October 6, 1999
Holy Crap, It's October!

The Fragile has been out and about for a while now, and by now I'm sure most of us have listened to it extensively, inside and out. Some may actually be growing tired of listening to it nonstop at home, at work, in their cars, etc (if so, what the hell is wrong with you?!). Well, kids, the fun's not over yet. The Meathead Perspective has found some exciting new ways to enjoy this phenomenal album.

Listen to it backwards.

And you thought listening to it forwards was interesting! This may seem like the obvious thing to do, but for some people, it never even crosses their minds. These people are really missing out, because there are a lot of secret messages that you can only hear while listening to The Fragile in reverse (NIN denies this, but then again, Pink Floyd still denies the Wizard of Oz thing). For example, if you play "Somewhat Damaged" backwards, you can clearly hear Trent sing "Satan's Oscar Meyer weiner paints my Subaru". Are these cryptic messages intentional? Trent says no. But we all know what's really going on in there...

Play the kazoo.

There's nothing quite like the haunting beauty of the sound created by the kazoo. Unfortunately, Trent has largely neglected the kazoo in his music. It's hard to imagine why he would do such a thing, but such is the case. However, no one ever said you can't play NIN on the kazoo at home. Go ahead and teach yourself to play the Nails on a shiny red kazoo, and you'll be glad you did.

Meathead Fun Tip: Get some friends who have kazoos of their own, and stage your own parade through town, playing "Pilgrimage" as you march down the street. When the cops roll by to hassle you, throw your kazoos at them and run.

Play with yourself.
Use your imagination! Make your own "We're In This Together" video using animal sock puppets, as shown here on the left. If you can't use socks, use small paper bags. If you can't use small paper bags, use popsicle sticks. Grab the family video camera and make your own The Fragile movie! When you're done, put the tape in a manila envelope and send it on over to the folks at Nothing studios. They'll appreciate it.

Gab with other fans.
Did you know that there are other people just like you who also enjoy listening to Nine Inch Nails? It's true. Stop by the message boards at today, and engage in intellectual, mind-stimulating conversation with other NIN fans from around the world. There are four different rooms where you can post anything your little heart desires. Just be sure you post your message in every room, to make sure everyone has the opportunity to read it. And don't forget to let everybody know when you're leaving and where you're going, so we won't be up all night wondering if you're okay.

Meathead Fun Tip: The more exclamation points and capital letters you use, the more likely Trent and the band will respond to you and think you're cool. Keep trying!

Check out the imports.
Many of you own the North American version of The Fragile. What most people don't know is that there are lots of little, subtle differences in the imported versions of the album, released in other countries. The UK-released version, for instance, features Hugh Grant on vocals, instead of the usual Trent Reznor. This actually gives the entire album a slightly different feel. The Mexican version is exactly the same as the U.S. version, except for a minute-long Speedy Gonzales sample inserted between the songs "Into The Void" and "Where Is Everybody?". Trent uses his talents in the studio to integrate Speedy into The Fragile without disrupting the album's flow in the slightest.

Spread the word.
Don't bogart The Fragile. Be sure to share it with as many people as you can... your friends, your family, your pets, your proctologist, and anyone else you come into contact with (if you have a problem doing this, see "Winning Souls For Trent"). You'd be surprised how many people there are out there who have yet to be touched by this album. Why, there are even people who don't know that it's been released. What are you waiting for? Get out there!

Meathead Fun Tip: Place copies of NIN lyrics inside church hymnals. When people come and question you about it, blame it on God.

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