Almost Fragile - Deleted Artwork   [16:16 EST]
So are you ready to go trick or treating? VenusPulp sent in this picture sent to them by a friend ;) And that's not all we've got in store for you, bright and early this Halloween. When there's not a lot of news going around, that leaves time for other projects. Here's something Leviathant put together for your enjoyment, as part of the Hotline's image archive. Note: These are not official! These images are home-spun, hand-made, and not recieved from any official source! But they still look cool. Check out Almost Fragile, which explores several scrapped designs for the Fragile that were scrapped from the final project. Levi's email is right under this post, give him your feedback!
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Sweet Tooth continues the hunt   [16:08 EST]
Sweet Tooth sent in the URL to this German article on NIN. It's done by Christoph Dallach from the German (online)magazine kulturSPIEGEL and mainly is about how Trent's houses/homes influenced his productivity and songwriting.
Updated by news@theninhotline.net
Happy Halloween from the NIN Hotline!   [10:35 EST]
The air's crisp, the leaves are turning bright earthly hues, and the toilet paper's flying high in the night sky. Or it will be, if it hasn't already. Have a happy halloween! The Hotline's got a little treat in store for you tricksters, check back later tonite when the project is complete. On another note, if you've got any goofy Halloween tales, extravagant costumes, or whatever, send it to halloween@theninhotline.net. If we get enough stuff, we might just post it :)
Updated by news@theninhotline.net
MTV Europe TR Interview   [17:17 EST]
Beautiful Liar, our Israeli #nin99 regular, spotted a whole lotta NIN goin' on at MTV Europe. Here's the long and short of it, in BL's words:
allright, well i was watching the european MTV at 18:00 israeli time, and in their weekend edition of the news they had a feature on nin; short interview with trent (that i haven't seen before), clips from WITT video , closer and MOTP. he was basically talking about how the fragile reflects the state he was in while writing it, starting from a vulnerable state and ending at a much more optimistic point. he also said the fragile is more positive than other nin albums, and that he was surprised and happy to see that some fans stuck around so long for nin. and about WITT, it was not meant to be a love song as many people thought. there will be a rerun tomorrow (sunday) at the same hour (i think 18:00 central european time), for everyone who is in Europe.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Preliminary Japanese Tour Dates   [17:13 EST]
Ever watchful, Commy spotted some Japanese NIN tour information in "Rockin' On" magazine. Tickets will sell for 7000yen ($67.00!!!!), "oh, it's really crazy.=( Japanese ticket fee is most expensive in the world!!!!", commented Commy. Apparently, these dates still haven't been announced by the coordination company, Creativeman, however the possibility is still there that these are the final dates. And those dates are here:
    10.Jan.2000--Tokyo(Tokyo Bay NK hall)
    11.Jan.2000--Tokyo(Tokyo Bay NK hall)
    12.Jan.2000--Tokyo(Tokyo Bay NK hall)
    14.Jan.2000--Yokohama(Pacifico Yokohama)
    15.Jan.2000--Osaka(Osaka Castle hall)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Trent mentioned in the new Entertainment Weekly   [15:27 EST]
Seems as though no one can compliment an artist without bring up Nine Inch Nails. Thanks to ebonight
In the review of Rage Against the Machine's new album it says "Yet with their third record, The Battle of Los Angeles, Rage return to pop's arena- to quote the years other rock savior, Trent Reznor- like the straight-up second coming." Rage's new album got an A review.
Updated by n0thin@theninhotline.net
SmashedUpSanity.com version 3.0   [13:29 EST]
Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have yet to visit smashedupsanity.com, now is the time. After several weeks of relentless hard work, webmaster Keith Duemling has pulled the latest incarnation of his site out of the hat and into the public eye. The hundreds of archived articles and photographs, detailed tour information, and dozens of other features really set Smashed Up Sanity apart as one of the most extensive all-in-one Nine Inch Nails sites on the Internet. So put aside a few hours and check out all the new graphics and new subsections.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Some Friday afternoon reading   [12:03 EST]
There is a sizable interview in the October 30th issue of NME, featuring photography by Kevin Westenberg. So be sure to pick the magazine up, but heck, in the mean time, check out all the work node_girl put into typing the article up. The Hotline should have scans of the Kevin Westenburg photos later on. Thanks nodie!
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
WITT #1 on Japanese music television   [11:48 EST]
Commy's still digging up Japanese tour information for the consuming public, but in the meantime, she sent word that the popular Japanese satellite broadcasting music program Vibe has listed We're In This Together as number one for over two weeks on their "International Video Countdown".
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
TR in Pulse Magazine   [11:45 EST]
Thanks to the ever watchful Crystal for pointing out that Trent graces the cover of Pulse Magazine. There's also what sounds to be a massive interview, from pages 42-51.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Two Different WITT Videos   [21:48 EST]
There are infact two different versions of the We're In This Together video. And according to Peter Pumpkin it is avaiable on NIN.com. Here's what he had to say about it
There are 2 versions of the WITT video, the first one was released from nin.com around the beginning of September. I downloaded it again after conflicting problems with RealJukebox and found out the one i downloaded today is 13.5MB while the first was only 9.9MB. It also includes a longer intro where Trent lays on that 'table' with the laser beam and there are more running scenes throughout the video! They are 'slightly' different, in editing that is. :)
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
More On The Fragile Going Platinum And Current Chart Position   [20:23 EST]
According to RIAA.com, the website of the Recording Industry Association of America (which happens to be the group that gives Gold, Platinum and Diamond records), The Fragile has indeed been certified both Gold and Platinum. Since the RIAA counts double-cds as two units, this means that at least over 500,000 copies of the album have been shipped. The awards are given out monthly and only to albums that have been released for at least thirty days. For more info, please visit the RIAA website.

In related news, The Fragile, in its fifth week of release, is at #43 on the latest Billboard 200 chart.

