October 26, 2005
My Resignation (Part III)

Okay guys, it's time to put this thing to sleep now. I honestly thought that it would have been obvious, but...


I didn't want to have to do this, but since once again my attempts at "humor" have backfired catastrophically, I'll carefully explain what happened.

You may recall a few days ago I posted a bit of news about the NIN concert being cancelled. As has happened quite a few times in the past, a lot of people doubted the legitimacy of the news, for no reason other than the fact that it was me who posted it. Because I'm Meathead, you know, and I guess I'm the kind of guy who gets a laugh out of tricking people into thinking a show's been cancelled.

Anyway, I was a little annoyed by this, and I expressed this annoyance to a friend that night. After talking for a little while, we came up with the idea of making the whole thing into a huge dramatic scene, causing me to flip out and basically have a total meltdown. But in order to make it clear that it's a joke, I'd have to be completely over-the-top, and act like a psychotic, delusional drama queen, burning bridges left and right and basically just being a huge jackass. I mean, you know, even more than usual. Well, I guess I really should have known better.

Needless to say, it didn't work. Pretty much everyone bought it. And not only did people think I was for real, but a disturbing number of you actually came out in support of my decision, totally overlooking the fact that I was being a colossal asshole. Sure, I appreciate the fact that you like the website, I really do, but come on. You should have at least told me to go to hell.

I'm going to be very clear here. I do not and have not ever expected or felt entitled to any kind of payment for writing this page. I do it because I enjoy it (usually) and that's it. Leviathant is not really a dickhead, and he does work hard at keeping the Hotline running. I don't really think Rob Sheridan is a shitty web designer, and I've never really made any efforts to take over his job. I don't really think Trent's haircut looks bad, and he's definitely more talented than Lou Ferrigno. They're all really cool people. I don't hate [WITH_TEETH], in fact I like it quite a bit. And for fuck's sake, I do not like Dave Matthews! Good God! Also, I don't seriously think Tool gives a shit about their fans.

I am not quitting the Meathead Perspective right now. And even if I was, I sure as hell wouldn't go out like that. It was all just a stupid prank that got entirely out of hand. I was originally going to let it go up until the weekend, but I think it needs to end now. I'm sorry that everyone took it so seriously. I guess it's my fault for not taking into account that sarcasm doesn't tend to translate well over the internet. But it's over now, so let's just move on.

See you all on Friday,

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