Closer Lands on 'Top Videos of All Time' List.   [20:44 EST]
Nine Inch Nails video for Closer has landed on MTVs 'Top Music Videos of All Time' list. The video pulls in at number 17, no word on any other NIN videos making the countdown yet. The special will air on MTV starting at 8pm (EST) on December 6th, going through to December 7th. Thanks to Barbera Roberts.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
ATR to play Big Day Out with NIN   [20:40 EST]
Aphex Twin has dropped off of the Australian Big Day Out tour. But... Atari Teenage Riot HAS joined the tour, and will be performing on the same day as Nine Inch Nails.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
More info on WITT Single and 'Complication of the Flesh'   [20:38 EST]
Contrary to a previous post, we have learned that 'Complication of the Flesh' which appears on disc 1 of the We're In This Together single is a REAL SONG. Its the song 'Complication' remixed by Danny Lohner.
reconstructed by danny lohner
additional guitars: danny lohner
Thanks to Omri Walzer.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
You heard right....   [19:20 EST]
Word on the street is the meathead perspective has updated. oh thats right. its tuesday. go figure. just go read it.
Updated by static@theninhotline.net
NIN Landings on Top Alternative Countdown   [14:41 EST]
Chanelle Wrights local radio station, KNPT, ran a Top 500 Countdown over the holiday weekend. Heres where the NIN songs landed.
386 Terrible Lie
301 Down In It
46 Head Like a Hole
12 Closer
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
WITT Misprints show up in Poland   [14:37 EST]
The Misprints of the We're In This Together single have appeared in Poland. It seems that the problem was a misnaming of one of the tracks. On disc 1, track 2 is named 'Complication of the Flesh'. This is by accident, there is no NIN song titled that. The correct versions will show up on December 6th in the USA.
in my beautiful country of Poland we don't get NIN singles very often. so you can imagine my surprise when i spotted witt single yesterday at the music store !!! (November 29). it is halo fifteen and it says: 1. we're in this together 2. complications of the flesh 3. the perfect drug
Thanks Marta Krawczyk
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Howard Stern plays/comments on Into The Void   [11:35 EST]
Lefteri,Robert, and Deadpool5 woke up to Howard Stern playing Into The Void this morning. Howard said it was a much better single and should have been released first. After saying WITT bombed he must have liked it - "I hesistate to turn this off". Lastly, comments were made about how Trent was the weirdest guy in the world and now his music has been accepted as "normal". Thanks for the news guys.
Updated by teknolust@theninhotline.net
Düsseldorf Setlist and Review   [18:39 EST]
The guys over at TheNINHotline.de went to the show and get a setlist for ya... and a review.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Japanese Fragility Tour Update   [11:02 EST]
Commy our good friend and Japanese contact, has sent us the following tidbits regarding the Japanese part of the NIN Fragility Tour.
Tokyo and Yokohama tickets sold out this weekend. A while ago, Inter FM, which one of the sponsors of J-tour, had thier sale on November 19th. Japan's most famous entertainment ticket brokerage company, "Pia", held their priority sale at 20th, too. Osaka tickets will be available on the 11th of December.

