November 17, 1999
What's The Deal With Leo?

Most people who visit on a somewhat regular basis have heard of Leo. Apparently he's a "studio engineer" who "works" with Nine Inch Nails and has an affinity for pornography. But what do we really know about this individual? The answer, unfortunately, is very little. The Meathead Perspective investigates.

As shown by the image on the left, this man clearly has no morals. He has no problems with sleeping on the job whenever Trent's not around, and he regularly brings filthy trash magazines into the workplace. Not only does he do this, but he posts pictures on the official Nine Inch Nails website of himself doing these things, placed in a clever spot where Trent doesn't see them... until now!

One might even speculate that Leo's constant misconduct may be one reason for the consistent delays of The Fragile before its release. Does this mean that Leo is the devil? No, probably not. The truth is revealing itself to be much, much more frightening.

To the horror of NIN fans around the world, a picture of Leo was recently uploaded to which clearly shows him in possession of a piece of Ricky Martin paraphenalia. This greatly strengthens previous suspicions that Leo is secretly in league with Martin.

Meathead's Theory

do not accept candy from this man

("artists", if you will)
Do you like drawing weird and/or stupid stuff? How'd you like to draw some weird and/or stupid stuff for the Special Thanksgiving edition of The Meathead Perspective? You know you want to. Get out your art supplies, draw some pictures involving NIN in a Thanksgiving setting (or vice versa), and send them to:
(please use this address for thanksgiving/nin pics only.
continue sending your naked pics, etc. to my address)

Please try to keep the file size relatively small, preferably in jpg or gif format. For the love of God, do NOT send bitmaps! They will be automatically disqualified, because I hate bitmaps, as they take up ridiculous amounts of disk space. The pictures I like the most will be featured on the Thanksgiving Meathead Perspective on November 24, 1999. La-de-frickin'-da.

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