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New Meathead Perspective...
Not to be overshadowed by the release of 'We're In This Together' or 'The Fragile' tracklisting, Meathead has once again graced us with another installment of the Meathead Perspective.
22 day theory keeping alive
Ca9 has noticed that the 22 day theory from earlier is still up and running. On August 10th nothing happened, that is the only kicker. On August 31st, was updated with 'The Fragile' artwork. In 22 days from now... something big will happen. Oh yea, 'The Fragile' will be released in the US.
WITT note
I was listenening to WXRK in New York when they played 'We're In This Together' around 6 o clock. This wouldnt be noted, but at the end of the song, the song kept playing after the usual ending. It played for about 20 more seconds with a piano that sounded like WITT, but a clean piano. This may have been the LP version of it, which clocks in at 7 minutes compared to the radio edit, which is only 4.
New SonicNet article
SonicNet has posted another NIN article, it is about the track names on 'The Fragile'
Fragile release in Australia
'The Fragile' will be released in Australia on September 27th.
Site trouble (update)
Sorry for the site problems, we're having trouble with our domain. The site is now back to normal, thank you everyone for the inconvenience. Again we apologize for this, and hope to get the domain back ASAP.
WITT scans
SLS News has posted the scans from the 'We're In This Together' single. Check them out now! reopens! has re-opened with 3 scans from the forthcoming album 'The Fragile'. One of the scans contains the tracklisting which confirms our previous post, the others being the front and back of the album case. Thanks again to for the tracklisting.

Sonicnet reports on new single
Sonicnet music news, keeping on top of things as ever, provides perspective on the new single, complete with interviews with FNX and K-Rock DJs. Check it out.
The Fragile track listing! (German release)

One of our affiliated sites,, has posted the Track Listing for 'The Fragile'. This is the track listing to Halo 14, The Fragile, according to the official German Promoters:

disc one:
1. somewhat damaged (4:33)
2. the day the world went away (4:33)
3. the frail (1:54)
4. the wretched (5:25)
5. we're in this together (7:16)
6. the fragile (4:35)
7. just like you imagined (3:49)
8. even deeper (5:47)
9. pilgrimage (3:31)
10. no, you don't (3:35)
11. la mer (4:37)
12. the great below (5:17)
disc two:
1. the way out is through... (4:19)
2. into the void (4:49)
3. where is everybody (5:13)
4. the mark has been made (5:11)
5. please (4:01)
6. starfuckers, inc. (5:00)
7. complication (2:30)
8. i'm looking forward to joining you finally (4:13)
9. the big come down (4:12)
10. underneath it all (2:46)
11. ripe (with decay) (6:34)
Note that 'We're In This Together' Is listed as over seven minutes long, the version on the radio is only about 4:45, and Starfuckers, Inc., previously noted as a b-side, appears to be amongst instrumental tracks, if indeed the CD is broken up that way.
New Weathermen merchandise (updated!)
Our great friend Dizzy from our affiliate,, has sent us the list of the new NIN merchandise available at Weathermen Records. These items can be preordered and will ship 2nd day air to all customers in the united states and Global express to foreign orders the day the items arrive. Scans of the new merchandise should be available soon.
(L and XL) 16.99
FRONT: Has the white "nin" logo cut in half horizontally
BACK: Says "The Fragile" in the new album font
COLORS: Black shirt with white.

(L and XL) 17.99
FRONT: Says "NINE INCH NAILS" in a broken type lettering fading into "THE
FRAGILE". Very very nice.
BACK: Says "Nine inch nails"
COLORS: Black shirt with white lettering.

(L and XL) 16.99
FRONT: Says "Nine Inch Nails" in a puff type raised ink
BACK: Has the word "nin" like it is disjointed fading into "THE FRAGILE"
COLORS: Black shirt

15.99 Baseball hat with white "nin" cut horizontally.
Hat is made on a very well constructed black snap baseball cap.

We're In This Together tab
Our great friend Dizzy from our affiliate,, has sent us the guitar tab for "We're In This Together". This is a txt file of the same image posted on SLS News
WXRK giving away VMA tickets
The New York City based radio station, K- ROCK (WXRK), is giving away tickets to the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards,which will take place at Metropolitan Opera House in New York.

WITT released in Canada
Our report on the 26th concerning the release of 'We're In This Together' in Canada was apparently wrong. Silvian has sent us word that CFOX, a Canadian radio station, has been playing WITT on a regular basis.
Comparing WITT lyrics
Some of the lyrics in "We're In This Together" are alike to a couple other Nine Inch Nails things we've heard or seen off of the album.