Updated by brad@theninhotline.net
'The Fragile' Goes Platinum   [18:41 EST]
According to Billboard.com, on October 26th The Fragile not only went gold, it went Platinum. This may be a mix up on the site, or The Fragile went Platinum. Double Congrats!
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
The Fragile's gone gold!   [13:46 EST]
Robin the Mad Photographer sent word that according to billboard.com, The Fragile has just been certified as going gold! Way to go Nails! :) Thanks Robin;
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Image Archive ReOpens... but we still need help   [13:02 EST]
Because we love you guys, we've moved the Image archive to a different server as a temporary solution. Make sure that you either refresh the archives or clear your disk cache so that your computer gets the updated links to the images. Unfortunately, this can't last forever. The Hotline is still looking for hosting solutions as well as advertisers (or charitable contributors, heehee) to help lighten the burden on the collective Hotline wallet. If you can help us out, drop an email to Leviathant@theninhotline.net. We're not going down, but if we don't act fast we're going to have to remove a lot of content. FYI: You can view the news archives without being prompted for access to the Image archive now, as well.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Australian Radio show   [11:04 EST]
There is a 3 hour NIN special on the Aussie radio station Triple J today. It contains a biography, discography. Triple J's website can be found here. The show airs 10 pm until 1 am. Thanks to Vain for sending it in.
Updated by anxdiety@theninhotline.net
Overseas Reviews Continue to Pour In   [10:27 EST]
In the newest issue of the German Visions magazine, The Fragile is one of the "Beauties of the issue". Thanks go out to Sweet Tooth for this info. Sweet Tooth found another four German online magazines that have done reviews of The Fragile, here you go:
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
European WITT release date   [12:58 EST]
According to documents scanned by kraw for SeemsLikeSalvation News, HALO_FIFTEEN is due for release on November 15, as three seperate CDs, priced 2.99 (currency was not specified). The three singles will fit into a box that comes with the first of the three, which features previously released remixes of TDTWWA.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Test your Babelfish Might with this German review   [10:06 EST]
Sweet Tooth submitted the link to this altogether very positive German The Fragile review done by the German online musicmag Doc Rock.
Updated by news@theninhotline.net
David Carson lecture on Nov. 4   [09:00 EST]
|esoteric|, who frequents #nin99, was digging around and discovered that David Carson will be lecturing at the New Museum in New York City on November 4. You can find out more information at the New Museum programs and events section of their website, however, lets save you a trip:
Fotografiks: David Carson
Thursday, November 4, 1999, 6-8pm
David Carson will lecture about his new book, Fotografiks, an exploration of his experimental photography published by Ginko Press. Carson's first book, The End of Print, is a best seller among graphic design publications.
Thanks for the heads-up |esoteric| :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
And remember...   [01:08 EST]
This is just a friendly reminder from all of us at The NIN Hotline to listen to The Fragile on headphones! It makes a world of difference, as can be expected with Nine Inch Nails. Thanks, and have a nice day.
Updated by news@theninhotline.net
Londyn Flog? Meathead's "NIN Halloween Ideas That Work"   [22:14 EST]
Oh my fucking lord. My stomach hurts. I'm in tears. I can't see straight! And I haven't even read the second page. This weeks meathead perspective is up and running. This just keeps on gettin' better!
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Dallas Morning News reviews   [21:55 EST]
The Hotline recieved the Dallas Morning News review of The Fragile in a nicely typed up Word document from NinetyNineNails. So click on that link and check it out, if you are so inclined. The DMN gave the Fragile 3 and a half stars out of an unknown maximum amount of starrage.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Japanese Tour Information   [14:25 EST]
Commy, our always friendly Japanese correspondant, sent the NIN hotline some news in regards to Nine Inch Nails performing some shows in Japan. Here's what Commy had to say;
Today Japanese radio station in Osaka area (sorry I don't know what name of that station) announced about NIN Japan Tour 2000. These show will be the first show in Japan! But a coordination company don't announce about details yet.

According to the information of that radio station, NIN possibly holding three shows in Japan, in the mid of January 2000. A show will be done in Osaka, Tokyo and Yokohama.

Excellent news for all you NIN fans in Japan :) Thanks for the update Commy!
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
German WITT Video different?   [10:01 EST]
bristol, who hails from Poland, sent us this interesting tidbit:
I'm not sure if it's important but yesterday I saw the "We're in this together" video on German VIVA II channel and noticed some differences in the clip. I saw it thousands times before and I know it by heart already. But in the version I saw yesterday there are more "running" scenes, so to say. Also burnt victims are shown more often. Generally - it's edited in different way.
Anyone else seen both the version on VIVA 2 Television -and- the NIN.com Quicktime, confirming this?
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net

Metro Channel Reviews 'The Fragile'   [18:44 EST]
The Metro Channel, which is based in New York City and based on ciy happenings did a review of The Fragile. Ca9 was lucky enough to see the review and sum it up:
One of those cheesy local teenage shows on the "Metro Channel". They reviewed "The Fragile" and they had about four or five dippy teenagers and a guy from CDNow on to review "The Fragile". They all bitched that it was too negative, and they couldn't understand the lyrics (cause they are too retarded). They brought up the fact that he waited too long because in '94 bands like Nirvana were in, and basically, it was a negative time in music, and now is a positive one. Over all they gave the CD 2 out of 5, because they were not depressed enough to listen to it…
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
A.P. with Manson response to Starfuckers   [17:03 EST]
On page 13 of Alternative Press' December issue:
The media have been reporting that "Starfuckers Inc.," the hard-rock track on Nine Inch Nails' new album, The Fragile, is a swipe at Marilyn Manson's rise to fame. When asked about the track, Manson was nonplused. "I've heard from Trent's people--not Trent [Reznor] personally--that the song is not directed at me and I should not be insulted," says Manson. "If it is intended for me, I'm quite flattered that someone would acknowledge that I am a star, and that I do find pleasure in fucking a star. I don't take [the song] too seriously. Its most redeeming quality is that it was the only song I was able to remember after listened to the album."

There is also a small new picture of Trent... and 6 people send letter thanking A.P. for the in-depth interview of Trent in issue 134.
In A.P. Readers Top 10, Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile is at # 1.
Updated by crimsonplague@theninhotline.net
Image Archive Temporarily Closed   [08:32 EST]
Due to overwhelming bandwidth issues, until the NIN Hotline can move to a more supporting server, the Image Archive has been frozen. We are currently working to remedy our bandwidth troubles - We've been socked with some "overage" fees already and we've only been here a week. If any readers have any suggestions as to hosting companies who allow more than 12 gig of bandwidth a month, please contact Leviathant as soon as possible. It looks as though we are going to have to move to a dedicated server in order to handle the traffic. The Hotline may bounce around for a little bit before things get straightened out, however you can count on us sticking this out. Apologies for the inconvenience;
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
HALO_FIFTEEN: 11-02-1999   [01:37 EST]
Blood Monger sent word that everycd.com and amazon.com are listing Volume 1 and 2 of We're In This Together for a November 2nd release date.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Q Magazine Reviews We're In This Together   [23:18 EST]
Not only did Q Magazine (A UK Publication) give WITT a grand review, it's their single of the week. Thanks for the news, passchendaele :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Interesting Tidbit From LA Times Calender Section   [23:05 EST]
In the Sunday, October 24th edition of the Los Angeles Times there was an interesting mention of "The Fragile" in a Calender Section article titled "Record Companies Try to Safeguard Advance Copies." Here is the important text:

The intense hunger for "The Fragile," the first Nine Inch Nails album in five years, prompted Nothing Records to skip the industry's usual practice of sending out dozens or even hundreds of copies to journalists far in advance to ensure timely reviews. Instead, Interscope, Nothing's distributor, sent out early copies to only six writers, and each was asked to sign a pledge to hold onto their coveted copy.

This tactic by Interscope and Nothing worked well, as MP3s from the album didn't show up until the weekend before the release and these were from copies sold early by record stores, not advance copies sent to journalists. Usually new albums are on the net a couple weeks or even a month before the offical release.

