heres what it said:
    '70s ROCK MYTH: "Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page made a deal with the Devil at the crossroads in exchange for fame, fortune, and the privelege of performing obscene acts on groupies using seafood." '90s ROCK MYTH: "Technological wizard Trent Reznor is actually an intelligence agent who was rewarded with rock superstardom for his services to the C.I.A. Playing The Downward Spiral backward reveals the key to his strange spy 'code.' "

    Remember, this is not comparing the music of either guy, so please dont get offended. It was just a joke that mentioned Reznor. Thanks IntoTheFragile@Aol.com.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Melody Maker reviews the Fragile   [20:32 EST]
    Or rather Huey and Mackie of the group Fun Lovin' Criminals had this much to say about We're In This Together;

    Starts out something like it's building into something massive and terrifying, guitars squeezed so tight that they howl like static. And then Trent Reznor's voice comes in. Second-division grunge with nothing to say. He must feel very much pre-Marilyn Manson.

    H: "I love Trent, he's a good guy. I like some of his stuff, but this is a little too bleak. But I guess if you're in a real bad mood, I can see how this would keep you there, ha ha ha."
    M: "Yeah, I prefer something that's a bit more upbeat."

    So that much was printed in the Dec 8-14 Melody Maker, rating the single with 2 out of 5 stars. Thanks node_girl for the snippet.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    More Kerrang! goodies   [19:03 EST]
    Along with the article below, Kerrang! ran a few columns, though split up, collectively titled Portrait of an American Family. Click on the title for some great snippets from the rest of the band, not to mention some nice B&W pics of the new lineup. There are also several new,very nice tr pix included with the interview. Click the thumbnails below to view much larger versions of the images. Thanks to node_girl for the heavy-duty scanning.

    < /a>
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    We're In This Together Single   [15:33 EST]
    Many people across Europe have recieved the We're In This Together single and have realized that there is no case to hold all three CDs, but there is a sticker on the first CD saying that it holds all three. That may be another one of the errors that was printed.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    The Weathermen Shipping WITT   [15:26 EST]
    For those of you that ordered the three part We're In This Together single from The Weathermen, they have sent us news concerning the release.
    The cd's are now in route to our packing facility and will arrive to us this Friday Dec 10, and we will be shipping them out the same day Friday Dec 10 as well. Most of you should expect them on Monday in the United States, Tues at the latest. Foreign orders do take longer based on your country of origin. All orginal orders will be honored. As you can see from the below articles that the delay was not due to Weathermen Music, and we take every step to ship the fastest we possibly can.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    While they're at it...   [13:17 EST]
    ... Kerrang! also took the time out to review the NIN/Atr performance in London. In this review, Atari Teenage Riot rather get slammed, whilst NIN is given a very nice rating. What isn't mentioned is that one of Atr leadgrrls, Hanin Elias, was absent from the lineup for the Brixton Academy shows, so rather than traditional Atr 'tunes', a noise set was played.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Kerrang! Interview in Dec. 8th issue   [12:58 EST]
    node_girl is at it again! The latest issue of Kerrang! magazine features a large interview with tr fresh off the tour.
    The Great Dictator Self-destructive workaholic, arch hedonist with an eye on marriage, control freak who insists he's a "nice guy" the man at the heart of NINE INCH NAILS is a mass of contradictions. Will the real Trent Reznor please stand up?... So click here to proceed and read the rest of the article for yourself :) Big thanks to nodie for her massive typing efforts
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Meathead recieves scoop on Halo Seventeen!   [00:13 EST]
    Meathead, our local columnist and area duck junkie has recently recieved an exclusive from Nothing Records regarding Halo Seventeen due out early 2000. Being the up-to-the-minute news source we are, we have asked meathead to post his scoop to replace this weeks Meathead Perspective. Thanks to meathead for this extreme exclusive!
    Updated by static@theninhotline.net
    German Magazine, WOM, with Interview   [21:43 EST]
    A Free German Magazine offers an exclusive interview with Trent Reznor. Heres what Sabrina had to say:
    German magazine chain WOM issues a magazine every month (their version of Pulse if you will), and the December issue has this rock special. There's a one page article on NIN (with a picture), as well as one-page articles on couple of others (including David Bowie). .... fairlly interesting; Trent talks about having his programmers sample killer bees, and how he lives in a dream world.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    We're In This Together Not Shipped With Case   [21:38 EST]
    The version of the We're In This Together single that has been sent to the United States does not contain a case to hold all three copies. There have been reports from Europe that the first CD did have a case. Maybe the discontinued CDs had the case, no word yet though. We're sorry for the confusion.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    NIN Mentioned in Jack Lemon Movie   [15:48 EST]
    During the movie "Tuesdays with Morrie", Hank Azaria describes how much Morrie (played by Jack Lemon) loves to dance. He used the quote "...he could Jitterbug to anything, name a band...Nine Inch Nails". Amusing, eh? Thanks: Natalia MD.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Nine Inch Nails Fragility Tour Notes   [15:44 EST]
    The webmaster of our German counterpart, TheNINHotline.De has sent us some facts concerning Nine Inch Nails latest tour, Fragility. Every one of the European Fragility 1999 shows has sold out. Trent has said that the U.S. Tour will start around February and go through August. Seven Months of touring the U.S. There is no word yet on whether NIN will play with Atari Teenage Riot, have the movie screen, or join any of the large summer tours in the U.S.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    We're In This Together Single hits US Today   [15:40 EST]
    The 3 part single for We're In This Together has arrived in the United States today. If you ordered from The Weathermen expect the shipment to be mailed very soon. If you are looking for it at local stores, you should see it within a week or two. There have been mixed reports of whats actually on the single, but heres some of the facts:

  • The version of The Perfect Drug that appears on the 3rd disc of the single is slightly longer than the previously released song. It is 5:43, whereas the original version was 5:15. The song fades out instead of being cut-off at the end.
  • There is a Danny Lohner reconstruction of Complication on the single... it is titled Complications of the Flesh.
  • The first disc comes with a box that holds all three CDs conveniently.
  • Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Raygun's Nine Inch Nails article now online   [01:56 EST]
    The three page article written by Tom Lanham for Raygun magazine is now available at the NIN Hotline, after making a run at inducing carpal tunnels in Leviathant. Click here to read the comprehensive interview, which features a nice view inside Nothing Studios, as well as excellent background on The Fragile and it's creator's road leading to said album. Check it out :)
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Music-Critic.com reviews The Fragile   [19:44 EST]
    In an article entitled The Untimely Demise of Industrial Music, a primarily positive review is put forth by Bill Aicher of music-critic.com.
    Industrial music has died as a popular genre due to this album. Little has been said or done in the pop music scene that is industrial, and NIN would have been the ones to revive it. With this album it is done. Caput. See ya later! Reznor has moved on once again, and once again he has proven that he is a musical genius.
    The review covers the strong and weak points of the album, and tags The Fragile with a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating. Thanks to David for sending the link :)
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Nine Inch Nails featured in Best 75 Albums of the Nineties   [19:27 EST]
    The Hotline got word from Dave, which in effect states:
    " Kill The Lights" author and Web Columnist Reef Valmont has published his list of the 75 best albums of the nineties, and NIN is all over that list.
    So check out Reef's top notch picks and noodle around Pandemonium Online while you're there :) On a similar note, technophobe mentioned that Chicago Tribune's rock critic Greg Kot placed The Fragile as #7 in the top 20 albums of 1999.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    WITT single cover scans   [01:39 EST]
    Check out nagel mit koepfen's news section for scans of the covers of all three Halo Fifteen covers, as well as catalogue information for the Motor Music German release of We're In This Together.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Interesting Interview in UK mag FHM   [01:15 EST]
    In a post to the newsgroup alt.music.nin, Delameko Stone posted this very nice interview from FHM magazine.
    This is an interview from the January 2000 issue of FHM magazine in the UK. Personally I think this is the best interview I've read about Trent in a while. Not because of information, as it hardly tells anything new, but because it gives a better depiction of what Trent's like.
    An accurate description methinks :) So click above and check it out ;)
    Updated by news@theninhotline.net
    Weird Al NIN parodies take form of video   [23:10 EST]
    #nin99 regular howisya speaks of Weird Al's latest video. The song, which parodies Closer, Reznor's remixes of I'm Afraid of Americans, and most noticably, Terrible Lie. HowIsYa's friend, munkyfieces[sic], describes the video:
    the very begining is the intro to closer (the heart beat sound) and the film is crack looking and old like a nin video. The video has Weird Al onstage in black pants and a black mesh shirt with holes in it. lol he does a pretty funny inimtation. The rest of the song is Terrible Lie and the end is the end of Closer.
    There you have it. Thanks a lot HowIsYa, MunkyFieces :)
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Everywhere I look, you're all I see   [17:11 EST]
    Crikey! More tr pics today! node_girl is on a scanning rampage! This set of photos come from the UK mag, Dazed and Confused. Click on the thumbnails below for high resolution versions of the images.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    WITT/The Fragile flyers   [15:32 EST]
    nodie managed to pick up a flyer at the Dec. 1 London gig, featuring more Carson photography, boasting an updated release date for Halo Fifteen. Click on the images of the front and back shown below for (much) larger scans :)
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Official Japanese fan club get together!   [15:27 EST]
    Commy@ ThePerfectDrug sent word of a huge show celebrating the first NIN Japanese Tour! She received it in Japanese, and took the time out to translate for everyone who's more fluent in English than Japanese :) Check out the information below:
    NIN Official Club Event "Le Pig" by Paranoia Cafe