In the rumour, Tokyo and Yokohama tickets were sold out on the first day (27th Nov.). From my BBS, someone wrote that a broadcasting company which one of the sponsor of J-tour too, they started broadcast TV CM of Japanese Fragility Tour.
Thanks to Commy and be sure to check out her amazing site, The Perfect Drug.
Updated by static@theninhotline.net
NIN on Top Alternative Countdown   [13:53 EST]
Chanelle Wright's local radio station, the Point 105.7, has been playing the top 500 alternative songs of all time. She saw that Down In It came in at number 158. More on where the rest of the NIN songs came in, as they're played.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
NIN Sighting on FOX   [13:50 EST]
During the FOX Channels NFL Broadcast this morning, they played some clips of Where is Everybody in the background.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Trent on Raygun Magazine   [23:22 EST]
Trent Reznor is on the cover of the latest issue of Raygun magazine. There is a three page interview on the inside:
...Trent Reznor on the cover of new RAYGUN magazine.Inside there is a three-page article that frankly doesn't say any more than what we already knew...
Thanks Serim.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
14 Pictures from Paris show   [23:05 EST]
NINJaw has posted 14 EXCLUSIVE pictures of the Paris show on his page, Nine Inch Nails- France. Check em out now!
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Paris Set Lists and Reviews   [14:18 EST]
We've been sent a few reviews of the Paris show. The set list adds a classic track from 'The Downward Spiral' that wasn't played at previous shows. Thanks to Louise Couillard and Laurent Caron.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
WITT UK Release Date Delayed   [17:50 EST]
According to Universal/Island UK, the release date for Halo Fifteen, 'We're In This Together' has been pushed back to December 6.
Updated by nodie@theninhotline.net
Misc NIN spottings   [16:16 EST]
Lefteri just happened to notice the lovely "One Life to Live" soap opera on ABC played a small clip of NIN's "We're in this Together".
Updated by teknolust@theninhotline.net
NIN mentioned in latest issue of RollingStone   [18:43 EST]
con4cyn skimmed the latest issue of RS for nin news and found a brief mention in "The Year In Recordings". Basically, The Fragile was compared to Chris Cornell's "Euphoria Morning". Here is a clip of what it said...
The Fragile is, in comparison, noir in extremis, a two-disc misery banquet-103 minutes of NIN's Trent Reznor roasting himself on a spit-that makes 1994's The Downward Spiral seem like a bad-hair-day's work. But Reznor is a sly narcissist, rarely boring you with the intimate details of his angst...
Updated by teknolust@theninhotline.net
WITT CD Information   [07:03 EST]
Dizzy from TheFragile.com has sent us this news about the We're In This Together single arriving in the United States, If you ordered it from The Weathermen, expect it to be shipped on November 30th.
We just got word from the UK distributers that the cd's will arrive in the customs offices here on Friday 11-26-99. We got complete fill on all three parts which means that they are all going to arrive all at once, not one at a time like some 2 parters we have sold in the past. The cd's will be at Weathermen Distribution Tuesday November 30 and will ship to you on the same day Tuesday November 30.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Bootlegs   [06:59 EST]
There is already a bootleg of the Vienna show available. Please do not waste your money on UNOFFICIAL Nine Inch Nails items such as this, if Trent wanted you to hear it, he'd release it himself.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Gobble, Gobble. You want white or dark meat?   [20:00 EST]
Either way, its time for a feast. A feast of turkey, cranberry sauce and oh yes, even a refreshing after-Thanksgiving snack of the the meathead perspective that the whole family can enjoy. Read this instead of watching football. Trust us. You'll feel better.
(meathead would like to thank the bastards at Bell Atlantic for almost preventing the new perspective from being uploaded)
Updated by static@theninhotline.net
Worely Review   [18:26 EST]
For another side of the coin, check out this strongly negative review of The Fragile by Gail Worley. Click here for the review, and read with an open mind :)
Updated by teknolust@theninhotline.net
Vote on NIN vs. Bizkit on MuchMusic's Combatzone   [16:41 EST]
This is the link to MuchMusic's Combatzone. All that you are asked to do is select Nine Inch Nails, we're in this together, as opposed to Limp Bizkit's ReArranged. Not a difficult decision, I should hope. Spread the word, cast your vote, and make sure that our man TR comes out on top.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Circus Review   [14:37 EST]
TheFragile.com, our affilate site, has posted the Review of 'The Fragile' by Circus Magazine.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Berlin Show Set List   [14:33 EST]
Our sister site, Theninhotline.de in Germany has posted the set list from the Berlin show. The show took place on November 22nd. The set list is not in the correct order.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Help out the Hotline & get some tunes in the process   [13:21 EST]
Check out Leviathant's MP3.com page and Meathead's music on mp3.com. There's a couple new songs up at Levi's page, and you've gotta give meathead's stuff a listen. Every time you listen to or download a track off of Leviathant's page, you're helping reduce the enormous debt we've racked up here at verio.net's hosting service, even if only by a few cents. (So download em repeatedly and tell all your friends about em!) We've -almost- got this dilemma under control, and we've got fantastic things coming your way once everything's set up. If your reading this and work at verio.net, drop Leviathant an email.
Updated by webmaster@theninhotline.de
German Tour Diary   [12:12 EST]
There's some quite interesting stuff to read about The Fragile, it's development and about Trent himself at the official German MotorMusic Site. It's not too actual, but still worth to be read, here you go: http://www.motor.de/_kuenstlerseiten/_nin/index.html. Enjoy. At least those of you who know German. :)
Updated by webmaster@theninhotline.de
thefragile.com in financial trouble   [12:12 EST]
thefragile.com has been advised that they need to move to a dedicated server because of the tremendous traffic on the site, and they are looking for financial help. If you are interested head out to www.thefragile.com and instructions on the front page will guide you to an information page with advertisement options on the site
Updated by static@theninhotline.net
German Tour Diary   [12:10 EST]
The (first) German NIN site naegel mit koepfen has a tour diary online, where the author of the site posts his own experiences and reviews of the shows in the German area. You really should check it out. If you're able to understand German, it's the best transcribed tour report we've found and the site also is more than recommendable. If you're unable to understand German, behold the wonders of Babelfish.
Updated by news@theninhotline.net
New Video in December?   [10:57 EST]
Jbizkitwb sent the hotline a note about a commercial on MTV last night:
on mtv last night(its the only time they play videos, and good ones at that) i saw a commercial for mtv's little december thing......it said they would show one new video everyday in december....well, while running down the list of bands that was flashing through the screen i noticed one of them was nine inch nails
With the recent distribution of a promo CD for Into the Void, it's a safe bet that a video is in the works for the new single.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
CDNow Reviews Munich Show..   [23:09 EST]
CDNows News, Allstar News, has done a review of the recent Nine Inch Nails show in Munich, Germany.
Many have had their doubts if Nine Inch Nails' new album, The Fragile, would work as well live as on CD, but Friday (Nov. 19)'s show at Colosseum in Munich, Germany put those naysayers to rest.

Reznor's first words to the audience at the beginning of "March of the Pigs," the third song of the evening. He greeted the crowd with "Hello, you German pigs!" No doubt intended as a witticism...

Read the Full Review. Thanks Tragic Teufel.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
SexBuzz Magazine Reviews 'The Fragile'   [21:28 EST]
SexBuzz Magazine has reviewed 'The Fragile'. What a site name. Heres a bit:
Lyrically, The Fragile revisits much of the same ideas of betrayal and darkness as The Downward Spiral. Hushed one minute and explosive the next, spite and anger intermix with heartbreaking resignation, sometimes in the course of one song...
Check out the full review. Thanks to Reflexion.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Munich Set List   [17:03 EST]
The guys over at www.theninhotline.de (our German counterpart) are getting a full review ready right now... but here is the setlist from the show on the 19th in Munich, Germany.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
More about We're In This Together Video Edit   [16:52 EST]
DivanQBVM@aol.com sent us some information about the edit of We're In This Together that M2 has been playing. It is just a shorter version of the video that cuts off the first 20 seconds or so, and the last 10 seconds. This is not the Mark Pellington edit, please excuse the confusing post yesterday.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Full Size Halo Sixteen Scans   [13:56 EST]
Hop on over to SeemsLikeSalvation News for some nice high-resolution scans of the new promotional single, Into the Void. A scan of the CD itself accompanies scans of the front and back inserts.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Another 'Fragile' Review   [20:40 EST]
Pitchfork Media has done Another Review of the Fragile. This review didn't give it that great of a rating.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
M2 Plays We're In This Together Edit   [20:39 EST]
Thanks to MizMuz on this one. M2, the alternate version of MTV, played a version of We're In This Together labeled as "We're In This Together Shorter Version". This may have been the Mark Pellington Edit that is available on The Official NIN Homepage.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Much Music Contest   [20:32 EST]
On the Canadian music station, Much Music, they are having a contest between Nine Inch Nails We're In This Together video, and Limp Bizkits Rearranged. This will appear on the next Much Music Combat. Thanks Cocky Wench
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
NIN Article in 1/2000 Hit Parader magazine   [10:57 EST]
Reznor's Grand Plan is the name of the new article in Hit Parader's January issue. It's basically a recap of the history of the entity Nine Inch Nails. Also, in HP's "The Top 100 Hard Rock Stars Of All-Time", Trent got rated as 14th. On top of that, in "The Top Hard Rock CD's Of All-Time", The Downward Spiral got 60th.
Updated by crimsonplague@theninhotline.net
Rock Sound Interview   [12:11 EST]
Click here to check out the latest UK interview with TR to hit the news stands. This one's from Rock Sound, and includes a nice shot of TR performing amongst musical playthings in the studio. Thanks again to nodie for spotting this interview and typing the whole thing up, as well as scanning in the pictures (Which all will be added to the Image Archive later this weekend)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Just a note concerning Dr. Dre and Trent   [11:40 EST]
Trent Reznor was not mentioned in the booklet anywhere for helping out on Dr. Dre's latest release, Chronic 2001. This is only notable because Trent Reznor spent a couple days at Dre's studio in LA over the summer. It seems like the only thing they worked on there was mixing 'Even Deeper'.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Anger. Despair. Bitterness toward God.   [02:35 EST]
All this and more in The Fragile. Focus on the Family's hip online magazine, "Plugged In", has a review of the double album online. Heh. Click here to go straight to that review. It's always interesting to see things from a different perspective.
Encourage teens to pray for Reznor instead of wallowing in his ear-splitting hopelessness.
Yeah. So, feel free to read the rest of the review on your own. Thanks to dandamar for the news from his local publication
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
New Scans From Barcelona Show   [20:01 EST]
Thanks to our reader in Spain, Luis, who went to the first stop on the NIN World Tour this past Sunday in Barcelona we now have three new pictures and a scan of the ticket. The new pics are of good quality and show the stage from the perspective of the crowd, so be sure to check them out.

