New AP pictures of Trent (updated)
We have been asked by Alternative Press to remove the four images we had up here earlier... The pictures are copyrighted material, so we must comply with their request. Remember, you can still get these images in the September issue of Alternative Press, which can be ordered through their website, AltPress.com, or at your local newsstand.
Weathermen Info
The Weathermen have informed us about the new nine inch nails shirts:

i dont know if it will be 2 weeks or not, may be closer to 6. some guy called and asked us if any new shirts were coming in, i said yes possibly in two weeks

We will be sure to let you know when the shirts are in as soon as the info is availible...

New AP in stores
The new AP magazine has arrived in stores. Go buy many copies of it and post them all over your walls. If you are too lazy too to go to the store, check out AltPress.com and order the issue directly. Better yet, get yourself a subscription to the mag. BTW: You can preview the full article in our Alt Press Article Section, but remember to buy the issue anyway!
New NIN shirts in two weeks

GregGaz from the online magazine, Sick Among the Pure says that the Weathermen will be receiving new nine inch nails t-shirt merchandise in two weeks, but there is no information as of yet to what they will look like or feature...

Halo Thirteen debuts at #3 in America
The new nine inch nails single, "The Day The World Went Away," will be at the #3 spot next week on the Soundscan Singles Chart. In Canada the single will debut at #1, outselling all it's competitors 8 to 1! During it's first week in release Halo 13 sold 71,150 copies in the US and 10,440 in Canada. And Trent thinks this album won't be a financial success? Over 80,000 singles sold in a week, without a video and only one week of radio airplay...Seems like a success to me.

For more info click here.

More AP Information
It seems that only the people who are subscribed to AP magazine can get copies yet. I have searched around the local magazine shops and they haven't received the issue yet, and it seems that way all over the country. On another note, Reznor mentions a lyric in the song "Somewhat Damaged." The lyric "This machine is obsolete" is all that is said in the interview. So far the bleakness of previous Nails albums seems to be present in the lyrics of this album too. That's a good thing.

Interview with Reznor in AP magazine
There is an interview with Trent Reznor in the latest issue of AP magazine in which he talks about the new album, Tapeworm and some of the songs are reviewed by the interviewer.

The songs "Somewhat Damaged", "Into The Void", "Day the World Went Away", "Starfuckers" and instrumental songs such as: "La Mer", "Pilgrammage" and "Ripe". Trent discusses the tour and the Tapeworm project which is to include Maynard James Keenan. I know theres some big fans of his that are very excited to hear this.

"Ripe" is described as an instrumental acoustic masterpiece that "picks up where Pink Floyds 'Interstellar Overdrive' left off". "Into the Void" is very spacey, and definitely not a Sabbath cover. La Mer sounds like it will be as beautiful as the classical song of the same name. "Stark piano and bass are attacked by loud beboppy beats before a dense but peaceful noise turns everything vaguely oceanic. "
I suggest you get out to your local news shop and pick up the new issue of Alternative Press magazine as soon as possible.

Trent on cover of AP magazine
SLS News has posted the cover of the new AP magazine with Trent Reznor on it. Hes got short hair and looks as disturbed as ever. Woohoo!
Woodstock tidbit
This isn't a proven fact, but out of all the t-shirts I saw kids wearing there, there were more NIN shirts than any other band.
Confirmation from Nothing
Nothing Records has informed us that ALL of the scans, mp3s and emails on Trake Adams' site are indeed FAKE, as we claimed earlier. Hopefully this should put an end to all this hysteria surrounding Trake Adams and his "leaks." Much ado about nothing, ehh?
Another chapter in the Trake story
While chatting on #nin99, some interesting points were brought up by various channel visitors about Trake Adams' site and supposed "new" NIN audio.

