Counter Hits 100k
The Counter on The Hotline has finally reached 100,000 Hits, the actual stats have been above 100k for a long time, but the counter finally has caught up. Thanks go out to every viewer!
The Fragile #1 on Billboard
Nine Inch Nails, 'The Fragile', is at #1 on The Billboard Top 200. It is far ahead of any other CDs released on September 21st. Congrats to Trent and everyone who bought it!!!
Spin gives The Fragile 9 out of 10, comprehensive review
The Hotline received an email from Venuspulp@cs.com with the Spin review attached:
Hey, I thought you lovely people would make good use of this. I just recieved my copy of the November issue of SPIN, which contains a review of The Fragile, which scored a 9 out of 10!
I smell Meat...
The latest issue of 'The Meathead Perspective' is now on stands. Or, its been uploaded :-). Head on over to The Meathead Perspective and find out why theres now a reason to use the internet.
Billboard Information
As Soon as Billboard releases thier top 200 album list today, we will post what spot Nine Inch Nails 'The Fragile' came in. If you go check out the top hits from 5 years ago on this day, you find 'The Downward Spiral' in spot 25.

Sonicnet Redeems Itself
SonicNet, after giving the worst review of 'the fragile' by any major media outlet (a 3.5 out of 5...lower than even Limp Bizkit!) has posted a new editorial discussing all of the hype surrounding the album and the several undeserved lack-luster reviews, including SonicNet's own. Editor Michael Goldberg expresses the feelings of every other nin fan when he says: "Well I've been listening to The Fragile all week. I loaded it into my Rio 500 and I've been listening through headphones, in my car, in my office, wherever I go. Let me tell you, it's no letdown. It's all that!" You can read the editorial in full here or check out the review of the album here.
Trent Speaks on multipile configurations
Yesterday Mr. Reznor posted an explanation for the three different versions of 'the fragile' on the red nin.com message board. Here is what he had to say:

Hello everybody. I've been doing a lot of European press lately and they've been mentioning the various configurations of 'the fragile' and wondering if there was a reason (other than to make the hard-core fan buy them all) to have some different tracks on them.

If you're curious, here's why. We agonised over the sequencing of the record and focused solely on the CD config. as the definitive one. After the decision was made to move to two CDs the problem then became removing tracks to get the right feel and flow. Taking the new flesh' off the CD was a tough call because Alan and myself really like the track, but it destroyed the balance and it just didn't fit.

When we assembled the cassette, we now had four beginnings and endings to contend with instead of two of each (for the CD) follow? It worked out pretty well just dividing the songs up, but we wanted the A sides of the cassettes to be slightly longer than the B sides (so that when the tape flips over you are not in the middle of the first song on that side). We added the 'appendage' to 'please' to make that work.

For the vinyl, the decision to move to three discs was based on fidelity. (you can only fit so many minutes on a side of vinyl before it degrades the sound) So now we are faced with SIX beginnings and endings. Simply splitting the sides up didn't work as well this time so we decided to include the other two tracks we had been considering ('10 miles high' and 'the new flesh') as well as use the full unedited versions of all the other songs on the record.

The vinyl sequencing has actually grown on me lately as a viable alternate! -just thought you might want to know...

European Tour Dates (Updated)
nin.com has updated announcing the first tour dates in support of 'The Fragile'. You can view a ticket for the 11/25 show in Paris here.
November 11th- Barcelona, Spain. Venue: Pabellon Valle Hebron
November 17th- Milan, Italy. Venue: Alcatraz
November 19th- Munich, Germany. Venue: Colosseum
November 20th- Vienna, Austria. Venue: Libro Music Hall
November 22nd- Berlin, Germany. Venue: Columbiahalle
November 23rd- Copenhagen, Denmark. Venue: KB Halle
November 25th- Paris, France. Venue: Le Zenith
November 26th- Düsseldorf, Germany. Venue: Stahlwerk
November 28th- Tilburg, Netherlands. Venue: O13
November 29th- London, England. Venue: Brixton Academy
December 1st- London, England. Venue: Brixton Academy
Thanks to Shatter for the German Dates and Emporer for the ticket picture.
Nine Inch Nails to play England
As nme.com reports, Nine Inch Nails will be doing a concert in Brixton Academy, in England on November 29th. This happens to be within a 20 minute drive from the hotlines own Node Girl. Its only £15, which works out to about $25. So, expect a set list and show review the day after the show.
WITT on MTV, and not on MTV
Nine Inch Nails was on Total Request Live on Thursday, pulling in at number 10, but on Friday, it was not featured on MTVs Total Request Live. On a more sensible note, you can always pull over to www.nin.com and download the video and watch it over and over and over to your hearts delight.