  • A couple lines of "The Wretched" have been interpreted as "but ____ another reason to continue, and the end to one of us". Two of the lines of 'We're In This Together' are "until the very end of me until the very end of you."

  • The quote from the song on is interpreted as "All I've undergone, I will keep on" and the lyrics to 'We're In This Together' go "all that we were is gone we have to hold on".

    Interpret that as you will, just note the similarity between them, could a theme be developing for the album?

  • 08.27.99
    New NIN article at Sonicnet
    SonicNet's Music News has posted a new article with some insights on Radio and Retailers Preparing For New NIN Album. Check it out.
    Official WITT lyrics!

    Here they are... the OFFICIAL lyrics to 'We're in this Together'. Sent from the only official source for this stuff out there. This is only on The NIN Hotline!

      I've become impossible
      holding on to when
      when everything seemed to matter more
      the two of us
      all used and beaten up
      watching fate as it flows down the path we have chose

      you and me
      we're in this together now
      none of them can stop us now
      we will make it through somehow
      you and me
      if the world should break in two
      until the very end of me
      until the very end of you

      awake to the sound
      as they peel apart the skin
      they pick and they pull
      trying to get their fingers in
      well they've got to kill what we've found
      well they've got to hate what they fear
      well they've got to make it go away
      well they've got to make it disappear

      the farther i fall i'm beside you
      as lost as i get i will find you
      the deeper the wound i'm inside you
      forever and ever i am a part of

      you and me
      we're in this together now
      none of them can stop us now
      we will make it through somehow
      you and me
      if the world should break in two
      until the very end of me
      until the very end of you

      all that we were is gone we have to hold on
      all that we were is gone we have to hold on
      when all our hope is gone we have to hold on
      all that we were is gone but we can hold on

      you and me
      we're in this together now
      none of them can stop us now
      we will make it through somehow
      you and me
      even after everything
      you're the queen and i'm the king
      nothing else means anything

    WFNX plays WITT right on schedule
    WFNX Radio came through again for nin fans and played "We're in this together" at 4:30est twice!. The song exceeds all expectations and then some, and reaffirms that when the Fragile is released, it will be one of the best albums ever released. WFNX mentioned something about a midnight party the night before the Fragile is released...could this possibly mean the net?
    WITT promo single news
    Our friend TheFragile.Com has informed us that the promotional single for "We're In This Together" is being distributed in Digital Audio Tape (DAT) form with no track listing, and no cover art.
    FNX to play WITT at 4:30
    The Boston based radio station WFNX has been advertising over the last couple days that they are going to play "We're In This Together" TODAY at 4:30. Many of the #nin99'ers that have been watching out for WFNX to play the New NIN have heard this commercial. This is most likely true, because WITT was released over satellite to radio stations across the country today.

    It is still up in the air onto whether the video will be played or not, Im having trouble contacting MTV on the situation. If the video is to be played today, it will be played in an hour on thier Spankin New Music Special at 9:30EST

    Preliminary NIN tribute playlist
    Rant Radio has updated their website with a planned setlist for this weekend's Nine Inch Nails tribute. It can be found here.

    Canadian WITT release date
    According to CFOX a canadian based radio station, the first single off of the upcoming Nine Inch Nails album will not be released to Canadian radio stations until next week. The single "We're In This Together" should be hitting radio stations tomorrow afternoon and hopefully MTV tomorrow morning.
    Nothing Press Release
    Nothing Records sent out a press release today concerning "The Fragile". Here is an excerpt of the release:
    September 21, 1999, nothing records will release the highly anticipated nine inch nails album ``The Fragile'' worldwide.

    The first full-length studio album in five years, ``The Fragile'' was produced by Trent Reznor and engineer/mixer Alan Moulder. On CD, ``The Fragile'' features 23 tracks and will be available as a double disc set. The cassette and vinyl editions will be offered in slightly different versions.

    Dubbed ``The Decade's Most Anticipated Album'' by Alternative Press, ``The Fragile'' sees Reznor returning with vision expanded and range broadened without compromise. ``There was no settling involved with the making of this record,'' he says. ``I wanted to try new things, fully utilizing the studio while putting more effort into melody and structure. As a fan, I want to listen to something more than just singles and filler. I want something that I can listen to a million times, trying to get more out of it with each spin. That's the kind of record I tried to make here.''

