Nine Inch Nails News at The NIN Hotline
Trents Yamaha:
The Yamaha in the picture is located here on Yamahas home page, you can find out all you want about it from there.

The Paper:
In one of the pictures put on on the 28th, thier was a piece of paper, in which certain lyrics could barely be read out, and they go like this:
i d _ _ _ _ _ d from....
in times of change...
I will face my gr....
in the great selou...

i can still feel you
even so far away
The "..." means the picture stopped there, and its as far as I could read, the D_ _ _ _ _d is a word i couldnt make out the letters to. If you can add anything to it, feel free to mail it to me.
Black Page, White Noise:
See the story about our visitors from Nothing for more info about these sound clips, found in the directory before we weren't aloud back in :) - 7.7 Meg - - 5.4 meg - - 100k

The Original Teasers:
Quicktime 4 manages to play them ok offline. Who knew?
6/18/99 - 6/25/99 - 6/27/99

Duanes Board gone:
As of 10 AM EST on June 30th, Duanes board has been taken down.

Music, nonstop:
The word on new Phantom NIN songs
43 seconds of Metal :: 2:07 of one.swf parts one and two

"Eyes Are Watching:
Nothing Studios is amongst the ranks of Ninternetizens. Check this out.

Dear Diary...:
Scrolling around in Shockwave sucks. Here's the entry for 6/28/99, and the earlier entry, 6/25/99. Further entries that we transcribe shall be posted.

A vision of things to come:
Is that a Yamaha AN1x?! Here's the pics from without as much mystery.

Starfuckers, Inc., The Day the World Went Away
Hey, we're not the ones who put these online at the official website, Trent posted em first :) Except Metal, which Gary Numan wrote years ago.