In regards to Trake's statements about Evan Moore here, [Dizzy], of www.thefragile.com , had this to say:"it's all bullshit, I used to be Evan's partner 2 years ago, and all that shit was made up Evan didn't have a news page up before, it was just a regular site with news, once in a while"

Kemiajo commenting on the supposed email from John Malm: "...in the bottom corner it says 'my computer' when he is supposidly on hotmail looking at an e-mail online... with internet explorer you can look at files online or you can browse though your computer with it and when you are online it would say 'internet zone' with the IE symbol but when you're looking at files from your computer you get the 'my computer' thing"

And a question from WhitechapelMolly: "How can Trake promise better quality when he goes on about lousy equipment" All valid points. Hopefully the truth will come out soon...

Trake Adams speaks out
Trake Adams, the man behind last night's "leaks," has posted a response to the claims by SLS News and others that he is pulling a hoax. Suprisingly, Trake is sticking to his story:

It has come to the attention of Trake Adams, which would be myself, that Evan Moore of Seems Like Salvation News, is trying wholeheartedly to debunk my efforts to bring what the fans of Nine Inch Nails request. This is a terrible travesty due to the fact that all of what is included here is, and in fact always will be, the real deal. All the things on this page exist. But harsh 'heretics' trying to debunk my efforts to inform the fans is utter blasphemy in my mind because I not only have hard evidence, I also have more proof I am the real deal and this will be revealed soon. If Evan Moore wants to prove me incorrect, he can try, but nothing short of showing everyone 'The Fragile' cover, and the full versions (only the clips are here) of La Mer and Into The Void will make them believe him. So I implore him to show me wrong. But he won't be able to. That is all I have to say regarding this matter.

Trake also posted a FAQ here to answer all the questions he has received... I would take all of this for what it is worth, which seems to be just about nothing.

More leaks?! Or maybe not...
Well, strange things have started back up it seems! Tonight in the #nin99 channel we discovered, thanks to milk, a site by the name of "Trake Adams" located here. At midnight the site updated with what SEEMS to be scans of The Fragile album cover, along with two audio clips. One supposedly of "La Mer" and the other "Into The Void." Also on the page was a screenshot of a hotmail email account and a supposed email from nothing@nothingrecords.com telling him to remove other mp3s from his site.

First of all, the general consensus is that the clips and pictures on this site are FAKE - but we really have no definant proof either way. Below I have provided links so you can view these new "supposed" leaks or you can go to the "Trake Adams" page here and see if the files are still availible...

- La Mer Clip - 39 secs, bad quality
- Into The Void Clip - 16 secs
- Halo 15 Cover Segment - bad quality
- Halo 15 Cover - bad quality

Remember, these most likely are ALL FAKE! So if that's what they offically turn out to be, don't blame us. We will try to get confirmation on this soon... One more note: The "Trake Adams" site is run by someguy called DocStupid, who posts and writes over at the eNd nin news page. Strange.

TVT to sell NIN online...
According to Sonicnet.com, TVT records will be selling Nine Inch Nails recordings through the internet...here is the story:

NIN, Sevendust Songs To Be Sold By Download

Singles and albums from industrial, techno and metal artists such as Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM and Sevendust and hip-hop artists including DJ Hurricane and Speech will be available for sale by download in September. TVT Records, which owns recordings by all those bands, recently signed an agreement with Reciprocal, a technology company that manages royalties for Internet distribution. The music will be available in both Microsoft Audio 4.0 and InterTrust formats, both of which use security measures to guard against widespread copying, according to a joint statement from TVT and Reciprocal.

Welcome to our new home!
If you've made it here, you already know that we have moved to a new domain: www.theninhotline.net! Hopefully this will allow us to better serve you guys with the latest nin news...Everyday this site is growing, so be sure to stick with us for all the latest info and media. Remember, update all your bookmarks...
Nine Inch Nails WILL tour in 99
Contrary to the news that was posted on 7/22, we received word today that rumours that NIN will not be touring this year are false. It will soon be time to polish up the ole dancing boots again...