I've found you can find a shameless plug everywhere!
The acclaimed webmaster of the excellent artistic NIN website,Happiness In Slavery has told the hotline that he has moved to a new domain: www.nineinchnails.nu. its a *high* quality site and we recomend it to all NIN fans. He also said he might be dropping in from time to time in #nin99 so keep an eye out!
More tidbits from the 3LP version (updated)
Turning to the last page of the 11"x11" booklet that comes with the vinyl, one will see that 10 Miles High accredits as such: "reconstructed mixed by keith killebrandt". The New Flesh is strictly Trent Reznor however. And note that the last song is listed as Ripe, no decay here. The version of Ripe on the vinyl is about the same length, but stays with the acoustic guitars throughout the whole song. The two new songs are very obscure, but interesting. The 31 second clip in the beginning of 'Please' on the CD is infact '10 Miles High'.
Six page Kerrang article, new pictures
Our English operative Node_Girl spent a good bit of time typing this gem up for all of us who don't get this British mag. Check it out in its huge glory, sit down for the load on this one. Nice interview tidbits and studio pictures, as well as live pictures from 9/9/99.
RollingStone Fragile Article is Online
Rolling Stone Magazine contacted us today and asked us to post news on thier Trent Reznor Article. Their site features:

  • An excerpt of the Cover Story written by Rolling Stone writer Anthony Bozza
  • A G2 Multimedia file featuring an audio interview with Trent set to a collage of exclusive images
  • A exclusive Photo Gallery featuring brand new pictures of Trent, taken by world-renowned photographer Mark Seliger Remember

    Trent graces the cover of Rolling Stone this month, make sure to pick up your copy at a local newstand next week!
Official posts on nin.com
Charlie Clouser and Trent Reznor have posted some stuff concerning Tapeworm and Touring on the nin.com message board. They said that only one Tapeworm song is done, ane it features Maynard Keenan and Trent on vocals, and the songs with Page Hamilton/Phil Anselmo have not yet been completed. They also said that they are doing shows in Europe throughout the fall, including Holland and France.
'The Fragile' on Amazon.com
The Fragile has been in the top 5 selling CDs at Amazon.com since its release. It was up to number one yesterday, but has fallen to number four today.
All they've undergone they keep on...
Well it appears now that nin.com is going to keep up its tradition of updating all the time. Last night there was pics of a rehearsal and one of Danny Lohner. Tonight we have a pic of Charlie Clouser and something extra special. If anyone hasn't seen the latestest video for Nine Inch Nails (We're In This Together) you can now stream it off of nin.com.

Misspelling on Cassette Version
Ca9 and I noticed something strange on our cassette copies of 'The Fragile'. On Tape 2: Side A "The Mark has been Made" is spelled wrong, it says "The Mark has been Make". It is spelled correctly in the booklet, but on the tape itself, it says "The Mark has been Make". Both versions of the tape that I noticed were bought in the United States. This is The American version of the cassette...

The version of the tape that pinkfloid bought, was bought in Canada. His copy of the cassette had it spelt right! This sounds like the Canadian version of the casette has it spelt right, while the American version is wrong. It seems like the Canadians had it right all along!

Note on '10 Miles High'
The "Hidden" Intro in 'Please' in which you have to rewind 'Please' into negative numbers to hear, contains some of the lyrics in '10 miles high' which is found exclusively on the vinyl, this may be a teaser of '10 miles high'. And.. On my previous post about the intro, it is being floated around the net that it is a Pink Floyd song. It is not, the bass riff is the same riff that is used in the Pink Floyd song 'Goodbye Cruel World', the bass riff only.
DuaneFogg on nin.com
We have been informed by official sources that "DuaneFogg" on the nin.com message board is NOT the real Duane Fogg. Please do not hold his messages with any value.
Weathermen Vinyls
The Weathermen shipped out thier vinyls of 'The Fragile' on Tuesday the 21st. If you ordered it from them, expect it in a few days.
RollingStone.com NIN gallery
RollingStone.com (online site for music mag) has appx 13 new images of Trent Reznor and NIN. Instead of stealing them all, we give you the link to go check it for yourself.
Vinyl lyrics & nin.com pics
The lyrics for the two vinyl-only tracks, Ten Miles High and the new flesh are available here. in other news...nin.com apparently has re-established its exciting "update pics every day" routine. and with it, we will archive ALL pics that are on the site. look for them in the Image Archive Directory under nin.com in the buttons off to the left.
More Halo Fourteen news from around the globe
Commy from the The Perfect Drug has provided the Ninhotline with the specifications on the japenese version of Halo 14:
First, there's no extra tracks for Japansese version, the contents are same as US version....Japanese distributer(Universal Victor Japan) prepare a special poster as a reservation privilege.. ...version also have a full color sleeve and a commentary booklet... There's short history of NIN, and some commentaries of the each songs.

Vinyl and cassette version information
Leviathant payed his debts toward Nine Inch Nails today and picked up all three forms of the Fragile. The triple vinyl set contains a huge lyric booklet filled with more of the abstract, aesthetic photography featured in smaller format with the CD. When the lyrics to The Fragile were posted on nin.com, they were from the vinyl's booklet. The two new songs, The New Flesh and 10 Miles High are not instrumentals, but Levi needs to get to a turntable before he can post any further info on that. The double cassette comes in a little cardboard wrapper and features an extension to Please, marked as (+ appendage). Well, I'm feeling silly updating in the third person now, so I'll come out and say that the triple LP version is so worth the extra cash, for the extra songs and for the extra large insert, and it's vinyl, a purer recording by it's analogue nature. And I really enjoyed the appendage to Please on the cassette as well. I picked up every version for $19.99 a piece, and it's money well spent. Support talent :) The store where I bought the vinyl from said his distributor's computers were down, so he just got them in on Tuesday, so perhaps those of you who are having trouble finding the vinyl may be at stores with the same distribution company, who just haven't gotten their orders shipped yet.