Ticket Scan From 11/14 Barcelona Show
First Picture Of Stage
Second Picture Of Stage
Third Picture Of Stage

Updated by brad@theninhotline.net
Corrected Links To SonicNet Stories   [11:21 EST]
SonicNet has changed the location of the two new NIN stories mentioned in the previous post. Here are the corrected links:

NIN's Trent Reznor Opens Up Just As His Tour Does

NIN Deliver Aggressive Live Show

Updated by brad@theninhotline.net
Two New SonicNet Articles On NIN   [08:50 EST]
SonicNet: Music News Of The World has posted two new articles about the NIN show in Milan and the press conference before it. Below are excerpts of from the articles and direct links to them:

NIN's Trent Reznor Opens Up Just As His Tour Does

As European outing gets under way, reclusive singer says years of painful soul searching led to artistic growth.

Contributing Editor Gianni Sibilla reports:

MILAN, Italy — Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor is talking — and not to himself.

He's chatting with the press, telling them about his life and his music, where it's been and where it's going, and what it all comes from. And when you're talking about Reznor, that's worth noting.

"I had to do some soul searching to see what was inside of me to record this album," Reznor said during a press conference Tuesday at the Sheraton Hotel. "[1994's] The Downward Spiral was darker, because it contained what I felt at that time. Right now I feel more mature, and I think The Fragile is a more complex and mature work."

Click here to read the rest of this article...

NIN Deliver Aggressive Live Show

Raging guitars, dramatic visuals power Trent Reznor's industrial-rock outfit.

Contributing Editor Gianni Sibilla reports:

MILAN, Italy — The first words sung by Trent Reznor onstage at Alcatraz sounded as if the Nine Inch Nails mastermind were telling Wednesday's sold-out crowd why they had to wait almost five years to hear new music by the band.

"So impressed with all you do/ Tried so hard to be like you/ Flew too high and burned the wing/ Lost my faith in everything," Reznor sang on "Somewhat Damaged," the opening track of NIN's recently released third album,The Fragile.

The concert was the band's first show ever in Italy and the second engagement on an 11-date European tour, which began Sunday in Barcelona, Spain.

Click here to read the rest of this article...

Updated by brad@theninhotline.net
Into the Void Confirmed as Next Single   [18:38 EST]
The Great site, TheFragile.com, has posted the official information concerning Halo 16: Into the Void. Go check it out now!
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Japanese Ad for NIN Show   [18:25 EST]
Commy from the Perfect Drug, sent us this ad for the Japanese NIN shows during January
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
More Milan Show Notes   [16:43 EST]
Christian attended the Nine Inch Nails show on the 17th in Milan. He sent us this interesting information....
the intro was pinion and that they also played gave up... Anyway excellent show even without support band. It's a shame that ATR didn't play. That's because they played milan a week ago in a small club.
Atari Teenage Riot did NOT open for NIN at this show (there was not an opening band). ATR has said that they would miss a few of the concerts due to previously scheduled events.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
eBay gone CRAZY   [15:02 EST]
If anyone thinks inflation is bad, check this out. Comment : It seems that hardcore fans will pay just about anything for a rare item. This cd, titled "NIN collector", seems to be a replica of the first cd off The MoTP single. To date, this is the most expensive piece of NIN memorabilia sold on eBay.
Updated by teknolust@theninhotline.net
Gear Magazine's 100 Greatest albums of all time   [11:17 EST]
The short of it: Pretty Hate Machine placed #92, NIN's sole appearance on the list. The long of it:
I was reading Gear magazine the latest issue and one of the articles was The 100 Greatest Albums of the Century. I found that NIN had placed the #92 spot with Pretty Hate Machine. The article noted that PHM was released in 1989, sold 2million copys(domestic I believe)and peaked at position 75. The list which was headed by the Beatles*Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band* was compiled by over 300 major musicians, record producers and others. I thought it was nice to see a list with PHM on it instead of TDS.
Thank you a4c12601@telus.net for that little bit.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
The Fragile according to Rolling Stone   [11:13 EST]
Ever-watchful, NINXPX dropped us a note about the Fragile's standings on RS's readers polls:
In the latest issue of Rollingstone with Christina Ricci on the cover, The Fragile drops one spot on the Rollingstone Reader's top 20 to #2 behind Carlos Santana's Supernatural. The Fragile is also #6 on the College Albums chart printed in RS.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
WITT UK Release Date   [11:11 EST]
According to Island/Universal UK, Halo Fifteen, We're In This Together, is scheduled for release in the UK on November 29.
Updated by nodie@theninhotline.net
Press release concerning WITT alternate video edit   [06:05 EST]
Nothing is continuing to send press releases to our old email address; this was posted for immedeate release... yesterday. So remember, if you've got news, its news@theNINhotline.net. Without further adieu;