    ``The Fragile'' was recorded in New Orleans at nothing studios. The album's first single ``We're In This Together'' is scheduled for release to radio stations worldwide via satellite on August 27th.

    nine inch nails have confirmed their performance on the ``MTV Video Music Awards'' on September 9, 1999, marking their first televised awards show appearance.
    This confirms that the song will be played on the 27th, but this does not mention the video. When I contacted Nothing Records about the video, they did not confirm or deny anything.
    Richard Patrick mentions Trent in Interview
    Former NIN guitarist, Richard Patrick, has mentioned Trent Reznor in a recent Interview with All Music. You can read part of it here:
    Q: Was there bad blood when you left?
    A: I don't think Trent understood I was doing something that was honorable and good for the both of us. At first he was pissed because I literally kind of snuck out. You don't quit a job before you have another one lined up. So I was dealing with Trent, and he would ask me what I was doing, and I would tell him nothing. Meanwhile I was on the other line with Atlantic Records and Warner Bros., trying to strike a deal.

    Then Trent would call back and say, "Hey, Rich, there's a place down the road that delivers pizza. You wanna deliver pizza down there, because I know you need extra cash?" And I said, "Well, Trent, no, I don't think I want to." I was not doing anything in the band, so I was not being paid for anything. So I was always broke. And he was up there in the Sharon Tate mansion asking me if I wanted to deliver pizza. It's hysterical, looking back on it. But Trent didn't know I had seven major record companies wanting to sign me. In a weird, weird way, he was trying to help me out. That was one of the defining moments in my life.

    Q: Have you talked to Trent since then?
    A: Yeah. A couple years ago, I bumped into him and said, "Hey, dude, can we put this shit behind us? You're the only guy I've known from Cleveland besides Frank Cavanaugh, and I miss all my friends from Nine Inch Nails. Let's bury this shit." And Trent was like, "Abso-fuckin-lutely, I'd take a bullet for you, dude." So we don't talk every day on the phone, but there's a mutual respect, and I wish him all the luck in the world.
    Get your own e-mail at
    Dizzy has set up web based email on his great site, The offers great NIN Information and some great design. Get now!
    Send requests to RantRadio for NIN Tribute
    Rant Radio is running thier big NIN tribute this weekend, and they want your requests! So just run over there and email Crimm with your requests!

    Promo sheet for The Fragile!
    Nine Inch Nails The Fragile promo sheetWeathermen Records has sent us the scan of the Promo Sheet for the Fragile. It features all of the NIN album covers released under Nothing Records and it confirms all of the dates previously posted on the Hotline. It also mentions "We're In This Together" as the first single off of it and says that tour information will be released in early 2000.

    Also, expect us to have the track listing to "The Fragile" very soo

    Weathermen Info and Promo sheet for Fragile!
    I was contacted by The Weathermen about the vinyl, and it will be a triple vinyl. It is available on Weathermen records for 18.98 (retail) along with the cassette version of The Fragile for the same price. They also sent us a scan of the latest promo sheet being sent out by Nothing Records for "The Fragile".
    'The Fragile' note
    CDnow has the Fragile listed as a 2 CD set, a 2 Tape set and a 2 LP set. Now, for it to fit on 2 Cds, it can have a max length of about 150 minutes, but for it to fit on to 2 LPs, the max length can only be about 100 minutes for the entire album. CDnow has the wrong information posted, the Fragile is a triple vinyl set. Check the update directly above this.
    Denver station offers "The Fragile" early
    The radio station, KTCL has a contest in which you can win the Fragile early just for being part of thier adventure team.

    Check out SLS News for more

    FNX site updated
    The radio station, WFNX has updated thier NIN page with a counter thats counting down to September 17th. What this is counting down to, the DJ that I spoke to did not know.

    Come and get it...
    There's fresh meat! Meathead has graced us with his intellegence once more at the Meathead Perspective
    No WITT tonight, but...
    Well, WFNX did not play "We're In this Together" tonight, but over the phone they were very cooperative and professional and they will play it as soon as they can. We gotta thank the DJ for giving out a great advertisement for Dizzys site, and they mentioned the NIN hotline and all of us "internet kids". Thanks for that guys!
    Testing out WFNX's facts
    When we talked to WFNX earlier they told us they had "We're In This Together" and that they would play it early if they were given enough requests. Well, tonight at 11 o clock, we're going to give them more then enough requests. Many people at the NIN Hotline and #nin99 on teh Dalnet will be calling, faxing and E-mailing WFNX.