Updated by brad@theninhotline.net
NIN Mentioned in Rolling Stone   [22:58 EST]
The Hotline received an email from sean667 from #nin99, mentioning that the latest issue of Rolling Stone makes mention of Nine Inch Nails. He didn't have details at the time, but one of NIN's 1991 shows was listed as one of the 25 best rock concerts ever.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
TheFragile.com Opens   [22:56 EST]
Yves over at TheFragile.com has sent word that TheFragile.com has reopened! The site is amazing, go check it out now!
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
'Fragile' Cover Found Out!   [10:05 EST]
RhiGgATWaT@aol.com works at a Barnes and Noble store and found the book FOTOGRAFIKS by David Carson. The book contains all the picturesfound in 'The Fragile' booklet and on the CD case with a breif description of each
. I work at a barnes & nobles and am very into art. We received a book called FOTOGRAFIKS by David Carson, and, to my surprise were all of the pictures from the fragile with breif explainations. Towards the back of the book is the exact picture from the cover of the fragile along with two similar ones. It is an extreme closeup of a seashell (maybe deeper inside the downward spiral which also had a shell theme ?). there is also a two page spread of the out of focus flowers on the back cover of the fragile. the odd thing is that for the fragile picture, they cut off the top of the picture and put it on the bottom of the back cover. look at it and you can see how it should fit together. both the cds and front cover of the booklet were taken from this flower picture. Also in Carson's book are the pictures from inside nin's booklet such as the pic from the ripe with decay page wich fades into green. Also, in the middle of the book is the design for www.nin.com with the various sized boxes. The books ISBN # is 1584230045, its a very interesting book to look at while listening to the fragile.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
If you could ask Alan Moulder a question or three...   [02:29 EST]
... what would your three questions be? Alan Moulder produced The Fragile, a double album you may be familiar with. Please send your questions to us at news@theninhotline.net. We'll see where this goes...
Updated by news@theninhotline.net
Billboard and Radio Chart Updates   [21:25 EST]
This is a few days old, but on the latest Billboard 200 chart 'The Fragile' is at #33 after its fourth week in release. Also, on FMQB.com's Radio Airplay Chart, 'We're In This Together' is still holding strong at #24 in the country, with 1,186 spins (which is about 40 more than last week).
Updated by brad@theninhotline.net
Hit Parader Article on NIN    [20:23 EST]
Virii, a #nin99 regular, scanned in an article from the latest Hit Parader magazine, featuring what looks to be taken sometime after Trent shaved off the facial hair and before he lopped off his locks. Head on over to nin news @ halo 99 to view the picture and the article. Virii is currently transcribing the article to a text format.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Win two tickets to see NIN in Paris   [16:06 EST]
SLS News got a tipoff from jordan about a contest held by the Salt Lake City radio station x96 96.3 FM is holding a contest, where two lucky winners will be flown to see Nine Inch Nails perform in Paris on November 25th. However, you don't necessarily have to be in the broadcast area to enter.x96 FM has posted a sign-up online, click here to enter yourself in the contest. Best of luck! Thanks SeemsLikeSalvation and Jordan!
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Would you believe we have another review of The Fragile...   [14:49 EST]
This one was emailed to the Hotline from bryce, who kindly typed up the review from the Salt Lake City, UT paper The Desert News. A positive review, it gives the Fragile 3 stars. What that means isn't quite clear.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
TVT Records "Down In It" misprint?   [11:42 EST]
The Hotline recieved email from robert in regards to an oddity he came across on the TVT records website. At TVT's terribly incomplete NIN discography, Halo One is posted with the following tracklisting:
1. down in it (skin)
2. down in it (singe)
3. down in it (shred)
4. down in it (stain)
5. down in it (stain)
6. down in it (stain)
More than likely, this is an error on the part of the tvtrecords.com web crew.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
JJJ To Interview John Raptis   [10:43 EST]
JJJ, an australian radio station, will be interviewing John Raptis. John runs the amazing australian NIN site, Happiness In Slavery. The Interview will air during the J-Files NIN special, in which they will discuss the Big Day Out Tour in January. The J-Files show is also hoping to get Trent Reznor to appear for an interview. You can listen to JJJ Here.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
We're In This Together trade ad   [10:40 EST]
Often, music industry magazines have advertisements the general public never gets to see. One unspecified magazine had posted this advertisement for We're In This Together, which an enterprising fellow was selling on eBay. If you have a higher quality, higher resolution scan of this ad or any other ads for The Fragile, The Day The World Went Away, please send scans to news@theninhotline.net.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Love Among Puppets Info   [23:12 EST]
Derek Donovan, whose review of The Fragile in the Kansas City Star the Hotline had posted earlier, fronts the band Love Among Puppets, whose CD digit was mastered by Tom Baker.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
We're In This Together video slowly climbing ...   [21:33 EST]
... MuchMusic's charts, which it has been on for three weeks now. MuchMusic, a Canadian music video channel, has placed the video for We're In This Together up to #24, up from #25 last week. Muchos gracias shawn for that little tidbit.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
The Onion (just under Meathead in being 'fucking funny')   [15:02 EST]
Big thanks again goes out to Repeated. Theres a refrence of Mr. Reznor in The Onion online. Check it out.
Updated by teknolust@theninhotline.net
The Fragile Cover   [14:49 EST]
Thanks to Repeated for bringing this issue up to The Hotline. Ever notice how just about all NIN LP release covers have a meaning that parallels the album theme? The Fragile seems to stump just about everyone (except the creator?). The Hotline would appreciate feedback on this issue. Go Ahead! Submit your ideas to us and we'll post the feedback. More knowledge of what the cover represents will definitely give better meaning to the album as a whole.
Updated by teknolust@theninhotline.net
Kansas Review   [07:00 EST]
Thank to SaraH on this one. The Kansas City Star had published a review of The Fragile, which SaraH kindly typed up for us.It was written by Derek Donovan, who has had his CDs mastered by Tom Baker (who has mastered several NIN and Bowie albums).
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Trents 'Fragile' Les Paul   [20:33 EST]
Big thanks to virii for sending us this picture, which he failed to mention was posted by Chuck Stevensen at his NIN.com archive. This has got to be the coolest guitar that this reporter has ever seen.Check out Trents guitar in the lower right corner... Its got the flower seen on the artwork for The Fragile.
Updated by Paul@theninhotline.net
Female Vocalist Not for NIN   [14:38 EST]
Trent Reznor made another post on the red board at nin.com saying that the singer that NIN has been looking for is infact NOT for the NIN Tour, but is for a side project.
Someone has started a rumor that the female vocalist position is for singing backups on the tour. It is not. I am starting a new project that will involve someone else singing, probably involved lyrically and most likely female. This is not in place of NIN, I just have a lot of extra material and ideas that I'm excited to try in a different situation...
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
No NIN on New Years at this point   [13:40 EST]
To clarify rumors radio stations have been pushing, Trent Reznor posted a message on the red board at the nin.com message boards stating the following:
As of right now there is NO show anywhere on new years eve, nor has there ever been one. If there ever IS one, you have my word that it would not be with Bush (as I have heard).
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
French Page Updated   [09:21 EST]
The French version has finally been updated...we apologize for the long time without update. To get there, simply click on "La Version Française" on the nav bar on your left.
Updated by hysteria@theninhotline.net
Entertaintment Weekly Reviews 'The Fragile'   [19:35 EST]
Calx sent us along this review of The Fragile that Entertainment Weekly on Campus had in thier Fall edition.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
VIVA2 Interview in RealAudio   [14:54 EST]
We were sent an email from Wataru with a link to his website, the Great Below, where he hosts a RealAudio copy of the 22 minute interview held on VIVA2 German Television.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
HALO_FIFTEEN: Enhanced   [14:21 EST]
Dizzy from thefragile.com sent word that the third CD in the the We're In This Together single will be digitally enhanced with the msuic video for WITT.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Alternative Press reviews The Fragile   [13:32 EST]
In the November issue of Alternative Press, William Ferguson gives the Fragile a five-point review (indespensible) and some kind words. Hysteria, our French translator, spent a few minutes typing it up for your reading pleasure. You can read the review by clicking here.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Guitar World with WITT Tabs   [09:43 EST]
The latest issue of Guitar World magazine has the tablature for We're In This Together. The Guitar World tabs are not official, but thier tablature is usually correct.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
NIN on Pollstar Charts   [06:50 EST]
Nine Inch Nails has been steadily moving up the Pollstar Charts, and now sits at #5 with power index of .486. Last week the NIN tour debuted at number 14. Not too shabby for a tour that hasn't announced any dates out of Europe yet. Thanks Nineinchnailsnews.com
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
The Fragile as Norway sees it...   [04:18 EST]
Celaeno let the Hotline in on the fact that unfortunately the Fragile dropped from #9 to #18 in Norway this week. In perusing the charts, Celaeno found (and translated into English) these two reviews of the double album. Thanks Celaeno for all your help :)
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
The Latest Meathead Perspective   [22:50 EST]
This weeks issue of the funniest thing to happen to Nine Inch Nails since German Sausage, The Meathead Perspective, has been uploaded. Go check it out for a real reason to keep space program alive!
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
10 Miles High Information   [22:21 EST]
The Version of 10 Miles High on 'The Fragile' vinyl was originally intended to be a remix, and that version would not appear on the album. But Keith Hillebrandt's mix eventually turned into the 10 Miles High that you hear on 'The Fragile'.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Track Information on 'The Way out is Through'   [18:20 EST]
NIN.com has been updated with a track sheet for 'The Way out is Through'. The sheet gives all of the different tracks used to make the song, and shows over 55 tracks that are labeled were used to create the song. It also notes that Alan is the engineer with Leo and Brian as assistant engineers. More interestingly it calls the song "Anomaly". This may have been the orginal title for the song, or it may just be a reminder of the nickname that Nothing Studios reps were using on #nin99 on the Dalnet and messageboards across the net. Thanks to FragileRock
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Pitchfork Media Reviews 'The Fragile'   [18:18 EST]
Pitchfork Media has reviewed given a negative review of 'The Fragile'.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Student.com reviews 'The Fragile'   [16:19 EST]
Simon Rodberg at Student.com has reviewed 'The Fragile'. This review is done very well, and gives the CD a very high rating.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
WITT to be two seperate releases?   [15:31 EST]
mokeejc made an interesting deduction based on his knowledge of catalogue numbers. You'll notice that the first two listed CDs for Halo_Fifteen have the numbers 497 140 -2 and 497 142 -2. "the last # in disc sets are always 2numbers apart," mokeejc stated. The third catalogue number comes about 21 discs later, as catalogues go. Also note that between the three CDs, the album version of We're In This Together appears twice. It's a good bet that there will be two versions of Halo_Fifteen; a two-cd mix with the previously exclusive to vinyl tracks, and one CD including The Perfect Drug, from the Lost Highway soundtrack.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Weathermen WITT Single Information   [06:54 EST]
The Weathermen have not cancelled thier previous orders for the double CD of 'We're In This Together'. They have kept the orders and they will mail out the Triple CD pack to those of you who have ordered Halo 15: "We're In This Together". The CD Release date is still set for November 15th for a German release.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Mortal Kombat 5 Developers May Imitate Reznor   [21:05 EST]
The Developers of Mortal Kombat 5 have contacted someone whose page we host that just made a parody of Mortal Kombat. The developer said that they may have a "character with great similarities to mm/tr". The developer also mentioned Manson in the write up.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Concept Art on Nin.com   [17:29 EST]
Nin.com has been posted a picture of some of the concept art that was denied for 'The Fragile'.
Updated by paul@theninhotline.net
Halo 15 Track Listing from Germany   [15:16 EST]
shatter, our good friend over in Germany, has just e-mailed us the track listing for Halo Fifteen: We're in this Together. Halo 15 is confirmed to be a 3-CD set, as the following track listing states.
Please find below confirmed tracklistings for our forthcoming NIN single for Germany. "We're In This Together" to be released on November 15th:

CAT. - NO.: 497 140 -2
1. We're In This Together (radio edit)
2. The Day The World Went Away (quiet version)
3. The Day The World Went Away (porter rick mix)

CAT.-NO.: 497 142 -2
1. We're In This Together (album version)
2. 10 Miles High (long)
3. The New Flesh

CAT.-NO.: 497 183 -2
1. We're In This Together (album version)
2. The Perfect Drug
3. Complication

Thanks again to shatter for this groundbreaking news!
Updated by static@theninhotline.net
Brazil reviews... Halo Thirteen.   [04:28 EST]
|{ali ? sent us a two-week old review of The Day The World Went Away as featured in their local Brazil paper.

Rated 5 stars (out of 5): Starfuckers,Inc:""Side B" of Nine Inch Nails' new single. WORTH of this living legend NIN became: apocalyptic and desperate music like no one else does."

rated 3 stars: The Day The World Went Away: ""Side A", the track that names this new NIN single. NOT worth of this living legend NIN became: the song seems to 'threat', but never begins. Deception"

Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
Welcome to theninhotline.net!   [23:50 EST]
Phew! After a few internal rough spots, a small sum of money, and a lot of hard work by the Hotline team, the NIN Hotline is moving on to better things. A lot of the changes are behind the scenes. The NIN Hotline is now hosted on paid space - no more evading Hypermart banners ;) In general, this means that the gears are turning faster and more efficient, giving us time to do some extra stuff. For instance, check out a new section of our Image Archive, which includes pictures from news stories that have appeared throughout the unveiling of the new album, organized alphabetically by publication. A revamped article archive is in the works as well, and many more things thanks to our newfound free space. The reason theninhotline.com is now theninhotline.net? Unfortunately, when a team effort like this takes place, there's always one or two people who feel the need to find power and abuse it, even against the will of the many, if not everyone else involved. Anyway, enjoy the new format... if you're always emailing news to the news sites and wish you could be more directly involved with one, we're taking applications. Those willing to work amongst a tight trusting group please send us an email: join@theninhotline.net.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
People Magazine reviews The Fragile   [23:34 EST]
Digitalis kindly typed up the People magazine review that appeared in the latest issue. It's rather small, so here it goes;
The Fragile, Nine Inch Nails (Nothing)
Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor's latest dark opus is not for fragile ears

Returning from a five-year absence, Nine Inch Nails auteur Trent Reznor discovers a sunny pop landscape beyond the once angry seas of the alternative rock he helped mold. As fans know, the anti-pop maestro is a backstreet boy of a different stripe, and on this much anticipated new double CD, he dwells where the sun rarely shines. With more than 100 minutes of uneasy listening packed into these 23 tracks, Reznor maps an aural universe that is positively hellish--dense with static and all manner of dissonant and chaotic electronic noise. But Reznor, who sings numbers like "Somewhat Damaged" and "The Wretched" in a voice pinched by anguish, finds freedom from torment in the complex, propulsive polyrhythms, ringing piano chords and wisps of melody that bursts like divine light onto the dark sonic mix. --SD Bottom Line: Melody fights for life in a forboding but brilliantly rendered musical underworld.

Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
VIVA2 German Interview available in MPG format   [23:28 EST]
This interview is streamed out of the show called 2ROCK at the German TV station VIVA2 by pimpf.NøTHiNG, the German translator of the nin hotline. The quality isn't the best, because it was grabbed from a VHS Tape. It's divided in 6 main parts:

    1 - The perfect drug (video and song production)
    2 - The time between TDS and The Fragile
    3 - Different albums - different emotions
    4 - WITT video and song
    5 - I'm looking forward to joining you, finally
    6 - Concerts, Tour and the Closer video

The owner of this interview is VIVA2.