November 17, 1999 - New York ­ nine inch nails will offer their fans a web-exclusive look at the alternate version of the "We¹re In This Together" video, the first video off of their critically-acclaimed release "The Fragile." Beginning today, the "alternate Mark Pellington edit" will be available exlusively online at www.nin.com in streaming and downloadable formats (Apple Quicktime, Microsoft Windows Media Player and RealNetworks' RealJukebox and RealPlayer). Fans can also access the video via Microsoft¹s website - www.microsoft.com - and Real Networks' site - www.real.com.

nine inch nails launched their Europrean tour Sunday evening with a sold-out show at the Pabellon Valle Hebron in Barcelona, Spain. The band¹s official website ­ www.nin.com features daily updates and will feature exclusive still and video throughout the tour.

The band plan to tour the U.S. in early 2000.

nine inch nails CD "The Fragile" has been certified platinum by the R.I.A.A. Produced by Reznor and engineer/mixer Alan Moulder, "The Fragile" is nine inch nails¹ first full-length studio album in five years.

Updated by nodie@theninhotline.net
French Poster Scan   [22:33 EST]
Here is a picture of the posters being put up around Paris for the Nine Inch Nails show at the Zenith on November 25th. Thanks Dizzy and Arnold Abadie
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Nine Inch Nails on Edge 102 Best Songs Ever List   [20:40 EST]
Toronto based radio station Edge 102 played thier best 1002 songs of all time over the weekend. A few Nine Inch Nails songs came in on the playlist, including Closer, at number 5. Heres the NIN songs that we're played and at what spot they pulled in at:
  • Thanks Sandra Mansour.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Milan Show Review   [20:30 EST]
    Nine Inch Nails did a show in Milan, Italy on November 17th. The show went very well according to one review. The set list was almost the same, with a few different songs played. Enrcio Sibilla sent in a review of the show. If you went, Mail us a review, setlist or pictures!
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Into The Void   [18:59 EST]
    We have received scans for the "Into The Void" radio promo release, thanks a lot to Greg Gaz and George Caplan. Don't forget check out Greg's zine, Sick Among The Pure.

    Updated by disinfonation@theninhotline.net
    Alternate WITT Video on nin.com   [12:51 EST]
    As several hotline viewers have pointed out and have discovered for ourselves that there is indeed an alternate version of the "We're in this Together" video on
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Its that time again....and no we dont mean lunch   [00:28 EST]
    As per his multi-million dollar contract states there must be, there is a brand new the meathead perspective on the shelf today. This week takes a closer look at this mysterious figure on nin.com known only as "Leo." Details within.
    Updated by static@theninhotline.net
    More on MTV Myths   [20:43 EST]
    If you are too lazy to go to [virii]'s site, Halo99, look up the video file and whatnot, here's the direct link to the real video file.
    Updated by hysteria@theninhotline.net
    MTV Myths - The Trent Reznor and Tori Amos Myth   [19:49 EST]
    [virii] of Halo99 was lucky enough to record and convert the MTV special on the Trent and Tori myth for your viewing pleasure. Here is his scoop:
    An MTV special entitled "MTV's Music Myths and Mysteries", played a clip on the myths surrounding Trent Reznor and Tori Amos. I was lucky enough to pop a tape in the VCR and hit Record just in time to catch this clip, which I have captured and encoded into Real Video format.
    Updated by n0thin@theninhotline.net
    Limited Lithographs from the Fragile   [17:48 EST]
    In all music stores in Canada that are associated with www.Cdplus.com are having contests for a limited lithograph of the fragile artwork. The Store clerk mentioned that there is one per store (she thinks). So check out your local music stores to see if you can win one for yourself.
    Updated by anxdiety@theninhotline.net
    El Pais covers Barcelona   [04:12 EST]
    The Spanish newspaper El Pais conducted an interview with Reznor and generally covered the first show of the NIN World Tour. ¡Muchos gracias a Trinity por la traducción! For the spanish version, click here, for the English version, click here. Thanks to Bernardo and Trinity!
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Barcelona Show Notes   [21:08 EST]
    Nine Inch Nails played in Barcelona, Spain yesterday. If you went to the show, Mail us with a review or a setlist, either would be greatly appreciated. So far we know that a Theremin was used during the show, and the movie screen was also used. Nine Inch Nails played 'Piggy', 'March of the Pigs', 'The Great Below'
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    'The Fragile' Rated by Amazon.com Viewers   [21:02 EST]
    Online Music Store, Amazon.com, held a vote for the best album of the millenium. Nine Inch Nails 'The Fragile' came in at Number 70. The vote was a bit off, which is shown by The Backdoor Boys coming in at number 3.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    The Fragile Tabs   [18:02 EST]
    Hotline viewer, Alex Robertson wanted to let the ninternet know that he has put ALOT of hard work and effort and tabbed out the ENTIRE album! You can find his masterpiece available here, linked off of the main tabs site. Thanks to Alex for letting us see your hard work!
    Updated by static@theninhotline.net
    Sweet jesus that's a big NIN logo   [08:26 EST]
    Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Dan Walker designed a 15-foot tall, 14-foot wide NIN wallboard sculpture that's on display at the Tower Records in Glendale, CA. All original and one of a kind, this was hand-painted and sculpted out of polyeurethane foam, and has been on display since September 21, 1999. If you've got any questions, Dan encourages you to write to him :)
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Hotline financial crisis of sorts   [06:36 EST]
    In other news today, we'd like to thank you for the massive traffic to our site, we're glad you like it here. However, all this traffic is slamming us in the pocketbooks. Last month, hosting overage fees totaled nearly $700, and already this month we owe excess costs over $120. So we're making a shameless public plea, because that fucking hurts. Firstly, if you want to help, click here and download some of my music, MP3.com is doing a "Payback for Playback" speil. Not only do you contribute to bringing me slighly closer to being out of debt. Plus you get some interesting tunes to listen to.