    If they told the truth(which seems really unlikely at this point), and have the WITT Promo, then we might actually here WITT tonight! If you would like to call and request WITT too, the phone number is (781) 595-1017 and fax number is (781) 595-9369. Give a call around 11EST tonight and go to WFNX's page to listen in on Real Audio or Windows Media.

    German confirmed release date has sent Dizzy word of an official German release date, July 20th.

    we have a new release-date for the fragile in Germany. New release-date 20.09.99...
    RantRadio runs NIN Tribute (UPDATED!)
    The site is having a NIN Tribute this weekend, they will be playing a NIN Tribute this weekend, it will start Friday at 12:01am
    Internet Radio Weekend Long Tribute to NIN
    This coming weekend starting Friday August 27th and ending Sunday August 29th RantRadio ( will be having a ten year retrospective (1989-1999) of Nine Inch Nails, with a 4-6 hour looping show running continuously all weekend. This event will be in anticipation of the first promotional single ("We're In This Together") and of course his new album ("The Fragile"). It will be a chronological musical biography, with running commentary of the progression of Reznor's work in NIN and other musical endeavors. Check out RantRadio's web page ( for more details.

    To listen to RantRadio all you have to do is download, for free, the latest version of WinAmp. Install WinAmp and run it. Open it up and then right-click over top of the eject button, and select "open location" (or simply press control-L) then type in the following URL in the open location box:

    Check Seems Like Salvation for more information.

    Rant Radio Banner (Nine Inch Nails)

    New WFNX info
    The radio station that has been playing the latest NIN stuff across the radiowaves, , WFNX has told our Boston informant, Missing, the following information:
    1. They plan on having a contest to win backstage passes for a Nine Inch Nails (does that imply a tour?)
    2. They are trying to get NIN to play LIVE in the studio
    3. They ALREADY HAVE THE PROMO DISC which means that they could slip and play "We're in this together" at any moment
    4. They will play it at 12:01am on Thursday night/Friday morning. And, that if enough requests came in, they would play it even EARLIER! But dont expect them to play it earlier because of legal troubles.
    Of course we will keep you posted on anything that happens with this situation, but go listen to WFNX for the latest on thier contests etc.
    On the lighter side of...
    Well, we all have the Day the World Went Away, but how many of you own "The Day the Earth Went Away" Is this a strange promo? Or is it a mishap on a German CD store. Check it out at
    Reznor interview to be aired tonight (updated)
    The Edge, a radio interview show hosted by Westwood One will be airing an interview with Trent Reznor tonight. The show should start at 9pm EST. It airs on many radio stations around the country, scan your dials tonight to find it.

    The Nine Inch Nails interview should be about 45 minutes long with classic songs playing in the background. This is a TAPED interview, not live. So, we cant call in. :-(

    Due to a miscommunication with the WFNX network, "The Edge" show will not be broadcast on WFNX tonight. We are sorry for this miscommunication and hope to avoid similar occasions in the future.

    Interscope posts NIN banner ad
    Interscope Records has placed an ad for the new NIN single "We're In This Together" on All Here it is:
    Nine Inch Nails The Fragile
    Thanks to SLS News.

    Requesting WITT on MTV and more
    MTV is scheduled to start playing the long awaited "We're In This Together" video on Friday. It will most likely be played on their Spankin' New Music program, which airs at 9:30am Eastern Time. Hopefully they will play it at 12:01 ;) You can vote for WITT at MTVs website, here. You can also check out the latest MTV news at this site. The link will send your vote to next Thursdays countdown, dont vote until Thursday though because MTV wont credit it till then. The MTV News site has confirmed that they will play the WITT video on August 27th, this Friday.

    The Canadian music station, MuchMusic, will also be playing the WITT Video on August 27th. at The MuchMusic Interactive Countdown can only access a list of songs, but on Friday it should be updated adding "Nine Inch Nails- We're In This Together" to the list. We suggest everyone also goes there and votes for NIN.

    Trent to work with David Bowie
    As Reported on From Within: A NIN News Source recenty, Trent Reznor is going to be a guest on David Bowies latest work "...hours". David Bowie's Site has been updating with clips of the album cover and sound files, hopefully you can search through and find the stuff that Trent helped on.

    WFNX to play WITT on the 26th (updated)
    Nine Inch Nails The FragileMissing called up WFNX earlier today to see what kinda mischief they're up to, and they mentioned that they plan to play the new single a day early, and are hoping to be able to play it at midnight on the 26th, but aren't making any promises. FNX is the station that played Day The World Went Away very early advertising for a certain IRC channel right before they played it.