The file locations are:

Best for the European downloaders:


Best for the American viewers:


Huge thanks to Virii from Halo 99 for instantly getting some megs of free space for the files.

Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
thefragile.com seeks flash programmer...   [23:19 EST]
www.thefragile.com is seeking someone to help with FLASH version of the page; must have excellent designing skills, and good knowledge of the program, and also follow deadlines. email webmaster@thefragile.com if you think you have what it takes, examples of work are a must.
Updated by leviathant@theninhotline.net
In case you hadn't heard by now...    (21:51 EST)
Submit your demos to Nothing Records! Several days ago, Trent posted to the nin.com message boards that they will be accepting demo submissions for both a female vocalist position and for those who would like to submit their music. All submissions require a photograph and contact information. For complete instructions, see the page setup on nin.com here.

Screen shots of the VIVA2 German Interview    (21:42 EST)
The NIN Hotline was sent screen shots of the German TV interview with Trent Reznor on VIVA2, thanks to Sweet Tooth. Click the links below:

German NIN Mailing List Info    (21:36 EST)
Ladies and Gents, there has been a German mailing list started, entitled "Fragile", about the discussion of Nine Inch Nails. If you are interested in joining, please go to http://www.onelist.com/commmunity/fragile.

Quake 3 Soundtrack Information   (11:50 EST)
Todd Hollenshed updated his .plan saying that Nine Inch Nails will NOT be on the Quake 3 Soundtrack.
To put this rumor quickly to rest, we don't have any tracks from Nine Inch Nails in the current Q3A soundtrack.
There is no set release date for the video game yet.

New NIN Single Rumors   (11:50 EST)
According to Nothing Records Press Relations, there has been no decision on the next NIN single. This denys any rumors of 'Into The Void' being chosen as the next single, or that Nine Inch Nails is recording a video for it.

Swedish Chart Action   (11:50 EST)
'The Fragile' was not released in Sweden until October 6th, but when it did enter the charts, it came in at number 18. There has not been as much advertising in Sweden as there has been in the US for Nine Inch Nails.

Another Fragile Review   (11:50 EST)
Checkout.com has reviewed 'The Fragile', giving it 5 out of 5 stars.

NIN hits the Norway charts   (21:40 EST)
Celaeno sent word that despite a complete lack of media support or ad campaign, The Fragile entered the Norwegian charts at #9, "miles ahead of kids like Aguilera" ;)

The Advertiser reviews The Fragile    (04:50 EST)
Sa[SiN\CoS] sent us this brief yet positive review of the Fragile from the The Advertiser, straight outta Adelaide, Australia:

nine inch nails

NOTHING to do on the weekend? Go and buy a heap of extra speakers, hook them up to your stereo, sit in a darkened room, crank this double album and go on an amazing journey. It's been a long wait for the follow-up to 1994's Downward Spiral and the style of NIN has remained basically the same. It stays gothic and most lyrics read like a suicide note or hate mail. Take No You Don't: "smiling in their faces/while filling up the hole/so many dirty little places/in your filthy worn out/broken down see through soul". Trent Reznor's one angry lad but his anger translates to power when played up loud. Reznor's ability to build songs to terrifying crescendos is illustrated in stunning fashion on the opening track, Somewhat Damaged. Beginning with a single guitar, it ends in a cacophony of violent lyrics and battling instruments. What works about this double CD (one labelled "left" and one labelled "right") is it doesn't always go for screaming vocals and thumping drums. Quite often, you'll float away on a gentle, yet disturbing piano solo or be knocked flat by a burst of industrial guitar following a long silence. There is no break between songs, either, with the 23 tracks running into one another. It can be an exhausting yet epic listen, one that requires time to rot its way into your musical soul... and once it's there, it won't let you go.

BBC Interview online    (21:49 EST)
BBC Online, Radio 1 has posted Mary Anne Hobbs' interview with Trent Reznor online, in RealAudio format. If you're interested in a listen, follow this link. Thanks again to gmf33 for tipping us off on this one :)

nin.com breathes   (20:28 EST)
Boy, they weren't kidding when they said nin.com begins to live and breathe, when it first opened. Neat little trick: after the randomgrid.html loads up (the green menu sort of thing), watch it for a few seconds. No, no, keep watching. Whatever the significance of it is, it kinda hiccups.

Visual proof that Nine Inch Nails is playing Munich   (19:55 EST)
As if anyone had any doubts... anyway, Brain sent over a scan of his ticket to the Munich show, so take a look :)

Live 105 Interview online    (19:42 EST)
gmf33 sent word that you can listen to an interview with Trent Reznor held by Big Rick Stuart, just click here and check it out.

New Pictures, Review    (06:11 EST)
Ca9 again has typed up a little goodie for your general consumption, Select magazine's review of the Fragile. On top of that, we have a higher quality, fuller scan of the infamous Taryn Simon pic, with some goofy tidbits to the right, as well as the full page ad for the album that appeared on the opposite side. This scan, as well as the two pictures from Select magazine, come courtesy of the Hotline's UK Correspondant node_girl. Click on the descriptions below:

Full Page Ad for the Fragile · B&W Studio Shot w/ Nord Modular · Small B&W Studio Shot of Trent Singing · High-Quality scan of Trent and Taryn Simon in the Elevator

Fragile reviewed by Gothic.Net    (04:22 EST)
For everyone who likes to hear what everyone else thinks about the new album, william sent word that gothic.net posted a "mostly positive" review, which you can read in their October Music Reviews section.

New Meathead Perspective   (18:56EST)
Check out the latest Meathead Perspective. This week you can find yet another reason to have no 'life', and enjoy 'Reznor Kombat'.

Village Voice 'The Fragile' Review   (18:36EST)
The Village Voice Reviewed 'The Fragile'. The juvenile review is by John Sewerd, and makes a sarcastic, low blow at NIN fans and the new album. Thanks to turk for pointing out the article.

Tower Records in Manhattan   (18:36EST)
Ca9 and paUl were in Manhattan last Friday, and we happened to walk by Tower Records in New York City and saw alot of great NIN advertising. The sign outside the place, which was about 20 feet long, had an extremely large 'The Fragile' ad right underneath it. Right inside the door was a seven foot tall CD rack covered in 'The Fragile' design. Probably some of the biggest NIN Logos you'll ever see.

NIN in NYC on New Years Update    (11:54CT)
The NIN Hotline has recieved the official word on the rumoured show NIN show on New Years Eve...we recieved an email that states that we are to be assured NIN will most definitely not be playing a show with Bush...this is not a denial of a NY New Years show though so stay tuned.

German Lost Highway Mishap   (18:36EST)
On The German version of 'Lost Highway' The box says 'The Perfect Day' instead of 'The Perfect Drug'. You can see the box here.

Current Japenese Chart Action and News    (11:53CT)
Commy at ThePerfectDrug, has been keeping us updated on the NIN Chart action over in Japan, as well as some other NIN news:
Japanese most famous general entertainment chart calling "Olicon Chart", in this week(2nd week) TF is number 33 (it was #15 in last week). And in a broadcasting via satellite music program calling "VIBE(ex MTV Japan)", WITT video was number 13(this is the first appearance) of International Video Countdown in last week, number 7 in this week. In a general(oversea's and domestic) video countdown, WITT is number 8 in this week. NIN is Octover's "The Artist of The Month" of VIBE, but there isn't anything special program of NIN.
Thanks to Commy for the update!