    Hi there, today I received information about an official NIN event, at Roppongi, Tokyo! Roppongi's one of the COOL bar calling Paranoia Cafe, holding a BIG 2-day event next weekend! A famous Hollywood special make-up and effect artist, Screaming Mad George, designed their interior decoration. He also has been involved with Malylin Manson's video clips, and has worked for NIN, you've seen it many times...he made the chair with the heart in the video for "Closer"!!!! It sounds so great!!!! They also have a very good sound equipment in their shops!

    At an event called "le pig", they will playing NIN music from midnight to morning!!! Why don't you attend this terrific event??? The Japanese distibutor of nothing/interscope Universal Victor and NIN's Japanese Tour's promoter Creativeman are officially cosponsoring this event.

    The events will open in a club which is located in B1F of Paranoia Cafe, called "Club Paranormal". If you are interested, please visit their site (Japanese only) or ask them by telephone. Tel:03-5411-8018 · http://www.d2.dion.ne.jp/~paracafe/

    Regarding the location of the shop, please visit this address. There's a map of their shops. http://www.d2.dion.ne.jp/~paracafe/information.htm

    More informations are below.

    December 10th
    le.pig---by PARANOIA CAFE
    This first day, they playing NIN for a half of whole time, for other half playing Trent's various works.

    December 11th
    le.pig---by PARANOIA CAFE
    This second day, they playing NIN for a whole time, the perfect NIN day!!!!!!

    First one hour is a waiting time for a customer, and event will close at 5:00 am. If you have a flyer of this event, they will give you a discount off the entree fee, it will be 2500Yen. Or if you will say this famous song title "Gave Up" at entrance, they will do a same!!!! Good luck!

    Commy notes that although this is an officially sponsored event, she doesn't think tr & the gang are part of the bill. Nonetheless, it looks like it's going to be a massive party in at a very cool scene, so check it out!
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    Kerrang! reviews WITT, features NIN in upcoming issue   [15:00 EST]
    Lordy. Large appreciation goes out to node_girl for all this neat stuff, and more. Kerrang!, a UK magazine, is going to be running an 'on the road exclusive' about Nine Inch Nails in their December 8th issue. In their last issue, they had a nice full page ad for We're In This Together, with the date which was later changed to 12/6/99. Keep your eyes peeled for more Kerrang goodies once the issue hits the streets.
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    Nice new Raygun pics   [12:54 EST]
    Thanks a bunch to ca9 for taking the time out to scan in these pics from the latest issue of Raygun magazine. There is an accompanying three page article you should check out as well, covers some topics not repeated in prior interviews. Note: the below pictures aren't the full size photos in the magazine, simply because ca9's scanner isn't as large as the magazine. More incentive to get the print version :) Click on the thumbnails below and check em out though!
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    <meathead_> it's like a crap sandwich, and NIN is the bread   [11:23 EST]
    Take notice, that not only is NIN #1 on the AP poll, but they claim the #10 spot as well, with 1994's release, The Downward Spiral. Considering the rest of the top 10 picks have all come out in the last year, that's pretty impressive :)
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    NIN #1 in Alternative Press Readers Top 10   [00:14 EST]
    Alternative Press had some Nine Inch Nails content in their latest issue. The Fragile one-upped Limp Bizkit's Significant Other in the Readers Top 10, pulling in at #1. In a blurb titled The Unheard Music, AP gave a rundown of the legendary Love Gun cover that never came to be:
    The News Desk might ahve run out and bought a copy of the Gene Simmons-coordinated Kiss tribute album, Kiss My Ass, had NIN mainman Trent Reznor brought the noise to the painted rockers' snake-riding celebration and recorded "Love Gun." Reznor had all the best intentions to contribute to the 1994 album, but got completely swamped with the creation of The Downward Spiral, and not one note of the song was ever committed to tape. So, NIN collectors, if somebody tells you he or she has a boot leg of T. Rez rockin' it out Kiss-style, tell that person to put a real gun in his or her mouth.
    Continuing the NIN parade, The Fragile makes AP's 10 most essential albums of 1999, as written below:
    The Fragile proves that there is life after industrial rock. NIN mainman Trent Reznor dumped all of I-rocks' Uzi-fire tempos and guard-dog snarling (save for the Marilyn Manson brush-off, "Starfucker's, Inc.") for slithery grooves, vibrant textures and subtler methods of generating tension. The release offers new vistas of aggression via softer mechanizations (the chopped-up acoustic guitar loops in "Somewhat Damaged"), linear songwriting (the title track) and feats of neo-progressive rock ("Just Like You Imagined"). With The Fragile, Reznor has tempered his swinging fists with sophistication; let's just hope we don't have to wait another five years for the next round.
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    New Spin pics online!   [22:12 EST]
    Huge thanks to David of Fountain of Decay for sending us the following (very nice) pics from the upcoming Spin magazine, where The Fragile is named album of the year. Check them out :)