    Also, we are looking for advertisers, sponsors, whatever, who'd like their name in a banner at the top of our news page, which gets 12,000-19,000 hits daily. Rates are as low as $75 a week, which is fantastic for that kind of exposure. Compare that to newspaper advertising rates and you'd be insane not to sign up here :b We wouldn't be asking for money if it wasn't required to keep the page running :(

    Also, do you know any NIN fans that run ISPs that could help us out on rates for a dedicated server, or hosting with unlimited bandwidth? Contact me ASAP if you or someone you know can help us in the hosting department.

    Finally, if you have any other ideas to help us out, care to make a donation, or have your own troubles and need to talk about em, my inbox is always open. Thanks, and don't worry, after all we've undergone, we will keep on ;) And now your regularly scheduled programming;

    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Old TR interview makes brief MTV appearance   [01:18 EST]
    MTV held a revamped special about the top 9 things that defined the nineties. During the #3 topic, which was about 24/7 news (ahem), they aired two clips circa 1994 of Reznor talking about how news is becoming more like entertainment every day. In a second clip from the same interview, he spoke on how people were watching the OJ slow-speed chase on TV just waiting to see if he was going to blow his head off or not. After that news special, MTV 1515 News aired, in which Kurt Loder held a telephone interview with Axl Rose. During the interview, several shots of Rose were shown in which he sported a white Tshirt with the Sin logo on the front in red and the NIN logo from Sin on the back in blue. Thanks Blood Monger and Adam!
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Misc. news   [18:49 EST]
    If anyone caught the MTV showing of True Life you might have noticed a hacker named Chameleon sporting a NIN shirt (the one with the twisted coil from Further Down the Spiral). This show featured a brief look into the life of several hackers. Chameleon was said to be the centerfold of all hackers. After stealing US Military Satellite control software, he was contacted by Osama bin Laden(a terrorist suspected of several embassy bombings) who happened to be interested in buying it. Interesting fan eh?
    Updated by teknolust@theninhotline.net
    Halo 14   [18:30 EST]
    Thanks to a friend that, after listening to The Fragile for the first time just minutes ago, pointed out a correlation between Halo 14 and the running length of cd. The number 14 with a Halo above it looks just a bit like the number 104. Any relation, who knows. Just food for thought.
    Updated by teknolust@theninhotline.net
    NIN To Play Palladium In Los Angeles?   [13:36 EST]
    KROQ.com, the website of Los Angeles based Alt Rock station KROQ, has put an interesting banner up in their Concert Calendar section. It reads "Nine Inch Nails - Palladium - details soon." You can view the animated gif directly here. In the past KROQ has often set up shows with big bands in small venues, such as the Palladium, so it is not very surprising that they would have NIN do one. Only trouble is getting tickets to the show, whenever it happens. We will keep you posted on the details on this possible concert...
    Updated by brad@theninhotline.net
    Nine Inch Nails World Tour kicks off today   [01:08 EST]
    Later today the NIN crew kick off their world tour with a show in Barcelona, Spain. The confirmed tour dates so far are as follows:
    • 11/14 Barcelona, Spain - Pabellon Valle Hebron
    • 11/17 Milan, Italy ­ Alcatraz
    • 11/19 Munich, Germany ­ Colosseum
    • 11/20 Vienna, Austria - Libro Music Hall
    • 11/22 Berlin, Germany - Columbia Halle
    • 11/23 Copenhagen, Denmark - KB Halle
    • 11/25 Paris, France ­ Zenith
    • 11/26 Dusseldorf, Germany ­ Shahlwerk
    • 11/28 Tilburg, Holland ­ 013
    • 11/29 and 12/1 London, UK - London Brixton Academy.
      The band plan to tour the U.S. in early 2000.
    If you plan to attend any of the shows, would like to write about it, or share your pictures, please get in touch with us and we'll be glad to share your stories :)
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    WITT UK Promo Vid   [01:02 EST]
    Franco sent in this scan of the UK promotinal video for We're In This Together, which happens to come with a nice case involving the same design as the promo CD for We're In This Together. Click on the image to the left to open it up full size. Thanks for the scan Franco :)
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    New spot on the web for merchandise   [18:16 EST]
    www.NineInchNailsStore.com has been sending out emails to various NIN webmasters trying to spread word of their new NIN merchandise store. Though they aren't the lowest prices on the net, www.NineInchNailsStore.com offers close-up shots of the details of most of their merchandise. However, they offer pretty mcuh the same catalogue of official merchandise as CDSquare and Weathermen Records.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Vrenna's been busy   [11:44 EST]
    The PRP is reporting some news on Chris Vrenna's recent activities. Appearently, his Tweaker cd, "The Attraction To All Things Uncertain", has been handed to the label. The album will feature 12-14 songs and guest performances by DJ Swamp of Beck fame, King Buzzo of The Melvins, Burton C. Bell from Fear Factory on the tracks "Act II" and "Ready-4-War", Jonah Matranga from Far, Xzibit. Supposed release date: Early 2000. They are also reporting that Chris Vrenna has signed on to do a remix for Tommy Lee's Methods of Mayhem's next single, "Hypocritical".
    Updated by disinfonation@theninhotline.net
    All I want for Christmas is my Fragile shirt...   [20:24 EST]
    In a press release, bolt.com announced the top 10 gift ideas amongst boys for the upcoming holiday season. The top ten items sold to fellas at the Bolt store...