    This is a scan of the ad that was posted in Boston Phoenix. This is not a recreation of the ad (like what SLS posted), this is an actual scan.

    In other news, USA Today mentioned Nine Inch Nails playing the VMAs on the 18th.

    The Fragile, WITT now available for preorder
    Weathermen Records is now offering Halos 14 and 15 for preorder. Go there now and have it delivered the day it comes out!

    UK release date confirmed
    Universal UK has confirmed that the Fragile will be released on September 20th in the UK, all of a day before it becomes available in the North America.
    TDTWWA Japanese release
    For those of you who just can't get enough of Halo 13, our good pal Commy of The Perfect Drug, sent us scans of the TDTWWA Japanese release. You can find them in the halo thirteen profile section. Here is Commy's description:
    Japanese TDTWWA is same design (digipack) as US version, and released in 18th August. From Universal Victor Japan, the catalogue number is "MVCT-12015". It used uncoated paper for package, so Kangaroo-paw flower picture and red NIN logo is little darker than US version. Because a ink for printing is sinks to uncoated paper than coated paper. And cover flap is an envelope style, and it including a white paper. There are song title, running time and producer name (Trent and Alan Moulder), in another side there is lyrics in English and Japanese. The paper band that everyone know as "Obi" is used same material (uncoated paper). and white Japanse title on dark blue color. And it said "Trent Reznor, the most charismatic and greatest rocker in present-day releases this new single and it gives you a great shock."
    We're In This Together, at a comfortable pace
    Synthetic Minister, whos TDTWWA remix you should already have residing on your hard drive, took note that in this screenshot, showing some sequencer information for We're In This Together, the tempo is listed as 100 BPM. And for those of you who haven't so much as downloaded Rebirth, this means it's slightly faster in pace than Closer, which clocks in at 90 BPM. Food for thought.
    Regarding digipaks...
    There seems to be a lot of confusion as towards what a double digipak entails. Firstly, if you've got a healthy NIN collection, chances are you've already got a digipak. The US releases of Broken, Fixed, The Perfect Drug and the Day The World Went Away are all digipaks. Now, some people have showed concern that because it will be a double digipak, well, erm, package, there won't be space for a booklet for lyrics. If any of you own the Quake shareware CD released a few years back now (eep!), then you know that digipaks and booklets can go hand in hand. Or something to that matter. Has any other NIN album gone without lyrics? Hey, and who knows, maybe it'll be an enhanced CD and won't need a booklet ;)
    And the latest from... Best Buy?
    Jonmon, local BestBuy employee, notified us that "The Fragile" is listed in their computers for release on 9/21/99, right on schedule.

    Meathead strikes again
    That loveable head of meat: meathead, has another column up for the hotline. Which can be found here as always. Be sure to check out his archived columns if you havent read them.
    NIN press release concerning WITT
    Nothing Records has sent out a press release concerning "We're In This Together" that also confirmed Nine Inch Nails appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards.
    NOTHING RECORDS ANNOUNCES THE FIRST NINE INCH NAILS SINGLE, "WE1RE IN THIS TOGETHER," FROM THE UPCOMING NINE INCH NAILS ALBUM, "THE FRAGILE" New York - nothing records has announced the first single off of nine inch nails upcoming release, "THE FRAGILE." The debut single "We1re In This Together" was produced by Trent Reznor and Alan Moulder. The video was directed by Mark Pellington....The single and video will be released to radio and video outlets nationwide on August 27th.

    nine inch nails have also confirmed their first televised awards show appearance on the "MTV Video Music Awards" on September 9, 1999.

    More info as it comes, but this is only 10 days away! If things go as usual, some bad people will start circulating mp3s of the song around the net in 7 or 8 days.
    More Clouser work with Zombie
    Charlie Clouser will be mixing 3 songs on the new Rob Zombie remix album. They all happen to be Zombies radio hits off of the album, Superbeast, Dragula, and Living Dead Girl.

    Closuer previously worked with Zombie, on his Hellbilly Deluxe album. Clouser played guitars on Superbeast and remixed Dragula. Also, Chris Vrenna will be remixing "Return of the Phantom Stranger". This is from an article on Allstar News.