DISC 1 SIDE A: Somewhat Damaged, The Day the World Went Away, The Frail, The Wretched
DISC 1 SIDE B: We're In This Together, The Fragile, Just Like You Imagined, Even Deeper
DISC 2 SIDE A: Pilgrimage, No, You Dont, La Mer, The Great Below
DISC 2 SIDE B: The Way Out Is Through, Into the Void, Where Is Everybody?, The Mark Has Been Made
DISC 3 SIDE A: 10 Miles High, Please, Starfuckers Inc., Complication, The New Flesh
DISC 3 SIDE B: I'm Looking Forward to Joining You, Finally, The Big Comedown, Underneath It All, Ripe

nin.com picture
There is a picture on the newly updated nin.com that shows many different designs posted on a wall. All the designs are square and seem the size to fit a CD, this may be the alternative artwork for the CD that was going to be released, and rumored that a few copies of it were printed off, before the new artwork (that is on your copy of the CD) was put on.
SonicNet Articles
SonicNet has posted 2 new articles on NIN. One article was about the NIN Craze at 12:01 tonight. According to the article, which you can read here, over 1 million copies of 'The Fragile' were sent out initially.

The other article is a review of the album, which you can read here.

Spin Review
Spin Magazine has also reviewed the album, and given it an extremely good review.
...As many brilliant suicide records as there are in the tortured genius canon... Bowie's Station to Station, Loud Reed's Berlin, Joy Division's Closer, Nirvana's In Utero, there are no brilliant alternative to suicide records until now...
Read the rest in Spins review
USA Today Article
USA Today ran an article/interview with Trent Reznor by Edna Gunderson in their September 21st edition in the Life section, as well as this photograph by Todd Plitt for USA Today. USA Today has posted the article online, in which they review The Fragile and give it a 4 out or 4 stars, the highest rating.
Secret Track? (updated)
I have been getting alot of inquries about the 'secret track' which was previously posted. I was wrong in calling it a secret track, it was more like an intro to the song. It is on 'Please', if you go to 'Please', track 5 on disc 2, and start playing it, you will not hear this. But if you rewind Track 5 into the negative numbers, you will hear the intro. Some CD players will also pick this up automatically. Im very sorry for the misleading information, Thank you.
ninhotline updates
As per the ninhotline's heritage. when images appear at nin.com, we archive them. and you'll find them in the Image Archive button off to the left under 9-01 and 10-01 images. Also, in celebration of the new album, meathead regales us once more with a special fragile edition of the meathead perspective.
nin.com is alive and kicking
Tonight NIN.com oficially opened. This is what we all have been waiting for. It contains 2 new pics, a remix and four (count em) 4 forums. There are posts from Trent himself as well as the webmaster. Lets all have fun with this.
Evolution is complete. New NIN is here.
Greetings and welcome to the next era in music. Nine Inch Nails evolutionary "The Fragile" officially has hit stores. Also finishing evolving is the theninhotline.net site...we will soon be delievering you a steady stream of news and info on this shattering record. please enjoy our new look in celebration of this epic release. Halo fourteen: The Fragile.
Nine Inch Nails: The Fragile

Fragile Secret Track
There IS infact a secret track on the Fragile. I will not tell you on what track, ill let you find it, its on the second disc, ill give you that much :-).

But, for those of you with the mp3s, you're not going to be able to hear this. On one of the tracks, you must rewind it past the 0:00 mark so it starts to go into negative numbers (Less Than Jake and Limp Bizkit have also done this). You can hear what sounds A REAL LOT like "Goodbye Cruel World", the last track on disc 1 of Pink Floyds 'The Wall'. There are vocals, and lyrics, which are "im getting closer all the time"

More Promotional Scans
the hotline has recieved scans of additional promotional material.
- The Fragile Stand Up Promo (front)
- The Fragile Window Cling!
Rolling Stone Scans
Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails are the cover story for the newest issue of Rolling Stone. Here are two scans that were in the article. Studio 1 and Studio 2.
Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails

thanks to Steve M. for the scans.

Scans of new sticker, vinyl, VHS
Heres some scans of the new NIN stickers that were released in Germany, advertising that countries release of The Fragile. There are also scans of the 10' vinyl and the promo VHS tape which held two commercials to be aired on German TV. Here are the scans:

  • The Sticker
  • The 10 Inch Promo Vinyl
  • The Promo VHS Tape

    We have scans of the whole CD, including booklet, but will not post those until the CD is officially released in the United States on Tuesday. Yes, the promo vinyl does look like that, with absolutely NO marking on it at all.
    Thank you Shatter.
Reminder of the good ol' days
I thought many people would find this interesting. Remember back in July, the message board by Duane Fogg? We still dont know how real of a person Duane is, but He's in the 'Thank You' section of 'The Fragile'.
Information on Fragile.com's status
Our good friend Dizzy from TheFragile.com has sent us an email telling us why the sites not working and what to expect:
www.thefragile.com is being moved to another server. The current server could not handle the bandwith that was required and we have been locked out from updating or adding anything new. Some of the things have been taken off (not by us) because of that. We are moving to a much bigger server, from a T1 line to mutliple T3 which will make downloads much faster. Another issue is the email program yourname@thefragile.com , I assure you that everything will stay functional, and that you will not lose anything.