New NIN sales @ Best Buy
I called the Best Buy Regional Sales Manager today to get information on how well the new single is doing and its thumbs up for NIN. Though unable to give exact numbers he says the single is above projected sales and doing "very well". For all you lucky people that recieved the single for $ .99 this week, keep it up!
New NIN Hits Radio Charts
As we all know, both new songs off of Halo 13 have been getting serious airplay across the country in the last week. Now we know how much, thanks to RockNews.com. In their latest radio charts, which are based upon the number of stations the song was added to, Starfucker's Inc. was ranked #2 and The Day The World Went Away was #4. Pretty good for a couple songs that weren't supposed to be played on the radio anyway... You can view the full chart here.
Completing the registration
Yesterday at about 7:30pm est people started to recieve e-mails from the webmaster of nin.com. The e-mails contained a passcode to insert to complete your registration. If you have not yet registered go to www.nin.com and submit your e-mail and wait for your passcode :)

No tour this year!
RollingStone.com is reporting that Nine Inch Nails will not tour this year after the release of The Fragile. This contradicts earlier reports of a NIN tour scheduled later this year...Now it looks like we will be waiting till 2000 for the live show. To read the full RollingStone.com article, click here.

Marketing to match the hype machine
Brilliant. If you want the complete Halo 13 experience, you hardcore collectors, you must have all three formats. For on the cassette version of Starfuckers, Inc., the crowd chants "Nine Inch Nails" after the Kiss sample. On the CD, music is played after Kiss. The Vinyl lacks Starfuckers, Inc., altogether but instead has the dancey Porter Ricks remix of TDTWWA.
Halo 13 selling well
The Day The World Went Away is selling well throughout the country. It was officially released yesterday though people have been getting it early, and many people have had the leaked mp3s for a few days. Personally, the local Hot Topic store sold out of it on the first day and Starfuckers has been #1 on WXRKs Countdown since they started playing it.

Registration information and a litle pic
At 7:10pm EST nin.com opened up a page requesting information for what seems like a message board registration, asking that you use a real e-mail address. Big thumbs down to whoever registered the nickname Leviathant, cuz it's not Matt Dunphy. Anyway, judging by the name of the following script, this is for a bulliten board system.
nin.com returns... sort of
nin.com has returned, somewhat...the flickering NIN logo now leads to the cover for halo 13. The familiar rumbling drone is back... but the picture goes nowhere.
UK Release Date for the Fragile
Music Week in the UK reports that the new NIN album will be released in the UK on September 6th. Confirmation on this anyone? And if so, what's the US release date?
New NIN site opening
NineInchNailsNews.Com has opened today, its run by our friend Kall11 and is a very nice NIN news site.
nin.com, part two (or, the day nin.com went away)
At midnight EST, on 7/20/99 all the links on nin.com disappeared. Even the old URLs you type in by hand won't work. Round two anyone?

Oh, yeah, and in case you -didn't know-, THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY has been released in the US. Some people have reported getting it early from Weathermen Records, but today's the official release date. So get going! Get to your record stores now!!!

nin99 hotline exceeds 10,000 hits
Over the weekend of July 17, 1999 the nin99hotline exceeded 10,000 hits! We are astounded and full of appreciation to all those who have helped this site grow... lets keep it growing as the NiN keeps flowing!
Lyric correction
The lyrics said in Starfuckers seem to be slightly different then the ones posted on nin.com weeks ago. The lyrics said sound like "my god POUTS on the cover of the magazines" instead of "my god is on the cover of the magazine"
Halo 13 arrives in stores today
Halo 13 should be sitting in your local CD store by now. If I were you, I'd go to your local store and see if they might sell it a bit early.
Halo 13 Desktop Theme
Thanks to #nin99's CunnyKick we now have a neato Windows Desktop Theme for you to download... Just click here to download it.

TDTWWA released on nin.com
As expected, nin.com has posted both amazing versions of "The Day The World Went Away." You can listen to the songs in either QuickTime, Realaudio or Windows Media Player formats. Here are direct links to the songs:

- "The Day The World Went Away"
- "The Day The World Went Away" (Quiet)

Various Halo 14 rumors
While on the eve of the release of the first new nine inch nails single in years, rumors have already sprung up about the next single. The August 10th released date for Halo 14 is still being floated around, but no proof has surfaced yet. Earlier in the day the eNd reported that Evan Moore from SLS News had confirmed that Halo 14 would be "La Mer", but later Evan denied the report. We will try to get some real answers about the next single as soon as possible.

