September 12, 2008
Fun Book Revisited / New Dope Threadzzz

Leg 2 (of 46) of the "Lights In The Sky" tour will kick off in whatever number of days, and I wouldn't want those of you who are attending this hot, sticky new batch of shows to have to bring some shitty, obsolete version of the Meathead's Lights In The Sky Tour Companion And Fun Book. You guys are way cooler than those jerks on the first leg, and you deserve better. That's why I'm beside myself with glee to bring you Meathead's Lights In The Sky Tour Companion And Fun Book v2.0!!!!!!! This exciting upgrade includes extra coloring pages, new activities, and updated stuff that was already in there before, so it's way better this time. Also, the cover is in COLOR!!!!! HOLY FUCKING GOD DAMN!


The Meathead's Lights In The Sky Tour Companion And Fun Book has proven to be marginally popular in the past few weeks, which, to be honest, is all I'd ever hoped or expected it would be. More than one band member has been harrassed and possibly physically assaulted by fans brandishing Fun Books, and even the Dark Lord himself was provoked to the point of breaking his habit of not interrupting songs because of a fucking piece of paper in order to have one of his employees remove Fun Book pages from the hands of those who were waving them in the front row. Seriously, this actually happened.

So far, a few people have emailed in their colored and/or autographed and/or wiped-on-their-ass Fun Book pages. This one shown here on your left is my favorite thus far. Sure, there are a few inaccuracies -- Josh's Members Only jacket is actually turquoise, he does not have any gold teeth, his eyepatch is on the wrong side, clouds are not blue -- but, despite that, it's an incredibly well-done portrait of Mr. Freese. As a matter of fact, if someone were to hold it approximately ten meters from my face, and I were experiencing the effects of a colossal dose of LSD-25, it's entirely possible that I would think that Josh Freese was standing there, and shortly afterwards I would be overcome by intense paranoia and rip out my own tongue. Josh is so cool.

If you think you're hot shit and can somehow do better than this picture, be my guest and send in your artwork. Once I get enough submissions to justify doing so, I'll put up some sort of half-assed gallery on here, somewhere.

In other news, The Meathead Perspective Store is back after four years of inactivity with some new, dignity-discarding apparel you can wear at your next NIN concert or colonoscopy! One of the biggest complaints arising from the previous incarnation of the store, other than that I'm mentally retarded and should not be allowed near computers, is that there weren't any black shirts available. Fucking goths, I swear to God you people are so damn whiny. One of these days I'm going to make good on my threats to quit writing about NIN and move over to the Dave Matthews Band. In the meantime, however, your prayers have been answered: there are black shirts now! There are also some stupid buttons or magnets or whatever. I know what you're thinking, but I'm not making any money from this stuff. The CafePress prices are bad enough without me trying to skim a little off the top. I'm just making these available in case anyone wants one. It doesn't cost me anything either way, so fuck it.


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