Best of luck to Dizzy! We'll keep you up to date on the happennings at TheFragile.com.
nin.com note
The #nin99 regular, virii, sent us an ad that Best Buy has been posting, which advertises for the Fragile. They offer it for $18.99.
More interviews/reviews
digitalis has sent us more links to an interview of trent reznor by the LA Times "Calender" and a review of "The Fragile" by the same publication

NY Times Articles
I spent a couple hours today typing up these articles, and here they are, courtesy of the New York Times and Nothing Records.
A Rocker and Practicing the Power of Negative Thinking
Building an Album out of Scraps and Feelings
LA Times reviews The Fragile
According to David Bjorne , The Los Angeles Times has put a review of 'The Fragile' in thier latest issue.
French Halo Fourteen Scans
This is a scan sent to us by Emporer of the inside of Halo 14. This is the French version, but it shows both CDs, track listing and the colors used inside the album.
NY Times, BIG article
Punk was lucky enough to wake up this morning with the New York Times, where a LARGE article in the Sunday Paper (which is shipped on Saturdays) features information about the new album
This picture, along with a picture of Trent performing at the Video Music Awards were found in the music section. Two articles, called "A Rocker Practicing the Power of Negative Thinking" and "Building an Album Out of Scraps and Feelings" take up over a page in the Times. Punk spent mucho time typing up one of these articles, "A Rocker and Practicing the Power of Negative Thinking". The next article will be up soon.
KROQ plays new song
KROQ in Los Angeles played "The Wretched" yesterday at 6:30pm. It was described as "lots of thick guitars and deep throbbing sounds, distant Trent screams.... It sounded great".

Photograph information correction
A viewer kindly corrected us on our info and thankfully provided proper credit for the photographer... Not to mention a much better, color scan.
The photo of Trent in the car was taken by a photographer named Taryn Simon and is the first in a series of official photography by her that is being distributed to promote the Fragile. They are official releases from Nothing.
Trent Picture...
The New York Times had a picture of Trent Reznor from the Video Music Awards driving along. He doesnt look like he wanted his picture taken that much...
We also have scanned in some more pics of all the guys that went to the Video Music Awards, you can see those here, and here if you really want to?
nin.com mailing list
Today at 11:16EST, nin.com sent out a letter to everyone that registered thier email on nin.com back in August. There were links to download the video, and to buy the Fragile. Go check your email and you should have recieved a mail from nin.com if you signed up
Fragile Reviews

Many reviews of 'The Fragile' have been popping up all over the internet. They all consider this album to be a classic, and as one #nin99 visitor said "it'll screw you up though.. you prolly wont be able to get any sleep". If you have BOUGHT the album, and would like to send use your review, feel free to mail it to us. This review was posted on alt.music.nin last night.

The first disc is awesome a great combo of layered instruments, textured sounds, and the use of many instruments. Yes, there is heavy guitar and a lot of experimental melodic guitar thanks to andrian belew.

The use of piano is very evident as a focal piece in "the frail" and all over the CD. Wonderful contrasts of beautiful instrumental pieces and all instrumetal pieces that build to a loud heavy sound that is a hell of a lot tougher sound then what is currently out there from the likes of KOrn etc.

Very reminds me of the downward spiral then any other of his CD's if you are looking to compare it to, but I would say it is a lot more complex in song structure and is certainly has a more dense sound to it. Like Trent said it seems to continue the themes that were left off from the last CD.

Lyrically very dark, isolated, not very positive as we would think from the singles that are out now. But, it is optimistic a "I'll continue on attitude".

2nd CD is a bit different musical tone. I don't know how to explain it more of a "trip hop sound" but it is not dancy. Hard to explain. I know that none of the songs on the second disc would fit on the first one, they seemed to be arranged differently, but this is only after one listen so don't get mad since I can not put into words what I am trying to explain. 2nd CD has more use of drums and some of the odder riffs almost disjointed at times.

I'd say that the 2nd CD is a wee bit weaker then the first, but I think it is because of the song arrangements and the pacing is different. More noise backgrounds.

Overall the CD is great a wonderful a work worthy of Trent's name

FNX gives away free copies of 'The Fragile'
WFNX will be giving away free copys of 'The Fragile' this weekend. They will be giving away another copy EVERY 15 minutes. They do not say that you will get the album before Tuesday, but if you would like another copy, or cant afford one copy, go listen to WFNX and call in.
Packaging Information
Our very own PinkFloid was lucky enough to hold a copy of 'The Fragile' today, he said that it featured the art from nin.com and was infact a double digipack (such as March of the Pigs, or Closer). He noted that it was significantly thicker, for a booklet on the inside which (according to SLS) contains all the album lyrics. The back of the CD was done using puffed ink.
Vote on MTV
Everybody who reads this should click on the banner above and VOTE for WITT on MTV. Lets see if we can get NIN up to #1, everyone tune in to TRL at 3:30 EST to see where the video lands. Click on the banner and then vote away!
Japanese Halo Fourteen
Commy at The Perfect Drug sent us some interesting information on Halo 14. He said that it will be released on September 23rd, but many stores will sell it on the 22nd. He said that a japanese version of the CD, with the same content, would be released. But, he also said that there will be no Japanese Vinyl or Tape.