Even more scans!
It seems like today has turned into scans day...Our visitors from nothing have sent us a few more high quality images for you enjoyment. They can be found in the halo 13 profile page
Halo Thirteen Scans (updated!)
The kind collective from nothingstudios has sent the Hotline some high quality promo graphics! These graphics depict the promo poster that advertises the halo thirteen single: the day the world went away ...all these can be found in the brand new Halo Thirteen Profile page. Thanks to SeemsLikeSalvation News for the previous promo graphics. Also, an unconfirmed e-mail sent us a scan of the CD itself for the single...it also is in the halo 13 profile section.
nin.com to play tdtwwa
the hotline recieved a mysterious rumour claiming that nin.com is going to have both versions of tdtwwa (normal and quiet) up and playing starting 12:00a EST on Monday, July 19. This turned out to be true when sls confirmed it with nothing records.
Don't trust everything you read
A fellow named repeated came into chat and posted a link to CD Europe, claiming you can order the Jap import of the Fragile. To which MYC said "They lie like fucks. They've ripped me off four times." And everyone else said "It just got submitted, you can't possibly order it yet." More people continued to denounce cdeurope.com, who posted the release date of the double album as 3/18/27[sic]
The Day the Mystery Went Away
According to Check out this link for an interesting theory about the nin.com grid. Good thinking John Yuschak!

Halo 14 due out August 10?
According to the eNd the next nine inch nails single will be released only three weeks after TDTWWA!! Supposedly Halo 14 will be in stores on Tuesday August 10! There is still no offical word on what the single will be or if this release date is correct. More later
Glimpse of the promo vinyl
SeemsLikeSalvation News posted rough scans of the promo vinyl. Click here to view it Apparently, digital audio recordings of this record have begun to make their way throughout the bowels of the Internet.
History repeating... or maybe not
Edge 102 in Toronto didn't play TDTWWA (Quiet) version again at 3:20 am today. So much for that rumor...
Music News of the World
SonicNet has a brief article commenting on the new single and its radio hangtime. Added Highlights: Check out the RA clip of Carly Simon's 'You're So Vain'

TDTWWA (Quiet) on the radio?
According to #nin99 visitor lumocolor, 102.1 The Edge in Toronto has played the quiet version of TDTWWA! The track is longer than the original version, clocking in at over 6 mins...No word on how The Edge got ahold of the song, since the promo sent to radio only included the reg version of TDTWWA and Starfuckers. Most likely they have received a copy of the retail single that comes this Tuesday. The song will be replayed at 3:20 am, EST
nin.com always updating
As always, nin.com is updating their pictures and sounds. The zoom mystery has presented itself, and the photo pictures continue to change. Some bear lyrics... others bring more questions. All zooms and pictures are available at their appropriate archives above. Recently, a member of the #nin99 channel had his pic up on the link box on nin.com. Why? Probably because N0thin looks scary! Possible site revamp coming up soon as well as collaborations with www.thefragile.com and others.
Lyrics revised
Teknolust recently overviewed the previous lyrics that we had with the TDTWWA and Starfuckers, Iinc tracks and compared notes and there where some changes. The new lyrics can be found here

The Day The World Went Away & Starfuckers, Inc. on the net!
Various Radio stations around the nation debuted "the Day the world went away" and "starfuckers, inc." on the air, so naturally it has immediately made its way to the internet. You can find mp3s of the song on other places on the internet.

"Great Below" lyrics
mokeejc has discovered the following lyrics for an apparent song, "the great below"
'i will take my place'
'in the great below'
'i can still feel you'
'even so far away' 
Possible connection between TDTWWA single and moon landing?
Londyn has recently brought up an interesting point. There might be a possible connection between the release of the "the day the world went away" single and the 30th anniversary of the moon landing. Both occur on July 20. interesting...more on that later
More nin.com picture updates
nin.com is steadily updating their pictures and zoom pictures. visit both the photo pic display archive and the zooming cover art archive sections.
The Wretched lyrics
punk9 and kall11 started to translate lyrics to the wretched.

