December 9, 2007
Back To Basics

WOW! I've never received such a unanimously positive reaction as the one that resulted from my most recent animation, Contractually Obligated NIN Movie! Literally every person who saw it (I estimate the total number to be somewhere around 45 million people) considered it to be my finest achievement in the eight damn years this site has been around. I didn't get one single negative comment! Incredible. Thanks for your support, guys!

Unfortunately, the gravy train of awesomeness has to come to an end sometime, so I thought, why not today. I went ahead and made another cartoon, but it's just one of my crappy old Flash cartoons and not a totally realistic CGI presentation like the groundbreaking Contractually Obligated NIN Movie. I know this will come as a devastating blow to all of my readers, but I hope it doesn't completely ruin your holidays. If it does, whoops!

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