For Immedeate Release



New York ­ nine inch nails debuted the video for "We¹re In This Together," the first single off of their highly anticipated album "The Fragile," today at 4:45pm on MTV "Total Request Live." "We¹re In This Together" is the #1 most-added track at Active Rock and Modern Rock radio stations nationwide.

This Tuesday, September 21, 1999, nothing records will release the "The Fragile." Over one million copies of the record have been shipped to retailers nationwide. nine inch nails first full-length studio album in five years, "The Fragile" was produced by Trent Reznor and engineer/mixer Alan Moulder. On CD, "The Fragile" features 23 tracks and will be available as a double disc set. The cassette and vinyl editions will be offered in slightly different versions. [The cassette (2 cassettes) version features an alternate version of "Please." The vinyl (3 disc) version features 25 songs total; including slightly longer versions of "The Day The World Went Away," "Even Deeper," and "La Mer" as well as two additional tracks, "10 Miles High" and "The New Flesh."]

The media coverage of "The Fragile" will include exclusive interviews with nine inch nails¹ Trent Reznor in TIME magazine, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and USA TODAY. In the "New Season" preview of The New York Times, critic Jon Pareles stated: " 'The Fragile' seeks new nadirs of bitter disclosure matched to fine-tuned sonic assaults."

nine inch nails' official website is located at http://www.nin.com.

For those without MTV or VCRs
[_Dizzy_], Hotline associate and webmaster@thefragile.com, has made WITT available in G2 format at his previously mentioned website. Enjoy!
Review of "The Fragile" double album
British Metal magazine Kerrang! offered one of the first reviews the Fragile to hit the stands. Gracious thanks to Mark Bartlam for typing all this up and posting it to alt.music.nin.
MTV said they will air WITT Today on TRL, and they did! The video played around 3:30CT on TRL... Now, Total Request Live plays twice a day, check mtv.com or your local listings to see when Total Request Live re-airs... Chris Schulte, who drops in #nin99 from time to time, frequents alt.music.nin, and as you may recall pushed The Perfect Drug to radio four months ahead of schedule, allowed us to reprint his point of view on the video, for those of you without MTV and who don't feel like downloading the MPGs already spreading.

It's that time again
Time again for everyone's favorite perspective - Meathead's Perspective
Fragile commercial in MTV rotation
the fragile commercial that aired during the MTV VMA's seems to be in mtv's commercial rotation as it has been spotted today.
theninhotline.net site changes
the nin hotline has finished its main evolution. the lyric / word archive, audio archive and news archive and the halo 14 profile page have all been updated / added. there will be immediate additons to all of these as the day progresses.
Industrial Strength CD released today
The AP Industrial Strength CD has been released in the United States today, it offers an unreleased LIVE version of Gave Up along with Yu Gung(Fuetter Mein Ego) by Neubauten, Stigmata by Ministry, Dig It by Skinny Puppy and many other classic industrial tracks.
German Banners
Nils sent us word that MotorMusic has posted a new NIN banner advertising for 'The Fragile' to be released 2 weeks from today, September 27th in Germany. Here it is:
The Loder Interviews: Transcribed
Don't have MTV? Don't feel like downloading huge-ass captures of the interview? Well, give Ninnation a hand, he's spent a good deal of time transcribing both snippets of Kurt Loder's interview with Trent Reznor. Hop on over to his site and check it out, save yourself a massive download. Thanks a whole bunch Ninnation!
All three postcard designs online
A fellow named Ruiner on the 9inchnails.com message board kindly posted scans of all three Fragile promo postcards here. Thanks a bunch Ruiner! :)
Nine Inch Nails hold great expectations
#nin99 frequenter cheeseb0y noted that at go.com's Wall of Sound, their release of the week poll shows Nine Inch Nails coming in strong at 60% of the votes, with the next most anticipated release being Tori Amos, holding merely 20.1%. They also feature a brief restatement of the Press Release for the Fragile.
The Fragile vinyl to contain exclusive tracks
Kevin over at nineinchnailsnews.com recieved some priviliged information, and rather than spoil his hit count by posting it here, you're going to have to head over there and check out what news he's got :)

UK release of The Fragile delayed
Our affiliate site www.nineinchnailsnews.com has unfortunately posted that the fragile will be released on September 27th instead of the expected date of September 20th (next monday) in the UK. This news has apparently come straight from the computers at Virgin Records. Although the UK release has been delayed the North American release date remains the same for September 21st.
Fragile available for pre-order at Amazon
Amazon.com has posted 'The Fragile' for pre-order, you can pick it up there for only $17.49. They also show the cover to the album posted on nin.com, further proving this is the real album cover.
MTV Video Music Awards viewed by many
The MTV Video Music Awards ranked in over 30 million viewers, being the most watched MTV Awards ever. Thats gotta be the most people thats ever seen NIN perform live at the same time then.