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    Nothing Records Press Release   [21:25 EST]
    Nothing Records posted this release concerning the new video, and some honors awarded the band by a few media biggies...


    December 3, 1999 - New York - In the January "The Year in Music '99" issue, SPIN magazine names nine inch nails1 CD "The Fragile" 1999 Album Of The Year. The issue features nine inch nails1 Trent Reznor on the cover. In the issue, nine inch nails first single "We1re In This Together," is #9 on the The Top 20 Singles of 1999.

    This week, nine inch nails released their second single "Into The Void" to Modern Rock radio stations nationwide. The CD "The Fragile" has been certified platinum by the R.I.A.A. Produced by Reznor and engineer/mixer Alan Moulder, "The Fragile" is nine inch nails1 first full-length studio album in five years.

    Also this week, MTV and TV GUIDE named nine inch nails1 "Closer" video (directed by Mark Romanek) one of the"100 Greatest Music Videos Ever Made." Described as a "macabre masterwork," the video is ranked #17.

    Watch for the upcoming nine inch nails video for "Into The Void" as well as news about the upcoming U.S. tour.

    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Richard Patrick Speaks about The Fragile   [14:54 EST]
    SLS News has posted an interview from Rock Sound Magazine. Rock Sound did an interview with Richard Patrick, head man of Filter, in thier latest issue. Richard was NINs touring guitarist in 1990 and appeared on Pretty Hate Machine. It doesn't appear that Mr. Patrick is too fond of The Fragile.
    Question: but are you happy, for example, to see that Filter is not just anymore the group of "the former guitarist of Nine Inch Nails"? Richard: On my side, I say to you that his music does not speak to me any more (pout a little disgusted) frankly, you listened to his new album? Question: Yes. and although over-estimated, I find it excellent. Richard: Ah ok, really... (with the face of a man who see its interlocutor eating a plate of cold spinach, followed by a sorry silence of ten seconds, and an immense sigh). you want what I have say to you? I am proud to have been in these two groups which succeeded. I am proud to have succeeded in making me credibility in Nine Inch Nails, to put the ends, and to make of them me all alone another notoriety with MY group, completely, completely different. Filter is not the career solo of the former guitarist of Nine Inch Nails. All the more have of it is the impression that people understand me and seem to adhere to what I do so that I make my songs unique. They speak only about me. They are the level of Filter... they represent what proposes a group, my group.
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    Set List from Second London Show   [19:17 EST]
    Here's the setlist from the show on December 1st in London. The set contains mainly the same set as the other European shows. This date marks the last date in Europe for Nine Inch Nails. They have the rest of December off. In January they will hit Japan and Australia's Big Day Out Festival.
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    This WILL be funny..   [20:54 EST]
    Carson Daily, DJ for MTVs Total Request Live will be running their special of the hundred greatest videos of all time. As posted yesterday, Closer< /i> was rated the seventeenth best music video ever. Heres the catch, MTV has been advertising that Carson Daily will be dressing up as EVERYONE on the countdown. That means Carson Daily will be dressed as Trent Reznor. Someone please take a picture of that :-)
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    The Fragile Gets Voted Album of The Year in Spin    [19:18 EST]
    Looks like the guys over at Spin love The Fragile as much as we all do. They voted The Fragile to be the best album put out this year. The January issue of Spin will also feature Trent on the front cover along with an article about the album. You can read the post on Spin's page
    Spin's January 2000 issue is about to hit the stands with Nine Inch Nails' leader Trent Reznor on the cover. NIN's comeback album, the double disc The Fragile was named Album of the Year.
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    'Lost Fragile Tracks'    [14:54 EST]