Halo Thirteen cover art received by nin99
The nin99 hotline has received the cover art for halo thirteen: The Day the World Went Away. It can be found here!
nin99 is getting popular
Our Channel has been very full lately and the hits have gone insane. Seems Like Salvation news linked us and gave us credit for our findings. Evan over at SLS tells me he'll have some stuff (which I won't list now) that is VERY interesting, that you all want. Thanks for visiting!
13 more seconds of Metal
You can get the extra 13 seconds of metal that SLS posted acouple days ago here
Partial new lyrics from nin.com
The following lyrics where translated by punk when recently added to the nin.com site:

nin.com updates
nin.com as always is going through updates... recently the sound loops, abstract zoom pics and photo pics have been updated -as well as a screenshot addition recently. nin99hotline has archived anything updated on nin.com... the screenshots are slowly being added to the music and journal section.
Song on nineinchnails.net
It was rumoured for a while that the song that was to be uploaded on www.nineinchnails.net was called "something sweet"... after copies of the mp3 where distributed it was easily discovered to be a hoax. You can find the song here if you so desire to hear how un-NiN it sounds.


Lyrics? Or just words...
the following is found on the pc screenshot of a Nord Modular Editor on the nin.com site..
the words are found on each modular box with all the wires coming out of them.....more lyrics? or just a quip of nothing.
Grid guide updated
The handy-dandy grid guide is updated...if any one uses it.
nin99 site updates
some additions to the nin99 hotline site...a credits section.. and also a counter

Shockwave files archived
The Shockwave files from 6-28, 6-30, 7-1 and 7-2 have been archived in the music and journal files section for viewing pleasure. These wont work in your browser
More pictures and zooming
Over the holiday weekend there have been updates to the pictures and zooms...with some more pictures of Trent starting to appear, as well as a screenshot of a workstation where music is apparently being composed.
Another nincop visit
another nincop representative was spotted in the #nin99 channel around 4pm CT on Monday, July 5. This repeated interest by reps from nothingstudios into the nin99 channel is intriguing.

More nincops...
As you know from the articles below, we are being watched by vistors from nothingstudios.com. Last night in #nin99 we had a user named SLS traced back to nothing studios. Just the night before someone named mongoloid was also traced to the same ip. Big brother is watching. On a side note, nothingstudios.com is located at 4500 Magazine St. in New Orleans, according to the WHOIS Database. This location is only two miles from Trent's house on Coliseum St..
13 more seconds of "Metal"?!
You heard me right...during a visit to #nin99 last night Evan Moore from SLS stated that there is an mp3 of "Metal" with 13 more seconds than the original 43 second leaked clip! While Evan says he has the expanded clip, he was unable to give it to us. So for now we have to settle for the orginal clip, availible here.
More nin.com updates archived
The latest updates of photopics and abstract zooming pics have been archived...
Another journal...
Yet another journal on nin.com. This one, dated 7.01.99 is rather cryptic, only stating "[DAE Error - 7002]" Thanks to the sluthing of meathead on the SLS Forum, we have learned that DAE stands for DigiDesign Audio Engine. DigiDesign makes audio production programs, such as Power Tools, for the MAC. For more info on them check out digidesign.com
nothingrecords.com image map
The short lived image map from nothingrecords.com is availible for your viewing here. The image features most, if not all, of the nothing records bands and their logos.

Grid Guide for your pleasure
Get your grid guide right right here
All photo pics on-line
See what pics have come and gone and take your guesses at what the hell they mean. photo picture archive
Journal Entry for 6-29.99
hate scrolling? than read the newest entry into the behind-the-studio scriber in the journal here.
Zoomed pictures
The 12 different abstract pictures are up here, you can view the differences, which is mainly zooming