New Promo Scans
WITT has graciously provided the hotline with exclusive high quality scans of the Fragile promo poster and the Fragile / TDTWWA Promo poster.
Part 2 of the Trent and Kurt Interview
You can find part two of the MTV Trent Reznor exclusive at our associated site, www.thefragile.com
Commercial Lyrics
I have figured out what seems to be the lyrics to the commercial that was aired for 'The Fragile' during the Video Music Awards. It appears that Trent is singing either "underneath it all, but still we grow" or "underneath it all, but still we crawl" then it fades out into the "all i've undergone, i will keep on" that we have heard in the one.swf snippets off of nin.com.

This sounds as though it is track 10 on the second CD of 'The Fragile', the song is titled 'Underneath it all'. Sorry if other people already have gotten this and found it easy to translate, it just seemed hard to hear for me.

Fragile snippet in NY Today
Carol found this article on NYtoday.com. It mentions Trent Reznor and the new album. Heres a snippet:
But in the 1999 season, angst is going to try for a comeback. Leading the misery brigade is Trent Reznor, who has taken five years to come up with a sequel to "The Downward Spiral." Between albums, he has steered Marilyn Manson to notoriety and supervised the soundtrack to "Natural Born Killers," but Nine Inch Nails's particular blend of industrial crunch and Beatles melody, self- loathing and blurted confessions of bad impulses went silent. Worked over in studio solitude for years, the new Nine Inch Nails album, "The Fragile," which is due Sept. 21, seeks new nadirs of bitter disclosure matched to fine-tuned sonic assaults.
Fragile different in all 3 versions
gothgyrl@thefragile.com mailed us some information that Hot Topic posted on thier page. Here it is:
Consisting of 23 tracks, there will be 'slightly different' versions of songs on each of the vinyl, cassette and CD copies of the disc. Which should force hard-core fans of Mr. Reznor to purchase the double disc in multiple formats
You can check out the article here.
Fragile Promo poster
Take a look at the latest promo poster available for the fragile here . Thanks to lucid003 for sending it in.

More to the Kurt and Trent Interview
Recently on MTV's show 1515 they aired more to the interview between Kurt Loder and Trent Reznor. Apparently the extra part includes information about the new NIN video "we're in this together," and as well who "starfuckers inc." is all about. A transcription will most likely be made soon.
New NIN shirts
Previews of the new NIN shirts can be found at www.cdsquare.com. The shirts have a white "NIN" logo on the front that's cut in half. The backs say in white lettering "the fragile". Shirts will be sold for $12.99 a piece.
www.thefragile.com has interview & performance
Our associated site, thefragile.com now has the MTV Video Music Awards interview with Trent Reznor, and performance by NIN uploaded onto Real Audio.
Fragile commercial fits in with teasers
If the commercial for 'The Fragile' is played right before the third teaser that was posted on www.nin.com back in July it fits together perfectly. The commercial plays the beginning of the third teaser, and they fit together flawlessly to form one 1:25 long clip.

More info from inside the Video Music Awards
Well, 4 people who work with the NIN hotline and #nin99 (Ca9, Leviathant, Meathead and puNk) went to the 1999 Video Music Awards, which was previously shown. Our seats weren't really close, so we couldnt see Trent that well. Actually, two of our seats were last row, so Trent looked about the size of a nickel, BUT, I did notice the fan reaction. The fan reaction sucked, There were 4 other people that we met that got called from MTV also, and we were the only people even standing for NIN. The whole balcony was sitting down during NINs performance. Luckily, Chris Rock didnt mock Nails at all. Trents 'stage setup' was merely the monitors that they always have set up. All the stuff that you saw in the background on TV was set there all day by MTV. Trent did not walk in through the red carpet. Trent stayed at the Sheraton New York on 53rd and 7th, or so it seemed. Many of the roadies were seen mingling outside. Someone that we dont know got his autograph, and he was 'really casual wearing jeans and a t-shirt'.

I'd like to thank Nothing Records and the people within it who've been helping us (you know who you are) :-), and Id like to send our thanks out to MTV.

New commercial confirmed for the Fragile
Thanks to our long time regular Mokeejc in #nin99 we have confirmed that there is a new commercial. It is awesome containing new music(sounding like it fits with the previous teasers the one.sfw files), the cover pics we all saw at www.nin.com.It also contains the pic of trent on the orange background (see image archives 1-01) and everything zooms in and out. The video can be seen and heard separately at mokee's own site. Halo99
MTV tidbits
Well it was a busy day yesterday with NIN and MTV. Trent put on an awesome show. Mtv has transcribed the pre-show interview here. And MTV also has a review of NIN's performance available at their news site. MTV NEWS
New commercial
As mentioned by various people in our chat channel #nin99 on dalnet. There appears to be a new NIN commercial for the fragile airing on MTV. It was apparently aired during the awards show last night.
From the guys at the VMAs
Leviathant, Meathead, Ca9 and puNk all met in New York City and attended the video music awards. As far as NIN stuff, what you saw on TV is what we saw. Trent apparently stayed in the Sheraton New York on 53rd street and 7th ave. It was dumb luck that we found this, because we saw all the roadies outside, standing there. Trent didnt walk in through the red carpet from what we saw, nor did he hang around after the show. Many celebrities were around talking with fans and each other after the concert, but no one from the NIN camp, nor David Bowie was there.