    NIN not the only thing coming out on the 21st...
    On September 21st, the Nine Inch Nails album "The Fragile" wont be the only big CD coming out. The Tori Amos double CD will be released. The next Cure CD will be released (followed by a tour). The latest from Type O Negative will be released, along with more solo work from Soundgarden's singer, Chris Cornell.

    Nine Inch Nails to play the MTV Video Music Awards
    MTV News online announced today that Nine Inch Nails will in fact play the Video Music Awards on the 9th day of the 9th month of the 1999th year AD. MTV News reports:
    For Nine Inch Nails, the show will mark the band's first televised awards show performance and will give Trent Reznor and company the chance to highlight new material from their upcoming album "The Fragile" (which is due to arrive in November).
    This contradicts reports of a September domestic release, MTV is dumb, they're wrong.
    UK Fragile release date
    According to Music Week, the Fragile will be released on September 27th in the UK. This is the same date as the German release date. We're working on getting confirmation from Universal UK right now...
    WITT releases
    "We're In This Together" will get a promo release in the US during Early/Mid September. Maybe something will still happen on 9.9.99...

    But, on October 11th, it will be released in Germany as Halo 15, which will be available as an import. We know for sure it will be released in Germany, we dont know for sure about any other countries. The whole 22 theory was either a coincidence, or just was stopped. October 11th is only 20 days after "The Fragile" is released on September 21, 1999

    Weathermen Shirt Info
    The new NIN Shirts could take awhile to show up at The Weathermen. They told us that "they have no idea when the shirts would arrive, because the samples havent been printed yet". The last report of 2 to 6 weeks by them must have been off...
    North American Fragile release date
    The Nine Inch Nails album "The Fragile" Halo 14 will be released in North America on Tuesday September 21st. According to SLS it will be in a digipak case that will fit in a double keeper. (Like Closer or March of the Pigs). The list price will be $24.98. Now, if the CD does come in a Double Digipak, there will be no room for a booklet, and printed lyrics may not be included in the cd.
    SonicNet article on WITT video
    SonicNet has posted an article on the next NIN video "We're in this Together". The article can be found here.
    The clip, filmed by director Mark Pellington, featured more than 200 local extras dressed in black and marching down a street with Reznor, according to a source on the set. The source also described a scene in which a group of burn victims and blind men from a local hospital were carted around in a wagon.

    WITT to be a halo in Germany, NIN tour
    The guys at have had some pretty interesting stuff to say about NIN recently. We received an email in which they said the following things:

  • As you already reported, their release date on the page, Oct. 4th, was wrong. (they changed it now to Sept. 27th). The reason that they pulled it one week ahead is because the German record company doesn't want the people to buy the import before the German release takes place, so it comes out at nearly the same time. This can be seen as a confirmation for the US-release date of Sept. 28th.
  • "We're In This Together" WILL GET AN OFFICIAL RELEASE in Germany! It will be released as a regular single in mid-October. The promotional singles will get out in early September.
  • There will be a NIN Tour in November. It's currently planned, but NOTHING IS CONFIRMED right now.
  • There will be some record release parties here in Germany before "The Fragile" sees the light of day.
  • Keep in mind, we haven't confirmed any of this information with Nothing Records yet. That will come tomorrow, when they're open and we can contact them, but Brainzone is doing the promotion for NIN in Germany, which makes all of this information very likely to be true.

    Official German release date
    We received word today that the official release date for the long awaited Nine Inch Nails album "The Fragile" is set for September 27, 1999. Thanks go out to
    New Feature
    To help expand the nine inch nails community we now have expanded to include our news section in French. We soon hope to have all pages available in both languages. Our sister fran‡ais site can be found here.

    Another WITT article (updated)
    We have found a second article in the Mexican newspaper "Periódico Público" dealing with the shooting of the latest Nine Inch Nails video, "We're In This Together". You can read a complete and accurate translation of the article here. Big thanks to Ren‚ Moncayo for the translation.
    WITT video shoot (updated)
    After doing some digging around on the net, one of the hotline's own, Teknolust, found the Spanish article regarding the WITT Video shoot in Guadalajara, Mexico. Read the translated version here... A better translation is now up, but it could still use some work. Feel free to send in corrections if you happen to know Spanish. Remember, you heard it here first :-)
    Another Fragile release date
    According to the German web site brainzone the release date for The Fragile shall be October 4 1999. It is unkown if this is the domestic or German release of the cd. Thanks to

    New Meathead Column
    Meathead has updated the Meathead Perspective. Read it as soon as you can.