German TV Station to air Interview    (11:53CT)
Our German Affiliate, pimpf.NoTHiNG has informed us that a German music station, VIVA2 (2ROCK) will be airing an interview with Trent Reznor at 20:00 (German time) on Friday, October 15.

nin.com with WITT video shoot pics    (08:45CT)
The ever evolving nin.com has updated with about 34 pictures of behind and during the scenes of the "We're in this Together" music video shoot. Its located where the Nothing Studios QuickTime was.

Hotline Seeking French Translators   (23:58CT)
}Hysteria{, the nin hotlines local French translator, is seeking someone who can help her translate the hotline for our French speaking visitors. She needs someone who is very adept at translations and will test your abilities. You can mail her at satannik@hotmail.com.

NIN in NYC on New Years?    (22:36 EST)
With an urgent tone in his message, David Heath mailed the Hotline with the following message:
Ok Big NIN news...I was listening to 96x a local radio station located in Norfolk Virginia this morning and they announced a contest they were running for a trip to New York City on New Years Eve of this year...included in the trip are 2 concert tickets to see Nine Inch Nails and Bush(strange paring) anyway, I do not currently have anymore information about the show but I will get some more details tomorrow morning from the station and update accordingly. This is not a joke though because when I called the station today they said it was a legit concert and NIN would be there without a doubt.
Hopefully Dave'll keep us informed as he gets more info... take this as you will. Thanks Dave :)

UK mag "Metal Hammer" reviews the Fragile    (22:16 EST)
That's right ladies and gents, another review of that great double album we've all been playing far too often for our own health. Metal Hammer, a British magazine, gave this positive review of The Fragile, which Keef Thorburn kindly typed up and sent to the Hotline. Thanks so much Keef!

Radio1 Interview (Updated)   (8:36 EST)
The Trent Reznor Interview on Radio1 went well. The songs that played on the interview were 'La Mer', 'Into the Void' and 'Even Deeper. Trent said that he will probably be touring around the UK in the summer, hitting some festivals. He also said that he is over the whole Manson ordeal. He said that the band is a totally different band live since the Closure days. The last question asked was "Were you and Manson ever lovers", and Trent just said "NO". The question envoked alot of laughter in the #nin99 channel.

TDTWWA holding strong in Canada...   (15:37 EST)
deadpool5 was perusing www.canoe.com, the Canadian News Group, and found that while We're In This Together has not surfaced yet, The Day The World Away is holding strong at #9 on the Canadian charts, clocking in 11 weeks on the singles chart. Not too shabby :)

Big Day Out ticket scan   (03:00EST)
We recieved a scan of a ticket for the Big Day Out concert. It can be seen here.
Thanks to Sa[sin\cos]

Another Review   (20:40 EST)
Viriis Site, Halo 99, has posted a new review of 'The Fragile' from the Railegh Paper, News & Observer, in which they compare the album to "The Wall" and give it 4 stars. Read the Review here.

Big Day Out Tickets   (20:40 EST)
Big Day Out Tickets have gone on Sale Today. If you live in the Australia/New Zealand area, go buy your ticket, and feel free to send us a scan of it.

New NIN.com Picture Interesting   (20:40 EST)
There is a new picture on nin.com that shows 2 CDs. One labeled 'The Lost Fragile Tracks' and the other which has Please Part 2 and The New Flesh on it. The 'Lost Fragile Tracks' disc cannot be read, because it is very blurred. Kieth Hillebrandt has said that there are between 15-20 tracks that he said are 'Great' on the Fragile that have not yet been released. Keith also said he would'nt burn a copy for anyone, so this CD wasn't his handi-work :-).

2 More 'Fragile' Reviews   (11:54 EST)
The Duke University Chronicle has posted 2 Reviews of the Fragile, the first totally bashed the CD, and the second was a good review. You can read the first article and the second article on The Duke Chronicle.

BBC Interview Information   (11:50 EST)
The people at Radio1 have contacted us with the information that. The BBC show, Radio1, that is interviewing Trent Reznor will air earlier then usual, and will air this Tuesday at 5pm EST. The shows presenter is Mary Anne Hobbs, sorry for the wrong name earlier.

End Of Days Soundtrack to feature NIN Members   (19:57 EST)
SonicNet has posted some New information on the The 'End of Days' Soundtrack, which is going to feature many new songs by bands such as Metallica, Korn, and most notably Guns And Roses. The song 'Oh My God' has already begun to leak around the internet, and features Robin Finck on guitars. Robin did not write the song, but did play on it.

Also on the soundtrack is another Clouser remix of a Rob Zombie song. Charlie Clouser remixed 'Superbeast' for the CD. Also, Danny Lohner and Everlast have collaborated on a track that is supposed to have a NIN groove, but an Everlast feel. The movie will not be in theaters till the 24th of November, but the soundtrack will be available on the 9th. Thanks to Doug.

TR Interview in Select magazine    (00:47 EST)
The one and only Ca9, #nin99 regular and Hotline pal, spent a good amount of her time typing up this article from Select magazine, an English publication for which she dished out several dollars. She wanted to note that there is a nice full page advertisement for "The Fragile" on the page after the interview, and that the pictures included are by Taryn Simon, including the car picture and the picture of Trent being soaking wet over the sink.

BBC Radio Information   (23:08 EST)
The guys that run the Radio 1 Interview on BBC that is featuring an interview with Trent Reznor have contacted us with information concerning the interview. The show is presented by Mary Anne Thomas and airs Tuesday nights at midnight in Britan. The show WILL be available over the internet for all of us yankees.
Yesterday we recorded a great half hour interview with Trent that will transmit on the show this coming Tuesday - 12 Oct.
It's pretty candid and I'm sure the fans will love it!
Radio 1 is available on the internet - check out www.bbc.co.uk/radio1...
12pm in England works out to 7pm EST here. So, make sure to tune in at 7pm on Tuesday.

KROQ Interview Online   (23:08 EST)
The KROQ Interview with Jed The Fish and Trent Reznor that aired yesterday at 4pm has been uploaded onto the KROQ site. The interview is split into 6 different sections:
  • Intro
  • Publicity and the Pre-emptive Strike
  • Insanity and Insult
  • The State of Music
  • Girls and Adulthood

  • WITT on Much Music   (23:08 EST)
    We're In This Together entered the Much Music countdown today at Number 26.

    SpaceGhost Picks 'The Fragile'   (23:08 EST)
    SpaceGhost has made 'The Fragile' their Staff Pick of the Week. You can read about it in the Reviews Section of the SpaceGhost Page.

    Austrian Ticket Scan   (05:22 EST)
    Shadow sent us kind words and a scan of his concert ticket to the 11/20 show at the Libro Music Hall in Vienna. Thanks Shadow :)

    Another article, another review    (05:18 EST)
    Miz Muz, a #nin99 regular, sent us word of a NME article about bashing Courtney Love, and for those of you who may have missed it in previous news, a review of The Fragile by Canoe, - the Canadian Online Explorer.

    Notable link: Non-Flash nin.com   (05:15 EST)
    Levendis posted a neat link on the nin.com message board. For all of you who can't support Shockwave Flash, check out the effort put forth into mirroring it flash-free at this location. Pretty cool, despite the annoying banner

    KROQ Interview With Trent   (09:15EST)
    As scheduled, KROQ in Los Angeles broadcasted their hour long interview with Trent Reznor today from 5-6 pm. The interview was extremely well done and the best of all the radio ones, in my humble opinion. It was conducted directly from nothing studios and was hosted by KROQ DJ Jed the Fish. During the hour they played six NIN songs: Head Like A Hole, Into The Void, Closer, The Wretched, Down In It and La Mer. Check out KROQ.com sometime later tonight for the interview, as they will be uploading it.