We will be posting some stills of the interview in which they showed what appeared to be new promo pictures and unreleased live footage (including a nice keyboard throwing shot). They also played a clip from "The Great Below". mp3s of NIN playing "The Fragile" at the Video Music Awards are already circulating throughout the internet.

New t-shirt design!
While Levi, Meathead and puNk were at the video music awards, the roadies for NIN were wearing some of the new "Fragile" NIN shirts, you can check a drawing of the back of the shirts here. We did not see the front of them, sorry.

After an AMAZING preformance by none other than NINE INCH NAILS, Nin.com opened up with lyrics to the song "The Fragile". You can check a text version here
Happy 9/9/99 Everyone!
Hello and welcome to 9/9/99! Today nine inch nails performs *LIVE* at the MTV Video Music Awards. The hotline has 4 reporters deep in VMA territory and they'll be constantly reporting to us via high tech communication! Look at the VMA Update Page to see whats been happening!

German Release Parties
These are the dates for release parties in Germany.
27.09.99 - NIL CLUB - Schweinfurt
27.09.99 - KAISERKELLER - Hamburg
29.09.99 - KUZ - Mainz
29.09.99 - WASCHHAUS - Potsdam
30.09.99 - CLUB NIGHTLIFE - Aachen
30.09.99 - ROCKFABRIK - Augsburg
30.09.99 - GENESIS - Mannheim
30.09.99 - JAIL HOUSE - Bischberg
01.10.99 - U-BOOT - Bayreuth
01.10.99 - ETERNITY - Hannover
01.10.99 - SCHEUNE - Bietigheim-Bissingen
01.10.99 - ARATTA - Moers
01.10.99 - PULVERTURM - Munich
02.10.99 - GETAWAY - Solingen
02.10.99 - MUSIKTHEATER - Kassel
02.10.99 - ROCKOKO - Kierspe
02.10.99 - UNI 1 - Lichtenstein
09.10.99 - C-BASE - Berlin
09.10.99 - KAUE - Gelsenkirchen
So if you happen to be in Germany during late September/early October, those are the places to be.
WITT premiere today?
Carson Daly mentioned that the new NIN video "We're In This Together" may premiere TODAY during the MTV show "Total Request Live". It airs at 3pm EST
Carson Daly speaks of the massive TR interview
#nin99 Regular SnoWyte77 was tuned into Kroq LA and overheard Carson Daly spilling his guts in an interview...
This morning on KROQ (LA) Carson Daly spilled the beans about the Kurt Loder trenterview. The interview ran too long for the VMA preshow alone and MTV is planning on doing an hour long special about The Fragile to include all the extra stuff. At one point, Trent had an epiphany and spoke almost nonstop, without prodding from Loder, for about an hour. Also, Trent didn't want to go into MTV studios, however Carson was a little vague as to where the interview was conducted He told the DJ's, Kevin and Bean, that it was someone that they all knew. Carson used to work at kroq himself and it's my speculation that the common friend maybe another former KROQ employee and rumored friend of Trents, Kennedy.

Juicy stuff eh? Well, lets keep our eyes peeled. Thanks again SnoWyte77

Smell that?
Whats that smell?? hmm...must mean that the new meathead perspective has arrived.
Confirmed interview
We recieved offical comfirmation from NIN that there will be a pre-show interview, that NIN will play during the VMA's, and that NIN would 'never play pre-show'.
Pre-show to play on Much Music
You read right! The pre-show to the MTV VMA's WILL be broadcasted live on Much Music from 18:30 to 20:00 EST. Then the awards will go on from 20:00 to 23:30 EST.

Musique Plus, their French version, will also broadcast the Awards show but NOT the pre-show. Their version is also 30 minutes shorter as they will start at 20:00 and end at 23:00 EST. So if you have both version, tune in to Much Music!

On another note about Musique Plus, no, they haven't played a NIN video on Friday because they simply don't play "La Courbe" on Fridays. The WITT video hasn't been added to their website...but..."La Courbe" DOES play on Tuesdays...so, it means that the NIN video they will play will be tonight at 21:30 on Musique Plus...to know which one...you'll have to tune in...but what IF it was WITT...are you really willing to take that chance?