      1.) DJs Wanted T-Shirt
      2.) Bolt Long-Sleeve Shirt
      3.) Bolt T-Shirt
      4.) Curious George T-Shirt
      5.) Nine Inch Nails "Fragile" T-Shirt
      6.) Ripstop Parachute Pants
      7.) Limp Bizkit Faces T-Shirt
      8.) Offworld Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt
      9.) Porn Star Oval Logo T-Shirt
      10.) Military Turtleneck Sweater
    Sorry Fred. Not really.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    TDS amongst "20 records to define the decade"   [20:16 EST]
    Jenny Elig & Chas Hartman did a write up for The Post, a publication of the Ohio University, in which they credited Nine Inch Nails' The Downward Spiral as one of twenty records to define the decade:
    Trent Reznor shattered the more straightforward approach of his debut with this sonic collection of industrial rock. The NIN frontman replaced his radio-friendly style with a distorted machine-gun guitar sound. Even when trying to remove himself from the mainstream, Reznor could not help but create a radio hit with "Closer." Truly a dynamic artist, Reznor became glorified as one of the '90s premiere musical creators. Other artists could wait five years to release an album and be forgotten, but not Reznor
    Read the rest of the article here and see who else gains recognition as an outstanding nineties record.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Big Ol' Metal Hammer Interview   [18:43 EST]
    node_girl, our lone UK Hotliner, spent a good bit of time typing this TR interview in the November issue of Metal Hammer. Good reading, so check it out and enjoy :)
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Into the Void Promo CD   [22:20 EST]
    Word on the street (or ebay) is that there's a promo for Halo Sixteen featuring the LP Version as well as a radio edit. Though there are no scans on eBay, the Hotline's been informed that the artwork is similar to the Halo Fifteen, featuring David Carson's photography. The catalogue number for the CD (which features a full color insert) is #INT5P-6754.
    Updated by news@theninhotline.net
    Regarding Damaged boxed set ...   [18:42 EST]
    A bit of commentary from Leviathant..
    Just for clarification: the boxed set which we posted about earlier in the day is -unofficial-, not a product of Nothing Records. You're best bet is to purchase the We're In This Together single as it is - Do you really need a NIN coaster? Save yourself from this ripoff. If you want NIN stuff, you might as well only purchase the official merchandise Nothing/Interscope (or Nothing/Island in the UK, or Nothing/Motor in Germany, etc.), so that at least some of the money goes to the right people.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Solidifying the Fragile   [18:15 EST]
    Musician's Friend, a mail-order musical instrument catalogue, has an artcile about the many mini-studios scattered throughout Nothing Studios, entitled NIN: Solidfying the Fragile. The author of the article, John Pecorellis takes us into this unique setup, giving a clearer idea about how Nine Inch Nails songs go into production at the New Orleans establishment. Thanks for the link, Bryce!
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Into The Void   [17:48 EST]
    New Jersey's FMQB is reporting that "Into The Void" will be official released to radio stations on November 29 by Nothing/Interscope. Thanks to Jason for keeping his ears open.
    Updated by disinfonation@theninhotline.net
    11/9/99 Press Release   [15:26 EST]
    The NIN Hotline kinda received this press release on 11/9, however it was sent to our old email address, so it took a while to intercept. Whoops.



    November 9, 1999 - New York ­ nine inch nails finished rehearsals today for their 1999 European and UK tour and invited 100 fans to see the final rehearsal at 4pm GMT in London. Fans were notified of the opportunity via nine inch nails¹ official website, located at www.nin.com, and then directed to the record company offices in London for tickets. By 8am GMT today, fans endured the heavy London rain and lined up around the block to see the highly anticipated live show. The first 100 fans received a full preview of the show featuring: Trent Reznor (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Robin Finck (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Danny Lohner (bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals), Charlie Clouser (keyboards, theremin, vocals), Jerome Dillon (drums).

    Also today, nin.com users will be offered an exclusive trip for two to see the band¹s final UK show. The winner ­ picked randomly ­ will travel to London for the December 1st concert at Brixton Academy. nin.com users will be contacted via email.

    nine inch nails will begin touring on November 14th in Barcelona, Spain. Confirmed European and UK dates are: 11/14 Barcelona, Spain - Pabellon Valle Hebron, 11/17 Milan, Italy ­ Alcatraz, 11/19 Munich, Germany ­Colosseum, 11/20 Vienna, Austria - Libro Music Hall, 11/22 Berlin, Germany - Columbia Halle, 11/23 Copenhagen, Denmark - KB Halle, 11/25 Paris, France ­ Zenith, 11/26 Dusseldorf, Germany ­ Shahlwerk, 11/28 Tilburg, Holland ­ 013, 11/29 and 12/1 London, UK - London Brixton Academy. The band plan to tour the U.S. in early 2000.

    nin.com features daily updates - direct from the band - and will feature exclusive still and video images from today¹s rehearsal and throughout the tour.

    nine inch nails CD "The Fragile" has been certified platinum by the R.I.A.A. Produced by Reznor and engineer/mixer Alan Moulder, "The Fragile" is nine inch nails¹ first full-length studio album in five years.

    Sorry there Nothing, not quite an immedeate release on our part.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Damaged Box Set   [11:02 EST]
    The Damaged Box set will be released on November 30th. The unofficial collection will feature all three We're In This Together CDs, a T-shirt, Sticker, Key Ring and Coaster. The set is very similar to the Fisted Box Set and will be about the same price. The CD is being released in Germany under a very minor label under the index number NIN01. The Box Set is available on many major online CD stores. Thanks to Kurtz for the info.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Metal Hammer TR pix   [12:49 EST]
    Today, the Hotline added some new photographs by Kevin Westenberg to the press clippings section. They're scanned from the latest issue of Metal Hammer, a UK magazine. We will have the interview that accompanied these photographs coming later, so stay tuned :) Muchos gracias to node_girl for the scans, and for typing up the article.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Right-Wing intelligence? I don't believe it...   [02:27 EST]
    Thanks to Leah for cutting and summarizing the relevant parts of this article. Watch out for complete butchering of actual lyrics and out-of-context quotes. The actual article is here
    Here's a cute little blurb about Trent Reznor on the website for Focus on the Family, a conservative group that claims to be "Dedicated to the preservation of the home." On their site, there is a section called Parent's Place that tells you how you should raise your children to be god-fearing Christians. In the teen section, there's an article called Bad Theology Tops the Charts which mentions both Manson and NIN. Here are the relevant bits:

    - "I will bury your God in my warm spit," shrieks androgynous shock-rocker Marilyn Manson on his recent album, Antichrist Superstar. Elsewhere on Superstar, he rants, "When you get to heaven you will wish you're in hell" and "I went to God just to see/And I was looking at me/... When I'm God everyone dies."

    - Manson is just one of a dozen cutting-edge musicians whose work goes beyond mere celebration of depravity; they've used their rock icon status to communicate their hatred for the Almighty. And this new form of music is proving enormously popular. Antichrist Superstar alone has sold in excess of one million copies.