    SLS News has posted an interview with Trent Reznor from a French magazine. In the interview, Trent said that the lost tracks from The Fragile that didn't make the final cut will be released on an EP or on upcoming singles. Here's a quote from Mr. Reznor:
    They will be release next year on an EP or on singles, but they could very well have been on this album. In fact, I can ensure you that during the last months of mixing, I believed to become insane:the more we advanced, the more I had the impression that we'll go to a triple CD and that he would be released on the new millennium. So cuts have to been made.
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    Information about 'Maximum Nine Inch Nails'   [14:33 EST]
    Several Online CD stores have been offering a CD known as 'Maximum Nine Inch Nails'. The CD is an Import and is NOT offcial. This sounds like an interview CD, which has not been authorized for release by Nothing Records. Please do not spend money on such items. Instead, spend the money on the We're In This Together single, which arrives in the US on Tuesday.
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    Press release: Tour, Single, Video information   [13:53 EST]
    Nothing Records sent out a press release today concerning the upcoming single for Into the Void, the wrap up of the European tour, upcoming tour dates, and more. Check it out:


    December 1, 1999 - New York - nine inch nails' second single, "Into The Void" hits modern rock radio stations nationwide this week. The video for the track will be filmed later this week in London as nine inch nails complete their European tour tonight at London1s Brixton Academy. The sold-out tour, which began on November 14th in Barcelona, has received both enthusiastic audiences and rave reviews. Following their November 17th show in Milan, La Republica stated: "(nine inch nails) music is curative - dark and gothic atmosphere for two hours of hard, intense and visionary music - nine inch nails have literally driven to collective exaltation the 2000 people gathered at the Alcatraz in Milan -- it was the hardest and most fascinating rock show of the year."

    nine inch nails touring plans for 2000 include dates in Japan in January {January 10, 11, 12 (Tokyo/Tokyo Bay NK Hall), January 14 (Yokohama/Pacifico Yokohama) and January 15 (Osaka/Osaka Castle Hall)} and dates in Australia and New Zealand from January 21st through February 6th as headliner on the "Big Day Out" tour. U.S. tour dates are anticipated to begin in early 2000.

    nine inch nails live is Trent Reznor (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Robin Finck (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Danny Lohner (bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals), Charlie Clouser (keyboards, theremin, vocals), and Jerome Dillon (drums).

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    New live tr images in latest Rockin' On magazine   [10:57 EST]
    Thanks again to Commy, who sends word of a new article in the Japanese magazine, Rockin' On. The article features several pictures from the November 14 Barcelona show, (you'll soon find the rest of them at Commy's J-archive, a review of the show (similar to most of the NIN fans reviews), and a set list from the show. Apparently there were 12 photographers shooting pictures, however they were only allowed to shoot for the first three songs of the set. Commy mentions that another magazine local to her country should be publishing some articles on the European tour in December, and that she'll let us know when that comes out. Thanks a bunch grrl :)
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    New Recoil tracks introduce NIN on Fragility tour   [10:35 EST]
    Thanks to Shunt for pointing out these interesting tidbits...
    Lots of discussion over on Shunt about the music Trent is playing every night before NIN go on stage - several tracks from the forthcoming Recoil LP called 'Liquid'. Recoil is the project run by former Depeche Mode member, Alan Wilder. Check out www.recoil.co.uk.

    Also, spotted at the London show on Monday: Alan Wilder, Gary Numan, Flood, Alan Moulder, Nicole Blackman, Steven Monti (Curve)

    So keep your eyes and ears peeled when NIN rolls around your town. Speaking of, today is the second London date on the tour.
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