Pre-order Fragile + Uncovered Interview Disc
Yet another site, Rock Fetish is offerring 'The Fragile' for pre-order and they also have the 'Uncovered' interview disc for pre-order for only $10.97.
MTV Commercial
MTV is airing commercials for their interview with Trent Reznor before the Video Music Awards on September 9th. Kurt Loder will be interviewing Reznor which "Brings you a rare and open minded interview with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails"
AP Industrial Strength to feature new NIN
The Alternative Press CD 'Industrial Strength' is to hit the streets on September 14th, one week before the Fragile gets to the US. The CD offers classic tracks from bands such as Skinny Puppy, Ministry, KMFDM and Front Line Assembly. It also has an UNRELEASED track from the Revolting Cocks and a live version of 'Gave Up' by Nine Inch Nails.
Thanks to SLS News


Just a Reminder   (15:03EST)
Just a little reminder to tune your televisions to VH1 tomorrow night at 8pm or 11pm EST. Trent Reznor will be making a brief cameo appearance in a movie, in which he plays in a band.

Corgan on Reznor   (15:00EST)
From Within has posted part of an article in which Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins discusses the differences between his style of being in a band compared to Reznors. You can read the article here. This is a small clip from it:
Corgan: Well, when you get right down to it, what's the difference between me and Trent Reznor or somebody else who leads a unit? Trent has made no bones about being the guy in his deal. He's rotated an ever-changing cast of characters. The difference is we've stayed together. It's just a difference in people's perceptions of what is copacetic, I guess. I know people are very romantic with the idea of how a band works and they want to believe that everyone stays up till 4 a.m. smoking pot and jamming. But I don't think that's really the case in anybody's band.

No Pre-show performance...   (19:57EST)
Seems like our MTV viewers weren't doing strict interpretations of the MTV News lastnight. Nine Inch Nails is playing the Awards show, but not outside.
AP takes a quick shot at the VMA performance    (05:17EST)
Alternative Press Online has placed bets that NIN is playing We're In This Together at the Video Music Awards on 9/9/99. The lineup for the show is going to be Jerome Dillon (previously of Howlin' Maggie) on drums, Danny Lohner, Robin Finck, Charlie Clouser, and that Trent guy in their usual spots.
WITT Video Premiere   (00:27EST)
SLS News reported that the WITT video may premiere at the end of next week, around the time of the Video Music Awards on MTV.

NIN to play VMAs... Outside?    (19:52EST)
Nine Inch Nails and two (possibly three) other bands are playing the pre-show outside the VMAs. Sean667 also mentioned that they would also hold an interview with Trent, and are going to discuss the new album.

Those who are looking for another article concerning the new album can find it here at launch.com

Musique Plus' new NIN video is apparently not WITT... sorry.

Picture from NIN Ad   (9:55 EST)
Kevin at From Within has posted a picture from the MTV commercial that shows Trent for a moment. Here is the picture:
NIN Video to play on Musique Plus   (02:05 EST)
For all people who can catch the music station Musique Plus, they will be playing a NIN video, we are assuming WITT, to play tonight at 21:30 on the show "La Courbe". Get your VCR's ready!

Trent Appears in MTV Commercial   (22:27 EST)
Cho sent us information about a new MTV commercial for the video music awards. In the commercial they mention Nine Inch Nails and show a picture of Trent standing behind a chain link fence. Its a new picture of Trent because he has the short hair. This may be a clip from the 'We're In This Together' video. Here is how he described it:
It was very close up.. you saw his nose and eyes.. but he looked dirty, similar to how he looked in the AP article. He looked like he was in a dark room with dark lighting similar to the cage he was in in HIS but i would say that the chain link fence was 6 inches away from his face, and the camera was another 6 inches away from that

We're In This Together LP Version Circulating   (12:17 EST)
mp3s of the LP version of 'We're In This Together' have already started to circulate around the net. This version is only available on the promo disc for 'We're In This Together' and was most likely not played on the radio. The version has a longer intro and at the end has a clean piano that sounds somewhat like the melody in the ninetynine teaser showed on MTV last year.
UK Press Release   (10:33CT)
Our very own Node Girl got the latest press release from the UK confirming our update on 'The Fragile' being released on September 20th in the UK.
New York - on September 21, 1999, nothing records will release the highly anticipated nine inch nails album "the fragile" worldwide. the first full-length studio album in five years, "the fragile" was produced by trent reznor and engineer/mixer alan moulder. on cd, "the fragile" features 23 tracks and will be available as a double disc set. the cassette and vinyl editions will be offered in slightly different versions.

dubbled "the decade's most anticipated album" by alternative press, "the fragile" sees reznor returning with vision expanded and range broadened without compromise. "there was no settling involved with the making of this record", he says. "i wanted to try new things, fully utilising the studio while putting more effort into melody and structure. as a fan, i want to listen to something more than just singles and filler. i want something that i can listen to a million times, trying to get more out of it with each spin. that's the kind of record i tried to make here."

"the fragile" was recorded in new orleans at nothing studios. the album's first single "we're in this together" is scheduled for release to radio stations worldwide via satellite on august 27th.

nine inch nails have confirmed their performance on the "mtv video music awards" on september 9th 1999, marking their first televised awards show appearance.



new hotline changes   (01:33CT)
Welcome to September! The month of New NIN! A quick recap for you: VMAs in 9 days, halo fourteen in 21! Anyways, the hotline has slightly changed its appearnce to load quicker and allow more news to load up quicker! Also added were the Halo fourteen profile and nin.com image updates pages. Some pages are still under re-development so please be patient! As always, send your comments to the hotline operators with any comments and/or suggestions!