    TDTWWA still #1 in Canada
    The latest Nine Inch Nails single, "The Day The World Went Away," is still the number one single in Canada, according to Jam! Music. Unfortunately, here in the US, Halo 13 has dropped to #58 from #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The reason for this is because the Hot 100 is based on BOTH radio airplay and sales, so NIN kinda gets screwed since it isn't exactly top 40 and therefore doesn't get the major radio airplay other artists get. Here is what had to say about the drop:

    The Day The Airplay Went Away

    Nine Inch Nails' "The Day the World Went Away" debuted at No. 17 on last week's Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, but plunges 41 spots to No. 58 this week. "Day" is also receiving less airplay, but a Nothing Records spokesperson insists it's because the song wasn't formally released to radio.

    More release date rumors
    FMQB Magazine, a radio industry mag, has posted a release date for "The Fragile" in their rock music news section:
    It was quite a first week for Nine Inch Nails' first commercial release in several years, "The Day The World Went Away." Intended as a teaser for Trent Reznor and company's forthcoming new album, The Fragile (due September 21), the single scanned over 70,000 units in its first week, leading to a 5* debut on Billboard's Hot 100 and a 1* debut on the Canadian singles chart.

    I'm sure we will be seeing many more rumored release dates in the next few weeks. Hopefully we will get an actual confirmed date sometime in the near future.

    WITT to be the next Nine Inch Nails single
    Evan Moore from SLS News has learned that the much talked about "We're In This Together" will be the next promo-only single off of "The Fragile." The single should be released later this month to radio stations.

    Motor Music claims September 27 release date
    Motor Music, which happens to be a branch of Universal Records in Germany, has announced that 'The Fragile' will be released in there on September 27. Here is the text of the article:

    Nine Inch Nails With Motor

    He came stealthily, emerged unexpectedly - now he's under us. Trent Reznor, mastermind of Nine Inch Nails, has produced a new sensational work, which Motor will release in Germany on 9/27/99. More info about it can be found on the successful sites and, which are an absolute must for all Nine Inch Nails lovers.

    If you can read German, you can click here for the original text of the article. When we contacted Nothing Records they said they didn't have any information about this, but with both Universal UK and Universal Germany reporting the September 27th date it seems very likely...

    No TDTWWA in the UK
    Our special underground top-secret UK operative whom we know only as node girl filled us in on some info from across the atlantic.

    i spoke to the press dept. of universal (uk) about the uk releases for the single and album. unfortunately we won't see a release of tdtwwa/starfuckers.. this was an american release only. we will be able to get it on import, but not just yet (pah!!!).

    the album release date is scheduled for september 27th, but may possibly run into october. i have been told by universal press that this is because the album isn't actually finished yet. whatever the situation, it will not be out on 6th september as reported in music week. the uk released album and singles will be manufactured here, and will not be imports.

    i was told that the american album is scheduled for release the day after the uk on september 28th (but again this could move to a date in october). the uk and usa will see a single release, but again, no dates have been set. they don't know if it will be prior to or after the album.

    So save up some cash and send all your UK buddies copies of the single :)

    German tour in November?
    German online mag "Visions" reported yesterday that NIN will will play three dates in Germany this November. Thanks to the wonders of the Babel Fish, here is a really bad translation:

    Robin Finck has left Guns N ' Roses after two years and has returned to his former band Nine Inch Nails. For the time being it is only certain that he will go with Trent Reznor's band on tour. After the release of 'The Fragile' at the end of September/beginning of October, you will probably be able to see Nine Inch Nails in November, with three gigs in Germany. We don't know anything exact, however, yet. So, check back frequently for tour dates and remember where you READ it first...

    Like I said, that's a really bad translation. If you know German, you can read the original article here. Big thanks to SLS News for pointing this out.

    TDS ranked #9 in Canada
    It seems like Canadians really are digging NIN these days. Halo 13 debuted at #1 there, backed with very positive reviews from the Canadian music press. Now the Canadian music mag "Chart" has ranked The Downward Spiral as the ninth best album of the decade. In last month's issue of Spin Magazine, Reznor's '94 masterpiece clocked in at #11... Thanks to for the info.
    Trent comments about signing The the
    While searching Yahoo! News I found a press release from nothing records about offically signing The The to the label. Trent Reznor had this to say about the band:

    "Matt Johnson's music was one of the main reasons I began working on Nine Inch Nails. The passion, the honesty and the nakedness of his work opened doors of possibilities in my head."

    The The will release their first album on nothing, called "NakedSelf," in January of 2000. To read the whole article, click here.