    - Trent Reznor, the lead singer for the multi-million-selling rock band Nine Inch Nails, tells his young audience that all biblical teaching is a hoax ("He dreamed a God up and called it Christianity/Your God is dead and no one cares/If there is a hell, I will see you there").

    - Teen-oriented magazines provide these rockers a platform to vehemently spread their hatred toward God. "I believe [Christianity] is just one more belief system that's failed," Reznor told one interviewer. Manson, who attended Christian schools before adopting his hermaphroditic, scare-your-parents image, told another, "But I almost have a weird respect for Christianity because I think somebody, somewhere must know that it's complete bull****."

    Updated by teknolust@theninhotline.net
    200,000 hits and growing   [02:06 EST]
    The Hotline extends it's deepest thanks to all of you (you know who you are) that have made this news site what it is today. Whether you have submitted news or have us in your favorites menu, Thank You.
    Updated by teknolust@theninhotline.net
    MuchMusic NIN Spotlight, Part 1   [00:30 EST]
    The Canadian music television station, MuchMusic, aired part one of a two part spotlight on Nine Inch Nails this evening. At the very beginning, they aired the David Carson directed commercial for The Fragile, and the spotlight consisted of two interviews, and four videos. MuchMusic played the videos for Down In It, Head Like a Hole, Wish, and March of the Pigs. The first interview, from 1990, had TR talking about how Nine Inch Nails came about. The second interview, circa 1994, featured Trent talking about why he used the pig reference in TDS. Below are some stills from the two interviews:
    Apologies, these captures aren't the clearest... You can catch part two of the spotlight, Wednesday @ 6:30pm, and a rerun of part one at 11:30pm.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Dress Rehersal Information and Set List!   [20:27 EST]
    There have been a few posts on the Perfect Isolation Board from people that have been to the Dress Rehersal. Paradox posted this message with the setlist, and description of the show. They played in a warehouse, the band was set up the same as the VMAs. They did an encore of Day The World Went Away and Hurt. Here is a list of the songs they played, but not in the right order (they did open with Pinion into Somewhat Damaged).

    Somewhat Damaged
    Terrible Lie
    Head Like A Hole
    Gave Up
    The Frail
    The Wretched
    La Mer
    The Great Below
    The Way Out Is Through
    Into The Void
    Down In It
    Starfuckers Inc.
    No, You Dont
    Day The World Went Away

    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Our Favorite Columnist Strikes again!   [19:56 EST]
    The latest issue of The Meathead Perspective is out. In this issue you can see what NIN tours are REALLY like. Go check it out now!
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    Promo Tape for WITT Video   [19:42 EST]
    NineInchNailsNews.com has updated with a picture of the Promo video for We're In This Together, the tape also holds the video for Marilyn Mansons song, Coma White.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    NIN Dress Rehersal   [19:39 EST]
    Nine Inch Nails did a dress rehearsal concert in London today. The show had a sneek peek of whats to come on the upcoming tour. The show was done in front of 100 people. If you were lucky enough to go, drop us an email with a review!
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    NIN Tribute CD   [19:35 EST]
    The latest Nine Inch Nails tribute disc, Radiant Decay, is being released under Vitamin records. The disc will feature class NIN tracks redone by experimental artists. The disc will be available on January 25, 2000 Heres a tidbit of the press release:
    Nine Inch Nails is the biggest name to emerge from the underground world of industrial music. Trent Reznor brought this innovative sound to the masses in 1989 with Pretty Hate Machine, and since has worked prolifically with some of the world's biggest artists and bands. Created by today's most experimental artists and producers, this album is powerful, angry, and most importantly…industrial strength.

    Available at record stores or by mail order at CMH, P.O. Box 39439, Los Angeles, CA 90039-0439. The suggested list price is $15.98 for CD.

    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    McCain with NIN VMA Comments   [17:54 EST]
    On TRL today: In an interview, Presidential Canidate Sen. John McCain said he was ashamed at how the presidency was viewed by young people. He attended the MTV Video Music Awards with his 15 year old daughter and said he now knows who Puff Daddy and Kid Rock are as well as the band he particularly enjoyed: Nine Inch Nails.

    Thanks to Calx and rez99 for spotting this.
    Updated by static@theninhotline.net
    nin contest giveaway for 12.01.99 UK concert   [16:24 EST]
    nin.com promotions sent out an e-mail to everyone registered explaining about a contest that is giving away one trip for 2 people to go see NIN live on December 1, 1999 at Brixton Academy, London UK. You must be a U.S Resident with passport and be over 21 years of age to be eligible for the contest. If you didn't recieve the e-mail then ask around for someone who did.
    Updated by static@theninhotline.net
    Halo Fifteen Delayed?   [01:34 EST]
    Sources across the Atlantic are saying that the single for We're In This Together might be delayed until the end of the month. This has not however, been confirmed with official sources at this point. More on that later. Keep your eyes and ears open. And if you're going to that London show, take notes & send em this way :) The Hotline wants to hear from several perspectives about how the final dress rehearsal in London goes :)
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    nin to offer free open dress rehearsal in UK   [13:24 EST]
    NIN is inviting fans to a free showing at their last dress rehearsal performance in London, UK for the first 100 people to show up. The performance is at 4pm on November 9th (tomorrow) and tickets will be distributed on 1pm at the following address:

    Universal / Island Records
    22 St. Peters Square
    Chiswick London W6

    So if you live in the UK (or are planning on being there tomorrow) you have a chance at seeing NIN live for free before they start their tour!
    Updated by static@theninhotline.net
    New Boxed Set   [12:20 EST]
    Amazon.com is reporting a new Nine Inch Nails boxed set, entitled "Damaged", is to be released on December 14, 1999. You can pre-order this item here
    Updated by disinfonation@theninhotline.net
    The Fragile reviewed by Q Magazine   [19:12 EST]
    node_girl took some time out of her day to type up this review of the Fragile that appeared in the December issue of Q.

    Marilyn Manson's label boss finally gets around to his own album.