    After the interview KROQ announced their latest promotion, which happens to involve Nine Inch Nails. The station will be giving away a trip for two to ALL THE EUROPEAN NIN SHOWS!!! Wouldn't that be the most awesome vacation ever? To win, listen for KROQ to play a NIN song and be caller 106.7 to 1-800-520-1067. You will be entered into the drawing for the trip and will win either a complete collection of all the halos or a lithograph signed by Trent. Unfortunately, KROQ doesn't have a real audio stream, so all you non-LA residents are out of luck.

    Complete NIN Discography   (19:40 EST)

    Burning Souls has update thier Complete discography information site with all the info on Halos 13, 14, and 15. Check it out now.

    New Trent Interview/Photograph   (14:57 EST)

    Theres a new Interview and Picture of Trent Reznor in the latest issue of iD magazine. This picture might not be appropriate for younger viewers. This image of Trent shocked many NIN Fans (Especially the girls). It portrays Trent and Taryn Simon making out in an elevator. It was taken at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. This is also the same hotel Trent stayed at when Dr. Dre was mixing 'Even Deeper'. "Thanks to SLS News

    Philadelphia City Paper reviews The Fragile    (00:05 EST)
    Kindly thanks to Crystal, who's always feeding the NIN news on the internet, sent the hotline a snippet from the Philadelphia City Paper:
    Nine Inch Nails
    The Fragile
    The relentless, peeled-raw throb. The coiled-tight, manic-depressive burting at the seams. The cooing, mewing and screeching over ambeint soundscapes. This could be none other than Trent Reznor. Mostly holed up in his studio since The Downward Spiral, it's rumored Reznor became victim to his too-few forays into the outside world. And if that ain't what happened, it certainly sounds it. Rather than contemplate animal sexuality and self-hate, he tackles subtler themes: minds in slow decay, envy, utter sadness, suicide. "Starfuckres, Inc." steals from Carly Simon's "You're So Vain," spitting vinegar in detractors' eyes. Reznor even takes time for sarcastic optimism on tracks like "I'm looking forward to joining you, finally." Fragile's Reznor is a sponge, soaking up misery like a coroner does blood and bile. The Fragile does take time to seep in, with woozy acoustic guitars and still, Satie-like piano motifs countering the muted post-industrial roar. Though Reznor's screams and gulps are clear here, it's in the quieter moments -- the jazzy lab ambience of "Even Deeper," the buzzing horn and bass on the Debussy beauty "La Mer" -- that he's most effective. You can lay some of the blame on Alan Moulder and The Wall/Berlin producer Bob Ezrin for knowing how to orchestrate morbid, self-involved storytelling, but The Fragile is yet another chapter in Reznor's own teary pulp fiction.
             -a.d. amorosi

    TheFragile.com Back Up!    (15:35CT)
    Yves'es great page, TheFragile.com is back to normal. All of your @thefragile.com Email accounts should be functioning again. In a few weeks, expect to see the site totally revamped.

    "The Fragile" Falls To #16    (15:35CT)
    "The Fragile" fell to the number 16 spot on the Billboard Top 200. Expect the album to rise again with the release of the next single off of the CD.

    Another 'Fragile' Review   (14:47 EST)
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had a review of 'The Fragile' in its latest issue. Staff writer Steve Dollar gave 'The Fragile' a B rating and is quoting in saying "Sufferin' succotash! Trent Reznor wants you to feel his pain"

    Fred Durst Insults Reznor   (14:47 EST)
    Nothing_NIN sent us this information: At a recent Family Values show in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Fred Durst insulted Trent Reznor. During the song 'counterfiet', Fred apparently said "this is for a mr trent reznor", then proceded in singing "you disregarded your life, you disrespected your friends you've even stolen your appearance from hangin out with my family but I should have never dropped my guard, so you could stab me in the back but you were faking me out just faking me out you wear a mask freaking me out you wear a mask called counterfeit, you're freaking me out you wear a mask called counterfeit" Fred Durst wears a Red Yankee hat, Fred is also the vice-president of Interscope Records.

    The Fragile #1 in Germany    (13:07 EST)
    Stefan.Ernst sent us word from Deutschland regarding the status of that double disc you can't get enough of:
    The Fragile is now #1 in the German DAC album charts:

    1. The Fragile - Nine Inch Nails (NEW)
    2. The Circle - Dreadful Shadows
    3. Title Of Record - Filter
    4. Re_Laborat - Das Ich
    5. Juxtapose - Tricky

    We're in this together is dropped to #3. [on the singles chart]

    The Latest and Greatest    (20:22 EST)
    The Comedy that has been called a "pretty fucking funny page"" by many known as The Meatheads Perspective has been updated. This weeks issue shows us how to enjoy 'The Fragile' in ways we never thought possible...

    http://www.theninhotline.de    (16:12 EST)
    Ladies and gentlemen, the NIN hotline now provides Nine Inch Nails in three languages. Extraordinary thanks to pimpf.NøTHiNG, who translates the news into German for us. You should now see a link in the nav-bar on the left to theninhotline.de, where you can find all the latest Nine Inch Nails news, in German. We're currently in search of some people with the time and patience to translate other languages, primarily Spanish and Japanese at the moment. If you're willing, please email us and let us know. Thanks, and tell all your *.de buddies ;)

    We got some Japanese chart action goin' on   (14:40 EST)
    The ever helpful and ultracool Commy from the always pleasant The Perfect Drug Japanese NIN website, filled us in with some chart information. Not quite Commy's exact words, but to sum things up:
    The most influental and famous Japanese charting publication, the "Olicon chart", showed the Fragile debuting at #15. This publication includes all Japanese music, movies, and TV programs, and so being an import, that's not a bad start. However, The Fragile disappeared from the top 20 by the next publication. The big Japanese radio network, "FM Tokyo", listed The Fragile as #5 amongst overseas music.

    Nine Inch Nails screensaver, more tour information    (00:37 EST)
    Keith Duemling, who tends to the massive site smashedupsanity.com, tipped the hotline off to some ticket information for European tour dates, which he has posted at his tour information section, which is quite nice. He also made mention of a NIN screen saver availible at CD Universe that he felt was worth mentioning, so check it out, takes a bit of scrolling down

    WHFS DJ Hangs up on Reznor During Live Interview   (09:16EST)
    Washington DC Radio Station WHFS held an interview with Trent Reznor today. And during the interivew, the DJ, Johnny Riggs, accidentally HUNG UP on Trent Reznor. After he got him back on the phone he brought up the death of Trents dog. Trent was really annoyed by this and sarcasticly said "Thanks for bringing that up!".

    KROQ Reznor Interview On Thursday   (09:00EST)
    Today, Jed the Fish on KROQ in Los Angeles announced that his interview with Trent Reznor, which was recorded last week at nothing studios in New Orleans, will air this Thursday at 5 pm. While Jed was talking about his interview he was playing "The Mark Has Been Made" in the background.

    'The Fragile' #2 on Canadian Charts   (9:00EST)
    According to Jam! Music, a Canadian-based music website, the greatest album of all time (also know as 'The Fragile') will debut at #2 on this weeks SoundScan Canada chart. NIN was outsold by Our Lady Peace, a Canadian Band. You can check out the full chart here.