    The Meathead Perspective: A biweekly column
    I'm sure you've all stumbled across Meathead's delightful antics at the SLS board, or heard his remixes of Nine Inch Nails, visited his webhole, etc. Well, we've brought him on board the NIN hotline as a biweekly columnist. "The Meathead Perspective" should give you something to ponder over, or at least get a decent chuckle from. Check it out, The Meathead Perspective.

    Misc. Notes
    The "Uncovered" cd that we reported about a few days ago has indeed turned out to be an import interview disc. Sorry to get your hopes up...

    We tried to get confirmation from nothing today about the Austrialian release of TDTWWA, but as of right now they don't have any information about it. There is a possibility that one of the extra tracks may be the Starfuckers, Inc. radio edit. Hopefully in the next few days we will have some more definant info about this.

    Robin Finck rejoins Nine Inch Nails
    After two years of working with Guns N' Roses on their long awaited new album, guitarist Robin Finck will be rejoining Nine Inch Nails for the upcoming tour. Finck left NIN in late '95 to join Cirque du Soleil and later GNR.

    For more info, check out the full story at Allstar News.

    Australian TDTWWA CD info
    The Australian Import of The Day The World Went Away is going to have five tracks on it and will be released on August 9th. No word on what extra song(s) will be included on the disc, but we will let you know as soon as we do.

    08.02.99 bulliten board research
    missing, a hard working nin fan has done some research on the up-coming bulliten board.. he has found viable information regarding the board, including possible posts from tr himself and features of the new board. Read more here from theend's message board. site update is beginning its evolution to a sleeker, higher quality site. Features will be updated constantly so keep checking back for new changes!
    Next NIN single...
    SLS News has posted an update concerning the next Nine Inch Nails single.

    The Single is to be a promotional single only, which means it will NOT be a halo. Unlike Starfuckers and TDWWA, this song is supposed to have a video.

    Evan (at SLS), says that its slated for an end of the month release. Could this be August 31st? It would be keeping up with the '22 days' trend. But, that leaves August 10th in there. Could the single be released then? Or may be updated? We're left hanging right now on this one. More to come soon...
    Japanese NIN TDTWWA, etc.
    Commy of ThePerfectDrug has sent word that the Japanese version of TDTWWA single will be released on August 18th, with no change in track listing. She also sent a scan of a new NIN ad found in the latest issue of "rockin' on", a Japanese music mag. Check it out here.

    Regarding the recent lack of new NIN news and updates to we have been informed that this is just the calm before the inevitable storm.

    There is no NIN on the Stigmata soundtrack, and everything is pointing to the possibility that NIN 'Uncovered' is actually an interview disc... but we can still hope.

    NIN 'Uncovered'?
    The NIN Hotline recieved an email from jonmon regarding a curiosity he discovered at his place of employment;

    Ok, here's my story. I work at Best Buy, in the Media Department (music, video games, movies, and computer software). We have a computer where we can look up what CD's we have, and which ones we're expecting to get soon. TDTWWA came up in that computer like 2 or 3 weeks before it was even released. Well Friday, July 30th, I was doing my daily NIN check of the albums to see if there's anything new, and I found something very interesting. I found an album titled, "Uncovered", by Nine Inch Nails, and the expected "In Stock Date" is 8/6/99, which isn't a typical release date for new music. I also noticed that it's distributed by the same company that did Halo 9 - "Closer to God" (Phantom Sound and Vision). I really have no idea what this "Uncovered" album is, or even if it's really an album at all, but I just thought I'd let you know what I found.

    Take that as you will. *shrugs* Big thanks Jonmon! :)

    NIN-MTV False Alarm
    Well, it seems that the earlier rumor that the Halo 13 grid was showing up on a MTV Video Music Awards commerical are false... According to ninpig69 from the eNd there is a grid in the commerical for the VMAs, but it only resembles the nin gird. I guess this still doesn't rule out the rumored nin appearence at the VMAs, but I sure hope that is also false. Can you imagine Trent taking the stage after Ricky Martin and the Backstreet Boys? I sure as hell can't.
    MTV-NIN commercial?
    According to the eNd, MTV has begun airing a commerical for the MTV Video Music Awards that features the Halo 13 grid, seen on and the Halo 13 cd case. I really have no way of confirming this, except by seeing it on MTV for myself, so I'm gonna stay up tonight watching for it. Now, if this is true, does this mean NIN is gonna play the VMA's?