    Although he'll never quite dispel the suspicion of charlatan and Emperor's New Clothes that surround him, Trent Reznor deserves at least some of the attention he so craves. Thus, five years after The Downward Spiral, he returns with a sprawling 23-track, 2CD epic. It's let down by Reznor's refusal to trouble himself with melody and by some embarrassing lyrics, either desperate to shock ("When I suck you off, not a drop will go to waste", which is reassuring, if nothing else) or sub-student-common-room ("Smash it apart just for the fuck of it"). Literacy aside, Reznor expertly sculpts his sounds like an electro-grunge Henry Moore and he's used former Pop Will Eat Itself leader Clint Mansel on Starfuckers Inc. He doesn't mention Courtney Love directly, although she might be advised to take a keen interest in the aforementioned Starfuckers Inc.

    Review: John Aizlewood © Q Magazine

    Updated by news@theninhotline.net
    Carson directs video for The Great Below    [11:32 EST]
    DeMacabre the went to the David Carson exhibition at the new Musuem of Contemporary Art in NYC last night, and guess what he happened across...
    Due to expected traffic and God's divine intervention to consistently fuck with my life, I was late. I ended up getting there at 7:15. I saw the last two video's, the exhibition seemed to be video work Carson has recently done. The last two videos were the nin teaser on the 1998 mtv VMA and.........the video Carson directed for "The Great Below". The video was needless to say phenominal. It was footage of underwater looking up at the waves flowing on the surface, some were inside the wave itself, while others were of coral and odd sea life. It completely complimented the song and the editing was done to perfection. The color direction is that of water scale, from dull blues to deep purples. Never once is reznor seen through out the video. Carson notes that when Trent asked him to direct it, he wanted it to depict drowning, "pleasant.....not like a painful terrifying ordeal, but some that amazes you" or something to that extent.
    Very interesting :) Did anyone else make it to the Carson exhibit? Thanks a bunch DeMacabre!
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Hungry for more Trent pics?   [02:25 EST]
    We've got some shots by Kevin Westenberg that accompanied the interview in NME earlier this month. Just check out the press clippings under the image archive, or, for all you lazy saps, click here. If you're not seeing any new pictures, be sure to reload the page.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Nine Inch Nails opening band information   [17:04 EST]
    As CD Now has posted that Atari Teenage Riot will be opening for Nine Inch Nails on the European tour. As we previously posted, ATR was contacted by Nine Inch Nails to open for the upcoming tour. ATR has said that they would like to open for Nine Inch Nails but due to previously set arrangements they would be forced to miss some dates. It is still not confirmed if Carl Crack will be with the band. Atari Teenage Riot Will be on the following Dates with Nine Inch Nails:
  • Nov. 14, Barcelona, Spain, Pabellon Valle Hebron
  • Nov. 19, Munich, Germany, Colosseum
  • Nov. 20, Vienna, Austria, Libro Music Hall
  • Nov. 22, Berlin, Columbiahalle
  • Nov. 23, Copenhagen, Denmark, KB Halle
  • Nov. 25, Paris, Zenith
  • Nov. 26, Dusseldorf, Germany, Stahlwerk
  • Nov. 28, Tilburg, The Netherlands, 013
  • Nov. 29, London, Brixton Academy
  • Thanks to greg gaz for the link.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    La Mer used in Fox Show   [16:56 EST]
    The Fox News Channel aired a tribue to Walter Payton on Tuesday morning. During the tribute, they showed Walter playing and spoken information. At several points during the tribute, they played the piano in La Mer. Thanks William.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
    The Fragile still holds strong   [16:06 EST]
    Thanks to Deadpool5 for this one. After being released over a month ago, Nine Inch Nails' The Fragile is still selling well. They are #7 on Sunrise Records [www. sunriserecords.com], moving up from #8.
    Updated by teknolust@theninhotline.net
    David Carson on the Web   [14:13 EST]
    rez99 has done some digging around on the web and found some sites related to the artist David Carson:
    David Carson has done graphics for Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nike, Raygun mag, and Microsoft.
    Great info on David Carson:

    shift.com Carson Feature
    A David Carson shrine
    David Caron Interveiw
    David Carson Info
    Possible origin of The Fragile font??
    Carson's visit to Chicago in October (shows The Fragile font in David Carson's other works!)
    Thanks again to rez99 for the info!
    Updated by static@theninhotline.net
    Pulse! scans and more...   [18:12 EST]
    Just a reminder to check out our photo clippings section as we do occasionally add new photos in here and there. Just added today are scans from the PULSE! magazine produced by Tower Records. Big thanks to Crystal for shipping these our way. There is also a significant store of photography collected from Fragile-related press bits. By all means - if you know the photographer's name for any uncredited pictures, let us know so we can give proper credit. Thanks, and enjoy :)
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Tuesday = Meathead, Tuesday = Meathead   [22:13 EST]
    Looking for new ways to enhance your listening experience while aurally inducing The Fragile? Meathead's got some more remedies for you, who are unsatisfied with traditional listening options. Enjoy!
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Trenterviews - Audio Interview Archive   [15:23 EST]
    mokeejc, who's already running a huge archive of nin.com media at Halo NinetyNine, has assembled an archive of audio interviews with Trent from the Fragile era, called Trenterviews. You can listen to them streaming or download them for later, uninterrupted listening. Definately worth checking out!
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Pulse interview with TR Online   [12:04 EST]
    Pulse Magazine, a free publication from Tower Records, has posted their entire interview with Trent Reznor, on their website. Click here to see the full interview complete with photographs. Thanks for the link, Crystal :)
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Fragile #1 on RS Readers Top 20   [16:00 EST]
    VenusPulp let us know that the November 25th issue of Rolling Stone Magazine (The one with Rage against the Machine on the cover) lists The Fragile as #1 in their readers top 20.
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    Japanese Tour Info Confirmed   [12:09 EST]
    The Hotline just got word from Commy of The Perfect Drug that the dates posted earlier are now 100% confirmed. Tokyo and Yokohama tickets will be available on November 27, Osaka tickets will go on sale on December 1st. For more information, check out the website of the coordination company, Creativeman. And in other news from Japan, the video for We're In This Together remains #1 on VIBE's International Music Countdown, making this the third week in a row WITT has been #1!
    Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
    'Fragile' Ad In Wired   [06:53 EST]
    The Latest Issue of Wired Magazine has a half page advertisement for The Fragile on page 240. Thanks Dan Premo.
    Updated by paul@theninhotline.net