    'The Fragile' #10 on UK Charts   (5:38pm EST)
    Nine Inch Nails 'The Fragile' has entered the official British Best Selling Album Charts at Number 10. This is not as bad as it may sound because Nine Inch Nails gets much less Air-play on British radio stations. Thanks to Dave Gibb.

    Australian Version of Halo 13 Rarities   (5:38pm EST)
    Kevin at Nineinchnailsnews.com has found that PolyGram Australia has sent out only 5000 limited edition Digipaks of Halo 13: The Day The World Went Away.

    NY Times Lists 'The Fragile' as #1   (10:08am EST)
    The New York Times has 'The Fragile' listed as the Most Wanted (best selling) Album this week. It lands ahead of The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and Kid 'Rock'.

    Fred Durst Angry At Reznor   (9:00pm EST)
    After playing "Into The Void",K-Rock DJ, Raz, said he spoke with Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst earlier in the day. Fred said taht he was really annoyed with Reznors comment in Rolling Stone about him. He said that he never did anything to Reznor and doesnt see why hes mad.

    Great review of the Fragile (are there any other kinds?)   (14:15 EST)
    Reef Valmont at SeattleSquare.com wrote a damn fine review of the Fragile we thought was worth your reading, check the link here out and enjoy.

    New Article in Sunday Times   (2:00pm EST)
    Our UK friend, node_girl has typed up and sent over a new article from "The Sunday Times" You can find it here.

    Control Panel Room   (9:45am EST)
    Mokeejc has took the time to make an image out of the .mov file of the Nothing Studios Control Room posted on nin.com a few days ago. You can view the image here, or check out his great page, Halo 99.

    K-Rock Interview Online   (9:45am EST)
    K-Rock (WXRK in New York) has uploaded thier interview with Trent Reznor that was done by Will Pendarvis Friday at 4. The interview discussed many things in Reznors carrer, you can listen to the interview in 3 parts from K-Rocks Web Page:
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3

  • Bowie Plays Saturday Night Live   (10:52am EST)
    David Bowie played on Saturday Night Live last night. He played the new single "Thursdays Child" first, and then he played the classic "Rebel Rebel".

    K-Rock Interview Information   (11:02am EST)
    WXRK in New York aired an interview with Trent Reznor yesterday at 4pm. They played "Head Like a Hole", "Into the Void" and "We're In This Together" during it. The interview was done by Will Pendarvis. Trent commented on how he believes rock is boring these days, in his own special way. He also said that he does not know who the opening band will be for Nine Inch Nails US tour, but he plans on it starting sometime in March. He also commented on Bob Ezrins work on the album, and the location of Nothing Studios. He also talked for awhile about whole media process can make him look at himself as a different person. K-Rocks Website will have the interview transcribed soon.

    Bowie on Saturday Night Live   (11:02am EST)
    David Bowie will be making a performance on Saturday Night Live tonight. The the will air on NBC at 11:30pm tonight. Bowie will probably be performing one or two songs off of his latest work "...Hours". Thanks Ca9.

    K Rock Interview Information   (01:41CT)
    David Bowie will be making a performance on Saturday Night Live tonight. The the will air on ABC at 11pm tonight. Bowie will probably be performing 1 or 2 songs off of his latest work "...Hours", which is extremely good.

    TheOnion.com reviews "The Fragile"   (01:41CT)
    theonion.com, a humour site that reviews movies and music has reviews The Fragile here. take a look at it, cause it will be gone and into theonion.com archives in about a week.

    German Ticket Outlets   (01:41CT)
    pimpf.NøTHiNG, our German hotline correspondant and ninhotline German translator has sent us the information for those in germany to buy the tickets for the NIN shows there.

    You can get tickets for the German tour at:

    TPP: 069/9443660 and
    CTS: 0180/55700 http://www.cts.de

    The prices are around DEM50.

    Another Online Article   (05:20EST)
    The NY Times Interview of Trent Reznor is reprinted on Hotcoco.com here. Take a peek at this lengthy interview if you already havent.

    Richard Patrick to Contribute to Tapeworm?    (11:02CT)
    In this SonicNet Interview with Richard Patrick of Filter, Patrick says that he will be contributing to the side project Tapeworm. The project also is said to feature the talents of Maynard James Keenan of tool and Charlie Clouser, Danny Lohner, and Trent Reznor of NIN as well.
    thanks to GregGaz for spotting the interview.

    UK Show Ticket Info   (09:27CT)
    Our U.K. NIN Affiliate, nodie_girl has provided us with ticket info for the upcoming U.K. NIN Show. For all of those u.k. nin hotline viewers who are wanting to catch the show, you can call any of the following numbers for ticket info:

    venue t: 0171 771 2000
    stargreen: 0171 734 8932
    ticket master: 0171 344 4040
    way ahead: 0171 403 3331
    or online: www.ticketweb.co.uk

    FNX to Air Trent Interview   (7:38pm ESTpm EST)
    WFNX in Boston will be airing an interview with Trent Reznor tomorrow at 3pm. It may or may not be live, we will get to you on it as soon as possible. Remember to tune in over the internet tomorrow at 3pm EST at FNXs homepage. For those of you in the Boston area, set your FM dials to 101.7.

    NIN.com Updates with Movie of Control Room   (2:58pm EST)
    NIN.com has updated its section which previously featured the Keith Hillebrandt remix of "The Fragile" with a panoramic view of the Nine Inch Nails control room. It is a .mov file, check it out now!

    here, heres a snippet:
    New York ­ nine inch nails debut at #1 on The Billboard 200 this week with their critically acclaimed double CD "The Fragile." Released September 21st amidst a crowded slate of releases, the album sold over 228,000 copies, earning nine inch nails¹ Trent Reznor the first #1 of his career. Produced by Reznor and engineer/mixer Alan Moulder, "The Fragile" is nine inch nails¹ first full-length studio album in five years.
    "We¹re In This Together," the first single off of "The Fragile," is currently generating massive airplay at radio stations and video outlets nationwide. It is one of the ten most played videos on MTV.

    Counter Hits 100k   (16:46 EST)
    The Counter on The Hotline has finally reached 100,000 Hits, the actual stats have been above 100k for a long time, but the counter finally has caught up. Thanks go out to every viewer!

    'The Fragile' #1 On Billboard   (14:46 EST)
    Nine Inch Nails, 'The Fragile', is at #1 on The Billboard Top 200. It is far ahead of any other CDs released on September 21st. Congrats to Trent and everyone who bought it!!!

    Spin gives The Fragile 9 out of 10, comprehensive review    (14:27 EST)
    The Hotline received an email from Venuspulp@cs.com with the Spin review attached:
    Hey, I thought you lovely people would make good use of this. I just recieved my copy of the November issue of SPIN, which contains a review of The Fragile, which scored a 9 out of 10!

    I Smell Meat...   (7:05EST)
    The latest issue of 'The Meathead Perspective' is now on stands. Or, its been uploaded :-). Head on over to The Meathead Perspective and find out why theres now a reason to use the internet.

    Billboard Information   (7:05EST)
    As Soon as Billboard releases thier top 200 album list today, we will post what spot Nine Inch Nails 'The Fragile' came in. If you go check out the top hits from 5 years ago on this day, you find 'The Downward Spiral' in spot 25.